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Thread: Mexico - Latest Transfers and Loans

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    Matias Fernandez (Fiorentina) > Necaxa

    Timothee Kolodziejczak (Mönchengladbach) > UANL Tigres (three-year deal)
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    Changes needed in the Oct 2017 DB


    Ricardo Cruz - Out to Toluca
    Rodrigo Gonzalez - Out to Pumas
    Diego Pineda - Out to San Luis
    Luis Gabriel Rey - Retired
    Francisco Rivera - Out to Oaxaca
    Matias Uribe - In from Tigres
    Cristian Paredes - In from Free


    Diego Barbosa - Atlas Premier
    Jaine Barriero - First name Stiven, delete clone
    Diego Campos - Released
    Francisco Canales - Delete - Clone of Canales on Lobos BUAP
    Christian Diaz - Released
    Jonathan Estrada - Atlas Premier
    Cristian Gonzalez - First name Osvaldo
    Alexis Loera - Released
    Carlos Robles - Atlas Premier
    Hugo Sifuentes - Released
    Pedro Teran - Released
    Ian Torres - Atlas Premier


    Alejandro Abasolo - BUAP Premier
    Jose Francisco Canales - First name Francisco, delete clone on Atlas
    Omar Flores - Released
    Carlos Alberto Galeana - Out to Celaya
    Carlos Hidalgo - Released
    Omar Monjaraz - Out to San Luis
    Leandro Somoza - Out to Atletico Aldosivi
    Emanuel Herrera - In from Emelec

    Cruz Azul

    Horacio Cervantes - Released
    Carlos Lizarazo - Out to Alianza Petrolera
    Felipe Mora - Fix DOB, delete clone
    Fausto Pinto - Out to Sinaloa
    Jonathan Sanchez - Released


    Jaime Frias - Out to San Luis
    Rafael Marquez Lugo - Retired
    Luis Martir - Released
    Alejandro Zendejas - Out to Zacatepec


    Marcos Jackson Caicedo - Out to Barcelona (ECU)
    Juan Cuevas - Out to Everton (CHI)
    Ricardo Lopez - Out to La Piedad
    Christian Martinez - Released
    Anibal Mendoza - Released
    Cesar Rios - Released
    Aldo Magana - In from Guadalupe (CRC) - Loan to Guadalupe (CRC)


    Jorge Caballero - Out to Reynosa
    Jesus Dautt - Released
    Johnathan Gonzalez - First name Jonathan
    Luis Madrigal - Out to Oaxaca - First name Guillermo
    Cesar Martinez - In from Guadalupe (CRC) - Loan to Guadalupe (CRC)


    Santiago Altamira - Released
    Alonso Arciga - Out to Real Zamora
    Diego Mejia - Out to Sinaloa - Loan to Morelia
    Eduardo Mendoza - Out to Loros U de C
    Eder Morales - Released
    Luis Morales - Out to Mineros de Zacatecas
    Carlos Felipe Rodriguez - Delete - Clone of Carlos Rodriguez on Leon
    Cirilo Saucedo - Released
    Claudio Zamudio - Out to Celaya


    Luis Omar Hernandez - In from Herediano


    Alex Colon - Out to CD La Union (ECU)
    Sebastian Fassi - Out to Mineros de Zacatecas
    Jhon Fredy Pajoy - Out to Independiente Santa Fe (COL)
    Rafael Ramirez - Out to Mineros de Zacatecas
    Braian Rodriguez - Released
    Francisco Venegas - Out to CD Everton (CHI)


    Adrian Cortes - Retired
    Pablo - No common name - DOB July 7, 1992 - Position M
    Sergio Perez - Released
    Carlos Rodriguez - Out to Fortaleza (COL)
    Luis Venegas - In from Tuxtla
    Cristian Marrugo - In from Medellin
    Gabriel Esparza - In from San Lorenzo


    Dionicio Escalante - Out to AD Union Adarve (ESP)
    Juan Forlin - Out to Real Oviedo (ESP)
    Guillermo Rojas - Released
    Liborio Sanchez - Out to Alianza Petrolera (COL)
    Victor Milke - In from Sonora

    Santos Laguna

    Cesar Ibanez - Out to San Luis
    Davila Ismael - Name is Ulises Dávila
    Javier Que - Out to Tampico Madero
    Aaron Sandoval - Released


