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Thread: Italy - Latest Transfers and Loans

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    Sergio Pellissier is the new responsible of technical area of Chievo
    Marco Sesia is the new manager of Torino youth
    Michele Marcolini is the new manager of Chievo
    Stefano Aiolfi (Cremonese) is now for free

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    Juventus have signed Turkey international centre-back Merih Demiral from Sassuolo for 18m euros. He has signed a contract until 2024.

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    AC Milan sign Real Madrid left-back Theo Hernandez

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    Massimo Gobbi is retired of football
    David Sassarini is the new manager of Gozzano
    Alex Casella is the new d.s. of Gozzano
    Francesco Baiano is the new manager of Pisa youth
    Michele Cazzarò is the new manager of ACR Messina
    Giuseppe Romano manager of Acireale is now for free
    Marco Coppa is the new manager of Troina (create)
    Giuseppe Laterza is the new manager of Fasano (create)
    Giancarlo Favarin is the new manager of Fidelis Andria

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    Francesco Conti - Assistant Manager
    Samuele Melotto - Athletich Coach (create)
    Stefano Rapetti - Athletich Coach (create)
    Salvatore Foti - Coach (create)
    Fabio Micarelli - Coach
    Daniele Bonera - Coach
    Luigi Turci - Goalkeeper Coach
    Emiliano Betti - Goalkeeper Coach
    for free the others coach in DB in Milan

    Raffaele Rubino is the new d.s. of Trapani
    Giuseppe Mangiarano is the new d.g. of Trapani (create)
    Nello Di Costanzo is the new manager of Nocerina
    Gianluca Hervatin is the new manager of Budoni (create)
    Renzo Oggianu is the new d.s. of Budoni (create)

    Delta Porto Tolle
    Matteo Barella is the new manager (create)
    Luca Boldrin is the assistant manager (create)
    Mattia Tessarin is the athletich coach (create)
    Rocco Crispino is a physio (create)

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    Bologna signs Takehiro Tomiyasu from Sint-Truiden on a 5-year contract

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    Alessandro Grandoni is the new manager of Chieti
    Francesco Marchetti is the assistant manager (create)

    Rino D'Agnelli is the new d.s. of Vastese
    Giuseppe De Palo is the new d.g. (create)

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    Genoa announced the loan of Antonio Barreca from Monaco for 1 season

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    Alberto Gilardino is the new manager of Pro Vercelli

    Hellas Verona
    Matteo Paro is the assistant manager (create)
    Massimo Cataldi is the goalkeeper trainer
    Paolo Barbero is the athletic coach
    Stjepan Ostojic is the athletic coach
    Riccardo Ragnacci is the athletic coach
    Guido Dino is the match analyst (create)
    Michele Orecchio is a scout (create)

    Dario Donato is the head of medical staff (create)
    Paolo Righi it's a medical (create)
    Umberto Improta it's a physio
    Mattia Todeschini it's a physio
    Marius Udrescu it's a physio
    all the other staff it's for free


    Giovanni Martusciello is the assistant manager
    Marco Ianni it's a coach
    Gianni Picchioni it's a coach (create)
    Loris Beoni it's a coach
    Claudio Filippi it's the goalkeeper trainer
    Massimo Nenci it's the goalkeeper trainer
    Daniele Tognaccini it's the responsible of athletic coach
    Andrea Pertusio it's athletic coach (create)
    Enrico Maffei it's athletic coach (create)
    Duccio Ferrari Bravo it's athletic coach (create)
    Davide Ranzato it's athletic coach (create)
    Luca Stefanini it's head of physio (create)
    Nikos Tzouroudis it's a physio (create)
    Marco Freschi it's a medical (create)
    Riccardo Scirea it's the head of match analyst
    Domenico Vernamonte it's a match analyst (create)
    Giuseppe Maiuri it's a match analyst (create)
    all the other staff it's for free

    Antonio Pintus it's the athletic coach of Inter

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    Francesco Baldini is the new manager of Trapani

    Giancarlo Rolfo is the new manager
    Paolo Pantera is the assistant manager
    Simone Arceci it the athletic coach
    Paolo Foti is the goalkeeper coach (create)
    other coach in DB are for free

