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Thread: [STORY] A Golden and Fearless Ambition

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    What a dick Lorenzo is! Corinthians ???!
    Stay at Newark!

    Great start this season, hopefully this will go on after LZ departs.

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    Thanks for the support guys, hopefully i will get the next one up today or tomorrow, and then another one by the end of the month (maybe two?).

    So might have finished the season by the end of the month, wanted to 'rush' these out to get the story on a bit, after periods of being stagnated due to other shit getting in the way.

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    Aiming for Glory – Chapter Three

    As the month of November began, the anticipation of the Manchester United game grew larger. And the bus ride up to Manchester was one of determined and focus silence, the lads knew who would play on the field – the same team that had claimed the first place position! As we entered the realm of football glory, I cracked my fingers and awaited the stop at the hotel we were staying at.

    If we had time, maybe the lads could have gotten a site-seeing expedition, but frankly there was only one real reason anyone would come to Manchester, to visit the Theatre of Dreams – Old Trafford.

    As the hours counted down, news broke of the team we would be facing:

    Though there was still some youngsters – there was some worrisome names such as De Gea, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Michael Carrick and Ashley Young on the team sheet that could turn the game on it’s head. But, with belief and hope I remained positive as the lads walked alongside them down the tunnel for the game.

    The United fans sang out the little away support we had, the atmosphere was hostile adding more onto the young shoulders of the players – but as the game started, they seemed unfazed!

    After winning a free-kick after Carrick pushed Vazquez, the ball was lofted into the box by Wato – as Orr jumped to reach the ball high: which was easily dealt with, though Carrick was soon out muscled by Wato.

    Carrick’s lack of strength allowed us to charge, Orr was still in the box as Wato lobbed it forward. A nice downward header to the ground – it looked like De Gea was going to save….

    But a toe poke out of nowhere from Lorenzo Zbimg allowed us to score the first goal of the game with only 3 minutes on the clock!!

    But then it seemed neither side wanted to get into the game for the next 13 minutes, until Wato had a free kick which hit the crossbar.

    22 Minutes in, Man United finally had a chance after Carvajal went in harshly into Angelo Hernandez, which was cleared by the wall for a corner, which Young couldn’t convert into a goal scoring opportunity.

    Young then had a long shot from goal, which was stopped skilfully by Carvajal who turned defence into attack!

    Passing it forward to Ximo, Ximo dribbled round the left back and passed it to the legs of Zbimg - who did a one chance cross for Cica whose header was just wide of the goal! We were schooling the United lads, and doing it proudly as the away support had more fire to spring into action with.

    The fans sung louder as they saw Marshall save after save his team from conceding, every player on the pitch wanted this win!

    And it was a Carrick corner that was cleared that rung out the final echoes of the first half! Lorenzo’s name was the only highlighted words upon the score board, and wanting more, I decided to make a change – Van der Voom would replace Vazquez after finding it difficult to get into the game, I hoped with his presence it would carve more runs for the lads in midfield and Ximo to come in forward.

    Without Franco’s help, Van der Voom helped dictate the next passage of play. Inflicting the determination with creative and powerful running into spaces, he crafted numerous oppertunites to add to the score which was dealt quite well from the back-line.

    Klopp’s men really struggled to get into the game, despite bringing on Powell, Fletcher and Allison, they didn’t help break the invitable.

    Manchester United captain and reliable midfielder Bastian Schweinstieger launched himself into the air, but the man he was facing was no push-over! The Midfielder Butcher, the Leader of Warriors, the Crazy Scotsman, the Lynx Man of the Year – captain The Eejit jumped in the air to cause a catalytic eruption as his head powered the ball forward to Tibor Cica to power on through the remainder of home sides midfield and pass it nicely into the box – the man of the season was free, Lorenzo Zbimg with only his second clear chance took it nicely…

    And seconds later would be sliding onto his knees after scoring his second, and the game killer! 15 minutes left on the clock and with a 2 goal advantage, Man United couldn’t handle us anymore and it was over!

    After the celebrations, we were told the already confirmed news that we would face Yoevil in the next round:

    And with another away day, it looked grander!

    As I came back from Old Trafford, and now the Theatre of Broken Beliefs, I decided it was finally time to go to the gym, especially as the Manchester United result added more interest – plus the fact that Kesha said I would be able to see her for at least another four weeks.

    But as I got there, I found that temptation was a little easier to come by. Every where I went, I couldn’t help but find myself a little unfocused and tested….


    To the weight lifting…

    Hell, even in the hall way to the changing rooms, there was some ‘connection’…

    I put in my headphones and just listened to my music for the next couple of hours, draining out the environment and reminding myself of Kesha – the one I was after for so long and now had.

    After the temptation game, it was straight back to the game of football.

    And it was straight back to business with a 6-0 demolishing over Southampton (Ximo ‘3, Orr ‘7, Miranda ’24, Wato ’36 ’79, Zbimg ’84) in the league which followed with a predictable 3-1 away win against Yeovil in the 4th Round of the League Cup, Van der Voom grabed a brace as Walker scored in his first start of the season – in a team that gave Darren Boyle (who got one assist), Mark Clayton (Who got one assist also), Zeli Ismail, and Baz their first starts in the Cup, and for some, the season.

    After the game we were introduce to our enemies for the Quarter Final, and after having faced and beaten Manchester United this year and barely beating Arsenal last year, I was more confident that we could prevail no matter the opposition:

    And then we saw the actual draw, and I laughed myself into a fit – the ended with me needing oxygen. We had definitely made it into the Semi-Finals.

    But the news did seemed to unsettle us to a 2-2 draw away to Wolves (Wato ’10, Cica ’15), and then only scoring one goal against Watford at home (Cica ’65), with The Eejit suffering a gashed leg – and a 2 week rehabilitation. But with the abscene of our captain, we were able to bounce back with an impressive 5-0 away win against 10 man Blackpool (Cica ’22 pen 79’, Van der Voom ’42 ’45, Clayton ’70) but really it was one more injury that shook the headlines:

    The injury had basically ruled him out of the last few games that he had in a Newark Athletic shirt. The fan favourite and prolific striker had to watch as we secured the Semi-Final position in the League Cup:

    With a brilliant performance by Tibor Cica, Lorenzo cheered on the team he was leaving in the stands with the fans that had adored every moment of his Newark career – and all I could hope for was that I could find a player that could plug the Zbimg shaped hole in the attack!

    The first challenge was against former Premier League fodder Stoke – but that came to our second defeat in the league as they ran off with a 0-2 away win despite Marshall’s heroics. But never a person to break the mould! We bounced back with a 4-1 away victory with Huddersfield being the slaughted (Vazquez ’45, Wato ’46, Cica ’63, Ximo ’77), which was followed with a comfortable 2-0 home victory against Bolton (Van der Voom ’24, Cica ’31) and in the crowd for the final time was Zbimg, who despite already officially joined Corinthians four days ago, was given a few extra days due to his injury and the fact the Brazilian season was already over – screamed as he watch Cica get his 15th of the season.

    Lorenzo Zbimg was only 7 league goals from getting 100 for the club, most goals in a single match with 5 in the home against Wrexham, as well as having most Man of the Match with 16 in his first season.

    This season ended tremendous for him, and would no doubt break even more records if he had stayed till the end of the season – but no matter what he would always be remember for the triple season Fans of the Year and prolific goal scoring legend he will always be.

    The Crystal Palace 2-1 away win (Tubbs ’74, Ximo ’77) was only possible after Tubbs introduction in the 60th minute to replace the injured Franco Vazquez, pushing Van der Voom on the left and took the leading line like a boss! He added this in the 2-2 home draw against Norwhich (Tubbs ’51 ’55) as well as a 3-0 visiting victory over Sheffield Wednesday (Tubbs ’44 ’71, Edgar og. 45) getting five goals over the Christmas period and helping us lead the table for the ending of the Year.

    But without Kesha here, I felt alone and instead spent most of Christmas just spending time either at the gym or drinking, until I was approached by the BBC to do a New Year’s Eve special Graham Norton show. I would be the first football manager on the show, and I also thought that it would both: kill some of grievances of the paparazzi hounding me, and the loneliness I would feel knowing I wouldn’t see Kesha on yet another special day.

    Graham: Everybody welcome our New Year’s guests! He is the famed actor Leonardo Dicaprio, TV Presenter and genuine celebrity hound Avid Merrion, and the infamous manager of First Division side Newark Athletic, Niko Bergstrom!

