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    A Local Adventure

    The story is Sci-fi. Nothing is real but i like to make stories and now with the lockdown due the covid19 virus i have plenty of time to write
    I met that guy again in the cafeteria in downtown. He was abroad for years worked at Football but he is from the neighborhood. He told me that he interested to give money to the club. He said he has a dream: the club will be professional as soon as possible. Ohh i forgot to introduce myself. I am the president of my neighborhood's local club Sporty F.C and my name is Faloutsos Kostis.

    First of all and before i start to say the story i want to tell about the history of the club and the neighborhood. You will think why i have to say about our land, here is a place for football stories bit its interesting and you will understand the situation here better.
    The neighborhood has around 30.000 and many races. Greek people (most of them refugees from Russia and Turkey) Gipsy people and many Albanian immigrants. The suburb is a ghetto in the west side of Athens, Greece. Here the teenagers are criminals they have gangs, they sell and use drugs and the only interest in Football is to go to the field to be hooligans. Here we have 3 local clubs: Keravnos, Agia Eleousa and my club Sporty.

    Sporty founted in 1987 from my father and always is in the last division of E.P.S Athens. The other clubs are the same expect Agia Eleousa that is was the only that reach National C Greece Division for one year (1996) and after that again demoted year by year and it plays for EPS Athens A Division. I have also to explain how difficult is here to achieve National Divisions as amateur teams.

    The Greek system of divisions is:
    National A Division (Super League)
    National B Division ( Super League 2)
    National C Division (Football League)
    National Amateur League
    EPS (includes all the clubs across Greece and we talk about thousands of clubs)

    And the local championships in EPS Athens are
    EPS Athens A Division
    EPS Athens B Division
    EPS Athens C Division

    I am a man with a normal salary i just have the club as a hobby and i never had any intention to make it bigger. Every player is not get paid and the team has local guys that they want to play football and they also play the game as a hobby. But that crazy guy make me nervous about the things he said and my dream is to have a serious club that can achieve goals. I have to meet him again and talk seriously with him that time...

    The new season starts in the late August. Now is 27 June 2020. The most of the last season players stay at the club but we have no hope to take a good place in the championship with that squad.

    -Hello weird guy i was looking for you
    -Hello Mr Faloutsos how are you? Please don't call me crazy and weird i only want to help the team because before my parents take me in England when i was 8 years old, i was playing in the youth academy of Sporty. I don't want to take the club for my own i will give the money and the experience i get from English football and i will be vice-president and co-owner under your command of the team. Do you agree?
    - I dont even know your name Mr..
    -I am Mike Kalesiopoulos.
    -Nice to meet you then. Sorry but i didn't believe you the other times that you approach me.
    -I understand.. but now that you believe me we have to hurry up to make the squad stronger in the first place for this season and then we can do other things too. And i will tell you the real reason that i came back to Greece and want to involve for the best of the team.
    - Go on i want to tell me all the true before we start business.
    -So.. I was a player of Plymouth Argyle in England until i was 21. Unfortunately I had a critical injury in my knee and i couldn't play ever again even after 2 surgeries. That's the reason I limp. But after that the board didn't want to put me away of the club so they put me as youth coach. And after years i was Coach in the first team but in England football costs too much. You have to spend millions to make a team ready to promote every year and play for the Premier League. But here in Greece things are different. So i decide to come and the first option was to take the only club i played here... Your club.
    -Intresting story...
    -Is ok now to trust me and tell me some information about the club please?
    - Ok ok.. I take the ownership of the club when my father died.. I work in the municipal and i never give money to the club.. Only the licence to play every year in the League but its almost the money that we take every year from our place in the League. The Manager is my nephew..He is also the main Goalkeeper.The squad is people from the neighborhood and we just have fun playing and lose almost every weekend.. The pitch we play is the Municipal Stadium.. Has 1000 capacity and rebuild in 2005 but another 2 teams also play and train there. Every week around 50 people come and see the matched.. The most of them are old men and the families of the players. The bad guys in the neighborhood support Agia Eleousa because they play in EPS Athens A Division
    - Allright maybe call a meeting with the manager and the players as first phase i want to meet them..and if you want we can go to the bank to make a club bank account. We will give some salaries and everyone will be better with that in the pitch.
    -Ok i will arrange this meeting at July 1st. We will talk and then we go to the bank to make that the account.
    -Where and what time?
    -Let's say 9 in the morning at Metro Cafe. Its a quiet place in the morning so we can talk there.

    1st of July

    Kostis: Good morning everyone i want to greet the new vice-president of the club. He is Mr Kalesiopoulos. He came from England to invest in our club.
    Stelios Faloutsos (The Manager): What??? Why didnt you tell me anything uncle?
    Kostis: Sorry son. I wanted to surprise you.

    All the team laughing...

