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Thread: Personal managerial habits/rules

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Forrest View Post
    Transfer listed guys get #50, 49, 48, etc... if I bother to assign them squad numbers

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    I like to have a 22-24 first team squad, that's two per position and fits on the screan neatly
    I dont like to have a reserve side. Either a player is good enough to be in the first team, or he isn't and I dont want him. However I always in practice end up signing loads of youth players and filling the squad out to max, but then selling them all as they never make the grade!
    always try to make a profit every year, and keep wages low, but not to any set number. Not sure why I try to always make a profit, would make more sense to break even or make a profit for 3 years then splurge it all in the fourth...
    Love to sign players from the most random nations I can, but still play them, taking ages to find those with just enough talent
    Play my favourites from youth to retirement then add them to the coaching staff
    play loads of friendlies
    discipline a player for being late to training, rating of 5, sent off, a fine if sent off and a defeat (regardless of when sent off) always wish I should have checked why he was sent off to see if violent or if worth an appeal but rarely do
    if ref and linesman have an argument complain to FA, not sure what they ever do though only ever say "will watch his next few matches with interest"
    not keen on signing anyone over 30 but usually play at smaller clubs, so frequently do if talented enough
    when I win the league always then try to make sure everyone gets enough matches to add it to their record
    often bring on teenage subs in the last minute of cup finals to add that to their record
    often retrain players to other sides (again because in lower leagues cant just sign a better player for that position)
    always try to expand stadium/training faciliites (easy if taking a tiny club to premier league as must be all seater)
    always scout next opposition and myself
    set any tactic to everyone shoots from distance
    I always end up with two good goalkeepers and often play them in alternate games
    get a physio report every single time a player is injured
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    Always play best squad (League, Cup. Champions, etc)

    Never sign anyone 26 or older.

    25 players on first team never call someone up from reserves.

    Sub player on 85% or below condition on half time or 60 minute. Always save sub no.3 for late game injuries.

    if a player 26 or older goes to reserves i transfer list him. All others go to loan list.

    No friendlies and always stick to the same tactic.

    Never fine players and always appeal to bans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jose View Post
    All others go to loan list.
    I loan list all my young reserve team players as well.

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    Sydney, Australia
    I like having a big squad, and only select players if above 96%. At the 60min mark I check the condition of the players, and replace those below 80% - up to 2 players - I never use up the 3rd substitution unless desperate.
    When starting at a new club, I always sort out the defensive midfielder position(s) first.
    The 2nd time a player gets injured, the physio checks them out.
    I always appeal bans if it's a first team player, rarely if not.
    Never buy anyone over 30 unless I'm a small team.
    Only one friendly every year, about one week out from first match.
    Sub 1 is gk, sub 2 is f/c, sub 3 is m r/l, sub 4 is dm c, sub 5 is d rlc.
    Never fine players, and rarely speak badly about them, unless board has singled them out.

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    Another one I've started doing is if player, say Italian, Spanish, French, German...etc plays in a foreign country i.e Scotland for 5 year & has not been capped by his own nation then I make them 2nd nationality Scottish or whatever nation i'm in.
    Long live 00/01

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    Here's one for you OCD people out there.

    When selecting my squad numbers i click two buttons. Clear, then Auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_3_16 View Post
    Here's one for you OCD people out there.

    When selecting my squad numbers i click two buttons. Clear, then Auto
    OMG, sicko. That means someone will have been assigned number 13
    Long live 00/01

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    I like to have 26 players in my first team. 2 GK, 8 D, 4 DM, 4 M, 4 AM, 4 S/F.

    For cup matches I select my team based on appearances. The players who have played the least get into the game. In later rounds or against better teams I will try to play the 1st team if fitness warrants it.

    I won't play players that are under 95% unless its necessary.

    I usually make all 3 subs between 60-70 minutes of the game. All based on fitness level. Will check fitness levels at half time just in case.

    I make a chart of all the players on my team. I list name, age, attributes over 10, attributes over 15. For AM and F/S I also list finishing and set pieces. I make most of my player selection choices based on this chart. As well as who gets transfer listed.

    All of my reserves are either transfer listed because they are not needed or are available for loan because they are young prospects.

    As soon as I take over a team I like to send my scouts out on searches. Will search for youth, in the nation and in the region. If I have more scouts I will either duplicate the searches or send a few to some of the neighbouring regions.

