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Thread: [STORY] A Golden and Fearless Ambition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kowalinho View Post
    Will be some stories about ours journey at liverpool or Ipswich?
    All the players careers post-Newark will be updated from season-to-season via something like Wato's AYTN. But i also hope that at some point i will be able to tempt some of the players back when the club is at a 'good' stage to bring them back.

    EDIT: It will still follow Niko, but to make the posts come out quicker, i am doing a more simple format to write. I mean FFS, it's nearly been two years since i started this story and we are only onto the ending of the second season lol

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    I hope thst they handed out a few extra cup medals. Wouldn't like to miss out just because I have a glass ankle. That was some assist off my face too !

    Glad you've rediscovered your form. Can't wait for the next update
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    The next update has been delayed for a few fays, decided to go home for the weekend

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    The Dreaded Interview

    After the diabolic news that I had just cheated on my kind-of girlfriend, with a current – though future former – co-worker’s dream girl put me in a sense of astonishment. After awaking, I basically throw on any clothes in proximity and ran downstairs. The state of the house matched the kind of emotions that invoked inside my mind.

    As I paced up and down between the bottom of the stairs and the entrance of the kitchen – I started to panic on what I should do next!

    Do I tell Kowalinho?

    Or do I not?

    Do I tell Sona?

    Do I not?

    Did we actually do anything sexual?

    As the thought scrammed into my fast-tempo track of thought, I dreaded the mixture of alcoholic beverages that now lay dormant in my bladder that had blanked my memories of the last couple of hours.

    Niko: For fucksake!

    I screamed out, hoping that an answer would fly into my face. But, instead I saw the image of Ama Peach slowly coming closer, as she stepped down the stairs with no sense of guilt or tribulation.

    Nice to see you awake!

    She said to me in a normal tone – like nothing happened. But, in least of the matter – it didn’t put my panicking thoughts at ease. Picking up on my mood, Ama said we should go and grabbed something to eat – and talk about what happened (if only I knew what!).

    Obliging her, we went to the local McDonald’s for a rare meal. I couldn’t eat, the remorse sat deep into my stomach and wouldn’t allow me to enjoy anything.

    But as I watched Ama take a bite into her burger, it didn’t help seeing that even a minimal task like that made her look sexy!

    Niko: Oh God forbid!

    I screamed at her, alerting most of the other hapless people in the establishment.

    Ama: For Godsake! Will you calm down!

    She said, mumbling and hiding her face from the on-looking public – but that was the least of my worries.

    Niko: Well I am sorry! I am someone who does feel guilt and remorse after betraying a friend and colleague!

    Ama: God! You say that as if it was your first time! Kacper’s leaving anyway – so no worries.

    She said taking another bit out of the burger, seductive as ever – as my phone started to vibrate. All I could do was hope it wasn’t Kowalinho who was ringing me right now.

    I picked it up and answered without checking the caller-ID.

    Niko: H..hello?

    I said stumbling on my words, as Ama sighed in reaction.

    Caller: Mr Bergstrom – it is Chief Officer Michaels, remember me? We spoke about arranging an informal interview about your disappearance a couple of weeks back?

    Niko: Oh yes, nice to hear from you.

    Michaels: I doubt it – you said that you would be open to a discussion after the formal ending of the football season, is that still correct?

    Niko: Indeed it is.

    Michaels: Good, then I will see you at your former occupancy, the apartment you were living in last year. I will expect to see you there in half an hour. Please come as urgently as you can.

    Niko: I will try as soon as I can.

    I said, not wanting to go, but it could give me time off from this whole mess that I had got myself in. As I put my phone back into my pocket, Ama looked up at me.

    Ama: Guessing we will have to rearrange the chat then?

    I nodded back, before grabbing my car keys and wallet – just wanting to get away from this awkward and awful situation.

    I arrived just shy of twenty minutes since leaving the McDonald’s, the weather was predictably awful as I made my way up the stairs to the former place I called home. But as I entered the flat, which was let opened; I was shocked with the state that it was in – completely different then the state I had left it as.

    As I walked around the musky and apparent abandoned flat – I tried to remember how it all looked like when I was living here.

    Michaels: It’s in a bad state, isn’t Mr Bergstrom? You could say – unlivable.

    Said a thick voice from the shadows – the same voice that I had spoken to one phone – I turned towards the location of the questioning voice, still shocked at its appearance and confused as to why he asked me to specifically come here.

    Niko: Yeah, I guess the place was turned around in since I left!

    I replied, walking further into the apartment until I saw a fixated chair in the center of the room under a dwindling light that swing side to side.

    Michaels: Please take a seat Mr Bergstrom, I have a lot of questions for you to answer.

    I complied with his request, feeling the weak structure of the rooting chair as it tried to support my weight. As soon as I sat down, Michaels walked from behind me into the light – finally revealing his face.

    The man was younger then I could have imagined, an athletic build with a rather youthful – and some sissies might described as ‘handsome’ features. Brushing his hand across the dusty surface, he started his investigation.

    Michaels: So, Niko – if that is alright I call you that, right?

    I nodded back as he walked across the line of the light the still lightbulb was showing.

    Michaels: So, you said you were leaving here in your first year since coming into the country – county and town – right?

    I nodded was once again, as he stopped, tapping his finger against his chin.

    Michaels: Yet, no-one has either bought or rented this place out for years, yet you say YOU lived here?

    Niko: I did.

    Michaels: But there is not a single piece of documentation in our systems you did, and the neighbours and other occupancies say they haven’t seen you around here. So, how can you live here without any kind of proof? Look at the state of this place! How can someone live here? And that is what you are telling me?

