Important: It is possible to add B teams only to teams from leagues who have already B teams (Spain,Germany,Portugal).
Therefore you can't add B teams to English\Italian\French\Dutch\... teams.

Reminder:Make sure the B team you want to add is exist in the database.
Both primary & B team should be in the database.

1.Download XVI32 hex editor:
2.Open XVI32
3.Press File->Open
4.Select cm0102.exe which is located in the MAIN CM folder.
5.Wait until it finished loading
6.Press ctrl+F in order to start a search
7.Type "Benfica"
8.Make sure the "Case sensitive" box is unmarked.
9.Press Enter.
10.Benfica appears 4 times in the cm0102.exe file:
-The B team name with underline instead of spaces
-The primary team name with underline instead of spaces
-The B team name without underline
-The primary team name without underline
11.Change the Benfica primary&B teams names to yours primary&B teams full names as they appear in the database.
12.Remember to keep the underlines instead of spaces where needed.
13.If your primary&B teams names are shorter than Benfica's,insert 00 values instead of the extra letters.
You can do it in the left box(the box which is full in numbers)
14.If your primary&B teams names are longer then Benfica's then edit your teams names or look for team who has B team and a longer name.
15.After you changed the names press File->Save
16.Overwrite the cm0102.exe file
17.Start a new game so the changes will take effect (it won't affect previous saved games).

By Rainham End Regular