    Antonio Mecomonaco is the new manager of Avezzano

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    Lazio sign versatile defender Manuel Lazzari from SPAL

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    Sampdoria gets Jeison Murillo on loan from Valencia for 1 season

    and at the end of the season will make the full transfer to the italian side for the next 3 seasons

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    Mario Dal Torrione is the new manager
    Rocco Simone is the new chairman (create)
    Pino Simone, Francesco Scampato are the vice chairman (create)
    Nicola Esposito is the D.G. (create)

    Modena and Reggio Audace are in Serie C, because Palermo e Foggia are in Serie D (maybe)

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    Matteo Voltolini (Pisa) is now for free
    Francesco Deli (Foggia) - to Cremonese
    Luca Martinelli (Foggia) - to Catanzaro
    Oliver Kragl (Foggia) - to Benevento
    Giacomo Diciannove is the new d.t. of Folgore Caratese
    Fulvio Fiorin is the new manager of Milano City

    all other player/staff/board of Foggia are now for free
    all player/staff/board of Palermo are now for free

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    Riccardo Pecini is the new responsible of technical area of Sampdoria
    Christian Puggioni (Benevento) is now for free
    Pino Murgia is the new manager of Ponsacco
    Giuseppe Pagana is the new manager of Acireale

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    Atalanta, Bologna, Brescia, Cagliari transfers so far:

    Marco Sportiello from Frosinone (end of loan)
    Davide Bettella from Pescara (end of loan)
    Nicolas Haas from Palermo (end of loan)
    Luca Valzania from Frosinone (end of loan)
    Luca Vido from Perugia (end of loan)
    Emmanuel Latte Lath from Carrarese (end of loan)
    Luis Muriel from Sevilla (13m euros)
    Ruslan Malinovskiy from Racing Genk (13.7m euros)

    Andreas Cornelius to Parma (on loan)
    Marco Tumminello to Pescara (on loan)
    Christian Capone to Perugia (on loan)
    Gaetano Monachello (end of contract)
    Marco D'Alessandro to SPAL (on loan)
    Etrit Berisha to SPAL (on loan)
    Andrea Petagna to SPAL (12m euros)
    Federico Mattiello to Cagliari (on loan)
    Gianluca Mancini to Roma (20m euros)
    Dejan Kulusevski to Parma ()
    Lorenzo Avogadri to Sampdoria (on loan)
    Andrea Colpani to Trapani (on loan)

    César Falletti from Palermo (end of loan)
    Lorenzo Crisetig from Benevento (end of loan)
    Kingsley Michael from Perugia (end of loan)
    Roberto Soriano from Villarreal (11m euros)
    Nicola Sansone from Villarreal (9m euros)
    Mattia Bani from Chievo (2.5m euros)
    Jerdy Schouten from Excelsior (3m euros)
    Stefano Denswil from Club Bruges (7m euros)
    Takehiro Tomiyasu from Sint Truiden (7m euros)
    Lassi Lappalainen from HJK (1m euros)

    Lyanco to Torino (end of loan)
    Simone Edera to Torino (end of loan)
    Federico Mattiello to Atalanta (end of loan)
    Filip Helander to Rangers (5m euros)
    Felipe Avenatti to Standard Liège (21m euros)
    Gianluca Frabotta to JuventusU23 (1.5m euros)
    Lassi Lappalainen to Montréal Impact (on loan)
    Antonio Santurro to Sambenedettese (on loan)

    Florian Ayé from Clermont Foot (2.5m euros)
    Jesse Joronen from FC Copenhagen (5m euros)
    Ales Mateju from Brighton (5m euros)
    Jhon Chancellor from Al Ahli Doha ()

    Simone Romagnoli to Empoli (end of loan)
    Alejandro Rodríguez to Empoli (end of loan)
    Alberto Boniotti (end of contract)

