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Thread: [STORY] A Golden and Fearless Ambition

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZanSnake View Post
    Damn, expected a post from Eejit about the amazing form he has had recently

    Oh well!

    Currently writing next chapter, but will write two in the space of time top post one mid-week, so that come next weekend should be the fourth chapter. Gonna try and end Niko's final season before xmas so then i can start doing the 'Riley Era' and then the 'hopeful' future i have envisioned (no spoilers). So either Sunday/Monday for next update, and then another one either Wednesday/Thursday and then another one NEXT sunday/Monday.

    Might be a reoccuring theme, dunno yet. Depends on UnI!
    Sorry to quote, but for those that voted for Riley at the choice made (long ago i might add) The future updates after Niko retires would have been how i would have wrriten them if he was the more chosen manager (hew was second hence why he got Ass. Man, role).

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    What about the amazing form that I am in.
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    Update forthcoming into mid January. Computer problems as elixir of delay.

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    Chapter Two:
    Establishing the Enemy!

    Shrek had taken his depression within the confines of alcohol. He was constantly searching for a way to block the image of his cheating partner with others, and the horrific killing that he had done in response of it.

    Glass and glass of finest beer that ‘The Fiary’ had to offer vanished down his large throat, as it would take a large unit of alcohol to get this green giant to the land he wanted to visit. As the hours went by, so did the other customers as Shrek just sat on that same wooden bench waiting for that moment he could forget his whole ordeal.

    As the bells rang for closing time, Shrek stumbled outside: his goal had been accomplished. His whole mind had succumbed by the dizziness and for the forgetful power of the alcoholic elixir wondered into the night towards his swamp.

    The sun rose into the lair of the ogre named Shrek, and as the light hit his eyes, a huge head-ache awaited for him. The night after the bar was a blur. He was completely unfounded as to what he did, but did feel a shred of dead lingering in the back.

    Donkey: Morning, you green stud you!

    As the voice crept into his ears, memories flooded back that he went to Donkey’s cave and pleaded him to come back – the realisation then sat in as a canniving set of crows sat on the window ciel.

    Shrek: Ah no! No no no no nooo!

    Shrek roared as he emerged from the blanket, half-naked he grabbed the neck of his once-beloved as the amassing mischievous crows heckled to them in unison.

    AMC: Guess they’re no happy ending in this tale!

    They squaked before breaking out in laughter, the raging Shrek grabbed a frying pan and threw it at them, but missed.

    AMC: Got to do better than that, Prince Charming!

    The crows continued to heckle the angry ogre…..

    Until each one was killed with a bullet!

    Donkey: Oh my Gawd! Someone killed AMC!
    Shrek: You b!

    A few feet away stood the man responsible:

    Archibald: Nice Kill Gregory!
    Gregory: Same to you! Too bad they are animated – we can’t exactly or have sex with a computer code!
    Archibald: How the hell did we get here, Gregory?
    Gregory: By gosh! I don’t remember!

    The two hunters laughed as they walked away from the still shocked glares of Donkey and Shrek, and away from the swamp they had mysteriously entered.

    After the humble defeat against Newcastle, I really had to resemble myself that I needed to focus! In the near future we were facing Galatasaray, Man United and Arsenal – not the only foes we are facing – re-establishing that this league wasn’t just the top ‘six’ but a whole league of established top sides!

    Maybe it was down to the amazing success we had last season that made me think we were already better than the opposition – a good attitude to have – but one that left us vulnerable to the ‘shock’ result, when in reality, any result in our favour was the ‘shocking’ result.

    Travelling to one of the returning sides, a side we had beaten twice in three games, it seemed it could be both ways as our additional win was a 1-0 win in a friendly.

    Coming to Stoke meant coming home for one man, Mark Henderson, who I hoped would continue his terrific form despite the ‘emotional’ connection he had with the home side.

    Wednesday 5th October 2005
    Barclays Premier League
    Stoke v. Newark

    (Guedioura ’53, Ness ’66)(Henderson ‘pen 20, Wato ’29 ’58, Kowalinho ’61 Zbimg ’63)
    MoM – E. Wato

    A terrific team performance that was eclipsed by Wato contributions showed how much dominance we could have in the 4-4-2 formation. Eejit did seem to struggle going into the central midfield role, but overall it was a brilliant attack display that hammered in the importance of rotation that might become prominent in he long haul of the season.

    But the next couple of games are important, Manchester United, Galatasaray and Arsenal, it was the decisive games that the season was leading up to...

    Saturday 15th October 2005
    Barclays Premier League
    Newark v. Man Utd

    (Sorensen '23, Ronaldo '45)
    MoM – C. Ronaldo

    A demolishing job that was spear-headed by the insurgent Cristiano Ronaldo who has been on fire since rejoining the club last season. Sorensen came on after 21 minutes to replace the injured Patrice Evra and made his mark with a powerful header into the back of the net from a Nani corner. But it was the master-class of Ronaldo that everyone would remember, with a spectacular dribbling run and a solo goal from the edge of the box.