    Niko: I am telling you! I lived here from the moment I was interviewed for the Newark Athletic vacancy to the point in January were we ontop of the Conference! With the funds I was paid due to the exceptional work, I was able to buy the house I was living in previously!

    Michaels: Okay then, let’s say you did – have you ever brought any women here? You are meant to be quite a ‘ladies man’, if I may say so.

    Niko: Indeed there was – my former fiancée use to spend nights here before we moved in together.

    Michaels: You're Mrs Babe Cummings, correct?

    Niko: Yes.

    Strangely – she has denied any such relationship! She said that you were infatuated with her and stalked her – she said that you two never really ‘lived together’.

    Niko: Well she was lying!

    Michaels: And what about this Shepard person?

    That snake stole her away from me!

    You mean her partner, right? Her partner for the last five years?

    Shocked by his accusations I stood up.

    Niko: What are you trying to say? That I made the whole thing up! That the turmoil I went through was utter bullshit!

    Michaels: What I am simply implying Mr Bergstrom is that maybe not everything you have perceived in the last two years are always correct!

    Holding back the urge to attack this cheeky bastard, I slammed back down on the seat.

    Niko: What else are you going to say then, huh? That I am not the manager of Newark Athletic? That Newark Athletic doesn’t exist? That I am another homeless slob chanting bullshit!

    Michaels: No, I am trying to connect how what she says seems to have evidence – facts – where you are spouting COUNTLESS allegations without a single thing to back you up!

    Angered once more I stood up and stared down at him.

    Niko: And what the hell does that got to do with me being kidnapped?

    Because I think that is something, yet again, you have perceived as something else – delusions – that you needed to relieve stress!

    Niko: Ha! Good one- I read what they wrote! You found herbal narcotic mixtures! A sleeper agent!

    Michaels: Yes – created by substances found inside your house.

    Niko: What bollocks! I was kidnapped by a Queen of the Forest at Tim Sheerwood Forest! I was able to escape, and I arrived back to Newark without any hope from police!

    Michaels: Or so you believe. The substance traces we found came back as a hallucinogenic – a powerful legal drug that you created from your background with governmental work. Work which has rendered you as psychotic, paranoid and a violent nature individual!

    Niko: What!

    I said, before charging towards him – only stopping as I heard a cracking sound of a foot from behind in the shadows.

    Brought goonies huh?

    I said, listening and getting an awareness despite the darkness. There was 3…. No, there was 4. He knew he wasn’t safe.

    Niko: Call them off, or I’ll kill you right now!

    Michaels: Call who off Niko? There is no-one here!

    I turned and grabbed the lightbulb shining it into the background.

    There was no-one.

    Michaels: Niko, you are not stable.

    Niko: No. What about Theodore Eejit! He’ll back me up!

    Michaels: Mr Eejit says he hasn’t seen or heard from you in years – the only information he heard about was your sudden appearance from The Sun, in which he even doubted was real!

    There was a woman…. Sona!

    Michaels: You mean Soña?

    : Yes, her! She will back everything up, she helped rescue me!

    Mr Bergstrom – there is no such woman called Soña in Newark.

    I then had a sudden moment of realisation – what if? What if everything that this man was saying was correct?

    Soña – could she be another woman I idealised.

    Niko: Is it alright if I go for a cigarette on the balcony – if there is one.

    He nodded and I retreated outside with a menthol fag in hand, looking towards the cloudy sky.

    Niko: Could this be true, could this all be a fake trip? Is this moment right now real?

    I questioned as I lit the cigarette and hit my head against the crackling white paint of the cement.

    Soña: You know this is not something you can fight, right?

    I heard a voice from aside me.

    Soña: Why do you think I am here? I was a hero in your moment of need – despite the fact you are perfectly able to save yourself! You know when you are really been kidnapped – you have to take down an army full of people! Simon Cowell – that was real – a random woman in a woodland area that wanted you for sex? Yeah, I doubt even a Porno would use that cheap shit!

    Niko: But why? What has happened to me to make me so delusional?

    Soña: Four simple words Niko, just four simple words….

    She said as she caressed me, as those words came to my forefront.

    Niko: (whispering) Let…. This…. River… Flow….

    I closed my eyes, and suddenly I remembered something back in Belgium from years ago – sentences that once tormented me.

    “As the future unfolds, the plan shall continue: and the story will be told. And then, we'll Let This River Flow!”
    As then suddenly I was transported back into my old home in Belgium.

    As I looked around, every detail was there. Everything was the same – then a phone started to ring.

    Niko: I remember what happened next….

    I said as a shadow of me emerged out and walked over to the phone.

    Niko: That same day I heard those voices – I had a phone call from a random guy: an operative of Phetrovology.

    And soon I remember what he prophesied.

    Niko: “As the rain falls, change shall come. As the tide grows strong, he will return home. Alone he had started, through pain he grows! And through his experience he will be unstoppable, and he'll Let This River Flow!”

    Then the last thing he said, before I hunted down into Eejit’s place and found the videos of my deceased dad.

    Niko: “The day upon the horizon, among them he shall be. His heart full, united are we!”

    Then one image struck me, one video showed a female that was the perfect soldier. A video tape that had become etched into my subconscious and now played out in front of me as I opened my eyes.

    The woman I saw on that tape was ‘Soña’ – the perfect soldier was the woman I was ‘sleeping’ with. I then remembered what ‘Soña’ meant in Spanish…

    Niko: Dream….

    I throw might soggy cigarette over the railing and proceeded back into the flat with the awaiting Michaels.