    We all crammed round the small sofa as the camp Irish host greeted us with an array of alcoholic drinks. Going for a White Russain, the discussions varied from interesting stories, annoying and pestfull jokes – none that really challenged me as they were more bounced off the other two guests.

    Graham: So, Niko, this is your fourth year in charge of Newark Athletic, right?

    Niko: I can make your research correct – it has indeed been four years.

    The crowd applauded as the fat Phil Mitchell look alike stared the barrel of his AK47 at them.

    Graham: And you have achieved so many things in those three years, and look set for even MORE this year!

    Niko: Well, I am successful – yeah, I can agree with that. Any other things you want to pinpoint

    Graham: Okay, okay – but is it true that you were so lonely during Christmas that you got drunk and climbed the Mary Magdaline Church naked?

    Niko: Another great accomplishment to my name, I might add.

    Graham: But isn’t it true you didn’t even check the draw for the League Cup Semi-Finals or the 3rd Round of the Fa Cup?

    Niko: The fact that YOU are reading them out says it’s true!

    Graham: Well, we have them here for you, right now! And don’t worry, if you get drunk and want to climb the stage, i am willing to help you down.

    He said cheekily, making the fat Phil Mitchell aim down at the audience – they laughed. Soon the news was facing me at the screen:

    Niko: Well! It looks like I might meet an old friend for two games!

    Graham: Yes!! Kowalinho, if that is his real name, was a former Newark player – right?

    Niko: Yeah – and he bitched and whined when he met a whore and moved to Ipswich.

    Graham: But didn’t you shag that whore?

    Niko: That’s why she is a whore!

    Graham: Fighting words! Anyway, back to you being naked-

    As he said that, the fat Phil aimed his gun with another dosage of fake laughter, forcing me to say my scripted line.

    Oh you would love to see that now, Graham wouldn’t you?


    He said like a horny schoolgirl. I held in my fist, resisting the urge to smack his face in on national television.

    Anyway, is that because you were alone?

    Yes. So that’s why I am here, with one freak, one poor unlucky bastard and an over-zealous, out-played camp character that hosts a show that is subjected more down to the societal idolisation of false images of ‘success’ and ‘talent’ and them trying to fathom the boring, spoilt and robotic personality and lives they have – just so they don’t feel redundant in the lives they get paid about one percent for twice the work that the ‘idols’ do!

    The crowd was shocked, as was the abused host and guests – with the fat Phil Mitchell in confusion to what to do. He aimed his gun with shaking hands, which went fired off a bullet into the brain of a mannequin crowd member.

    Niko: Oh My Gawd! Phil Mitchell killed AMC!
    Phil: You b!

    But because it wasn’t really live, and also because it was a mannequin, Graham carried on – finishing the show by introducing the singer thati knew I wouldn’t want to look at. It was a female pop-singer someone I know would remind me of her….

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, with her single ‘Surprise!’ it’s Kesha!!

    I spun round and clapped like wild as her name was mentioned, and soon I finally saw her!

    After five minutes, she walked over to the sofa with a gigantic smile as Graham introduce her to Avid, and Leonardo.

    Graham: And Kesha this is Niko-

    But before he could finish the introduction I had already lunged onto her and kissed her, which caused a large reaction.

    Graham: Well, that’s one way to say hello!

    Despite the stupid jokes, it was a magical night as myself and Kesha went home, knowing that by the time we had called in the New Year, our relationship and as well as my profile as a ‘celebrity’ would rise higher than ever before.

    New Year’s Eve.

    What a magical day of the year!

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    So, me and Niko are not friends?

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    This thread is much better with pictures , which don't seem to display on my phone

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    BUT, it will a big one MAJOR update (then a little one afterwards) introducing new characters (because i am bored!).

    Be up TODAY I PROMISE!!!

    THEN Season 3 AND 4 completed in ONE month

    Remember if behind, all chapters/updates/news/honours/kits are in the first post

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    A Daily Story covered in Morning Glory – Chapter Four



    New Year but nothing has changed at the Boltsky Stadium as the results came flourishing in! A Happy New Years with a 3-0 demolition at home over sadden Middlesborough (Wato ‘3 ’60, Ximo ’45) and a collective convincing home 3-1 win over 10-men Leeds in the FA Cup Third Round, Vazquez scoring 7 minutes in, Cica added a second with a 26th minute penalty after Ruddy’s red card tackle – and completed with the 10th goal from Van der Voom on the hour mark, meaning we would face:

    Manchester City.

    Another Manchester club would stand in our way, but despite not having Zbimg on our ranks, as always – I am confident of beating Roberto Mancini’s men, whose success in anything was being runners-up and dwelling in the top 10.

    But as usual we could wait for our trip to then!

    Instead we had an 4-2 away victory against Doncaster (Wato ‘9, Cica ’28, The Eejit ’58, Van der Voom ’83) as well as a traditional 2-1 home win over relegation zoned Swindon (Hall ’39, Cica ’84) blocking us from the face-down against former-Newark men Mark Henderson and Kowalinho in the first leg of the Semi-Final of the League Cup!

    Though we were still blighted by the injury of Ximo, that occurred a couple of weeks back:

    Ryan Hall was able to step up as we marched toward Portman Road, eager to show both Henderson and Kowalinho that their decisions to leave for Ipswich was a BAD decision!

    Both of the lads would play with Henderson on the left, and Kowalinho up-front after he impressed. Before kick-off, against all public speculation, me and Kowalinho both shook each other hands:

    Though tight as both of us was confident that we would out-do one another.

    Niko: Nice to see you’re doing well.
    Kowalinho: You too! Though, I mean if I say correctly, you won’t be that way after we beat your sorry bums!
    Niko: Nice joke! Still the comic I see.

    With that we went onto the positions we were signed too as the game began!

    If you could call that sorry first half a game, I mean!

    A stalemate after 45 minutes in which the only true highlight was a yellow card for (yet another) former Fearless Warrior Dean Moxey!

    Feeling the urge that a change was needed, I pushed Van der Voom onto the right wing with Hall coming off, and Matt Tubbs to come on.

    And the change of Van der Voom on the right anchoring both Henderson and Moxey on the home sides left, as Van der Voom did a nice passed towards Carvajal to run on and hold the ball – only to wait as Van der Voom pounced into the box for the cross which meet his rising foot and…..

    …went over the bar.

    The empathise on the right was enough to force the Imps manager Paul Ince to make two changes, as Kowalinho and James Bailey came off for Gary Dawson and Morgan Schniderlin.

    But all that did was add more options for us to attack! As The Eejit lofted the ball forward towards Cica, who then found space to pass to Vazquez who dribble past everyone for a perfectly timed cross….

    Which was headed in by the half-time sub Matt Tubbs for first goal of the game!

    And in response they tried to attack back, but lacked the naturally finish, which we had so much of! A free kick given away 30 yards away resulted with a nice lobb by Wato which was combined with the instinctive finish of Cica, who headed in the second!

    And Wato added one for himself just four minutes later to kill the game off with a nice rebound pot shot!

    But the celebrations were silenced after Tubbs was forced off the field of play with only 7 minutes of play. Ismail came on to play on the right as Van der Voom resorted back to the position he originally started at – but it was already over!

    We will hold a comfortable lead into the second leg, at home, and would SURELY be into the Quarter-Final of the League Cup!

    As we watch Paul Ince struggle with the possibility of relegation and no rebound cup success since taking over on the 16th January, I was laughing in comfort with the possibility of putting more failure onto his debut season – while extending the greatness of my whole career!

    But next was the game of the season (well second) as we were hosting Manchester City, this was something I wanted to make sure with the hospitality organiser – the new guy.


    As the fans gathered, I was informed that Hall had taken a knock and wouldn’t be fully fit for the game. With already having youth prospect Reuben Noble-Lazarus on the bench, I was forced to play Darren Boyle in a foreign position.

    As the whistle, it went like this:

    1 min - Man City set their stall out to attack
    Maicon tripped Vasquez
    Yellow Card for Maicon!

    7 min – Dzeko with a lobbed ball through!
    Nasri with plenty of space!
    Nasri with a rifled volley shot – will it go in?

    Marshall SAVED well and held on well!
    What a goal it could have been!

