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Thread: Don't have specific players - San Marino

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    Don't have specific players - San Marino

    Hi all,
    I've been a little bit nostalgic so I decided to download the game and try to return to my glory days with San Marino.
    I remember having 2 players there - Morroni and Gasperoni which were really good for small clubs, but unfortunately I don't manage to find them either thorough the game (with italy and all its leagues active) or the editor.

    I tried changing the game db to .65 and .68, but they are not there either. Any suggestions what should I do in order to get them in the game?


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    They were (are) in the .68 official update from si games. Do irate use the official editor to check the database to ensure they are there. If not then you’ve not applied .68 correctly.

    Assuming they are there, how did you start your game ? Did you include all Italian leagues (inc Serie C) and did you have maximum db ?

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