    Niko: It’s all about Phetrovology. Once again it seems that everything that I have been through has something to do with them.

    Michaels: We thought so too….

    So what now? Are you going to lock me up and throw away the key? Are you getting me on meds? Shoot me?

    Michaels: No Mr Bergstrom – we are going to hire you….

    He said, walking towards the door.

    Michaels: …to finally bring down Phetrovology and ‘Him’.

    But just as he was about to leave I decided to warn him about something.

    Niko: That woman I was on about exists – she is a super female solider, created genetically to be unstoppable. We need to find her first – she is the most important person to stop.

    Michaels: A genetic killing machine? Now, that sounds like someone I have just hired…

    He said with a smirk etched on his face.

    As so, as the rain falls – a change had come – and as the tide of the Trent started to push onto the bounds of the bridge, I returned home. Alone. Reflecting on all the mess that had occurred – all that was fake, all that was real – all I could remember was the growing sensation of pain.

    But that pain grew into rage, anger – all fuelled at the people that had seemed to have ruled my life thus far. And I will be unstoppable to bring them down. And I WILL let the River flow – to cleanse the world of the scum that was Phetrovology.

    After breaking down the mental track that was Realisation that maybe my perception of my life was ‘fake’. After some enquiries, though being less blunt – some details were true: I and Babe were never anything.

    Tim Sheerwood was a coach at Tottenham – but never lived in a forest.

    But the one that had changed everything.

    The relationship with me and Ama was more real than I hoped. Some of the ‘encounters’ with Soña was really with her! Of course I broke off the relationship, but still it left me with a sickening lump in the back of my throat.

    The time between now and the next season couldn’t come at the best – and worse – time. All I heard from Michaels was that he was ready to arrange a ‘gang’ of experts in the field to help with the investigation – the lead expert being myself.

    Finally, I will be able to end this chapter of my life. Finally, I could end this ‘Phetrovology’ bullshit!

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    Post-Season Review!
    With Yermolai Relikovic!

    As the season comes to an end, it is time for the post-season review, and after another highly successful season, we will be talking to the man who was key to the success!

    Though, due to medical reasons according to local doctors being ‘stress’ and psychological effects of his kidnapping, we are not able to interview the Football Manager himself – instead we will be speaking to the Owner/Chairman of Newark Athletic Football Club, Yermolai Relikovic!

    Yermolai: In every season I aim for Newark to reach the ambitions that I have for this club, I want to gain something to celebrate for every year, minor or major! Nikolavski has done more than exceed that year after year as manager – but after-all it is a team sport!

    After that, it was time to announce the Chairman’s Awards for the Season, though it is a less detailed collection of awards/reviews – hope it’s satisfaction to the fans to what the Owner thainks of his players.

    Player of the Season
    Niko’s Last Year Choice: Lorenzo Zbimg
    Yermolai’s Choice: Kowalinho

    Yermolai: Despite leaving for Ipswich, Kowalinho will be memorable for his effort this season to help the club’s historic double. Though he has left, and Niko’s is more than able to find a suitable replacement, his absence will shortly be felt.

    Young Player of the Season
    Niko’s Last Year Choice: Kowalinho
    Yermolai’s Choice: Mark Henderson

    Yermolai: Markus has improved impressively this season, and deserves to be the Young Player of the Season. He has made a positive impression – and hope he holds onto that into the next season!

    Worst Player of the Year
    Niko’s Last Year Choice: Terrance Zannit
    Yermolai: N/A

    Yermolai: Why would you have such an negative award? Do you like hurting others? You sick freaks! I should fire you out of a cannon into a tank of sharks. You deserve to die for that suggestion! But, luckily I am in a happy mood and will let that stride…

    Most Improved Player:
    Yermolai Choice: Artur Vasily

    Yermolai: A personal favourite of mone! Artur – a good Russian name, I might add! – has found good form with Wato this season in midfield. Next year I expect the same!

    Most Crucial Player (other than Player of the Year) of the Year:
    Yermolai Choice: The Eejit

    Yermolai: The Scottish Lynx model and party starter has made the DMC role his own this season – helping the team in his own way and style! And has remained loyal throughout when others hasn’t.

    When asked for an overall of the season and expectations for the future/next season, it was clear from Yermolai what he thought:

    ‘We have had an exceptional year and I cannot wait for another year of football! We have seen legends written, thanks to Newark and I hope we can continue that with the success.’

    ‘Next season I want to continue a good successful stroll – whilst being realistic. In the long haul, I don’t want Newark to be a buying club but a world class producer. Nikolavski will have time, but in the end I know where we should be in the future – he knows what I want! So we have a limited time to reach it, as well as making a dynasty.’

    Luckily, we have able to gather Niko’s personal choices on his awards for the season – as well as Lorenzo Zbimg being named Fans Player of the Year for the second year running!

    Niko's Choices
    Player of the Year: Eddy Wato

    Young Player of the Season: Mark Henderson
    Worst Player of the Season: John Wood
    Most Improved Player: Mark Henderson
    Most Crucial Player of the Season: Diarmuid O’Toibin


    ‘The last full season with the original team – it shows how power and greed can break down a winning formula! But, I am truly thankful for all the efforts the players have put in for next season – and things are going to be bigger next year! Better? We will see and find out!’

    Third Division Team of the Year

    On behalf of Niko, Yermolai and everyone else at the club we want to congratulate Fraser Hemphill, Roddy Hoolihan and Shepard for their selection within the divisions Team of the Year:

    Though Bergstrom has called for a recount saying his whole team could have been in the eleven, which has been denied by the league.