    10 min – Maicon with a free-kick
    Collected well by Sinclair after a Miranda header
    Sinclair looks on odds to Shoot!
    Marshall dives to collect as Sinclair is about to take the finish blow!

    Another impressive save from Marshall!
    Can Newark get any luck?

    For the next fifteen minutes I had chewed my fingers down to the bone, as City continued to threaten our goalmouth – but could we have one sniff on goal?

    30 min – Mancini looks agitated after Guidetti fails to score from the free-kick!
    What’s this? Orr has collected the ball and is running up field!
    Nice pass forward to Cica, who does a back-heel for Van der Voom!
    Van der Voom with acres of space – could he do the unimaginable? Only Hart to beat!
    Van der Voom with the skill, flicks the ball over Richards head, going for the volley!
    Nice volley from Van der Voom….

    AH! So close there… Wait!!! Cica has collected the ball!!!!!!
    Hart has left space to his right corner, Cica is being pushed out by Maicon
    Looks like he is going for a nice lobbed cross….

    What the Fuck!!!!
    Where did that come from???!!
    Cica gives Newark the dramatic fairy-tale lead with a spectacular goal!!
    It’s his 20th goal of the season – and he won’t score any more like that one!
    1-0 to the home side in this SHOCKING twist of events!!!

    My heart stopped!!

    Or so I thought!

    37 min – Guidetti passes to Rodwell on the wing, they are looking for a instant reply here!
    Rodwell with the cross…..
    Over the leaping Miranda, Dzeko is leaping!

    Only the cross-bar!
    A near half-moment for City there – Newark certainly have the heavens on their side today!

    Defend and defend, we were ticking them off rotten! We wanted to hold onto the lead, especially for half-time….

    45 min – Two additional minutes as Cica collects the ball…
    He’s playing it safe, not going too far forward!
    Wait, he dummied him and off he goes!
    Vazquez is making a run on the left, surely not?

    Newark have done it again!!!!
    Cica the assist maker – Vazquez the scorer!!

    At Half-time, the lads were proud and for a reason!!!

    A 2-0 lead over Oil-rich Man City? Yes please!!

    I slapped the lads on the asses as we went out for the second half – more of the same!!

    50 min – Nasri on the by-line, going past players like a ghost!
    Wide ball over towards the box
    Dzeko has out-jumped Orr…
    He looks certain to score!

    And he has!!!
    That will make up for that earlier miss – 2-1!
    The comeback is on, and with the way this game was going in the first half – What a Game it can be!

    68 min – Cross from the right corner
    Dzeko the target, but he’s missed it!
    But not Sinclair!
    Done well to hold down!
    But Javi Garcia’s shot is parried by Marshall.
    Mancini thought that was going in – not yet Roberto, not yet!

    72 min – Another City corner coming from the right
    This time it’s Guidetti in the air
    He headed it!

    Marshall has kept Newark in this game all night!

    We had done it well so far, now it was time to attack – and so we became riskier!

    79 min – Bergstrom wants a global domenstration here!
    One last hurrah from the Championship leaders!
    Cica aims to find Boyle, but dealt…
    Oh, was going to dealt easily by Garcia but he gave it away…
    Straight away to Vazquez!
    Dribbling like his life depends on it!!!!
    What a cross!!!!
    Wato – Bergstrom’s Frank Lampard – with a late run!!!!!
    He’s ready……

    Seems like Hart has a deflector as he protects his side from possible humiliation there!

    And that was….


    We had done it! Another famous win against another Manchester club – we are ready for the Premier League!

    Straight after the game was the draw for the Fifth Round of the FA Cup for the first time ever!

    A nice cannon fodder after the intensive second leg against Ipswich, it would be a time to play some squad players to rest some key players for the league games. And shockingly, I was snubbed for the English First Division Manager of the Month accolade – though Cica was rightly given the English Young Player of the Month for January.

    But like a hitman that eternal hunts and stalks its prey, it was back to the one sided stand-offs with 2-1 away win over Swansea (Van der Voom ’21 ’28) and a 4-1 eviction notice to the visiting Colchester (Van der Voom ‘3 ‘5 ’80, Cica ’17) leaving Van der Voom with 16 goals and Cica 21 goals for the season – before the league break for the two cup games.

    Though the game was already shadowed with the 3-0 aggregate from the first leg, there was one change for us as Ximo came back from injury to replace Ryan Hall on the right wing, and a tactical and 4/5 changes for Ince as he seemed to find his side in a defensive 442 showing with Chopra replacing Ainsworth up-front to play with Kowalinho, Albrighton on the right wing and Schniederlain in the centre. It seemed to be a more competitive out-lay then before!

    And it was all to play for in the first half, completely the opposite in comparison as it was a boring stalemate last time, with Kowalinho injured only five minutes after breaking his toe.

    And without his attacking presence it allowed us to take the front-foot as we travelled up pitch with Carvajal’s defence tearing ball forward which was latched onto by Van der Voom who slotted it nicely between the legs of Khune.

    We got the lead!

    4-0 aggregate!

    It was over.

    But then, Kowalinho’s replacement Adam Birchall stalked on through the defence and header in a equaliser!

    It was a celebration, but not a massive one as they knew they had a long stretch to go to win, which went a little wayward as….

    Van der Voom added his second of the game just shy of two from the end of the half, to score his 50th goal for the club – which the fans responded with a new chant as it was announced on the loud speaker.

    “Van der Va-va-vooooom,
    Van der Va-va-vooooom!”

    As usual with the Newark Athletic fans: so simple.

    The second half was the complete copy of the first half in the first leg, with neither side going for it.

    But there was a strange moment when Ince got so angry he started to smash his head against the glass on the dug-out till it broke – sending glass shards into the audience and into his skull forcing him to bleed badly.

    And also to go into the eyes of an American Masked Comic, whose blood spilt infront of him in which he tripped on as he tried run for help and impaled himself onto the plastic chair infront of him.

    Oh My Gawd! Paul Ince killed AMC!
    Audience: My popcorn! You b!

    As I turned round and watched the finale of the boring half, I started to think – why would a American masked comedian come to a football, especially one like Newark Athletic, and also – where the hell did that guy get popcorn from? And, if they still do them!

    After the sudden thoughts, it sudden kicked into me, we had just made it into the League Cup Final!!!

    And against Tottenham!

    We had faced both Manchester clubs and prevailed, so now would be the final challenged. For European football (if I had the qualification correctly!), for more silverware, and most importantly, for the bragging rights to say we had beaten the English Premier League champions – WE MUST WIN!

    My goal was aided with the youth team convincing beating Milwall (aka relegation fodder) 2-0 away (Walker ‘2, Cica ’21) to earn some great news about our next opponents in the FA Cup was again, more fodder!

    Bristol City – a ‘high-flying’ Second Division side that look good on paper to be promoted back up to a league they have already been relegated from twice. So as a team leading the board of the First Division, they should be beatable even with a second choice team!

    With only two games left of the month of February, and already tasting the sweet candy of Kesha before she left for America for a couple of days, I wanted another two wins to bag another successful! But Aston Villa came in and wrecked it as we drew 2-2 (Cica ’43, Tubbs ‘60) but was able to bounce back with another away win, as we beat Derby 2-1 at Pride Park (Cica ’46, Wato ’87) to leave the month comfortably at the top once more:

    With such a good form going into both the FA Cup, the latter half of the season and the League Cup Final, I could tell that something grand was going to happen, something that would disturb us if we let it slip so I had to do something. Especially as we were now history makers even more!

    And that ‘thing’ was, to let people know, I decided to announce something in the press:

    And as soon as the mouths started moving things seemed to click!

    Number One: Hull 1 – 3 Newark (Walker ‘2, Ximo ’30, Wato ’33)

    Resulted in:

    Number Two: Newark 2 -1 Nottingham Forest (Carvajal ’22, Van der Voom ’90)
    Barnsley 1 – 3 Newark (Cica ’30, Walker ’45 ’81)
    Cica Sent off ‘54
    Wato Sent off ‘86

    Resulted in:

    The Youth Squad beat Second Division side Bristol City 2-0, with Fraser scoring his first of the season and Tubbs scoring his first (off the bench) since his injury, my plan had begun to work!

    Norwich, another First Division and another easy pass to another Final! Not apart of the plan, but the added pressure onto the other team to beat the hated/conceited side would break the teams. And with all the media pressure on our side being put on me, then the team wouldn’t have to be put under ANY pressure – as it would be my fault! And since I always had the secret clause in my contract, I would be safe either way!