    I only discipline players that show up late for training. I just give them an official warning.

    I appeal all suspensions.

    I always defend my players in the media.

    I make no comments on any transfer rumours.

    I auto select player numbers.

    I usually don't pay attention to training.

    Depending on the team's situation and the player in question, I will sell any player for double their value +25% of their next transfer. For more important players I usually reject the transfer or see if I can get an outrageous fee. And for players I'm trying to get rid of I may just take whatever I can get.

    I set up 2 friendlies at the start of each season in the 2 weekends before the season starts. If other teams propose a friendly I always accept the invitation no matter what.

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    Auto-assign squad numbers, as I really couldn't care less. Sometimes I give my star striker #1, though. Yeah, I'm that bad.
    No friendlies.
    All players except GK on general training. General training=everything medium. If there's three days or less between games, I go with everything light. Keeps condition up.
    I don't like to give players maximum wage.
    I never critisise any of my players, and if they get praised in the media, I praise them too.
    I try to have to players for every position in my tactic, and then purchase whatever. Usually I end up with far too many players in one position.

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    Squad numbers - 13 is always retired. I do sometimes number in alphabetical order as Argentina did at one world cup.
    First sub is always a keeper, then 2 defenders, 3 midfield and 1 forward. If I only have 5 subs it is 2 defenders and 3 midfield. (keeper rarely gets injured and a midfielder will do better in attack than a forward in midfield)

    Fitness is my big one. I never buy any player over 32 and sell any 33 year olds at the end of the season with no exception. For an outfeld player, stamina must be 12 or over or they get punted. Unless there is no alternative I will never start a player who is not 100% fit. Even a 99% fit Messi would be dropped. Any player dropping bellow 80% is hooked immediately. Also, I only play attacking mentality for the first 20 minutes, or we score, whichever comes first. After that it is normal. This usually leaves my players with something left in the tank to attack again for the last 15 if we need to.

    If at all possible, players are always played in position, so if I make a substitution, I would change formation rather than play anyone out of position.

    Players recording a 6 or less are dropped for the next game
    Players recording a 5 or less are given a warning
    Keepers without a clean sheet in 3 games are dropped.
    Strikers not scoring in 3 games are dropped
    Players missing training are warned
    I don't give fines unless I really want rid of a player.

    I never ever play friendlies.

    Offering a contract, I always try first with a zero signing fee and also change a minimum fee to a zero relegation release clause.

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    I've been playing CM01/02 since it was released and in that time I've become more and more pragmatic (ie optimal gameplay strategy) and I think gradually killed off my worse superstitions in the face of facts showing them to be wrong a lot of the time.

    Always play a default - generally 4-1-3-2 or a 4-4-2 or a 4-5-1. I have for the sake of interest occasionally allowed myself to build tactics without WIB/WOB. I know how to WIB/WOB but because of that fact it becomes cheating.

    I aim (aim as in lower leagues it is not possible) to have coaches with 20 Outfield or 20 GK and an AM with one of the previous plus tactics, man management, motivating, discipline and youngster. Not sure if my AM is any use at all, but if someone proves it wrong I will stop with that.

    I have set training routines for attack, midfield, defence, fitness and goalkeeping, these never change.

    GK will have high positioning and handling
    DR and DL will have high positioning and acceleration
    DC will have high positioning about 12 acceleration and ok tackling
    DMCs will have positioning and passing
    MCs off the ball and passing or dribbling
    SCs off the ball and finishing and acceleration

    Players are numbered 1-11 (GK being 1, striker being 9) as is convention and seconds 12-22 in the same manner

    I have 24 in my first team as it fits the screen without scrolling (the last 2 are numbered according to their place in the next 23-33)

    I don't have any extreme age bias, I will buy an older player if I'm desperate for a hole in my squad to be plugged or if they are simply the best in a position available. I like to blend youth and experience. I do recognize that stats tend to go off a cliff at around 34/35 for most players though. I will only sell them if that cliff is too steep and they become useless though. A lot of the time they retire before I sell them

    I believe in a completely harmonious squad (helps at contract time) so if I get any pockets of unhappiness developing I sell them without prejudice, even if they are a star.

    I scout pretty much only next opposition and sort by rating for position and off the ball as well as contract size (so I can afford them on my wage structure). The rest is just the player search function.