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    ZanSnake (aka Nico Bergstrom) on hallucinogenics shocker !

    Looking forward to see how you unravel the whole Phetrology saga and finding out what was real and what was a figment of your imagination :-). Delighted to put my award on the mantlepiece along side the Lynx male model of the year awaqrd and the marmalade council of great Britain man of the year award.
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZanSnake View Post
    Ama: God! You say that as if it was your first time! Kacper’s leaving anyway – so no worries.

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    Thank you Fans !!!!

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    Newark Athletic shows New Kit and New Shirt Manufactuer!

    Date Updated: 3rd June 2014

    New English Second Division side Newark Athletic have today revealed the new kits for the next TWO years – as well as a change in shirt manufactuer after the club and former partnered Do You Football agreed to mutually cancelled their contract to one another.

    Board of Director Yasha Chekov said: “Due to the clubs recent influx of success and reputation, Do You Football and the club couldn’t agree a new contract on the pricing of manufacturing the shirts- which ended sadly in both parties dissolving the two year relationship.”

    For the past two years, the clubs shirt has been a one-season a piece for the design – going from a ‘Red and White’ scheme to a ‘Red and Gold with White’ which the club now has followed on with. But fortunately, the club was able to find a new partnership with German sports wear marketers Adidas, agreeing a three year contract depending on the success of the club in future seasons.

    The First Home Kit made under the Adidas label
    “We are proud that such a large cooperation was interested in helping us resolve the issue we faced – and agreed that instead of prolonging costs with a contingent of a season-by-season design, offered that the first two seasons will be the same shirt and with a possible final based up the clubs performances in those seasons.”

    The shirt itself was based the initial designs made by Do You Football plus some ‘traditional,’ or though unorthodox, Adidas designs. White stripes are inclined on the arms, but trails of gold break at the sleeve of both the shirt and shorts. On the socks, the returned star comes back from the first season – with a gold tint with the Adidas logo. In the heart of the shirt though, are three golden stripes that are made under the club logo, the company’s logo and the new sponsored game from EA Games – another sponsorship that was renewed for the next two years, again based upon future successes and the impact the promotion has.

    The game in questioned is a future release called ‘Sword of Almat’, an action role-playing game that follows the quest of finding the ‘ultimate’ sword of myth and legend Almat – that has said to have killed the legendary serpent of the land of Zanasia. Though still in the final development stages, EA has created a lot of ‘buzz’ for the game, with many calling it a possible new IP that could follow the success of BioWare and EA produced Mass Effect series.

    “We are pleased with the amount of expectation, especially as we are a small group of creaters,” said game developer of ‘SoA’ ZanSnake Games founder Troy Maker. “As a developing company started from the East Midlands, it seems like the perfect marketing tool to help bring a local interest in our work – and bringing in national attention depending on the club’s fortunes.”

    Simple Black and White away Kit

    For the away kit, Adidas has seemed to have followed the foundation of the first away kit design made. The simplicity is clear to be seen, but with an acknowledgement of the primary Red and White colours associated towards the club as stripes are ‘scratched’ into the rib-cages.

    Yasha believes that the new designs by the company could prove to be beneficial by the clubs stance on a two-year period till the next kit.

    “I like to think that this club has a better understanding with their fans then others, and won’t harm the wants and needs in order to gain financial benefit. Our ticket prices haven’t increased over 3% percent, despite winning a domestic double. We help arrange buses to away games, which we are even thinking about improving greater in the future. We know the fans don’t want to spend money every season in order to represent their club! They come to games and sing their hearts out – and wear the shirts to add to that! So why should they have to be forced to buy a new home, or away kit every year just so the club could have some more money in their back-pocket?”

    Yasha even acknowledge the back of Yermolai, “Yes we have a benefactor – but so what! The money that will be spent is money earned from the accomplishments that the club has made from the team –not all from Yermolai! He brought in a great foundation for this club – and now, we have to try and build onto that!”

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    Start of the third season!

    Will be not until at least weekend for the first update, time isn't exactly easy to come to in recent timing. Will start to play the season too, with the first to corresponding writing on at the same time

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    Red'n'Yellah stripes at home and black away. Couldn't have picked a better strip. Well nearly

    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Eejit View Post
    Red'n'Yellah stripes at home and black away. Couldn't have picked a better strip. Well nearly

    It's actually gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZanSnake View Post
    It's actually gold
    What ever you think. (I know the truth and deep down you are a secret Jags fan)
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    The Set-up to the Third Act…

    The weeks after the end of the season was a mixed bag for me – after the whole ordeal with the Michaels/Phetrovology dealing, I still had to remain incognito to be able to be fixated onto the task of the new season.

    Luckily, there was enough time for myself to earn a little rest before trying to gather up for the new season. I was able to spend a couple of weeks for relaxation on a Spanish beach.

    But despite the indulgence of the topless women, I was still focused on the task of replacing the stars that had left for ‘bigger’ and definite ‘greener’ postures. I sat on the beach in my speedo’s, looking towards the sun with my sunglasses – pondering on how much do I actually change for the season?

    Tactically, I wanted to add more options for other tactics. For the past year, we were either a 4-4-2 kind of formation or a -4-1-2-2-1, which had worked. But, as I sat there in the shade of the tress behind, I knew I wanted to win more!

    One new tactic was a 5-3-2 formation. With three men at the back to help stabilize a defence that will most likely be lacklustre without BobMem and Hoolihan as options as the full-backs attack. The two central midfielders would protect as well as produce as the attacking midfielder would be the third option in attack with the two strikers. In theory, I thought it could help when injuries, out of form or even a better side came into the equasion.