    As the hawks of the media glared their lens towards my identity, I was hit back by two things – the negative response by the away fans and the realisation of the knee-jerk reaction I had given to my girlfriend Kesha.

    But it didn’t help the matter as Millwall grasped their revenge with a 3-4 home win, after Marshall failed his job as he let in three goals and had to be subbed on the 67th minute, though Cornell wasn’t much help!

    Marshall had let us down, on what could have been a brilliant day for us to clinch the title! And, despite the heroics of Van der Voom scoring his 20th, Willis and Tubbs trying on hard in the dying moments – our 15 game unbeaten streak was over. With Wigan next and with both Cica and Wato, my heart of midfield banned for that one game – it added more pressure to seal the title BEFORE the League Cup Final!

    Jewell was the man who stood in our way to the title glory, and with Allan and Ismail playing for the first time in such a long while, it would have felt difficult if we weren’t at home!

    And after the final whistle, there was only one name on the lips of the fans!!!!

    “Van der Va-va-vooooom!
    Van der Va-va-va-vooom!”

    A brace from Van der Voom had sealed the title, though I told the League NOT to give it to us till the end of April – for the Huddersfield game – because we might be celebrating either too soon or too lightly.

    The fans remained jubilant for the last match of March also, as Wato and Cica came back and Van der Voom was rested as the biggest game in the club’s history – so far! – was next!

    The fans roared as the triple threat of goals smacked in, though the only three of the game – not to discredit Burnley and their one goal – but Cica and Wato made their presence felt with a solo-goal each, before an astounding feat as The Eejit (returning as captain) scored his 5th of the season!

    As the cries of glory cheered onto the night, all eyes were set on me for the League Cup Final against the Premier League champions – Tottenham!

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    * I want to go home, Ipswich is bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kowalinho View Post
    * I want to go home, Ipswich is bad

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    Nice to get a goal at the end.

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    Bring on the league cup final!

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    Great post, especially seeing a proper ground in the shape of Portman Road. None of this identikit nonsense.

    The treble is on. Hope you can kick on and finish the cups off!

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    Post-season Review will be tomorrow or Friday, need to sort other things through first ;)

    Golden Ambition – Chapter Five

    With the Championship won, all I could do was focus onto the League Cup game. Kesha was back in America as the Final fever approached us. Newark-on-Trent had been plagued by the Cup Final fever, and the only way to cool it – would be to win the Final!

    Wembley was the place of dreams or nightmares, where the winner will be blazed in glory or the losers are condemned for runners-up – and it was a face-to-face final against the youngster ever manager and the youngest top European youngest manager. Just shy of my 29th birthday, in twelve days, it didn’t matter – what did matter was bringing more glory to the club and then start of the next phase.

    As you would expect from a top Premier team in the League Cup, the line-up was a mixture of youth, reserve and first starters:

    IN which I responded in a manner that I would hope would seal us the win, my best eleven!

    Three of the players starting had been with the club since the beginning, they stayed loyal when it matter and development at the same rate as the club did. Even though they were still young, today they would have to be pushed into their prime – and fight for every ball and break every weakness shown!

    So, let’s get this started!

    Neither side was looking to back down as Marshall had to enforce a corner in the first few minutes – but from that we countered quickly! A fast tempo counter attack with Wato, Vazquez and Ximo all shifting the ball together – making the Spurs players look like they were playing a child’s game!

    Ximo played the ball forward for Van der Voom…..

    And the crowd erupted!!!

    A simple finish gave us the lead only 8 minutes in!

    But AVB responded duly, as we got complacent, Spurs showed us why they were the Premier League champions despite the young and inferior squad. A simple cross from Falque was poorly dealt with and Scott Parker bagged the equaliser just 11 minutes into the game!

    In a duelling battle of wits both sides attempted to deliver the next blow, both sides were ready to fight! But, then we decided to show them why we are called the Fearless Warriors!

    Cica lobbed the ball forward as Wato did another of his trademark late runs into the box – getting past the last defender he was one-on-one with Yeol and jumped to header the ball that smashed into the back of the net!


    Or so we thought as the dreaded image surrounded us!



    And Wato thought so too, having to be pulled back from the assistant referee and earning a yellow along side it.

    More and more chances were created for either side, but none were finished. If only one player had the finishing skills then this could be such a higher score! And then….

    The man I have started to called mini-Lampard was on the charge again, Cica with the ball forward – it was like a repeat but this time Wato was making sure he was onside! He fought with every ounce to the ball as it bounced beyond the defender, and slid in to poke it in…



    And Wato got his name back on the scoresheet!

    But once again complacency bit us on the ass as Tottenham brought themselves back, Livermore volleyed a beautiful goal into the top right corner from Bostock’s lob, and the game was equalised once more – just two minutes after we had taken the lead again.

    The half-time whistle was blown with the score etched at 2-2. It was a simple talk to the lads. “Score the early goal and fucking hold on for your lives!”

    AVB looked anxious in the second half, too anxious, as did his teammates – they thought they could match everything we could do and more. But they didn’t realise the phenom of Van der Voom, who charged into the box and volleyed in the third – and hopefully – last goal for us 7 minutes in!

    The last minutes of the game was nail biting, chance after chance we were tested – with Marshall on form with save after save. As the minutes past, the harder it got to watch – they had done it twice, could they get back into it again?

    No they couldn’t!!!

    I shook AVB hand as the whistle blew and then fell onto my knees – we had accomplished the double for the second time. I walked over to the cheering fans of both teams and applauded for the terrific atmosphere they had created – and was applauded back for the entertaining game they had witnessed.

    But no matter what, for the fifth time in the clubs four year span we were holding up a trophy!

    But, despite the romance of the win, I grounded the players to remind them that the season was far from gone! A depleted side drew 1-1 against Wolves at home (Vazquez ’84), all that mattered was the tight 3-2 win over Norwich in a gruelling first half were four goals was scored!! But thankfully Orr stepped up to the plate 10 minutes from time to score the winner and put us into yet another final!

    After taking a small breather, I then checked my phone for the Chelsea versus Arsenal match to see who we would face on May 14th.


    A team that had become a former shell of themselves, they barely went through thanks to the help of a goalless draw and a set of penalties. Knowing that despite the time between now and then was a couple of weeks away – I already planned to take precautions!

    For the next couple of games, the squad would be rotated for fitness as well as honour! I wouldn’t want to go into the final with a lack of form, nor would I like a broken down team so a number of positional changes and personal occurred.

    The 2-0 win over Stoke had Van der Voom on the left and Tubbs up front (Ximo ’45, Orr ’89), it was an unchanged side for the 3-0 win over Southampton (Miranda ’14, Tubbs ’66 ’77) – a belated birthday party was planned, but I scrapped it!

    No distractions!

    Despite a major overhaul in the starting line up against Blackpool:

    We were still able to win 2-1 at home (Tubbs ‘8, Fraser ’45) and that was despite Cacciatore’s red cared in the 53rd minute which resulted in a 3 match ban, ruling him out of the FA Cup final! And it was basically the same team that beat Watford 3-0 away (Allan ’23 ’87, Boyle ’40), and it was the same team that played in the last home game against Huddersfield 2-1 (Clayton ‘8, Cacciatore ’45), which also meant the celebration of the Championship win, and the last time we would play in the mediocre leagues!

    The fans sang all of the players names, as the stage was set – and soon we were drinking champagne as we were crowned the Champions!

    As usual, I had to throw my medal into the crowd, which landed at a teenagers feet – a kid that might one day become a possible player at the football.

    But despite their impressive performances it was back to the best for the last game of the season:

    Which turned out with a traditional 3-0 away rout over Norwich (Cica ’21, The Eejit ’90, ‘Van der Voom ’90), although we were looking strong, soon we were dealt with two injures. Firstly, Roderick Miranda stubbed his toe while doing some decorating (or some lame reason like that) and Ximo got badly injured in the warm-up of the game it-self!

    Meaning that instead of the team I wanted to play in the Final, I was forced to play Tubbs up-front and Van der Voom on the right wing with inexperienced Parsons in the centre with Orr – a possible vulnerable spot for Chelsea to attack!

    As the lads aligned themselves in the locker-room of Wembly for the second time in a matter of weeks, it knew I had to say something to them – that no matter what happenes, I am proud of them.