    The result hampered my optimistic plans for our mid-week game against Galatasaray, with a change of tactic and midfield, we were going into the game with hopes on our minds with a home victory....

    Thursday 20th October 2005
    UEFA Cup 2nd Round First Leg.
    Newark vs. Galatasaray

    (Tokak '9)
    Hoolihan sent off '7
    MoM – K. Tokak

    A game to rather forget, but hard to with the stupidity of Hoolihan hampering our odds to go through further after getting 2 yellow cards in the space of 2 minutes! The insult was further pushed in when the resulting free-kick allowed Man of the Match Tokak to header in.

    A horrific team performance in which we had only 3 shots on goal, it duly wasn't our day, and mine was only to get worse after I was insisted to 'immediately' see Yermolai in his office in his game. After an hour of wandering about and speaking to random staff, I finally started to head for his office.

    Niko: What a rare chance to see you!

    I said jokingly as I entered the office as the veins looked as if they were about to burst on the fat Russian's forehead.

    Yermolai: Do you not know what immediately means, Nikolavski? I should burst your balls for you being so late! But, after that display, I think neither you or the players have any!
    Niko: Hey! It was a bad day at the office!
    Yermolai: You have gotten your vacation, so now you think you are better then me? Than this club?
    Niko: You know what!

    I said, as finally the boiling point of his endless threats was finally made, gripping my hands into fists I made over to his mahogany desk and slammed them down onto the polished surface.

    Niko: I have been here for FIVE FUCKING YEARS! I have dealt with a lot of shit in that time: and I am sick of this!

    I screamed out as the fat Russian grab his white Russian and started to drink it casually.

    Niko: Are you freaking kidding me?

    Shocked, I smacked the glass out of his hand and watched as it smashed on the floor. Finally I got his attention.

    Niko: You have had me out since day fucking one! You wanted to be in the Premier League? DONE! You wanted to be playing European Football? Fucking DONE! I did that! ME! BACK to FUCKING BACK! And all I get is an office that has a toilet? I have my life threaten for losing a fucking game? You might own this club; but I AM THIS CLUB! I made this club where it is! And all you had to do was sit on your fat ass, drink your stereotypical Vodka, and shut the fuck up!

    As my spit flew over him, Yermolai sat there smirking.

    Yermolai: Did you get it all out, Nikolavski?

    Angered I marched towards the door, but stopped as I opened it.

    Niko: The name is Niko Bergstrom, you fat Russian fuck! And you will be wanting that name again when Riley sends this club into the shitter!

    Slamming the door, I smirked as I walked out of the stadium and back home. After five years: I didn't care what that Russian fuck thought, and it was all about the football.

    Sunday 23rd October 2005
    Barclays Premier League
    Arsenal vs. Newark

    (Luis Suarez '7, '83)(Zbimg '45)
    MoM – Luis Suarez

    But the football didn't improve as much as I wanted! Another master-class showing from another world-class player who was having a tremendous season, Luis Suarez made his presence known. After missing out in the Charity Shield, he was constantly being a thorn in our defence, and despite the effort of Zbimg, we couldn't take anything from Arsenal's mighty weapon of choice.

    With 3rd Round of the League Cup next on the agenda, it was time to let some players start and rest others so that they could be fresh for the Everton and Galatasaray decider match. With only three members of the starting line-up against Blackburn who was also used against Arsenal, BobMem was given the captaincy.

    Wednesday 26th October 2005
    League Cup 3rd
    Blackburn vs. Newark

    (Fraser '59)
    MoM – H. Van der Voom

    Despite the scoreline and the inexperienced players on display, it was a dominant performance from the third string of players. Van der Voom, the man who helped majorly to win the competition last season, was again the man who took effect within the League Cup. Amassing the most clear cut chances and a constant thorn to the opposition, he was unlucky to have not scored a hat-trick! Instead the accolade of goalscorer was given to Ryan Fraser on his first start of the season on the left wing.

    After the game came the draw:

    Blackpool are the leaders of the First Division and look set to be back into the Premier League next season, so it would be an intense game so more first teamers would have to be used to ensure our role within defending our cup.

    Monday 31st October 2005
    Barclays Premier League
    Newark v. Everton

    (Zbimg '42 '90, Wato '63)(Bent '9)
    MoM – L. Zbimg

    Zbimg was on top form as we finally got another win in the league, and our top goalscorer made every single cross made by left-back Baz count. 2 goals for him, and 2 assists for Baz wasn't enough for the lads as O'Toibin came off the bench and assisted Wato. A terrific team performance as we needed the momentum with the decisive away game against Galatasaray next on the books.

    As we arrived in Turkey, we had two pieces of news to celebrate: firstly, the resigning of Hannu Sulonen for Ł2.5 million from Portsmouth as an added option for the midfield as we still awaited for the departure of Tibor Cica. Secondly, we then celebrated Lorenzo Zbimg's award of Young Player of the Month for October, a sensational form throughout the month, but he was rested for the big game as Kowalinho was used in the European tie.