    Mike:Hello. I don't understand why you laughing this is not a joke.


    Mike: Guys football is my passion and i couldn't make my dream true as a player... I want to make it true as vice-president of this club.. I wiil see you all with your manager and everyone deserve it will take a contract this year. I will also scout around to bring some new blood in the team .. The goal for the season that comes is to take the promotion..

    Later in the bank.

    -Here we are 200.000 is now in the account balance of Sporty F.C.
    - Oh my god really??? I thought that you would give like 10.000 max.

    July 16th
    The club will start training today. In 20th of August we play the fist match against Ao Ierapolis in our field. We have to be ready. 13 players sign contracts with the club already and we also take a physio. Mike Kalesiopoulos will be the manager and Stelios Faloutsos will be in the Goalkeeping only. We also make our first transfer from Aigaleo. He scored 20 goals in National C Division last year but he accepted a contract for 2000 per month until 2022. He is 27 years old with 5 years experience in professional league. We also scout young players to strength the squad.

    2 more transfers from professional league sign contracts. They are Petros Manalis and Alfonso Gioka..They both sign contracts for 1200 per month until 2022.
    We also take my cousin Vissas Faloutsos from Ethnikos Asteras as a goalkeeper coach. Its unbelievable..

    The Squad

    GK Stelios Faloutsos (age 27)
    GK Ioannis Tsiolkas (age 25)
    DR Giannakis Stasinopoulos (age 25)
    DL Ioannis Petrou (age 24)
    DC Thomas Katsiotas (age 35)
    DC Pavlos Gkanas (age 29)
    DLR Michalis Parlakos (age 21)
    DRC Petros Jani (age 19)
    DMC Kostas Katsiotas (age 25)
    DMC Petros Manalis (age 22)
    M/AMR Johnny Myrteli (age 26)
    AMRL Alfonso Gioka (age 22)
    AML Ian Kourtza (age 26)
    MC Antonio Pata (age 27)
    M/AMRL Giannis Likoudis (age 20)
    ST Teo Nikolaidis (age 29)
    ST Christoforos Smyrlis (age 27)
    ST Lampros Proutzos (age 28)

    Manager Mike Kalesiopoulos (age 39)

    20 of August
    First matchday.

    To be continued....

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    Sporty 5-0 Ao Ierapolis
    Scorers: Thomas Katsiotas 12'
    Johhby Myrteli 23',56'
    Smyrlis 50',82'

    After the match...
    Kostis: I can believe this Mike, the team is totally different . All the guys played excellent today and that guy that we bring from Aigaleo can carry all the team to promotion. I am talking for Smyrlis.
    Mike: I told you i have the money to make the team professional just trust me.
    Kostis: Really thank you Mister.

    The news that the club is getting better spread in the neighborhood.. 196 tickets today. It's a record.

    Also we have a big problem with one of the best players from last season Johnny Myrteli...
    Johnny was a wonderkid when he was still a kid in the age of 12 (when he played for the youth academy) Olympiacos make interested to buy him in his academy. Scout from Olympiacos call me one day and tell me that he wants this player. I agreed with no doubt. But when Johnny was 15 years old they put him away of the Academy because they found him positive to drug test. He is still addicted to cocaine and everyone that knows about that is sad for this because he could be a famous professional player now. He is a good guy but he is sensitive and addicted for years to this

    August 22

    I call him to my new office that Mike bought me

    Kostis: Johnny please have a seat
    Johnny: Yes boss how are you?
    K: Everything is fine and i wanted to say a good word about your performance in the match but tell me... Are you still addicted to those bull*****?
    J: Unfortunately yes.. and i have tried everything through all these years but my addiction wins everything. I lost a career and i know it.
    K: Oh boy its never too late son. Now i can help you. I know you from child and i want to help you.
    J:Nobody can help me if you want to help give me a better contract to make use and be better at the pitch. 100 per month is like nothing like the other years and now you think you are someone. I know that your brother sell weed in the neighborhood if you don't give me more money i will say to everyone.
    K: You know this is impossible.
    J:I want 100 now and we can discuss about the contract later.
    K:You know i cant do that. And if someone in the team understands that you still do it we will have a serious problem. Only your best friend knows it Kostas Katsiotas.
    J:Give me 100 NOW and we ll see.
    K: Damn ok...

    Later that day..

    My personal phone ring..

    Kostis:Yes please.
    Kostas Katsiotas:Hello Mr Kostis.. What the f*** did you do? You gave him money? You don't understand that he is sick? He did an overdose and he is at Limodon Hospital.
    K:What? I didn't know
    KK: You know very well and i know too a lot of things. You know that when i was teenager i bought weed from your brother. I know about his "business" with the drugs and the guns. I will not say anything but we have to help Johnny.. Please.......

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    Any screenies mate?

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