    Niko: Boys, what we have done already is tremendous – historical – you have made this small historic town into a more historical rich town with a thrilling desire to increase in life. You have shown everybody that we are Fearless, and we are Warriors. We have fought wars, and lost comrades – but we will never let them go, and we will always be there for them. So, what I am saying is, don’t do this for me, the big man Yermolai or the fans – you have done enough! But, do this for yourselves, for you fallen comrades who couldn’t be here, or for the comrades that fought others wars – waiting to just come back home.

    As they cheered and charged out of the locker-room I stood back, pleased at the remarkable job that we had done, and nothing could take it away.

    Niko: What, right now?

    I answered the phone.

    Niko: Yes I know! Everything will be sorted! I know, I know! Give me some more time and it will all be sorted.

    I sighed heavily.

    Niko: They will – they will! If not, we will start again! Yes, more! Of course I am not a fucking idiot!

    Heading for the door.

    Niko: Sometimes you have to stir things up before they get just write.

    The door slammed and the phone back in my pocket, I walked towards the roraring grounds, and to my rival for the next 90 minutes.

    Mirko Slomka recently took over from Roberto Di Mattero last year, and already he has brought them closer to a trophy then Di Matteo has. Today he would be the man I had to destroy, or my career would be meaningless!

    The Chelsea team on paper looked like on that would annihilate us, but as I have learnt, not everything can be summed on paper. And, well, Chelsea felt that quite early too.

    Matt Tubbs, with 2 minutes on the clock, bagged his 15th goal of the season and gave us a shocking early lead.

    And what occurred next was a game of cat and mouse as both teams out-played each other and were broken by impressive goalkeeping performances!

    But once again, you never would write in the stars what you though on drawings! As with a Wato corner, Orr added a second on the 39th minute silencing the Chelsea support and forcing Mirko to slump into his dug-out as the first time whistle game to a halt!

    Niko: Yes lads! Beautiful, brilliant!

    My emotions ran over me as we entered the locker-rooms, could we actually do it? A treble?

    Niko: You know what? Fuck it! Go out there and set an example, and break those Chelsea fans hearts!

    As I said that, and watch the lads walk out, I remembered I am a Chelsea fan!

    Niko: Whoops!

    For the second half, it seemed that Chelsea knew our game plan!

    They countered each attack as Thibaut Courtois was trying to keep his dignity!

    Niko: Come on you bastard!

    But it wasn’t just Courtois that was controlling the nets, as on the other side, Marshall was determined to keep a clean sheet!

    It had gone from a showdown of brawn and power – to the consistency and reflexes of the goalkeepers. Though, concentration seemed to lapse the Belgium man as 71 minutes into the game, Van der Voom was one-on-one with him from a rare break.

    And what result was…

    The killing goal!


    Three goals to seal three trophies!!!!

    And soon enough the whistle came and we had done it!

    It was really done! We had done the imagineable! The League Cup, The FA CUP AND THE CHAMPIONSHIP???




    A couple of days later….

    Before the tour bus around the town to celebrate the success, I reported back to my office to ‘finish off’ some paper work.

    Niko: I really hope they will give me a real office now!

    Suddenly, I heard a man in the shadows.

    Niko: Ah, you! So, I guess you might agree to this now?
    ???: Yeah.
    Niko: Well, it depends on how the new Operation works – Operation New Gen. and who will agree to it.
    ???: I understand.
    Niko: You sure you want this?
    ??: How can I say this? I am fing sure
    Niko: Okay, the file is there with just ‘some’ names. You are one of them.

    He grabbed the file, as one piece of paper fell out of the file.


