1. Go to the 'Players Histories' thread, and highlight the players histories you want, then right-click on them and click Copy (CTRL+C).

2. Open up a new Notepad, right-click and click Paste (CTRL+V).

3. Save the Notepad in an appropriate place e.g. My Documents or Desktop.

4. Now you must download zozoa's History Project v2.2.

5. Load up the program and you will get this screen.

6. Click 'Browse' and open the Notepad file you just saved.

7. The file location should now appear in the box on the left of the browse button.

8. Click on the 1st 'Build' button and wait untill you see the 'Done' box.

9. Load up your database by 'Starting a New Game' and check that they have been inserted correctly.

10. When all this has done, delete the text file you originally saved.

By Rainham End Regular