    I also wanted to add some more defensive work, with the defensive midfeilders in the same kind of tactic. Instead of play full-back we would allow on actual wingers, leading a rather narrow attack. But with not one but two DMC’s it would allow the perfect protection for the 3 man defence.

    And, with the tactic of last season, I wanted to add another one but with more of a dynamic. Two DMC’s replacing the extra center midfielder – as one goes further up. A 4-2-3-1 formation that I thought could help us in the dying minutes of a Cup game. Again, another possible – and viable- option.

    And as soon as I returned it time to find the pieces of the puzzle to slot into the missing pieces. First off, we had earned around £4.2 million from the sales – adding in another couple of million for TV Rights and rewards money – it meant I could have quite a little bit to spend, by still following Yermolai’s rules that I couldn’t spend more money than earned from sales to fund transfers.

    Luckily, the total amount I would spend over the course of this pre-season and last season reached only £3 million out of the £4 million earned.

    Date Player Out To Fee ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.6.02 Hannu Sulonen Portsmouth £500K 15.12.02 Lewin Nyatanga Hércules £250K 24.12.02 Radoslaw Majewski Blackpool £475K 28.2.03 Pim Balkestein AZ £150K 7.3.03 John Wood Leeds £500K 14.3.03 Lee Collins Bury £90K 26.5.03 Nicky Osbourne Released Free 3.6.03 Roddy Hoolihan Birmingham £1M 3.6.03 Kowalinho Ipswich £1.7M 10.6.03 Drew Talbot Free Transfer Free 12.6.03 BobMem Liverpool £95k 15.6.03 Terrance Zannit Sheff Utd Exch

    Though I still felt cheated with the low amount of BobMem’s transfer to Liverpool, I used some of my connections to gather in some decent looking players!

    Ryan Jarvis was the main transfer coming in, one of two strikers coming in to replace the Kowalinho shaped whole, and cost around £900k. But with his goal record it seemed it might be a shot worth taking, scoring over 77 goals in 100 games in the last two seasons for Torquay, 30 and 47 goals respectively scored in the last two campaigns in the Third Division.

    The second striker was the experienced Frenchman Kevin Dupuis on a bosman move from Kortrijk. Despite not being as prolific, he’s exceptional talent allowed to add a further dimension to the team.

    With other additions such as defenders Conor McLaughlin from Fleetwood for £120k, Johnny Mullins from Peterborough for £65k - midfielders such as DMC Shane Robinson from FC Haka for £90k, Billy Knott from Sunderland for £875k, Alex Nicholls on bosman from Northampton, Billy Clifford on free after his release from Chelsea and the part-exchange plus £18k for Matty Harriot from Sheffield United (Zannit going the other way), we had started to mould the team around the chosen formations – adding more depth to each choice.

    We added more youth to the ranks – with Yermolai insistent that he wanted more players to come from the Academy for future seasons – we then had a single game against Blackpool before the start of the season.

    The taster was kind of ruined by Shepard getting sent off despite both Hemphill and Wato scoring in the first half. His poor performance demoted the result, as Blackpool was able to score two back and take away the impression I wanted to leave on the homes fan as the start of the season was nearly upon us.

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    £95k!! For a friggin' superstar like me?! Those scousers really are thieving bastards

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    The Start….

    Before the ball was kicked to start off our third ever season, I had a meet up with a person that Michaels had recommend to help sort the whole ‘real or fake’ deal, with whom he said would help me as he was a ‘specialist’.

    Meeting at the disclosed place, I began to feel wary from the start…

    Of all places – why would we meet at a Starbucks?

    Before I could question, I saw the man I was meant to meet.

    An actor? What the hell!

    Niko: I am guessing you’re the man I am meant to meet? Mr. Di Caprio!

    But as he came towards the table, he broke down crying.

    Leonardo: WHY CAN’T I WIN AN OSCAR??!?!

    He screamed as tears flew out of his eyes.

    Niko: Please be not real! Please be NOT real!

    But a voice behind me reassured me that it wasn’t not real – but was really real.

    Voice: Don't mind him, Mr Bergstrom. He got snubbed again for the award - again.

    As I turned round, I knew why this particular person was chosen.

    Nolan: Now, let’s get down to business – I have to try and write a dark trilogy remake of Back to the Future.
    Niko: Right, so how can you help me?
    Nolan: Well, Mr Bergstrom, your mind is a complex one – where you’re dreams, fantasies and basically any random thought, is shown before your eyes mixing within this realm. It begs you to question – what is real?
    Niko: Enough with the Matrix shit! Michaels said you had some amazing technological device in which it can tell me if what I perceive is real is fake, and etc.
    Nolan: Farley well. Here you go!

    He said passing over the ‘device’.

    Niko: It’s a fucking Yoyo!
    Leonardo: That light’s up!
    Niko: Wow! Guess that is the technological break-through of the century right there! A fucking toy with LED lights in it!

    As I made my objections, another person joined in.

    Michaels: What you don’t understand Niko is that this will slice through the waves of your inner-perspective to alert you what is real – and what’s not!
    Niko: With a light show on a bit of plastic?
    Nolan: Yes! If it lights up continuously when you play with it means you’re dreaming, but if it lights then delays and then lights up again – it means you’re in real life!
    Niko: Why fucking stupid things like this? Just so you can go to black screen as it lights, giving it enough time just before the delay so the audience won’t know if it was a dream or reality? Or wait; is it complexity for the sake of simplicity? Making the most out of something, seemingly, redundant only to give it meaning!

    I sat in silence waiting for a response.