    ************************************************************************************************ Newark Athletic FC - Wednesday 1st June 2005 ************************************************************************************************ ================================================================================================ Squad ================================================================================================ No Name Position(s) Nat Born Age Caps Gls Wages Expires Value ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32 Allan, Andy M RLC SCO 19.6.85 19 - - £1.2K 9.5.08 £450K - Bayliss, Jack D/M LC ENG 11.5.87 18 - - £375 Rolling £40K 11 Baz D/M LC WAL 10.10.84 20 - - £8K 27.6.06 £625K 39 Boyle, Darren M RC SCO 24.8.86 18 - - £500 6.6.07 £210K - Brown, Alan D/M LC SCO 12.12.83 21 - - £65 2.6.07 £60K 21 Cacciatore, Fabrizio D RLC ITA 8.10.75 29 - - £2.2K 20.5.07 £550K 20 Carvajal, Daniel D R ESP 11.1.81 24 - - £5.5K 17.5.07 £850K 22 Cica, Tibor M RLC CRO 31.12.82 22 - - £5K 17.5.07 £2.8M 12 Clayton, Mark DM C ENG 21.2.81 24 - - £4.1K 21.6.06 £90K 24 Clifford, Billy M C ENG 18.10.81 23 - - £9K 16.6.06 £325K 13 Cornell, David GK WAL 28.3.80 25 - - £950 2.6.07 £160K - Deane, Aaron S C ENG 13.11.85 19 - - £160 10.6.06 £55K - Dunn, Christian S C ENG 10.3.84 21 - - £325 10.6.07 £160K 25 Fraser, Ryan AM L SCO 1.9.83 21 - - £500 1.6.09 £400K - Gleeson, George D RLC ENG 11.12.86 18 - - £325 Rolling £16K 7 Hall, Ryan AM RLC ENG 4.1.77 28 - - £9.25K 24.5.07 £1.4M - Harrison, Gary M LC ENG 22.8.88 16 - - £775 Rolling £55K 17 Ismail, Zeli AM RC ENG 12.12.82 22 - - £9.25K 24.5.07 £1.4M - Lawless, Gary S C IRL 19.8.86 18 - - £375 9.6.06 £100K - Lyons, Adam D L ENG 15.4.87 18 - - £525 Rolling £24K 1 Marshall, David GK SCO 5.3.74 31 5 - £5K 17.5.10 £975K 2 McLaughlin, Conor D R NIR 26.7.80 24 - - £5.75K 11.6.06 £150K 5 Miranda, Roderick D C POR 30.3.80 25 5 - £8.5K 6.5.07 £2.1M - Mitchell, Jonathan S C ENG 9.2.86 19 - - £4.2K Rolling £28K - Nicholls, Alex AM/F RC ENG 9.12.76 28 - - £5.75K 28.6.05 £45K 6 Nkumu, Archange D C ENG 5.11.82 22 - - £1.4K 12.5.09 £525K 15 Noble-Lazarus, Reuben S C ENG 16.8.82 22 - - £2K 1.5.07 £1M - O'Dowd, Colin D C IRL 25.1.85 20 - - £1.6K 7.6.07 £70K 26 Orr, Jordan D RC SCO 31.10.83 21 - - £2.7K 20.5.08 £650K 29 Parsons, Jordan D RC ENG 28.10.84 20 - - £1.2K 19.5.08 £220K 14 Stewart, Gary D L SCO 13.8.84 20 - - £2.8K 21.6.08 £100K 40 Tait, Dave GK SCO 7.11.87 17 - - £3.6K 28.5.08 £170K 4 The Eejit DM C SCO 26.2.81 24 - - £11.25K 12.6.08 £2M - Trigg, Nathan D/DM RLC ENG 10.6.87 17 - - £375 Rolling £50K 19 Tubbs, Matt S C ENG 15.7.73 31 - - £8.75K 9.5.08 £2.2M 16 Van der Voom, Henrik F RLC NED 17.8.83 21 - - £14.25K 7.6.08 £3.2M 27 Vázquez, Franco AM LC ARG 22.2.78 27 - - £11.75K 11.5.07 £1.9M 31 Walker, Sean S C ENG 21.2.85 20 - - £120 24.5.08 £775K 8 Wato, Eddy M RLC ENG 1.1.82 23 - - £8K 10.5.07 £3.1M - Williams, Gareth D C WAL 10.4.86 19 - - £65 9.6.07 £35K 3 Willis, Liam D RL ENG 21.5.82 23 - - £3.5K 15.5.10 £1.4M 23 Ximo AM R ESP 12.9.77 27 - - £5.5K 19.5.09 £1.3M ================================================================================================ 2004/5 Senior Club Stats ================================================================================================ No Name Apps Gls Con Pens Asts Yel Red MoM Av R -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32 Allan, Andy 3 (1) 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.50 - Bayliss, Jack - - - - - - - - ---- 11 Baz 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.20 39 Boyle, Darren 13 (1) 1 0 0 5 1 0 0 7.21 - Brown, Alan - - - - - - - - ---- 21 Cacciatore, Fabrizio 13 (2) 1 0 0 0 3 1 0 7.20 20 Carvajal, Daniel 47 2 0 0 7 5 0 0 7.62 22 Cica, Tibor 52 27 0 3 (3) 17 3 1 12 8.27 12 Clayton, Mark 9 2 0 0 3 1 0 1 7.89 24 Clifford, Billy 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---- 13 Cornell, David 8 (1) 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 6.89 - Deane, Aaron - - - - - - - - ---- - Dunn, Christian - - - - - - - - ---- 25 Fraser, Ryan 6 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.00 - Gleeson, George - - - - - - - - ---- 7 Hall, Ryan 9 1 0 0 4 0 0 0 7.11 - Harrison, Gary - - - - - - - - ---- 17 Ismail, Zeli 7 (1) 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 7.13 - Lawless, Gary - - - - - - - - ---- - Lyons, Adam - - - - - - - - ---- 1 Marshall, David 52 0 40 0 0 0 0 3 7.37 2 McLaughlin, Conor 13 (1) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.29 5 Miranda, Roderick 46 2 0 0 1 6 0 0 7.46 - Mitchell, Jonathan - - - - - - - - ---- - Nicholls, Alex 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---- 6 Nkumu, Archange 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---- 15 Noble-Lazarus, Reuben 0 (1) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.00 - O'Dowd, Colin 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---- 26 Orr, Jordan 51 7 0 0 3 5 0 0 7.43 29 Parsons, Jordan 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 7.13 14 Stewart, Gary 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6.67 40 Tait, Dave 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---- 4 The Eejit 51 7 0 0 14 7 0 6 8.08 - Trigg, Nathan - - - - - - - - ---- 19 Tubbs, Matt 14 (6) 15 0 0 0 1 0 4 7.75 16 Van der Voom, Henrik 35 (7) 27 0 0 5 3 0 9 7.95 27 Vázquez, Franco 43 8 0 0 12 2 0 2 7.53 31 Walker, Sean 7 (3) 5 0 0 3 0 0 3 7.80 8 Wato, Eddy 51 (2) 17 0 0 23 7 1 5 7.64 - Williams, Gareth - - - - - - - - ---- 3 Willis, Liam 54 4 0 1 (1) 5 6 0 0 7.39 23 Ximo 40 13 0 0 11 2 0 1 7.47 ================================================================================================ 2004/5 Transfers ================================================================================================ Date Player In From Fee ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 7.6.04 Matthew Briggs Fulham Bos 20.6.04 Gary Stewart Celtic £18K 20.6.04 Jordan Parsons Wigan £90K 21.6.04 Jordan Orr Derby £230K 22.6.04 Fabrizio Cacciatore Compostela £210K 30.6.04 Matt Tubbs Bournemouth Bos 30.6.04 Roderick Miranda Vit. Setúbal £250K 2.7.04 Dave Tait Dundee Utd £100K 2.7.04 David Cornell Swansea Bos 7.7.04 Reuben Noble-Lazarus Free Transfer Free 16.7.04 Archange Nkumu Free Transfer Free 25.7.04 Zeli Ismail Wolves £625K 28.7.04 Ryan Hall Southend £600K 12.8.04 Tibor Cica Zagreb £525K 12.8.04 Franco Vázquez Palermo £1.6M Date Player Out To Fee ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.6.04 Yohan Betsch Jeanne d'Arc £375K 9.6.04 Shepard Charlton £375K 14.6.04 Matty Harriott Bristol Rovers £150K 20.6.04 Gareth Hodgson Released Free 20.6.04 Liam Derby £500K 20.6.04 Kevin Darlington Released Free 20.6.04 Kim Salonen Released Free 20.6.04 Dean Furman Released Free 20.6.04 Sam Hutchinson Released Free 23.6.04 Simon Robinson Sheff Wed £100K 24.6.04 Jose Hernandez Querétaro Bos 25.6.04 Johnny Mullins Rochdale £100K 3.7.04 Billy Knott Rochdale £625K 5.7.04 Shane Robinson Fleetwood £70K 6.7.04 David Griffin Willem II £45K 9.7.04 Kevin Dupuis Paris FC £100K 13.7.04 Artur Vasily Torquay £180K 31.7.04 Mark Henderson Ipswich £2.5M 6.10.04 Ashley Curtis Aldershot £65K 15.10.04 Ryan Jarvis Colchester £500K 15.12.04 Lorenzo Zbimg Corinthians £1.6M 7.2.05 Matthew Briggs Sheff Utd £800K 9.5.05 Liam Cohen Dinas Powys £35K ================================================================================================ 2004/5 Fixtures ================================================================================================ Date Opposition Ven Competition Res Attend Scorers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30.6.04 Ipswich H Nikolavski Cup Semi Final 1:1 4526 Wato 1.7.04 Sunderland H Nikolavski Cup Final 0:2 5994 15.7.04 Chesterfield A Friendly 3:0 10317 Van der Voom 2, Miranda 18.7.04 West Brom H Friendly 1:1 11799 Walker 21.7.04 Everton H Friendly 0:0 11776 23.7.04 Plymouth A Friendly 0:1 12899 14.8.04 Sheff Wed H First Division 4:0 11804 The Eejit, Cica, Zbimg 2 22.8.04 Bolton A First Division 4:1 13554 Zbimg, Cica 2, Wato 24.8.04 Aldershot A League Cup 1st Rnd 3:1 3109 Van der Voom, Zbimg, Willis 27.8.04 Crystal Palace H First Division 4:0 11797 Zbimg 2, Van der Voom, Carvajal 30.8.04 Swindon A First Division 3:0 10323 Cica 2, Zbimg 12.9.04 Middlesbrough A First Division 3:0 25062 Zbimg 3 15.9.04 Doncaster H First Division 1:1 11820 The Eejit 17.9.04 Colchester A First Division 4:1 9397 Van der Voom, Cica, Ximo, Wato 22.9.04 Everton H League Cup 2nd Rnd 2:0 7396 Vázquez, Cica 24.9.04 Derby H First Division 5:1 11795 Zbimg 3, Cica, Vázquez 29.9.04 Swansea H First Division 4:1 11795 Zbimg 2, Willis, Orr 1.10.04 Aston Villa A First Division 3:2 20103 Ximo, Orr, Zbimg 8.10.04 Millwall H First Division 3:0 11783 Tubbs 2, Craig og 17.10.04 Nottm Forest A First Division 6:1 27594 Vázquez 2, Ximo 2, Willis pen, Zbimg 20.10.04 Hull H First Division 2:3 11786 Ximo, Zbimg 22.10.04 Wigan A First Division 4:0 9565 Zbimg 3, Wato 27.10.04 Barnsley H First Division 4:0 11812 Ximo, The Eejit, Zbimg, Wato 29.10.04 Burnley A First Division 2:1 19902 Cica pen, Orr 3.11.04 Man Utd A League Cup 3rd Rnd 2:0 50916 Zbimg 2 6.11.04 Southampton H First Division 6:0 11115 Ximo, Orr, Miranda, Wato 2, Zbimg 10.11.04 Yeovil A League Cup 4th Rnd 3:1 4134 Van der Voom 2, Walker 13.11.04 Wolves A First Division 2:2 26644 Wato, Cica 20.11.04 Watford H First Division 1:0 11799 Cica 27.11.04 Blackpool A First Division 5:0 8739 Cica 2 (1 pen), Van der Voom 2, Clayton 1.12.04 Hull A League Cup Qtr Final 3:1 23092 Wato, Van der Voom, Ximo 4.12.04 Stoke H First Division 0:2 11820 11.12.04 Huddersfield A First Division 4:1 16765 Vázquez, Wato, Cica, Ximo 19.12.04 Bolton H First Division 2:0 11809 Van der Voom, Cica 22.12.04 Crystal Palace A First Division 2:1 20949 Tubbs, Ximo 26.12.04 Norwich H First Division 2:2 11784 Tubbs 2 28.12.04 Sheff Wed A First Division 3:0 23451 Tubbs 2, Edgar og 1.1.05 Middlesbrough H First Division 3:0 11779 Wato 2, Ximo 8.1.05 Leeds H FA Cup 3rd Rnd 3:1 5566 Vázquez, Cica pen, Van der Voom 15.1.05 Doncaster A First Division 4:2 14270 Wato, Cica, The Eejit, Van der Voom 22.1.05 Swindon H First Division 2:1 11801 Hall, Cica 26.1.05 Ipswich A League Cup Semi Final Leg 1 3:0 26890 Tubbs, Cica, Wato 29.1.05 Man City H FA Cup 4th Rnd 2:1 11824 Cica, Vázquez 5.2.05 Swansea A First Division 2:1 7616 Van der Voom 2 12.2.05 Colchester H First Division 4:1 11211 Van der Voom 3, Cica 16.2.05 Ipswich H League Cup Semi Final Leg 2 2:1 11778 Van der Voom 2 19.2.05 Millwall A FA Cup 5th Rnd 2:0 8459 Walker, Cica 23.2.05 Aston Villa H First Division 2:2 11805 Cica, Tubbs 25.2.05 Derby A First Division 2:1 29507 Cica, Wato 2.3.05 Hull A First Division 3:1 22385 S.Walker, Ximo, Wato 6.3.05 Nottm Forest H First Division 2:1 11792 Carvajal, Van der Voom 9.3.05 Barnsley A First Division 3:1 18529 Cica, Walker 2 12.3.05 Bristol City A FA Cup Qtr Final 2:0 16366 Fraser, Tubbs 15.3.05 Millwall A First Division 3:4 17649 Van der Voom, Tubbs, Willis 23.3.05 Wigan H First Division 2:1 11802 Van der Voom 2 26.3.05 Burnley H First Division 3:1 11814 Cica, Wato, The Eejit 3.4.05 Tottenham N League Cup Final 3:2 78681 Van der Voom 2, Wato 8.4.05 Wolves H First Division 1:1 10835 Vázquez 10.4.05 Norwich N FA Cup Semi Final 3:2 30591 Van der Voom, The Eejit, Orr 13.4.05 Stoke A First Division 2:0 14872 Ximo, Orr 16.4.05 Southampton A First Division 3:0 8992 Miranda, Tubbs 2 18.4.05 Blackpool H First Division 2:1 10824 Tubbs, Fraser 22.4.05 Watford A First Division 3:0 21290 Allan 2, Boyle 30.4.05 Huddersfield H First Division 2:1 10854 Clayton, Cacciatore 8.5.05 Norwich A First Division 3:0 14302 Cica, The Eejit, Van der Voom 14.5.05 Chelsea N FA Cup Final 3:0 78708 Tubbs, Orr, Van der Voom
     English First Division - Wednesday 1st June 2005
     2004/5 Table
    Pos     Team                            Pld  Won  Drn  Lst  For  Ag   Won  Drn  Lst  For  Ag   Pts
    1st  C  Newark                          46   17   4    2    61   20   21   1    1    73   20   119  
    2nd  P  Stoke                           46   16   5    2    50   20   7    12   4    39   35   86   
    3rd     Norwich                         46   11   8    4    49   31   10   6    7    44   38   77   