    Miler Bolanos - Out to Gremio - On loan from Gremio
    Gustavo Bou - Out to Racing Club - On loan from Racing Club
    Adolfo Dominguez - Out to Cafetaleros de Tapachula
    Alejandro Donatti - Duplicate - Delete the one with last name "Donati"
    Alfredo Gonzalez Tahuilan - Retired
    Juninho (Roberto Nieves Adam Junior) - Released
    Juninho (Vitor Gomes Pereira Júnior) - DOB August 1
    Igancio Malcorra - Delete - Clone of Victor Malcorra
    Armando Moreno - Delete - Clone of Amando Moreno


    Hector Acosta - Out to San Luis
    Manuel de la Torre - Retired
    Juan Dellis - Last name is Delgadillo
    Carlos Esquivel - Delete clone born in 1967
    Aaron Galindo - Out to CD Toledo (ESP)
    Antonio Pedroza - Released
    Enrique Triverio - Out to Racing Club
    Moises Velasco - Out to Dorados de Sinaloa

    UANL Tigres

    Wilson Carpintero - Out to Tigres FC (COL)
    Aldair Castellanos Fernandez - Out to Tigres FC (COL)
    Luis Castillo - Released
    Jorge Espericueta - Out to San Luis
    Anuar Hurtado - Out to Tigres FC (COL)
    Jair Julio Blanco - Out to Tigres FC (COL)
    Wilson Mena - Out to Tigres FC (COL)
    Esteban Miranda Perez - Out to Tigres FC (COL)
    Juan Pablo Ocegueda - Out to Orange County SC
    Nicolas Steven Roa Reyes - Out to Tigres FC (COL)
    Santiago Roa Reyes - Out to Tigres FC (COL)
    Santiago Saraz - Out to Tigres FC (COL)
    Jair Diaz - In from Free
    Luis Martinez - In from Free
    Damian Alvarez - In from Free
    Jose Arturo Rivas - In from Veracruz - Loan to Veracruz
    Manuel Viniegra - In from Veracruz - Loan to Veracruz

    UNAM Pumas

    Alejandro Castro - Out to San Luis
    Francisco Dutari - Out to Guillermo Brown (ARG)
    David Izazola - Out to Atlante
    Jonathan Ramis - Out to Zacatepec - Loan to Belgrano
    Rodrigo Gonzalez - In from America


    Carlos Castro - Delete
    Darvin Chavez - Released
    Jehu Chiapas - Released
    Juan Fernandez - Released
    Felipe Flores - Released
    Emmanuel Gil - Released
    Juan Carlos Mosqueda - Released
    Jose Arturo Rivas - Out to UANL Tigres - On loan from UANL Tigres
    Jose Rocchi - Out to Mons Calpe SC (GIB)
    Jose Silverio Rocchi - Delete - Clone of Jose Rocchi
    Marco Vidal - Released
    Manuel Viniegra - Out to Tigres UANL - On loan from UANL Tigres
    Cristian Menendez - In from Pacific
    Leandro Diaz - In from Rafaela
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    Gerardo Daniel Ruiz - Delete - Clone of Gerardo Ruiz
    Daniel Acosta - Released
    Jesus Rene Cabrera - Released
    Gerardo Castillo - Released
    Efrain Dimayuga - Released
    Fernando Espinosa - Released
    Francisco Fonseca - Retired
    Carlos Garces - Out to Delfin (ECU)
    Diego Rafael Jimenez - Delete - Clone of Diego Jimenez on BUAP
    Ricardo Jimenez - Released
    Daniel Marquez - Released
    Luis Rodriguez - Out to Tlaxcala
    Luis Fernando Silva - Released
    Allan van Rankin - Released
    Juan Abarca - In from San Marcos
    Gabriel Espana - In from Zacatepec
    Diego Cardozo - In from Independiente Mza. (ARG)

    Atl. San Luis

    Manuel Asprilla - Released
    Paulao - Released
    Roberto Salcedo - In from Free
    Emilio Mac Eachen - In from Free
    Carlos Ramos - In from Free
    Erik Vera - In from Free
    Matias Catalan - In from Estudiantes (LP)
    Juan Castro (Mexican) - In from Free
    Arturo Alvarado - In from Free
    Oscar Hernandez - In from Zamora - Nationality Chile
    Pablo Olivera - In from Al Wakrah
    Sebastian Penco - In from Aldosivi


    Jose Rafael Alamo - Released
    Carlos Campos - Released
    Carlos Alberto Galeana - Delete - Clone of Carlos Galeana
    Victor Lojero - Out to Venados
    Enrique Lopez - Out to Real Saltillo
    Aurelio Molina - Retired
    Fernando Morales - Released
    Jorge Orozco - Retired
    Mark Redshaw - Released
    Edgar Villegas - Out to Zacatecas
    Mario Risso - In from Huracan
    Pablo Ruiz - In from Villa Dalmine