    Leonardo: My head hurts – I will sign up to do the movie! Maybe then I will win an Oscar!

    Silence once again.

    Nolan: Well I have some dark and complex time-travelling drama to write, so we will go!

    Whistling, Leonardo followed Nolan like a dog leaving only myself and Michaels – allowing some time to talk about the plan to get the super-soldier woman.

    Niko: So you have any leads?
    Michaels: We have possible sightings, but we want to create a team for that.
    Niko: Any ideas of whom so far?
    Michaels: We have some, but most importantly, we want suggestions from you, Niko?
    Niko: I can choose some people?
    Michaels: Yes, from anyone you can think of – we will try and get them, recruit them and they will work in close proximity with us in gathering information and help bring her and them down!
    Niko: Anyone… huh….

    As I pondered my mind, only few words stood out, “anyone you can think of”, “try and get them” and “work in close proximity of us” – with the last six words making the biggest impact, one person came to mind.

    Niko: Kesha!
    Michaels: Kesha? You mean that pop singer? Why would we need her?
    Niko: Why not?
    Michaels: When I said anyone, I meant someone who helped you attack them in the first place! Not literally anyone!
    Niko: Too late! I said I want her…. On the team, so you have to go by my recommendation – as the specialist!
    Michaels: Seriously?
    Niko: Yep!

    Sighing, Michaels got up from his chair and looked like he was heading to the door before replying.

    Michaels: Alright, we will see what we can do. See you in the next allocated time for the update – good luck with the whole football thing.

    He said leaving me in a giddy state! Finally I would have the ample opportunity to shag work with Kesha!

    Skipping back home, I was ready for the new season!

    And so was the lads!

    Starting off the season with a hot tested game against Leyton Orient, we were able to start the season with a 3-2, thanks to a superb performance from number one striker Lorenzo Zbimg, who scored twice after Billy Clifford scored on his debut. With the second game being a disappointing 1-2 defeat against Brighton (Zbimg the scorer), we bounced back with a terrific 5-1 thrashing against Barnsley!

    We ended the first half with only Clifford’s goal on 11 minutes, roaring out in the second half with a change of tactic, scoring four goals in 45 and conceding one. Both fullbacks Moxey and McLaughlin scored, with centre-half Jose Hernandez joining them – Clifford finishing off a superb performance with his second with 9 minutes left on the clock.

    The result over-shadowed Shepard’s intention to leave after Hoolihan’s move – to which I decided to drop him to the bench, allowing Aitkens a chance to shine after impressing in his performances of last season.

    Ross’s Chance to Shine after Shepard’s ambition to leave!

    He repaid with a terrific performance as we won 3-0 at home (Hemphill, Wato and Zbimg) and again with a 2-1 away result – though it was only decided after Hemphill’s goal as Zbimg’s shot was turned in by defender Jordan Clarke for an own goal! But, our second defeat of the season with a 0-2 defeat to Scunthorpe away.

    We responded with a terrific winning streak, including: a 4-2 win over Carlisle at home (Wato brace, Liam, Harriot), a 1-0 away win over Brentford (Liam) and a staggeringly close 6-4 result against Colchester with both Wato and Zbimg grabbing a brace each, Harriot scoring his second and substitute Van der Voom finishing the rout! Making the table look like this after 8 games:

    However I was shocked after a sudden announcement from our top goal-scorer Lorenzo Zbimg! After winning two Fans Player of the Year, the club’s highest goal scorer gave me two sentences I didn’t want to hear as we marched into the next game in the League Cup – one of the four targets I was set with by Yermolai (win the league, win the League Cup, Retain Vans Trophy, Quarter Finals of FA Cup).

    Saying no, I was left with a decision which meant a change to the 3-5-2 tactic allowing myself to see which striker would be the better striker in case an ‘irresistible’ offer came in. Kevin was the chosen in the partnership!

    But other transfer news came in, despite trying to not gather their attention – Millwall, who had bidded for nearly every single player, finally reached the Mininum Fee Release of £1.5 million of O’Toibin’s contract – luckily I was able to press a further £400k out of them to make it really £1.9 million.

    Leaving after a poor start of the season, I was able to bring in what I think I needed which was an experienced goal-keeper – seeing as Shepard became even more dependant on leaving the club – that man?

    Former Cardiff City man and Scottish International goal-keeper David Marshall for £1.1 million. Giving us a proper player with Premier League experience, I had hoped he would stop the untested defenders a chance to keep some more clean sheets – and with his debut being in the League Cup, I had a lot of expectation – for both the striker and the goalkeeper.

    A very impressive game occurred with seven goals scored altogether – luckily we were able to be the team with 4! And I was impressed by one man – and that wasn’t a striker but rather the captain!

    Hemphill, playing behind the two strikers, relished the balls being fed by him from Clifford and for all three chances he got on goal – all of them went in! Wato scored earlier in the game to give the lead – but it was both down to Hemphill and Clifford we were able to go into the Third Round to face Leeds.

    And there wasn’t any hang-over as we continued our impressive run with a 2-0 win over Bury (Hemphill, Zbimg) – but then for the first time in my managerial career as Newark Athletic manager, we finally felt the hang over.

    27.9.03 Bristol Rovers H Second Division 1:2 11627 Henderson 4.10.03 Sheff Utd A Second Division 1:3 21550 Van der Voom 11.10.03 Walsall H Second Division 1:1 10668 Jarvis 14.10.03 Gillingham A Second Division 1:2 11569 Jarvis pen
    Four games with a single point, we dropped far – and at one point below the play-off positions – and despite how many changes I made in defence, it still didn’t rectify the situation.