    Sebastian Walukiewicz from Pogon ()
    Marko Pajac from Empoli (end of loan)
    Santiago Colombatto from Verona (end of loan)
    Han Kwang-song from Perugia (end of loan)
    Fabrizio Cacciatore from Chievo (1.5m euros)
    Diego Farias from Empoli (end of loan)
    Simone Pinna from Olbia (end of loan)
    Roberto Biancu from Olbia (end of loan)
    Daniele Ragatzu from Olbia (end of loan)
    Alessandro Capello from Padova (end of loan)
    Guglielmo Vicario from Venezia ()
    Marko Rog from Napoli (18m euros)

    Niccolò Giannetti to Salernitana (?? euros)
    Luca Pellegrini to Roma (end of loan)
    Maxime Leverbe to Sampdoria (end of loan)
    Cyril Théréau to Fiorentina (end of loan)
    Darijo Srna (end of contract, now to Shakhtar as coach assistant)
    Simone Padoin (end of contract)
    Nicolò Barella to Inter (37m euros + 8m bonus)
    Damir Ceter to Chievo (on loan)
    Matteo Cotali to Chievo (on loan)
    Riccardo Doratiotto to Olbia (on loan)
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    Fiorentina, Genoa, Inter, Juventus transfers so far:

    Bartlomiej Dragowski from Empoli (end of loan)
    Aleksa Terzic from Red Star Belgrade (1.5m euros)
    Cyril Théréau from Cagliari (end of loan)
    Jacob Rasmussen from Empoli (7m euros)
    Szymon Zurkowski from Gornik Zabrze (3.7m euros + 1.3m bonus)
    Lorenzo Venuti from Lecce (end of loan)
    Riccardo Saponara from Sampdoria (end of loan)
    Valentin Eysseric from Nantes (end of loan)
    Sebastián Cristóforo from Getafe (end of loan)
    Gaetano Castrovilli from Cremonese (end of loan)
    Jaime Báez from Cosenza (end of loan)
    Federico Terracciano from Empoli (after end of 6-months-loan from Empoli)

    Alban Lafont to Nantes (on loan)
    Christian Norgaard to Brentford (4m euros)
    Rafik Zekhnini to Twente (loan renewed)
    Vincent Laurini to Parma (0.9m euros)
    Gerson to Roma (end of loan)
    Kevin Mirallas to Everton (end of loan)
    Edimilson Fernandes to West Ham (end of loan, eventually from West Ham to Mainz)
    Marko Pjaca to Juventus (end of loan)
    Luis Muriel to Sevilla (end of loan)

    Aurelio Andreazzoli (coach)
    Paolo Ghiglione from Frosinone (end of loan)
    Jawad El Yamiq from Perugia (end of loan)
    Rômulo from Lazio (end of loan)
    Stéphane Omeonga from Hibernian FC (end of loan)
    Petar Brlek from Lugano (end of loan)
    Filip Jagiello from Zaglebie Lubin (1.8m euros)
    Claudio Spinelli from Argentinos Juniors (end of loan)
    Raúl Asencio from Benevento (end of loan)
    Pawel Jaroszynski from Chievo (2m euros)
    Andrea Pinamonti from Inter (18m euros)
    Cristián Zapata (free agent)
    Sinan Gümüs (free agent)
    Nicholas Rizzo from Inter (2.5m euros)
    Antonio Barreca from Monaco (on loan)
    Ionut Andrei Radu from Inter (on loan)
    Cristian Romero from Juventus (on loan)
    Mattia Zennaro from Venezia (3m euros)
    Francesco Cassata from Sassuolo (players exchange with Alessandro Russo)

    Koray Günter to Verona (on loan)
    Gianluca Lapadula to Lecce (on loan)
    Luca Rossettini to Lecce ()
    Miguel Veloso (free agent)
    Darko Lazovic (free agent)
    Giuseppe Pezzella to Udinese (end of loan)
    Pedro Pereira to Benfica (end of loan)
    Daniel Bessa to Verona (end of loan)
    Esteban Rolón to Malaga (end of loan)
    Eddy Salcedo to Inter (8m euros, after one year on loan to Inter)