    Sidnei - Released


    Joshua Abrego - Released
    Cristian Ocana - Out to U de C
    Jorge Zatarain - Released


    Juan Cavallo - Out to Mutual Crucero del Norte (ARG)
    Julio Ceja - Released
    Oscar Fernandez - Out to Sanarate (GUA)
    Guillermo Madrigal - Delete one of the two
    Mario Antonio Moreno - Released
    Francisco Rivera - Clone - Delete the one born in 1980
    Taufic Guarch - In from Venados


    Edwin Borboa - Out to Maquina FC (USA)
    Bruno Pires - Released
    Jose Maria Cardenas - Released
    Jesus Miguel Garcia - Released
    Sonny Guadarrama - Released
    Diego Mejia - Delete the one with no DOB
    Alejandro Mercado - Released
    Roberto Nurse - Out to Zacatecas
    Omar Perez - Retired
    Bruno Piceno - Released
    Luis Trujillo - Released


    Wilmer Aguirre - Out to Juan Aurich (PER)
    Julio Betancio - Released
    Carlos Camacho - Out to Necaxa Premier
    Abraham Carreno - Released
    Hugo Cisneros - Out to Queretaro Premier
    Angel Conde - Released
    Cristian Cruz - Out to Puebla Premier
    Carlos Dojaquez - Released
    Rene Garcia - Released
    Jorge Gastelum - Released
    Luis Hernandez - Out to Durango
    Omar Lopez - Out to Marquense (GUA)
    Fernando Martinez - Released
    Erik Pedroza - Out to Queretaro Premier
    Raul Rico - Released
    Jorge Urias - Released
    Nestor Vidrio - Released
    Jose Saavedra - In from San Luis
    Diego Andrade - In from Queretaro Premier

    Tampico Madero

    Uriel Alvarez - Released
    Giovani Casillas - Out to La Piedad
    Leandro Martinez Montagnoli - Out to Defensores de Belgrano (ARG)
    Hiram Mondragon - Out to FC Aesch (SWI)
    Diego Esqueda - In from BUAP
    Omar Arellano - In from Ontinyent


    Christian Perez - In from ? - Change nationality to Mexico (DOB March 27)
    Daniel Jimenez - In from Tuxtla
    Donaldo Hernandez - In from Tuxtla

    U de G

    Alejandro Aguilar - Retired
    Edgar Flores - Retired
    Humberto Gutierrez - Retired
    Alberto Pinder - Out to Atlas Premier
    Miguel Alejandro Ramos - Retired
    Rodrigo Folle - Retired




    Leo Castro - Released
    Rodolfo Espinoza - Released
    Alejandro Gallardo - Released
    Julio Gomez - Delete
    Antonio Gonzalez - Retired
    Ulises Gonzalez - Retired
    Jonatas - Retired
    Jorge Ocampo - Released
    Juan Carlos Pineda - Change first name to Iván
    Jose Rodolfo Reyes - Released
    Nicolas Saucedo - Retired
    Edmundo Vazquez Mellado - Delete - Clone of Ivan Vazquez on FC Juarez
    Carlos Andres Rivas - In from Tigres
    Walter Chala - In from Barcelona (ECU)
    Hernan Rivero - In from Santamarina


    Pablo Aja - Released
    Gustavo Anzaldo - Released
    Ignacio Carrasco - Retired
    Juan Pablo Garcia - Released
    Saul Garcia - Released
    Fabian Monserrat - Out to Club Atletico Atlanta (ARG)
    Jesus Palacios - Retired
    Odin Patino - Released
    Mauricio Romero - Released
    Fernando Salazar - Retired
    Matias Draghi - In from Gava
    Carlos Arreola - In from U de C
    Victor Lojero - In from Celaya


    Rafael Medina - Retired
    Christian Sanchez - Released
    Hector Mascorro - In from Free
    Edgar Villegas - In from Celaya
    Roberto Nurse - In from Dorados
    Isaac Diaz - In from U de C


    Francisco Diaz - Released
    Lugiani Gallardo - Released
    Oscar Emilio Rojas - Out to Grecia (CRC)
    Sergio Flores - In from Chivas Premier
    Lauren Egea - In from Espanyol
    Jacob Akrong - In from Badalona
    Ezequiel Cirigliano - In from Atl. Tucuman
    Daniel Rios - In from Chivas Premier

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