    4th     Sheff Wed                       46   14   2    7    41   27   10   3    10   32   34   77   
    5th     Swansea                         46   12   7    4    52   33   7    8    8    42   42   72   
    6th  P  Watford                         46   13   7    3    40   25   6    8    9    34   37   72   
    7th     Nottm Forest                    46   14   3    6    52   40   6    8    9    44   52   71   
    8th     Barnsley                        46   14   4    5    54   35   4    11   8    26   34   69   
    9th     Wolves                          46   12   3    8    44   33   8    6    9    31   36   69   
    10th    Derby                           46   14   3    6    47   34   6    4    13   38   51   67   
    11th    Hull                            46   12   3    8    42   36   6    8    9    27   34   65   
    12th    Blackpool                       46   11   6    6    30   26   5    7    11   37   44   61   
    13th    Bolton                          46   13   3    7    47   36   4    6    13   22   41   60   
    14th    Aston Villa                     46   9    10   4    49   33   5    5    13   38   55   57   
    15th    Doncaster                       46   10   6    7    41   39   6    3    14   23   46   57   
    16th    Burnley                         46   11   5    7    44   37   5    3    15   36   59   56   
    17th    Wigan                           46   8    7    8    25   28   7    4    12   25   38   56   
    18th    Colchester                      46   11   5    7    56   46   4    5    14   29   48   55   
    19th    Middlesbrough                   46   9    8    6    48   45   5    2    16   27   51   52   
    20th    Swindon                         46   12   5    6    39   29   2    4    17   27   54   51   
    21st    Crystal Palace                  46   10   5    8    42   37   3    4    16   27   50   48   
    22nd R  Huddersfield                    46   10   4    9    37   36   3    3    17   32   56   46   
    23rd R  Millwall                        46   7    7    9    46   44   4    4    15   25   54   44   
    24th R  Southampton                     46   8    6    9    29   33   4    1    18   25   56   43   
     2004/5 Goals
    Pos   Player                     Club                       Apps     Gls
    1st   Conor Sammon               Derby                      42       34     
    2nd   Nick Blackman              Swansea                    37 (3)   29     
    3rd   Darren Bent                Aston Villa                44 (1)   26     
    4th   Simon Cox                  Stoke                      41       25     
    5th   Lukas Jutkiewicz           Stoke                      46       23     
    6th   James Morrison             Barnsley                   40       23     
    7th   Tibor Cica                 Newark                     40       22     
    8th   Gary Madine                Sheff Wed                  44       22     
    9th   Morgan Ferrier             Nottm Forest               37 (2)   22     
    10th  Lorenzo Zbimg              Corinthians                17       22     
    11th  Michael Gregoritsch        Huddersfield               39       21     
    12th  Christian Benteke          Aston Villa                43       21     
    13th  Lauri Dalla Valle          Middlesbrough              32       20     
    14th  Nathan Eccleston           Blackpool                  46       20     
    15th  Charlie Austin             Nottm Forest               39       20     
    16th  Andy Keogh                 Millwall                   45       20     
    17th  Chris Dagnall              Barnsley                   39       20     
    18th  Marouane Chamakh           Norwich                    45       19     
    19th  Jay Simpson                Norwich                    45       19     
    20th  Lee Novak                  Colchester                 45       19     
    21st  Tim Payne                  Blackburn                  39       18     
    22nd  Jamie Cade                 Doncaster                  41       18     
    23rd  David Bellion              Colchester                 43       18     
    24th  Brandon Zibaka             Swindon                    44       18     
    25th  Jamie Ward                 Watford                    43       16     
    26th  Kevin Doyle                Wolves                     41       16     
    27th  Luke Norris                Huddersfield               34 (1)   16     
    28th  Robert Snodgrass           Norwich                    47       16     
    29th  Henrik Van der Voom        Newark                     24 (6)   16     
    30th  Mikkel Thygesen            Sheff Wed                  45       15     
     2004/5 Assists
    Pos   Player                     Club                       Apps     Asts
    1st   Eddy Wato                  Newark                     38 (2)   20     
    2nd   Simon Lappin               Norwich                    46       17     
    3rd   Nathan Dyer                Swansea                    46       17     
    4th   James Henry                Middlesbrough              46       16     
    5th   Matthew Etherington        Stoke                      40       16     
    6th   Emmanuel Ledesma           Southampton                33 (2)   15     
    7th   Chris Burke                Derby                      39       13     
    8th   David Jones                Derby                      40 (2)   12     
    9th   Keith Ward                 Colchester                 40       12     
    10th  Chris Maguire              Sheff Wed                  48       12     
    11th  Elliott Bennett            Swansea                    43       12     
    12th  Pelly Ruddock              Doncaster                  29       11     
    13th  Jermaine Pennant           Burnley                    32       11     
    14th  Glenn Whelan               Stoke                      38 (1)   11     
    15th  Cédric Collet              Sheff Wed                  44       11     
    16th  Robert Snodgrass           Norwich                    47       11     
    17th  The Eejit                  Newark                     40       11     
    18th  Jason Puncheon             Burnley                    34 (5)   10     
    19th  Tim Payne                  Blackburn                  39       10     
    20th  David Templeton            Crystal Palace             44       10     
    21st  Franco Vázquez             Newark                     34       10     
    22nd  Danny Haynes               Crystal Palace             37 (3)   10     
    23rd  Jay Simpson                Norwich                    45       10     
    24th  Jacob Butterfield          Millwall                   33 (1)   10     
    25th  Matt James                 Middlesbrough              46       10     
    26th  Diarmuid O'Toibín          Millwall                   32 (2)   10     
    27th  Michael Jacobs             Bolton                     38       9      
    28th  Michael Kightly            Stoke                      34       9      
    29th  Ishmael Miller             Derby                      44 (1)   9      
    30th  Adlène Guedioura           Stoke                      36       9      
     2004/5 Average Rating
    Pos   Player                     Club                       Apps     Av R
    1st   Conor Sammon               Derby                      42       8.24   
    2nd   Tibor Cica                 Newark                     40       8.22   
    3rd   The Eejit                  Newark                     40       8.07   
    4th   Christian Benteke          Aston Villa                43       7.88   
    5th   Henrik Van der Voom        Newark                     24 (6)   7.87   
    6th   Michael Turner             Norwich                    42       7.81   
    7th   Nick Blackman              Swansea                    37 (3)   7.80   
    8th   Lewin Nyatanga             Southampton                23       7.78   
    9th   Simon Cox                  Stoke                      41       7.78   
    10th  Kevin Doyle                Wolves                     41       7.78   
    11th  Charlie Austin             Nottm Forest               39       7.74   
    12th  Michael Gregoritsch        Huddersfield               39       7.74   
    13th  Titus Bramble              Derby                      41       7.73   
    14th  Ismail Yakubu              Doncaster                  32 (1)   7.73   
    15th  Ben Turner                 Reading                    39 (1)   7.72   
    16th  Eddy Wato                  Newark                     38 (2)   7.72   
    17th  Elliott Ward               Doncaster                  29       7.72   
    18th  Tim Payne                  Blackburn                  39       7.72   
    19th  Liam Cooper                Hull                       39 (1)   7.70   
    20th  Danny Wilson               Sheff Wed                  43       7.67   
    21st  Gabriel Badilla            Bolton                     39       7.67   
    22nd  Jake Buxton                Wigan                      44       7.66   
    23rd  Peter Clarke               Southampton                35       7.66   
    24th  Jose Baxter                Swansea                    23 (5)   7.64   
    25th  Bailey Wright              Stoke                      34 (2)   7.64   
    26th  Fitz Hall                  Watford                    44 (2)   7.63   
    27th  Ron Vlaar                  Aston Villa                33       7.61   
    28th  Matthew Etherington        Stoke                      40       7.60   
    29th  Daniel Joyce               Stoke                      26 (1)   7.59   
    30th  Kern Miller                Nottm Forest               42 (1)   7.58   
     2004/5 Man of Match
    Pos   Player                     Club                       Apps     MoM
    1st   Conor Sammon               Derby                      42       9      
    2nd   Nick Blackman              Swansea                    37 (3)   9      
    3rd   Andy Keogh                 Millwall                   45       8      
    4th   Lorenzo Zbimg              Corinthians                17       8      
    5th   Tibor Cica                 Newark                     40       7      
    6th   Gary Madine                Sheff Wed                  44       7      
    7th   Michael Gregoritsch        Huddersfield               39       7      
    8th   Lewin Nyatanga             Southampton                23       6      
    9th   Darren Bent                Aston Villa                44 (1)   6      
    10th  Robert Snodgrass           Norwich                    47       6      
    11th  Henrik Van der Voom        Newark                     24 (6)   6      
    12th  Britt Assombalonga         Watford                    34 (3)   5      
    13th  Tim Payne                  Blackburn                  39       5      
    14th  Mikkel Thygesen            Sheff Wed                  45       5      
    15th  Cleveland Taylor           Colchester                 22 (13)  5      
    16th  Simon Cox                  Stoke                      41       5      
    17th  Simon Lappin               Norwich                    46       5      
    18th  Nathan Dyer                Swansea                    46       5      
    19th  Jake Buxton                Wigan                      44       5      
    20th  James Morrison             Barnsley                   40       5      
    21st  Chris Dagnall              Barnsley                   39       5      
    22nd  The Eejit                  Newark                     40       5      
    23rd  Jose Baxter                Swansea                    23 (5)   4      
    24th  Fabian Delph               Aston Villa                32 (2)   4      
    25th  Jacob Mellis               Colchester                 34       4      
    26th  Lauri Dalla Valle          Middlesbrough              32       4      
    27th  Fitz Hall                  Watford                    44 (2)   4      
    28th  Nathan Eccleston           Blackpool                  46       4      
    29th  Danny Batth                Watford                    45       4      
    30th  Jake Cassidy                                          24 (4)   4