    Antonio Conte (Coach)
    Alessandro Bastoni from Parma (end of loan)
    Federico Dimarco from Parma (end of loan)
    Andrew Gravillon from Pescara (end of loan)
    Matteo Politano from Sassuolo (20m, after a 6-month-loan)
    Yann Karamoh from Bordeaux (end of loan)
    Eddy Salcedo from Genoa (8m euros, after one year on loan)
    Gabriel Brazão from Parma (5m euros)
    Valentino Lazaro from Hertha (21m euros)
    Stefano Sensi from Sassuolo (on loan 5m euros + 20m in 2020)
    Lucien Agoumé from Sochaux (4.5m euros)
    Nicolò Barella from Cagliari (37m euros + 8m bonus)
    Diego Godín (free agent)

    Yann Karamoh to Parma (on loan)
    Gabriel Brazão to Albacete (on loan)
    Sime Vrsaljko to Atlético Madrid (end of loan)
    Cédric Soares to Southampton (end of loan)
    Keita Baldé to Monaco (end of loan)
    Zinho Vanheusden to Standard Liège (12.6m euros)
    Andrea Pinamonti to Genoa (18m euros)
    Andrea Adorante to Parma (5m euros)
    Michele Di Gregorio to Pordenone (on loan)
    Ionut Andrei Radu to Genoa (on loan)
    Nicholas Rizzo to Genoa (2.5m euros)
    Xian Emmers to Waasland-Beveren (on loan)
    Riccardo Burgio to Atalanta (1.5m euros)
    Lorenzo Gavioli to Venezia (on loan)

    Maurizio Sarri (coach)
    Aaron Ramsey (free agent)
    Luca Pellegrini from Roma (22m euros)
    Gonzalo Higuaín from Chelsea (end of loan)
    Marko Pjaca from Fiorentina (end of loan)
    Adrien Rabiot (free agent)
    Gianluigi Buffon (free agent)
    Merih Demiral from Sassuolo (18m euros)
    Matthijs de Ligt from Ajax (75m euros)
    Cristian Romero from Genoa (26m euros)
    Laurentiu Branescu from Zalgiris Vilnius (end of loan)
    Leonardo Mancuso from Pescara (end of loan)
    Stefano Beltrame from Den Bosch (end of loan)
    Luca Clemenza from Padova (end of loan)

    Leonardo Spinazzola to Roma (29.5m euros)
    Andrea Barzagli (free agent)
    Martín Cáceres to Lazio (end of loan)
    Cristian Romero to Genoa (on loan)
    Laurentiu Branescu to Kilmarnock (on loan)
    Leonardo Mancuso to Empoli (5m euros)

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    Lazio, Lecce, Milan, Napoli transfers so far

    Martín Caceres from Juventus (end of loan)
    Tiago Casasola from Salernitana (end of loan)
    Joseph Minala from Salernitana (end of loan)
    Djavan Anderson from Salernitana (end of loan)
    André Anderson from Salernitana (end of loan)
    Davide Di Gennaro from Salernitana (end of loan)
    Alessandro Murgia from SPAL (end of loan)
    Bobby Adekanye (free agent)
    Ricardo Kishna from ADO Den Haag (end of loan)
    Cristiano Lombardi from Venezia (end of loan)
    Denis Vavro from FC Copenhagen (10.5m euros)
    Manuel Lazzari from SPAL (10m euros)
    Jony from Malaga ()
    Angelo Ndreçka from Chievo ()
    Sofian Kiyine from Chievo ()
    Marius Adamonis from Casertana (end of loan)
    Ivan Vargic from Anorthosis (end of loan)
    Lorenzo Filippini from Cavese (end of loan)
    Luca Germoni from Virtus Entella ()
    Antreas Karo from Apollon Limassol (160.000 euros)
    Giorgio Spizzichino from Cuneo (end of loan)
    Daniel Bezziccheri from Albissola (end of loan)
    Simone Palombi from Lecce (end of loan)
    Alessandro Rossi from Venezia (end of loan)
    Mamadou Tounkara from Zemplín Michalovce (end of loan)