    Other gameplay
    No friendlies - as far as I can see they have only net negatives for your team with injuries and exhaustion

    Check for substitutions at half time and throughout second half but only really sub if a player gets to 75% or I want them 100% next game

    Will start players anywhere down to around 90%, especially in bigger games

    Will start orange injured players if towards 90% and a semi or final

    If I have a player or players that are as good as anyone in my first 11 (but obv 12-22) I will ensure rotation by replacing anyone below 100% regardless of the importance of the fixture (maybe a small exception for finals where I get a bit superstitious)

    I official warn for 5s as you get a boost to determination or work-rate up to 15, not turning up to training (I think it can sometimes boost hidden stat professionalism) and two yellows

    I fine for straight reds and violence (the latter as you sometimes lower aggression)

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    The habit that stuck with me the most for the 20 years I've been playing this game, is that I try to get my hands on a replica of the team I am managing. This resulted in a 200+ shirts collection of some very vague teams, some great stories of shopping in ghost towns (mind you, there was NO Ebay back in the day) and bothering people that travelled the globe to bring something from a team they've never heard about...

    And I yell at the AI whenever my starstudded side loses out 0-1 to bloody no-name FC. All the time, mate.

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    Surprised by the negative opinions of playing friendlies. I notice if I forgo them all my team is LMP and I have a rubbish start to the season.

    I always play the same first choice 11. The subs make the rest of senior squad. All other player are in reserves.

    I check up on players that have left my club and sign them back when appropriate. They might not be the best available but bit of nostalgia! I especially like it when a player I signed first as youngster goes on to a bigger club then I get him back for a few seasons before he retires.

    Scout constantly between UK/Youth/CentEU/Scandinavia. Plus any tournaments. High turnover of reserve players.

    Between seasons training turned up to full intense. Turn back normal about 14 days before first game.

    I love having players out on loan for some reason. I doubt it is much better for them than being in reserves but just like it!

    Also like having non-EU players for some reason.

    No problem with old players - they are a sure thing! Love it when I sign a 34+ star!

    Play on full speed, except for cup finals or dramatic last day league finishes, in which I turn it to normal and put the sound on!

    I do not worry about player condition too much. Rarely make subs.

    I do not like playing someone out of their stated position. It does not seem to matter a great deal in the game but it bothers me!

    Captain is longest serving player.

    Use the selection squad view, players sorted by form.

    If I am a small team, like conf north, request a scout report on a superstar like Messi. Makes me laugh when the scout recommends the player as a good signing.

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    Fort William, Scotland
    I usually have a 20 man first team with my reserves being under 21 with all transfer listed players...2 Gk, 6 defenders, 8 midfielders and 4 strikers...
    I very rarely have players over 30+ but when managing lower league teams they are perfect for a blend of experience and youth.
    Reserves as i said have under 21 yr olds with transfer listed players. I dump any trialist in there as well.
    I'm like a Brian Clough type of manager, pick players purely on their stats that would do the job in that position (usually works)
    Lower League management i have frequent friendlies to boost income, invite big teams for friendlies at home stadium.
    Bigger teams i organise a tour of a nation and use a rotation of reserves and first team players to play.
    All players over 30 are transfer listed depending on level of squad and depth of squad.
    I tend to spend low with lower league teams, mainly free transfers for me. complete opposite when using bigger teams
    Players who refuse contracts in last year who reject extensions are sold immediately or released depending on squad role
    Always have 4 scouts scouting youth prospects, 2 scouting comps with rest scouting uk....
    Sometimes i use all subs, other times i use none...If fitness is low then there is heavy rotation
    Warnings and fines given when needed..

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    Anybody else give testimonials to players who have been with the club ten years?

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    Have given them a big signing on fee with month to month contract before releasing them alright!

    I have never been an other nationality in game other than Irish (except in Challenges). Even running tactic testing or database testing. The default English setting pisses me off no end

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    Before even looking at the playing staff I survey the backroom staff and sort it out.

    Because I never start at a top team anymore I find this essential to being successful in the game

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    If a player is retiring, I usually let him captain the side for the last game of the league.

