Not sure anyone can help with that, but maybe some thoughts i dunno..

the deal is - i changed player's value system in cm3, so top Defenders, Midfielders and GKs now costs normal prices (in originial CM3 e.g Zidane costs same as Bestchastnyh which is nonsense)

and since i made it - AI clubs begin to realease on free their top players

i explored all the chain of ofssets, value of player stores in EAX, and when function called it stores in MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ESI+52] - person.value ,EAX
but there is no CMP functions which may cause release on free function..

how even in theory it could be connected?

PS: what is interesting it happens only in cm3. I did the same thing in cm99-00, raise the 40ml$ limit to 60mil$ limit in cm00-01 and cm01-02 - and it works flawless..