    Thursday 3rd November 2005
    UEFA Cup 2nd Round 2 Leg
    Galatasaray vs. Newark

    (1-0 on aggregate)

    This was the moment that I was waiting for since the bust-up with Yermolai, the opportunity to make my legacy even further. He wanted a demonstration of my superiorty? This was it!


    After the drama of the European night, I arrived back in Newark-on-Trent with a sense of exhaustion. I entered my home with a sense of wanting relaxation, when I was suddenly confronted by a blood stain on the floor.

    Upon further investigation, I inspected the stain which was only a start of streak. Following it with shock and confusion, it soon went into my kitchen. The kitchen was filled with blood and was in a massive state. I looked around, searching for the knives, only to see they had vanished.

    Niko: What the hell has happened?

    As I looked around, I felt a cold breeze coming from behind. The patio doors were open, and the bottoms of the curtain stained....blood. Rushing over I pulled open the curtains to see a shocking state....

    Outside my patio was a whole, but no body. There was no more blood. I inspected it further, searching through the mud to find a note.

    Congrats. On the Win!

    But, I care more for Baseketball!

    You better win more, or this hole won't be empty for long!

    The Info0

    PS. Yermolai sends his regards.
    I dropped the note into the mud, as conveniently rain started to fall from the sky. I sat in the hole, and started to contemplate what was happening.

    Niko: Yermolai. He did this because I spoke to him, like that! Now this, 'thing', has her?

    As my thoughts started to collide with one another, all I could do was not to try and not think of confronting him again for fears of what could happen. Closing my eyes, I sallowed my pride and re-entered my house. I had to clean up the blood, and tidy the kitchen before going to bed.

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    Ossum v Galatasaray. Ossum with a capital O !

    Not sure what you were doing moving me forward to central midfield. The nose bleed severely hampered my play that day.

    I can't see both Yermoli and Nico surviving this season alive, so I'm looking forward to more blood being spilled
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    Chapter Three:
    Fighting Friendly Foes?!

    As the remaining hours seem concluded towards the next game, all I could do was twiddle my thumbs and concentrate on not demonstrating any irregularities within my behaviour. I needed to remain calm. I have too.

    This isn't a scenario I have been in before, where I knew the enemy. Where I already knew the powers that he has. But most importantly, the connections. All I could do was put my head up high and win as many games as I could, hoping that each game would be closer to appease the judge.

    Sunday 6th November 2005
    Barclays Premier League
    QPR v. Newark

    (Edwards '45, Jenkins '64)(Hemphill '63, Van der Voom '71, Wato '75)
    MoM – D. Edwards

    But it seemed my nervous somehow was instilled towards the players as we were missing for the whole first half, and twenty minutes of the second. It was the introduction of Van der Voom in the second half that allowed us to finally get a foot-hold back into the game, and to kick-start what ultimately I hoped to be a series of wins to regain my girlfriend from the treacherous hands of Yermolai.

    Wednesday 9th November 2005
    League Cup 4th Round
    Blackpool v. Newark

    (Clarke '48)(Van der Voom '76, '89)
    MoM – H. Van der Voom

    Was it the fact I hadn't slept for the last three days with worry? Or, was it just genuine ignorance that nearly made us fail at the second hurdle!

    It was only two changes from the QPR game, Artur Vasily on for Ed Wato and Darren Boyle for the cup-tied Hannu Sulonen. I had chosen Artur 'Chairman's Bastard Son' Vasily to get into Yermolai's good books, and when it had to happen the saviour Van der Voom was brought on for Doyle.

    Henrik.... Thank you! And I acknowledge you for saving our skins again, and I know your name as you pointed towards his so insanely when you were celebrating your third goal in two games.

    Retiring to a local bar when we finally arrived back in Newark, which was quite a lot of choice in a short road, hoping that by filling the void by alcohol would make it easier for myself. Drinking pint by pint, I was soon joined by a face I didn't want to see.

    Niko: Great! What do you want?
    Riley: I came here to tell you, what the f is happening to you? Van der Voom should have started! What's with playing Ryan Fraser for both games on the wing? Henrik should have been there!
    Niko: Look, if you want to rant at me, you better buy me the next couple of drinks or just fuck off!
    Riley: Fine!

    Wiping out his wallet, Riley then started to buy me drinks...

    Pint by pint he started to demolish every little mistake I had made in the last five years, though his words start to slurr as the shot glasses soon emerged onto the table.

    Riley: So.... Yeah, that was my career! I am the most 'aggressive' American player of all time!
    Niko: Good for you!
    Riley: F yeah! The opposition was scared to even look at me! Made defending so much fing easier!

    The drunken Riley downed his next shot of straight Vodka.

