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Thread: EEC Hack

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    EEC Hack


    I'm having trouble applying the eec hack using nicks patcher. I want to use the ODB Data but realise you need the .68

    So i've installed the original game and copied the contents of the data folder. I've then updated to .68 and copied back the original .60 data back into the folder. i've then downloaded nicks patcher and tried to apply the eec hack but it comes up with a access to nation.dat is denied

    Any ideas on whats wrong ?

    Many thanks in advance

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    It either means nation.dat is locked, because you are already running ChampMan (if so close all instances, or restart your machine to be sure). If that doesn't work - it could be that nation.dat is set to Read Only (right click on the file in Windows and look at it's properties to check). (if all else fails, go to Tools -> Misc Patches and look for NoWorkPermits patch and apply that to exe. Practically the same thing).

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