    Biting the bullet, I resorted back to the tactic that had done so well for us last season, and soon our fortune was changed! 3-0 against Leicester (Wato, Zbimg, Van der Voom(The Eejit sent off)), and a 3-0 away win against rivals Notts Co (Clifford, Knott, Zbimg) allowed us to get back to the position we wanted to be in!

    Though the table at this point was too close to tell….

    But it did warrant a call from Yermolai.

    Yermolai: Nikolavski! I am pleased that you don’t have to be killed!
    Niko: Yay, I guess.
    Yermolai: I do not like seeing my club so low in the table – remember the objections and meet them – otherwise, you won’t get to shag that Keisha woman!
    Niko: It’s Kesha!
    Yermolai: It doesn’t really matter – fuck it up again and you won’t have a penis to shag anyone!

    Not exactly the kind of congratulations I wanted to hear, I was then questioned about how well Zbimg had been doing and the amount of attention he was having from bigger teams. They asked if he could play in the higher leagues to which I responded:

    This warranted the kind of praise from the fans I knew it would, hopefully not seeing the underlying possibility by the question.

    Before the important Leeds game, we faced MK Dons as a taster in the League. A team who beat us two seasons ago in a FA Cup replay game, now it was time to show that we had improved. And we did just that! Despite having Hemphill in the team (The Eejit now vice-captain) we able to win the game 3-2, with Zbimg getting his 10th and 11th goal of the season and Wato his 8th – it was a good indication for the next game on the fixture list against Chris Powell’s side at Elland Road.

    Hemphill came back into the team, meaning Knott was dropped and Van der Voom was playing on the left wing – which had been a role he adjusted to after Millwall grabbed O’Toibin.

    From the get go Leeds were in control, as Beechio came agonisingly close to scoring the first. Collecting the ball, McCormack had yet another chance for the home side – but again it was defended well and we broke with Zbimg and Van der Voom connecting to allow our first real chance which never connected. For the rest of the half we controlled the game, but in the 28th minute Becchio was found by Varney!

    One-on-one with David Marshall, he turned past the 28 year old…..


    With the captain for the extra night The Eejit protecting the back line, the Scotsman ensured we were able to break down each attack and leave the field at half-time goalless.

    But that didn’t last long as Leeds was able to grab a goal out of nowhere, four minutes into the second half! McCormack scored a cracker from nowhere to get the lead, and his tenth for the season.

    In response of the goal – it was time for the whole car-park to camp out infront of their six yard box making it mere impossible to get back into it for near 20 minutes. When finally Wato charged on with a lobbed pass and it…

    Was headed in by Zbimg!

    And just a minute later?

    He was celebrating his second!!!

    Another brace for the prolific want-away striker!

    And another impressive performance to finish the first three months of the season, and a hectically close one as we looked at the table.

    The fact that we had such a bad run but was still within the league title pinpointed the level that we had now to face with. It was something we all had to deal with, and for now, every-one would have to deal with – including Lorenzo.

    And with three months past, it was time for the meet-up with Michaels.

    Michaels: So, we have a connection of a Phetrovology facility in Scotland which we have pinpointed as the best location of the woman – which we have named as Miss X.
    Niko: Fucking Scotland? What! Does ‘Him’ have an alcoholic problem with whiskey? Or, deep-frying deep-fried food?
    Michaels: It’s just one of the remaining operations he has around the world – we are monitoring it.
    Niko: But still, why shitty Scotland?
    Michaels: We have reports of a crazed-man who is calling himself ‘Sir Alex Ferguson’ and killing random civilians – announcing their names to be AMC.
    Niko: God forbid!
    Michaels: Yes, he changed his name via deedpoll.
    Niko: Meant more for the guys AMC.

    With that on my mind, only one thing came to mind.

    Niko: Oh My Gawd! A crazed man called ‘Alex Ferguson’ keeps killing people he calls AMC!
    Michaels: Crazy b!
    Niko: Any news on that ‘suggestion’ I made?
    Michaels: I have sent the report about that to your house.

    He then left, enforcing me to return to the documentation on the possibility of me shagging… working with, Kesha! As I opened my door I was shocked to see what the ‘report’ was….


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    FA Cup, Champions League and Christmas all in one. I guess that Nico and Kesha won't be sen for the next few months.

    What did I get sent off for ? I hope it wasn't something lame and that the guy is still in hospital.

    BTW He is still just Mr Alex Ferguson ..... I think that the "Sir" might be a plot spoiler for my story
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Eejit View Post
    FA Cup, Champions League and Christmas all in one. I guess that Nico and Kesha won't be sen for the next few months.

    What did I get sent off for ? I hope it wasn't something lame and that the guy is still in hospital.

    BTW He is still just Mr Alex Ferguson ..... I think that the "Sir" might be a plot spoiler for my story
    title says fearless and golden ambitons

    Also what you guys think of new style?

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    Glad to see that the football is better than the kit design. Fantastic read as ever!

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    The Realisation – Chapter One

    Within a matter of days since I was sharing my house with Kesha Rose, it didn’t really match the manner that I had imagined. Since her release from rehab a couple of months ago, her life-style was cut to the slim from what it was. The ideal image of myself and her partying into the wonders of the night – wasn’t going to happen. The dreams of us sitting in the living room with a bottle of Jack Daniels each, and then corresponding with the eventual drunkness with a night of passion was flung out the window faster than an Irishman to a pint.

    We got along, for the most part, but it seemed she didn’t enjoy the fact she HAD to stay with.

    Kesha: Seriously, I am ‘bunked’ with you?
    Niko: Only for the short while….