    Niko: There is one thing that I have wanted to know since you fucked up my office!
    Riley: Now that was fing epic!
    Niko: You said something about Shrek? What the hell, man?
    Riley: Ah, man! Well after retiring due to my fed-up knee, I was having my divorce – tell you, sleeping with women with every woman of the States isn't worth it!
    Niko: Right...
    Riley: Anyway, I wanted to get into another sport – Brock Lesnar that shit! So I wanted to become a wrestler. But, due to my 'reputation' no-one wanted to train me except a guy named the 'Whreck'!
    Niko: 'The Whreck?'
    Riley: With a 'H'. Anyway, seemed he was related to the Hulk and it was a family thing to be known occupational with 'The' infront of his name. Anyway, it turned out it was 'Shrek'! So after a year of training, I got some media coverage by being in some minnow wrestling shows. Of course, I kinda revealed Shrek as Whrek – who was meant to be masked, like I should of fing known! And then, right, he soon got some attention and was 'outed'.

    Leaning back, I looked over to Riley who was dead serious.

    Niko: Outed?
    Riley: Yeah, seems he is a homosexual with that Donkey guy. Anyway, this ruined him. He was no longer allowed to wrestle, black-listed by Disnae and was disowned by his religious family. Accordingly, Hulk is a religious fanatic! So he had to go back to his swamp, and said he would get revenge for ruining his career.
    Niko: Damn! Who knew!
    Riley: Yeah!

    Riley said, finishing another shot before trying to stand.

    Riley: Anyway, we have ten days till our next match so fing concentrate this time! Otherwise I have to deal with an angry Russian when you fuck off! Hey! I wasn't censored that time! Yippee motherfa!

    As he was bleeped, Riley then burped before his next sentence.

    Riley: Ah! Damnit!

    He said as he drunkenly stumbled his way out of the pub, a little amused at his state, I turned back round to the bar and hit my head on the wood as I grudgingly thought of returning home.

    Bar Tender: So another one then Niky?

    Confused at the familiar voice, I lifted my head up to see a face I hadn't seen in a long while.

    Niko: Ryan Reynolds?
    Zan: No. Try again.
    Niko: Ah, Zan! Damn it's been a long time man! How are you?

    I said in my drunken happiness.

    Zan: Could be better, but really I came here to talk to you about something.
    Niko: Wow, really? Why?

    I said as a sudden rumble emerged from my stomach towards my throat, coughing. I turned round to the bemused Zan.

    Niko: Sorry bout that.
    Zan: Well, it's something that is kind of ultra-important.... Maybe I should tell you when you are in a... clearer state.
    Niko: Nah, now is perfect!

    I said, tapping his hand as another rumble emerged. This time as I cough, a certain substance came flying out of my mouth and onto the floor.

    My empty stomach contents was now all over the person at the closest table.

    Vomit Victim: Ah fuck me nan!
    Niko: Hahaha! That guy isn't censored!

    I laughed as Zan, who had suddenly emerged behind me, lifted me over his shoulder.

    Zan: That guy is AMC! A memorable customer!

    As he slowly struggled to escort me out, the acid in my vomit started to dissolve AMC's clothes, then his skin tissue, then muscles and then his whole body.

    Zan: Oh My Gawd! Niko's vomit killed AMC!
    Niko: Thouest a b!

    Niko: Crap ! Wrong character!

    As my pounding head awoke, all I could remember was being escorted out of the pub. As the pounding got heavier, I emerged from my unclean bed sheets and dragged myself into the bathroom. Grabbing any pills within reach, I downed them before walking over to grab my phone. As I pressed it, I was shocked to see 149 miss calls, 533 text messages and 1,233,899 game invites on FaceBook.

    Niko: Fuck me! Why am I so popular?

    I was then when my eyes met the date: Saturday 19th November.

    Niko: Oh shit!

    It was the game against Watford! I had been asleep for 10 whole days! I quickly ran down stairs and rushed to my car, driving to the stadium – hoping that the team bus hadn't left yet! But... I was too late, the game had already finished.

    Saturday 19th November 2005
    Barclays Premier League
    Watford v. Newark

    (Wilson '72)(Zbimg '21 '73)
    MoM – L. Zbimg

    Going off the internet reports, Bartley took over the match after I informed the club that I was too unwell to be there. Thankfully, Zbimg was on top-form as we rounded out yet another impressive performance.

    Retiring to my office, I also found out who we would face in the Quarter-Finals of the League Cup:

    After a few days, I found out Zan had called in after a while to tell the club I was unwell and made sure I didn't die. Unfortunately, it seemed this only annoyed Yermolai even more. Determined, I decided that no matter what! Now I had to ultimately be committed to appease the fat Russian turd so that he would eventually become the jolly fat Russian turd.

    For that we needed by winning all our games over the festive calendar!

    Thursday 24th November 2005
    UEFA Cup 3rd Rnd Leg .1
    Newark v. Vitesse

    (Zbimg '30 '63 '84)
    Mom – L. Zbimg

    The crowd was ecstatic with yet another brilliant performance from the club's leading goal scorer. He had now earned his 11th goal of the season, and many more look on the cards as Kowalinho is sut to the bench. BobMem, captain as the still injured The Eejit was watching from the stands with tissue still in his nose, was one of the playmakers to the hat-trick. Van der Voom (who started two in a row now)and Wato got the other two to cap an excellent performance heightened by a clinical finisher.

    For each goal I turned round towards the box of the stadium to try and get a glimspe of Yermolai, but all I could see was his fat belly. Ignoring it, I could see not one fault with the amazing first leg display!

