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Thread: Tutorial - Editing the Pundit-file

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    Tutorial - Editing the Pundit-file

    In this tutorial I will guide you through the process of editing the pundit-file using Microsoft Excel. I briefly mention how to correct small mistakes but the main focus here is how to add lots of info to the pundit.

    A few reminders:
    - If you’re adding club-specific media, be sure to write the LONG NAME of the club – check the official editor for LONG NAME if you are uncertain.
    - Always imitate the format of the media you want to edit, quotation marks and 0's and #'s should be included when the original pundit-file indicates that they should be included!!!!!

    Locate the pundit, you find it in the Championship Manager 01-02/data-folder.

    Open the pundit using notepad. If you have to browse for notepad, search for “notepad.exe” or simply go to the C:\\Windows-folder where it is located on windows 7. It doesn’t matter what language you’re using on your computer, notepad.exe is the name of the program.

    This is what the pundit-file looks like in notepad:

    There are 9 types of media:
    • Daily National papers - NATIONAL_DAILY
    • Local radio stations - LOCAL_RADIO
    • Sunday papers - NATIONAL_SUNDAY
    • National radio stations - RADIO
    • National TV stations - RADIO
    • Local TV stations – LOCAL_RADIO
    • Websites - WEBSITE
    • Daily Newspapers – LOCAL_DAILY
    • Magazines - MAGAZINE
    As you can see, local radio stations and local tv stations are both referred to as LOCAL_RADIO. National radio stations and national tv stations are also teamed up with RADIO.
    If you are looking at the pundit-file that came with the game there will not be much in it (around 2 A4s of info). If you have downloaded the latest pundit file, there will be a lot of media in it (bazillion A4s of info).

    Look around and get familiar with the format. If you want to scroll down to the part you want to edit a great suggestion is to simply search for the format of that media, for example:

    This will save you A LOT of time.

    You can of course edit the pundit directly in notepad; this is recommended when you have discovered small errors, like “SKIEY Sports article” instead of “Sky Sports article”. If you want to edit big chunks of information in the pundit it is recommended that you use Microsoft Excel instead.

    Start by copying all the information you want to edit. In this example, daily Albanian newspapers are the information we want to edit. Copy as showed in example, you want to get the whole string with you to Excel.

    Paste in Microsoft Word. Why not paste directly into excel? Because you will lose the quotation marks that are oh so important for this procedure.

    When that’s done, copy the info and paste it into Microsoft Excel.

    Double-click on the margin between all columns to get this more user-friendly view:

    Now we’re gonna start working with the Albanian national newspapers (that covers sports ofc).
    Let’s say I have one newspaper that I want to add to Albania,”Gazeta Shqiptare”. Select the lowest box in our A, C and E column and drag them down one row, one at a time. The little square that appears in the lower right corner (of the box you select) is what you should click and drag from. See image below.

    Depending on how many newspapers you want to add, you can drag them down further. This drag-down action simply copies the required format so that we don’t have to copy+paste or rewrite this for every goddamn box. You’ll end up with an excel-sheet looking like this:

    Add the Gazeta Shqiptare-paper to the appropriate box with article at the end. “Gazeta Shqiptare article” is what we’re adding here. Depending on the media, the last phrase can sometimes be “columnist” or similar stuff. Check the pundit-file for the specific phrase being used there for that sort of media. Here we can easily see that “article” is the way to go.

    Copy all info from excel and paste in pundit.

    save and you're done
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