    I had to say, holding back my hopes for longer. But before I could swallow the cyanide pill of reality – once more – I was confronted by Michaels about just SOME of the men he had deemed possible to join the cause to catch the super-solider.

    Niko: So what do you have, copper?
    Michaels: Well, come on through as see for yourself!

    I walked through the door, which itself would be spoiler roof – but it would the identities that would amaze, scare and confuse.


    Disappointed with many of the people, especially as it would only be a kid in a green suit, a mentally-fucked up rich dude and a hoard of brain-dead people – I didn’t really like the odds. Thankfully, I was able to return home to Kesha, but it wasn’t ideal as I would have hoped as she just said hi and left – looking sexy as ever.

    Trying to hide my disappointment, I turned my head towards the ‘other’ side of my life – football.

    We started with a 0-0 draw with Doncaster away, an equal result – which we was able to with a 1-0 win (Zbimg) at home against Cheltenham before going from the League games with another 1-0 result against Barnet, Zbimg scoring the only goal in the first half as we finished the game with only 9 men on the pitch after both Betsch and McLaughlin were sent off.

    Knowing that both up-coming suspensions would add more pressure on the average defence, forcing me to loan in Stoke youngster Colin O’Dowd, being 18 years old, he allowed me to convince that if impressing me Yermolai would allow me to buy him out-right!

    The first game the youngster would have in the Red and Gold shirt would be against Wigan City in the 4th Round of the League Cup. Recently earned relegation for the team – it seemed they could be relegated for a second time as they were fighting the lingering relegation zone!

    A match in which it was half-an-half throughout, Wigan was the more attacking and influential team in the beginning minutes which didn’t die down as the minutes went pass and the chances were wasted on the counter by our own attack. And it wasn’t till the end of the first half and a few minutes in the second that Wigan was finally able to break the deadlock.

    Kone had many chances before hand, but lacked the final finishing touch – until now – when he scored a cracker outside the box, meaning it was time for them to shut shop for the day and ease on through as the hard work was done for them!

    Wigan fans roared on their team as the minutes and chances went flying by, until the dying minutes of the second half when Clifford lobbed the ball for Zbimg!

    Clifford created the goal and the poacher scored it! We had done it! We had put the game into extra time. The fans were exacted as they sang the now infamous chant – not caring of the player’s doubt of loyalty.

    But extra time created nothing – despite in the introduction of Ryan Jarvis for the second half of it. We were forced down to penalties.

    Knowing one single wrong kick could be vital, the lads had trained on this scenario all week, as a possible option for what might come. But the ovations of the whole team as we watched not only the goal scorer Kone miss, but former Tottenham player Ryan Mason was celebrated with spirit as both Jarvis and O’Dowd converted to make it 1-3 after adding to Henderson’s earlier penalty. The unused McManaman slotted it in, but the man of the midfielder – Wato- stepped up and bagged it in, with a special celebration added to the mix!

    The Comparisons continue!

    The win seemed the end for Martinez as Wigan manager, after a gruelling time in the Championship; we were the team to send him on his way.

    But soon after, it had emerged that one player wanted to use the win as a way to step it up in the leagues. A player which I would have NEVER thought of wanting to leave the club.

    The local star! The ‘soon-to-be’ club legend! The Captain!

    Wanted to leave the club. I firstly rejected it, and wanted to move on with him, but he just wanted to leave – trying not to break on my former convections of no-one leaving we went into Crawley game somewhat distorted.

    But the deluded fans watched as the team ran out 3-2 winners at home, but saddeningly it was the two men who wanted to leave scoring the vital goals – Zbimg with two, and Hemphill scoring the winner.

    After the game a bid came in for Hemphill.

    Due to the contract he had, and the fact it was meant to be so much, we were forced to….

    The £5 million would, though, add more to the bank with what he was ‘worth’.

    Meaning that the last game he would play for the game would be against Port Vale away. And, disheartingly, it was a shite person as we lost 3-1. The Eejit got sent off with two yellows, but it was already over by then as the home side had scored three by the end of the first half. Somewhat ironically it was Hemphill who scored the goal for us – in which could have been an allegory to why he felt he needed to leave.

    And a couple of days later….

    It was confirmed.

    Sad and depressed with how this season SEEMED to be turning out, I bought as much alcohol as I could and returned back to Kesha.

    I guess she understood my feeling as she drank with me.

    Niko: I have already lost the best friend I had at the club in Kowalinho, and now, with Zbimg, the fan favourite wanting to leave and the ‘local-star’ already left – I feel like I have no control over the club!

    Kesha drank her glass of red wine.

    Kesha: Maybe you are to good to be in an oppressive industry like football – have you ever thought of another job?
    Niko: Tried as a musician – but I failed.
    Kesha: Maybe you should give up hope. You were FORCED into football by Phetrovology, so it isn’t a ‘natural’ fit.
    Niko: Maybe…

    I said, as she slid closer. She whispered into my ear and went up-stairs.

    A few minutes later I followed her to the bathroom…


    To Be Continued.

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    Man, Lorenzo is having a great start of a season. I just hope I could advise him to stay. I think I had set his loyalty pretty high, maybe even though he wants to leave he won't ask for a trade. If he does, discipline the little bastard !

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    Stars leaving left, right and centre. Trouble at mill!

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    * Dismayed at the lack of harmony at the club
    * Thinks club should have held onto Hemphill
    * Likes the clubs style of writing
    * Thinks Bergstrom is a plotting genius
    * wants more pictures of Kesha
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    Big loss there.
    *Thinks The Eejit has disciplinary problems

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