    Sunday 27th November 2005
    Barclays Premier League
    Newark v. Blackburn

    (Sulonen pen 35, Zbimg '79)(Michu '11)
    MoM – H. Sulonen

    Zbimg was at it again being the saviour after Kowalinho was given a chance and only earned a penalty in 75 minutes. It was a hotly contested match of attack versus defence, in which our attack was unable to break through until Zbimg was brought on!

    Sulonen was a mastermind alongside Wato in the midfeild and pulled the strings throughout, earning his first goal and first Man of the Match since his return to the club. But he wouldn’t be an option for the next game against Sunderland as he was cup-tied once more.

    Zbimg would start as I went head to head with the so-called 'World Class' Pep Guardiola, who was guiding Sunderland into the top half of the Premier League and was hoping for a League Cup Final as well.

    Wednesday 30th November 2005
    League Cup Quarter-Final
    Sunderland v. Newark

    (Osman '55)(Van der Voom '66, Hemphill '68)
    MoM – BobMem

    With another terrific performance from the back with vice-Captain BobMem, it was a touch and grab kind of win as both wingers stepped up to claim our ascension into the Semi-Final of our League Cup. It was both BobMem and Baz that assisted Van der Voom and Hemphill in a two minute salvo that was reminiscent of something Samba!

    Baz had now earned his 4th assist of the season and BobMem's 2nd. It seemed that the back-line wanted to help to our attacking influx, I much inspired addition to the team as we ended November undefeated in all competitions.

    A factor that was over-looked by the Premier League Awards as not a single Month Award was given to us, though it seemed Fan Favourite Zbimg was heralding the support of the players as they were happy by my public praise for the forwards:

    And soon it was the festive holidays!

    The month of spending time with loved ones and giving gifts to one another – both that haunted and invoked hope within me. I wanted to spend it with my precious, but it was down to one man, and one man only – Yermolai.

    But every time I tried to even have a meeting with him I was diminished with the same response.

    I am afraid he isn't in at the moment...

    For a whole agonising month I had tried to comply towards the demands that was established within the note left in the symbolic hole in my patio. Left by the person who had taken her from his orders, 'the Info0'.

    So instead of trying to fight, I decided instead to concentrate even more onto the football, once again hoping that I wouldn't have to do something I might regret later.....

    But questions still arised within:
    -Why was Zan back? What exactly did he have to tell me?
    -Would Shrek Hulk really claim vengance on Riley?
    -Why was The Eejit injured for so long?
    -Will I be able to get Kesha back without violence?
    -How will I be able to help Kowalinho's relationship? Will he find the one?
    -And, who is 'the Info0'?

    I guess December will be an important month in my final year at Newark Athletic!

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    -Why was Zan back? What exactly did he have to tell me? - He's good lad
    -Would Shrek Hulk really claim vengance on Riley? - Yes, i dont like riley
    -Why was The Eejit injured for so long? - Who is our physio?
    -Will I be able to get Kesha back without violence? - That would be hard but you got your back
    -How will I be able to help Kowalinho's relationship? Will he find the one? - I leave this one without answer
    -And, who is 'the Info0'? - Someone who wants to be first but still is 0

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    Injured ! Pah ! You should see the other guy

    That must be the most disgusting death that AMC has ever faced. Put me right off my Corn Flakes.

    Not that it is important, but some impressive results for Newark.
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    This is my favorite story ever, guess why !!!! great run for Newark, it's good to see Yermolai happy !!

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    Hard-drive go blurt!

    Dunno the extent of the damage yet, and it will be some time i am afraid

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    Sorry about that, this was really good.

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    If anything, i will have a new PC and restart. This time it won't last for over 2 years :/

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    Is "blurt" a technical term ?

    Don't let this die
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    YES! YES! YES!

    I have him on a support life atm, but hopefully means i can get some stuff done/off him, it's finally the time to get the files off and finish this story! I'll update ASAP and as much as possible, i know this isn't the most 'popular' format, isn't the most consistent, but damnnit!


    Any readers, please post a reply so I can thank each one of you for being deicated towards this over-long story, that will hopefully, see the end sooner then later.

    Not to rule out another edition of Fearless Warriors ofc

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    Will i get my happy ending

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    Some stories are just not meant to follow standard narrative patterns. If this one had done, it would be a far lesser story, and not worthy of the title Fearless!!

    Here til the bitter end, and then some!

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    Chapter Four:
    Seasons Greetings!

    As the month of December crawled into my life once again, it meant it was the month of celebration and materialistic exchange, the flutter of fake smiles to appease a one day tradition of putting up with hated family members.

    It also meant that it was only five months away till the end of the season, and the end of my career as a manager. But. None of that mattered if I didn't save the woman I loved. That meant to appease the jolly fat man, not Santa, but Yermolai!