    Rômulo to Genoa (end of loan)
    Simone Palombi to Cremonese (on loan)
    Luca Germoni to Juve Stabia (on loan)
    Alessandro Rossi to Juve Stabia (on loan)
    Alessandro Murga to SPAL (3.5m euros)
    Dusan Basta (free agent)
    Abukar Mohamed to Karpaty Lviv (on loan)
    Nikolaos Baxevanos to Panionios (on loan)
    Lorenzo Filippini to Gubbio ()
    Antreas Karo to Salernitana (on loan)
    Cristiano Lombardi to Salernitana (on loan)
    Sofian Kiyine to Salernitana (on loan)
    Giorgio Spizzichino to Pro Patria ()
    Luan David Capanni (free agent)

    Pedro Costa Ferreira from Trapani (end of loan)
    Radoslav Tsonev from Viterbese (end of loan)
    Stefano Pettinari from Crotone (end of loan)
    Brayan Vera from Leones (1m euros)
    Romario Benzar from Steaua Bucharest (2.5m euros)
    Yevhen Shakhov (free agent)
    Gabriel Vasconcelos Ferreira (free agent)
    Gianmarco Chironi from Virtusvecomp (end of loan)
    Luca Rossettini from Genoa ()
    Luka Dumancic from Juve Stabia (end of loan)
    Giuseppe Maimone from Monopoli (end of loan)
    Gianluca Lapadula from Genoa (on loan)
    Edgaras Dubickas from Sicula Leonzio (end of loan)
    Davide Cavaliere from Virtus Francavilla (end of loan)

    Lorenzo Venuti to Fiorentina (end of loan)
    Manuel Scavone to Parma (end of loan)
    Marco Tumminello to Atalanta (end of loan)
    Simone Palombi to Lazio (end of loan)
    Antonio Marino (free agent)
    Cesare Bovo (end of career)
    Luca Di Matteo (free agent)
    Andrea Arrigoni (free agent)
    Salvatore Caturano to Virtus Entella (0.2m euros)

    André Silva from Sevilla (end of loan)
    Rade Krunic from Empoli (9m euros)
    Theo Hernández from Real Madrid (20m euros)
    Andreas Jungdal from Vejle BK ()
    Stefano Simic from Frosinone (end of loan)
    Matteo Gabbia from Lucchese (end of loan)
    Gian Filippo Felicioli from Perugia (end of loan)
    Andrés Llamas from Pistoiese (end of loan)
    Tommaso Pobega from Ternana (end of loan)
    Alexandro Cavagnera from Lugano (end of loan)
    Ismet Sinani from Juve Stabia (end of loan)
    Tiago Dias from Braga (end of loan)

    Tiémoué Bakayoko to Chelsea (end of loan)
    Cristián Zapata (free agent)
    Riccardo Montolivo (free agent)
    Ignazio Abate (free agent)
    Andrea Bertolacci (free agent)
    José Mauri (free agent)
    Raoul Bellanova to Bordeaux (1m euros)
    Stefano Simic to Hajduk ()
    Gian Filippo Felicioli to Venezia ()

    Kostas Manolas from Roma (34m euros)
    Lorenzo Tonelli from Sampdoria (end of loan)
    Giovanni Di Lorenzo from Empoli (9m euros)
    Gennaro Tutino from Cosenza (end of loan)
    Luca Palmiero from Cosenza (end of loan)
    Filippo Costa from SPAL ()
    Michael Folorunsho from Virtus Francavilla ()
    Nikita Contini from Siena (end of loan)
    Davide Marfella from Bari (end of loan)
    Luigi Sepe from Parma (end of loan)
    Armando Anastasio from Monza (end of loan)
    Luigi D'Ignazio from Sambenedettese (end of loan)
    Igor Lasicki from Wisla Plock (end of loan)
    Amato Ciciretti from Ascoli (end of loan)
    Alberto Grassi from Parma (end of loan)
    Zinédine Machach from Crotone (end of loan)
    Marko Rog from Sevilla (end of loan)
    Alessio Zerbin from Viterbese (end of loan)
    Carlos Vinícius from Monaco (end of loan)
    Alfredo Bifulco from Ternana (end of loan)
    Leandrinho from Atlético Mineiro (end of loan)

    Raúl Albiol to Villarreal (4m euros)
    Amadou Diawara to Roma (21m euros)
    Armando Anastasio to Monza ()
    Igor Lasicki to Pogon ()
    Filippo Costa to Bari (on loan)
    Michael Folorunsho (on loan)
    Luigi D'Ignazio to Cavese (on loan)
    Alberto Grassi to Parma (on loan)
    Marko Rog to Cagliari (18m euros)

