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Thread: How to Install October 2019 Data Update

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    How to Install October 2019 Data Update

    How to Install October 2019 Data Update

    (The 1st 3 steps can be skipped if done previously)

    1. Install the Game

    2. Install the SI Games/3.9.68 Patch

    3. Right click on cm0102.exe, cm0102ed.exe and A. Enable Compatibility & B. Run As Administrator

    4. Download the Data Files -

    5. Open the ZIP file titled October 2019 Data Files and select Extract All (or whatever program you have installed)

    6. Open the new Folder and go to the folder called 'October 2019 Data Update'

    7. Press CRTL+A and right click over the files and select Copy

    8. Go to the folder called C:\Program Files\Championship Manager 01-02\Data, right click inside the folder and select Paste

    9. Overwrite all files when prompted

    10. Load new game and enjoy
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