    Saturday 3rd December 2005
    Barclays Premier Division
    West Brom v. Newark

    (Clayton '32)
    MoM – C. Woods

    We were able to carry on our form into the new month, though despite a challenge to a defensively stubborn and high tacking West Brom! Both goalscorer Clayton and Kowalinho had to come off injured due to their physical tackles. But thankfully the result did mean one thing!

    As the final whistle was blown, we sat within the top four of the table with only 4 defeats in 15 games. If that didn't meet Yermolai's dread requirements for this season, then I guess something had to be done more!

    Even the media was backing us towards a 'successful season'!

    Know that this pressure was amount on his shoulders to finally comply, with my continuous calls for a 'meeting', next it was time to continue on into the venture that Yermolai really cared about: UEFA Cup. With a 3-0 advantage from our home game, it was more just riding out the result then anything and meant it was time to give some youngsters a shot.

    Thursday 8th December 2005
    UEFA Cup 3rd Rnd Leg. 2
    Vitesse v. Newark

    (0-4 agg.)
    (Wato '53)
    Miranda sent off '75
    MoM – J. Vukovic

    It was an intense defensive display by the home side, that was playing more for pride then anything. The game didn't get to life till the second half, as Wato bagged the goal from his usual spot outside the box and Miranda got sent off. But, it also meant the inclusion of The Eejit who had returned from his successive amounts of nose bleeds (making me know for sure to never play him forward again!) and 16 year old James Mellor:

    It was just a simple display from the young land, but his first outing was one I hoped would be many for the club as Riley took over. One of few I hope, that I either brought in or played that would be succesful under his tenure.

    The next day was the draw of the 4th Round that would be a couple of months, allowing us to put our attention within other competitions.

    Besiktas would be the second Turkish side we would be facing in the compeition, and after basing it from our last home display against Galatasaray, I was confident for another straight forward result.

    Sunday 11th December 2005
    Barclays Premier Division
    Liverpool v. Newark

    (Henderson pen 6, Van der Voom '45)
    Miranda sent off '82
    BobMem sent off '90

    MoM - M. Henderson

    A nice first half display was overshadowed by a brutal display from our centre-backs in the last ten minutes of the game. Miranda, for the second game running, was sent off for pushing Zaha (and yet, wonders why he isn't played more?) and CAPTAIN BobMem pulled Zaha to the ground with less then a minute left.

    It was poor decision making that over-shadowed Henderson brilliant display with a goal and an assist, as both him and Henrik reached 5 goals for the season. Their accolades were both celebrated with a triumphant record for the club:

    12 wins back-to-back broke the record set last year, though hoping to beat our record of 21 games without losing, also set from last year, would be a milestone out of reach. We still were sitting in the top four as the mid-way point of the season was fast approaching, with the knowledge of who we would face in the Semi-Finals of the League Cup:

    And the FA Cup 3rd Round

    It meant some quiet time for the players as we had a week break. For me, it meant some dreadful time as I still hadn't heard anything from Yermolai or this, 'the Info0', so I had to use my own contacts to try and get some information:

    Niko: Zan, I need some help!
    Zan: Niko! Finally you are free, I need to tell you something!
    Niko: Okay, but first let me tell you what I need help with...

    After explaining the scenario to Zan, he came to the conclusion why I was telling him.

    Zan: You want me to discover who this 'the Info0' guy is?

    I nodded as Zan scratched the back of his neck.

    Zan: Well.... It makes what I have to say a little bit harder to say....
    Niko: What is it?
    Zan: Niko, i'm dying...
    Niko: What?
    Zan: Yeah. Have maybe a few months, days, minutes... It's kind of a random thing. I won't know till it happens.
    Niko: How?
    Zan: It's.... genetic. Something wrong with my DNA or something like that.
    Niko: Dang! Guess that's why your here, huh?
    Zan: Actually Niko, it isn't... Niko it means that-

    Just before Zan could finish his conversation, my phone started to ring. A convenient moment as it seemed Zan had something really important to tell me: like REALLY REALLY important – something that would change my LIFE!

    I grabbed my phone and answered the called.

    Muffed Voice: Hahahahaha!
    Niko: Hello?
    Muffed Voice: Hey, Hey! This 'the Info0'!
    Niko: Huh! What do you want?
    The Info0: ha ha ha! Is your fridge running? That you better catch it!
    Niko: What? You are actually just prank-calling me?
    The Info0: No...

    As he said that, a large noise came from my kitchen. Turning my head towards the hallway, suddenly I saw a large object run past my sight.

    It threw a can over towards me, which landed on the sofa beside, as it ran through my front door and left my house.

    Niko: What the hell? Did my fridge just run out of my house?
    The Info0: Hey, hey!

    I picked up the can, and read out the label out loud.

    Niko: 'Albert in a can'?
    The Info0: Then you should let him out then!

    I opened the can, and suddenly I saw Albert's Murdered Corse in a Can-sized Coffin, which Zan reacted as he stood over my shoulder.

    Zan: Oh My Gawd! They killed AMC!
    Niko: What the Hell! Unknown Bs!
    The Info0: It's 'the Info0 bs!'
    Niko: Is that really why you fucking called me?
    The Info0: Nah...
    Niko: What then?
    The Info0: Meh, plot device!
    Zan: Wait... there's a plot?
    Niko: okay then....