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    Parma, Roma, Sampdoria, Sassuolo transfers so far

    Andrea Adorante from Inter (5m euros)
    Alessandro Martella from Pescara (exchange with Cristian Galano)
    Fabian Pavone from Pescara (exchange with Cristian Galano)
    Vincent Laurini from Fiorentina (0.9m euros)
    Simone Colombi from Carpi (0.75m euros)
    Hernani from Zenit (1m euros)
    Yann Karamoh from Inter (on loan)
    Kastriot Dermaku (free agent)
    Dejan Kulusevski from Atalanta (on loan)
    Andreas Cornelius from Atalanta ()
    Luigi Sepe from Napoli (on loan)
    Alberto Grassi from Napoli (on loan)
    José Machín from Pescara (2m euros)
    Gianni Munari from Verona (end of loan)
    Antonio Di Gaudio from Verona (end of loan)
    Manuel Scavone from Lecce (end of loan)
    Yves Baraye from Padova (end of loan)
    Alessio Da Cruz from Spezia (end of loan)
    Roberto Inglese from Napoli (on loan 2m euros + 18m in 2020, already in Parma on loan in previous season)
    Mattia Sprocati from Lazio (2.3m euros, already in Parma on loan in previous season)
    Luigi Scaglia from Carrarese (end of loan)
    Cristian Galano from Foggia (end of loan)

    Gabriel Brazão to Inter (6.5m euros)
    Pierluigi Frattali to Bari ()
    Antonio Di Gaudio to Verona (1.5m euros)
    Luca Rigoni (free agent)
    Jonathan Biabiany (free agent)
    Alessandro Bastoni to Inter (end of loan)
    Federico Dimarco to Inter (end of loan)
    Francisco Sierralta to Udinese (end of loan)
    Nicolás Schiappacasse to Atlético Madrid (end of loan)
    Massimo Gobbi (end of career)
    Cristian Galano to Pescara (exchange with Alessandro Martella and Fabian Pavone)
    Giovanni Pinto to Catania ()
    Juan Manuel Ramos to Spezia ()
    Antonio Vacca to Venezia ()
    Lorenzo Adorni to Vis Pesaro ()

    Pau López from Real Betis (23.5m euros)
    Leonardo Spinazzola from Juventus (29.5m euros)
    Gianluca Mancini from Atalanta (20m euros)
    Amadou Diawara from Napoli (21m euros)
    Bryan Cristante from Atalanta (21m euros, already in Roma on loan in previous season)
    Luca Pellegrini from Cagliari (end of loan)
    Gerson from Fiorentina (end of loan)
    Maxime Gonalons from Sevilla (end of loan)
    Grégoire Defrel from Sampdoria (end of loan)
    Elio Capradossi from Spezia (end of loan)
    Matías Nani from Belgrano (end of loan)
    Christian D'Urso from Apollon Smyrnis (end of loan)
    Lorenzo Di Livio from Siena (end of loan)
    Daniele Verde from Valladolid (end of loan)
    Ezequiel Ponce from AEK (end of loan)
    Sadiq Umar from Perugia (end of loan)
    Edoardo Soleri from Sporting Braga (end of loan)
    Keba Coly from Ascoli (end of loan)
    Alessandro Bordin from Perugia (end of loan)
    Mirko Antonucci from Pescara (end of loan)
    Andrea Romagnoli from Pistoiese (end of loan)
    Matheus Guedes (free agent)

    Luca Pellegrini to Juventus (22m euros)
    Kostas Manolas to Napoli (36m euros)
    Iván Marcano to Porto (3m euros)
    Gerson to Flamengo (11.8m euros)
    Stephan El Shaarawy to Shanghai Shenhua (16m euros + 2m bonus)
    Daniele De Rossi (free agent)
    Andrea Romagnoli to Spartak Moscow (2.5m euros)
    Ezequiel Ponce to Spartak Moscow (3m euros + 3m bonus)
    Lorenzo Di Livio to Catanzaro ()
    Daniele Verde to AEK (1m euros)
    Matías Nani to Central Córdoba (on loan)
    Salvatore Pezzella to Modena (on loan)
    Lorenzo Valeau to Imolese (on loan)
    Zan Celar to Cittadella (on loan)
    Sadiq Umar to Partizan (on loan + 100k euros)
    Edoardo Soleri to Padova ()
    Lorenzo Crisanto (free agent)

