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Hi all im having the common problem of not being able to create a network game on windows 10... ive read the forums but cant work out what im doing wrong... or what i need to do right? can someone help me so i can get it sorted as i would love to set one up.
Okay, Ive a few steps, some of which wont hurt if already been applied, just do them again, as it works as a refresh for CM

1) You must be using Compatibility Windows 95, unless you're starting a network game via a Saturn Version 7 game, in this case, you'll need a specific exe, which can be found on the SV7 feedback thread, then when you got it, windows 95 compatibility will work

2) I assume you're using Hamachi program, this is a must for CM to work online, can be downloaded for free, an alternative VPN program work, like Radmin, but in fairness, Hamachi is the best one to use

3) In your CM Folder, you should have a ~net file, this can be viewed when opened with notepad, in it, will have the IP number, now this quite often is your 192.168 blah blah number, and this wont work, therefore, copy the ~net file, onto desktop, and edit it (from desktop) changing the IP number to ensure it matches exactly whan your Hamachi IP number, which will be at the top. Once changed, save the ~Net (from desktop) then copy it and paste into your CM Folder, over riding - reason for this, is because you can't edit the ~net file when in CM Folder, as access is denied

4) In your CM Folder, there should/will be an icon called 'IP' double click this, although nothing happens, this is what refreshes CM to Hamachi, certainly worth the few seconds work

5) Always ensure you're running CM as Admin

Let me know how you get on