    And with that the moment was silent.

    The Info0: Also, meant to add some tension too.
    Niko: By?
    The Info0: Oh right. “You shall be seeing us soon, Niko, very soon! Ha ha ha ha!”
    Niko: What? What do you mean?

    Another dread minute passed...

    Niko: You are meant to hang up here?
    The Info0: Oh, right! Sorry.... 'Hahahaha!

    With that, the conversation was over. Zan and I both looked over at each other.

    Zan: Guess I will have to do some 'research' about them... Oh shit! I mean 'him'....
    Niko: yeah...

    I said, before face-palming as Zan revealed a huge spoiler - conveniently.

    After the usual non-football part was over, it was time to come back to the reason this so whole thing was about: the football. After winning against Liverpool, we were soon facing against the relegation battling Cardiff City, who were struggling for goals after Nicky Maynard left the club during the summer.

    Saturday 17th December 2005
    Barclays Premier Division
    Cardiff v. Newark

    (Sammon '7)(Henderson '16)
    MoM – C. Clark

    Despite the return of both The Eejit and Kowalinho to the starting eleven it was a dissappointing performance from the team as we were unable to add to their triumphant string of wins. Instead we suffered as Sammon found the net for the first time in a while, and despite the introduction of Zbimg at half-time, we shouldn't change much in the game and the score was still level after Henderson's 6th of the season.

    Wednesday 21st Decmber 2005
    Barclays Premier Division
    Newark v. West Ham

    (Henderson pen 4, Hemphill '45, Sulonen '55)
    Mom – H. Sulonen

    A nice turn around from Hemphill as in the second outing with The Eejit install as captain we were able to lead on with success! Henderson bagged in the penalty to continue his impressive run of goals, as Sulonen continued to control the strings with a goal and an assist.

    Four days shy of Christmas, I finally marched into Yermolai's office no matter what!

    There he was, sat behind his desk, cool and composed.

    Yermolai: Nikolavski! How dare you barge into my office like a Russian bear! You haven't earned that honour!
    Niko: I don't care. I have kept my head down for too long Yermolai, where is she?
    Yermolai: Who are you taking about?
    Niko: You know who! Kesha, where is she?
    Yermolai: What?

    Soon the fat man arose from his leather chair and stumbled his way across to the drink bar.

    Yermolai: Nikolavski, let me tell you something. I am a 55 year old Russian businessman, and I do have indeed have connections – as you know – but, unlike what every Western country counts me and my fellow Russians like, a 'villian'!

    He said as he grabbed a bottle of scotch and poured it into the glass.

    Niko: What are you trying to tell me?

    He added ice to the glass and then stumbled the way back into his chair.

    Yermolai: I do not know what you are talking about. Yes, I was mad at you for disrespecting me, but that doesn't mean I will kill you! Maybe torture a little bit, but I have changed!
    Niko: Wait...What?
    Yermolai: For fsake, it has been five years! Now, what did you mean by 'Kesha'?

    At a loss of words, I stood there confused.

    Niko: I...

    Confused that maybe I was wrong to aim it all at Yermolai.

    Niko: Someone had taken her, or something, called 'the Info0. They dug a hole in my garden and left a note mentioning you.
    Yermolai: Ah. Nikola- Niko, I am a public image of this town – as are you – a lot of people can google our names and toil with each other.
    Niko: So, what you are saying is, that you have nothing to do with this?

    He shook his head, as I sat down at the desk.

    Yermolai: I am a man of business, with a reputation. I came into Boltsky from selling poorly-made stuffed cabbage bears, invested every profit and got big. I went from early hours selling at a stall to become apart of a major media company! And what do people assume? I killed, I cheated my way to the top because I am Russian!

    He stood up as he downed the rest of his drink, walking over to the drinks bar he made another two drinks.

    Yermolai: Niko, I have nothing to do with this. I assure you.

    He said passing the drink over to me.

    Yermolai: And yes I was mad, but you spoke truth. I am a human being, Niko, not a joke.
    Niko: Guess so.

    I drank a mouthful of whiskey with my boss as the night descended into the early hours of the next morning.

    The next few days I spent the time alone, rethinking about what had happened and why would someone do this. Money?

    I have been paid a lot of money for being a Premier League manager, and with every bonus of league and cup triumph. Knowing that Yermolai wasn't behind this, all I could do was wait for Zan to get back to me with his information.

    Soon Boxing day arrived, and it was a 'taster' of the League Cup Semi-Final as we faced Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

    Monday 26th December 2005
    Barclays Premier Division
    Tottenham v. Newark

    (Lennon '4, Adebayor Pen 78)
    MoM – A. Lennon


    An awful display of finishing let us down, as our defence let them to show how it is done, after yet another abysmal display with Kowalinho up-front. The Polish forward hasn't looked as deadly as he once was, since rejoining the club.

    But on the tube on the way back, I felt like someone was following me. I quickly entered it as I caught the eye of someone looking someone what dressed weirdly. As I caught back my breath, I looked up to see an even weirder sight in front of me:

    He was smirking as I was looked at him.