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    I'm coming home? Really?


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    Wow what a season! Van der Voom has been a beast. I'm so pissed Lorenzo left ! The guy has the worse adviser ever. Please try to bring him back at one point!

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    Was I captain ?
    Did I climb the steps to lift the trophy ?

    * Proud to be a Newark player
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    Players that want to come back, post so, you will have extra attributes points to add. Ca and pa will be increased, and slots will be available to add a new generation. All will be added in a later date, but because I want to add more to the news: Niko Bergstrom will cease to be manager past the next season, and yet again more to add in due time.

    Next couple of days will lack a update but hopefully this drunken post will be enough. NEWARK ATHLETIC'S FUTURE IS CHANGING.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Eejit View Post
    Was I captain ?
    Did I climb the steps to lift the trophy ?

    * Proud to be a Newark player

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    Bring me back please gaffer! I'll be an obnoxious twat for no additional signing on fee too!

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    Call Out for Former Arms!

    For Newark’s debut season in both Europe and the holy grail of English Premier League, it is now the chance that players that have left the club would be able to rejoin the club – if they want so – and would earn improvements to fight in the new challenge that lays ahead.
    The requirements are thus:

    -Proceed by declaring your interest of returning to the club. These include: Liam, Lorenzo Zbimg, BobMem, John Wood, Kowalinho, Volkan Ediz, Diarmuid O’Toibin, Jose Hernandez, Artur Vasily, Roddy Hoolihan and Mark Henderson.
    - Additional attributes points will be based on Overall career goals they have met so far in their career:

    5 = 1
    10 = 2
    15 = 3
    15+ = 4

    5 = 1
    10 = 2
    15 = 3
    15+ = 4

    Man of the Match Awards
    3 = 1
    4 = 2
    5 = 3
    6 = 4
    7 = 5
    8+ = 6

    The calculation of the points would be a given by the amount worked by the earnings ie. If a player has 50 assists they would earn 10 points (10x5 = 50 = 2x5 = 10), any odd numbered over-all statistics will be determined by the number criteria it is closest to.

    In addition to the general scale above, one will gain an additional point if the overall average of their career is either 7.50 or 7.50 plus, in order to confirm with the consistency they have shown to a high scale.

    Defender based players will require another scale:

    3 = 1
    4 = 2
    6 = 3
    9 = 4
    10 = 5

    2 = 1
    4 = 2
    6 = 3
    9 = 4
    10 = 5

    Man of the Match
    2 = 4
    4 = 5

    Another factor will be the Tackling Average they have earned:

    Tackling Average
    1.0 = 1
    1.5 = 2
    2.0 = 3
    2.5 = 4
    2.0 = 5

    -Current Ability and Potential Ability will also be increased (10+ CA, 20+ PA) will restrictions set to ensure that they will be limited to a set over-all that is yet to be decided.
    -Character: You are now allowed to set more to the person your character is:

    define their personality and add more depth within story,
    create a storyline to add more interaction
    dislikes/likes – to add more spice! Hate a member of the club to add more fuel to the daily lives! Or, become a kiss ass and see how far you can get.

    -Addition slots of 6 is available for late comers to join the club, following the same application form though some parts are redacted in order to allow to slot them into the save within the restrictions that have been granted. The points and other creiteria are still to be met, but they will be restricted by Age, only to have Common Name (most likely forum member unless otherwise) and Nationality. Though, this is not been researched fully into atm.

    Please, though who wish either to rejoin or join the club reply to the post below by stating your players name, followed with ‘Fearless Warriors’ in bold!

    Hope that clears up some parts, if not either send me a pm or post questions below.

    Deadline will be Friday, but if delay is needed then an extension would be allowed in due time.


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    Kowalinho Fearless Warriors

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    BobMem Fearless Warriors

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    Merkezekrem Fearkess Warriors !

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    Okay, deadline has been extended till Tuesday at 6:00 pm to allow any one else join/rejoin. I hope more people come

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