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Thread: specific images for players

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    specific images for players

    I am trying to display specific images for the players like Michael Owen when you click on his name and go to his details his image appears I have followed the instructions firstname lastname date of birth but no matter what i do the image won't change to the one i set out for michael owen this is what is in my pics.cfg file Michael Owen 14/12/1979: Michael Owen.RGN any help would be nice I have tried with full stops and only using the last two digits of the year just like in the game these are the instruction in the pics.cfg file
    In order to specify a player follow these instructions:
    # <firstname> <lastname> <Date of birth - d/m/yyyy>:
    # All the information you need can be found in the game.
    # If either the first name or second name are missing, then put
    # an '*' in its place
    Thanks Darren

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    Take a look at this - sound similar?

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    Redknapp69, why link to a thread that has nothing to do with the question? Either you didn't read the question, didn't understand the question, or didn't read the thread to which you linked.

    3doc, first thought is that there is a space in the file name of the rgn. Remove this (if it exists), and also remove the space from the pics.cfg.
    If this doesn't qwork, ensure the reference in the pics.cfg is beneath the [STAFF] heading. Not sue if this is absolutely essential as I don't use player images, but perhaps worth a shot.

    You may notice in the screenshot below that the DoB in the cfg and in the game doesn't match. Not sure what is specifically required, but I added the DoB from the editor (as this is the only player image I have it shows on every player anyway - if you have done all of the above and it isn't working (and you are using a different start year from 2001) then chance the DoB in the cfg to what shows in the game).

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    I was unaware the 3doc wanted it as a background pic (If that's obvious from his post then my bad)

    Granted - the thread I linked may be no use at all to 3doc - but I'll leave that to 3doc to decide

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    Alan is right. The space in the file name is the issue. Just remove that and it will work (as long as everything else is correct of course).

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