    Weirdo: He hehehe!
    Niko: What are you laughing at?

    I got no response as he got up from his seat and left the train for the platform. He stopped as the door closed, and stared directly at me as a crowd of people walked past, and soon he was gone. I shook off the random instance and looked forward to our next game.

    With Man City being the last team we are facing before the end of the year, I wanted to make sure we could finish better with the inclusion of Zbimg!

    Saturday 31st December 2005
    Barclays Premier Divison
    Newark v. Man City

    (Zbimg '69)(Aguero '77)
    Van der Voom sent off '1
    MoM – L. Zbimg

    It was an intense affair, despite virtually playing the whole game with 10 men, and it was the man I hoped would step up that had! Lorenzo Zbimg stepped up and constantly tested Joe Hart with four shots on target, including one into the back of the net.

    Ronnie Barnes got the assist as the young player, who signed from Nottingham Forest, marked his first real contribution to the team despite playing for the last five games on the trot:

    As we dropped points once more, we also dropped a few places in the table. After a convincing position in the top four, we had now dropped 6th thanks to two draws and a loss:

    Next month we would have to reclaim the form we had previous if we were destined to get the Champions League spots that I was signed to do five years ago!

    But that wasn't all for my New Year's Eve as soon I got a text from Zan to meet him in my former residency, the apartment that never was.

    As I entered, the same swinging singular light lit up the crepit room. The room I once thought I had called home, until it was revealed to be a ploy by my imagination. It was a cold night, hours shy of the time of celebration of bringing in the new, but still no sign of Zan.

    Niko: What is taking him so long?

    I thought, as I walked out to the small balcony that looked over the estates of outer Newark-on-Trent. The breeze chilled my anxious self, the minutes of excitement to find out who was behind the kidnapping of Kesha. As an hour passed, soon I hear a scuffle as the door flung open.

    It was Zan, heavily breathing and sweat dripping from his forehead. It was clear he had just come from kicking some ass, as his clothes was blood-stained.

    Niko: About time Zan! Been here for at least an hour!
    Zan: Sorry... Niko....

    He said, with hesitation as he caught his breath. Bending over and back up to stretch his chest out, Zan walked over to the balcony and leant across.

    Niko: So, what have you learnt?
    Zan: Want it all at once huh? Well, it isn't a 'he', it's a 'they'!
    Niko: I knew that!
    Zan: And 'they' aren't employed by Yermolai!
    Niko: Yeah, I knew that!
    Zan: And they have been following you for a while, one of them was in London recently on the Tube.
    Niko: Noticed him! So, anymore information?
    Zan: Well, about them, not really. Didn't have much time to-

    As he said that I stormed into the room.

    Niko: Really Zan? That was all the information you have got over 16 days? And this is meant to be your job! 'Didn't have much time'? God! What were you doing?

    As I said that, I turned round.

    Niko: Well?

    I said before my eyes saw the sight, Zan was on his knees, body shaking violently. Coughing and coughing, he grab his throat struggling for air to pass through his air as blood came splatting onto the floor. I saw frozen, staring as my friend was dying infront of me. After five minutes, Zan slowly start to breathe normally, and got back yo his feet.

    Zan: Sorry bout that. Been happening a lot recently, ever since I started having those hallcinations.
    Niko: You had what?
    Zan: Yeah, I started to think see things, and actually think they were real.
    Niko: But...
    Zan: That's when I started to notice. I got some documents from Phetrovology's cloning project, and it seemed every clone and every person created from the 'perfect' genes are destined to 'expire' quicker.

    I remained quiet.

    Zan: What I am trying to say Niko is that, you are-

    Before he could finish his sentence, another fit of heavy coughing started to happen. Callopsing onto his knees, with blood spluttering from his throat, his breathing got slower and slower. It was now. This was Zan's final moments.

    Slowly and slowly, his breathing got slower and slower between each breath until they were no more. As the fireworks illuminated the sky as midnight came, I sat in the shadows looking at the still-image of my deceased friend.

    Niko: Since the hallucinations he said.... Since then....

    I repeated those words as I stared at my hands.

    I looked at the blood on my hands – Zan's blood – and started to dread awful things. Could what happened to Zan, happen to me?

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    Trouble with the genes!

    (Zaha shouldn't have been standing there, what a wanker)

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    Is Niko a clone too or the perfect one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kowalinho View Post
    Is Niko a clone too or the perfect one?
    Don't worry.

    Thinking of just ending this season and then starting under another style, team, approach and maybe time Working on ideas now for the possibilities

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    That Yermoli dude has gone too far. The Eejit is going to have to eliminate him.


    If you are looking for an ending can I suggest 3 vital components

    1. A bath of Nuttela
    2. Pixie Lott
    3. The Eejit

    I think that these 3 put together would make the perfect ending.
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    "The Eejit that is Pixie Lott found drown in a bath of Nutella last night"

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    As things currently stand, the future is unknown on this story. But do want to end it sooner then later!

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