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    ahh thats nice

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    Friendlies are a good way to make some money if you're hard up. Just play one of your rivals at home and the stadium will be full If you don't want your players to get tired, just stick them all right next to the GK on the wib/wob, and they'll finish with high condition. You'll lose miserably of course, but if you make all 11 of them goalies, only one of them will get a poor rating. For everyone else, ALL opponent shots on target are counted as saved (irrespective of whether they were) so they get a huge rating boost, which means you get a nice morale boost out of it as well

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    I find with lower division clubs friendlies have very little impact on revenues.

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    Yeah, 'cause of the small stadiums. Then again, lower division clubs don't need much money, at least until they move up.

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    My squad is usually somewhere between 20-24 players in total (two GK and four FDs, the rest is fluid). It's unlikely that any of them will play more than 45 games in a season, barring my first choice GK. I'll use my youngsters and reserves in the domestic cups. My first teamers rotate in the league and Europeans games, with none of them playing below 100% unless they're a top player and its a really important game.

    I prefer to keep lots of reserves, all younger than 22. I don't tend to bring players into the first team until this kinda age, unless they're amazing. I'll list all of my reserves available for loans (which rarely seem to happen - why is this?). Tend not to keep many players beyond the age of 30 unless they're the very best. Occasionally, I'll bring in an over 30 in a position of need (Larson when he was 33 and Zidane when he was 35).

    The first year, my squad numbers will be similar to real life but after that, I'll start to mix it up. My GKs are 1 and 30; DFs 2-6, 12-15; FDs 9,10,19,20; my midfielders will wear the rest. If there is an ionic number (Carragher's #23 or Zidane's 5 at Real) then they'll probably keep it. My favourite numbers are 8 and 21 so I tend to give them to my favourite players. Numbers 24-25 is anyone close to the first team who gets called up. Once you have a number below 23, you'll probably keep it.

    Tend to play 442 but have played 352 with a moveable sweeper. This past week, I started using 4132 for the first time. Also did WIB and WOB for the first time as well. My team is slightly more consistent this year but I can't say the WIB/WOB have made that much of a difference.

    Always use all three subs sometime between 60-75 minutes to rest players. Often don't pick the lowest condition percentages players as they probably won't be fully fit for the next game anyway. Often have two strikers who I only start but don't bring off the bench.

    I prefer to fill my squad with players from that country or region. So, most of my players for LFC will be English with some Welsh, Scottish and Irish. Will have some scandavians too, maybe some Dutch. When managing in France, I won't bring in any English players. I rarely buy South American players unless I'm managing in Italy or Spain. Will bring in African players in France and Germany sometimes, especially if they're naturalised.

    Never play friendlies.

    I scout my next opponent, all regions throughout the course of a two year period with a focus on nearby nations. Always scout youth players but usually only get one or two found. Personally, every year, I go through every team in my country looking for 15-17 year olds to add to my short list. I try to sign them all the time but I often have to wait. Recently, I've had a lot of young players not want to join me, even when I'm doing well and their clubs have accepted my bids.

    Just started using a new training regime I found on here. Nothing amazing but seems to work. This year, a lot of my older reserves have not been staying fit for game so something might need to change.

    Warn players for sendings off and fine 1 week for violence. Warnings for poor training. Gonna start giving warning for 5/10 match ratings and a fine for 4 or below but it rarely happens.

    If you are a AM RL but you can't use your left foot, then you won't play on the left side. If you're a left footed CB, you'll play as the left CB. Really like two footed players, and seldom ever buy a one foot only player.

    Don't spend a lot of money on established players. Will spend a lot on players under 20 to find the next stars. Often develop guys until 20-22 and they're gonna be really good but aren't better than my first teamers, so I sell them for 4-6m a pop. Have started to add 25% of next fee to every deal as it rarely gets turns down.

    My GF says I need a life.

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    I follow these rules when it comes to number assignments:
    GK: 1,24,25
    DR: 2, 12
    DL: 3, 13
    DC: 4,5,14,15
    DMC: 6,16
    MR: 7,17
    MC: 8,18
    F: 10,20
    S: 9,19
    ML: 11, 21
    D/DMC: 22
    DRL: 23

    That makes up my 25 man squad. Players who will still be younger than 20 by the end of may that season will have numbers 41-50. A young GK will have 41, a young DR will have 42, a young DMC will have 46, a young striker 49. A reserve/listed striker will have 29 or if he really sucks 39.

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