    Erasmo Mulè from Trapani (0.6m euros)
    Jakub Jankto from Udinese (14.5m euros, already in Sampdoria on loan in previous season)
    Julian Chabot from Groningen (3.7m euros)
    Fabio Depaoli from Chievo (4.5m euros)
    Alex Ferrari from Bologna (4.5m euros)
    Jeison Murillo from Valencia (2m euros)
    Morten Thorsby (free agent)
    Tommaso Augello from Spezia (on loan)
    Gonzalo Maroni from Boca Juniors (on loan)
    Lorenzo Avogadri from Atalanta (on loan)
    Vasco Regini from SPAL (end of loan)
    Lorenzo Simic from SPAL (end of loan)
    Gabriele Rolando from Carpi (end of loan)
    Leonardo Capezzi from Empoli (end of loan)
    Valerio Verre from Perugia (end of loan)
    Federico Bonazzoli from Padova (end of loan)
    Giacomo Vrioni from Venezia (end of loan)

    Erasmo Mulè to Trapani (on loan)
    Joachim Andersen to Olympique Lyonnais (30m euros)
    Dawid Kownacki to Fortuna Düsseldorf (8m euros)
    Dávid Ivan to Chievo ()
    Maxime Leverbe to Chievo ()
    Andrea Tozzo to Ternana (100k euros)
    Michal Tomic to Zilina (250k euros)
    Yassin Ejjaki to Vis Pesaro ()
    Vid Belec to APOEL (on loan)
    Leonardo Benedetti to Spezia (on loan)
    Giacomo Vrioni to Cittadella (on loan)
    Tommaso Farabegoli to Vis Pesaro (on loan)
    Carlo Romei to Vis Pesaro (on loan)
    Andrea Tessiore to Vis Pesaro (on loan)
    Junior Tavares to São Paulo (end of loan)
    Lorenzo Tonelli to Napoli (end of loan)
    Riccardo Saponara to Fiorentina (end of loan)
    Grégoire Defrel to Roma (end of loan)
    Marco Sau (free agent)
    Abou Diop (free agent)

    Francesco Caputo from Empoli (7.5m euros)
    Marco Sala from Inter (3m euros)
    Andrew Gravillon from Inter (on loan)
    Jeremy Toljan from Borussia Dortmund (on loan)
    Hamed Junior Traorè from Empoli (on loan)
    Kevin-Prince Boateng from Barcelona (end of loan)
    Edoardo Goldaniga from Frosinone (end of loan)
    Francesco Cassata from Frosinone (end of loan)
    Federico Ricci from Benevento (end of loan)
    Marco Pinato from Venezia (end of loan)
    Timo Letschert from Utrecht (end of loan)
    Giovanni Sbrissa from Siena (end of loan)
    Alessandro Tripaldelli from Crotone (end of loan)
    Nicholas Pierini from Spezia (end of loan)
    Cristian Dell'Orco from Empoli (end of loan)
    Riccardo Marchizza from Crotone (end of loan)

    Stefano Sensi to Inter (on loan 5m euros + 20m in 2020)
    Merih Demiral to Juventus (18m euros)
    Filippo Bandinelli to Empoli ()
    Gianluca Scamacca to Ascoli (on loan)
    Riccardo Marchizza to Spezia (on loan)
    Federico Ricci to Spezia (on loan)
    Francesco Cassata to Genoa (exchange with Alessandro Russo)
    Mauricio Lemos to Las Palmas (end of loan)
    Jens Odgaard to Heerenveen (on loan)
    Andrea Cisco to Pescara ()

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    SPAL, Torino, Udinese, Verona transfers so far

    Igor from Salzburg (3m euros)
    Alessandro Murgia from Lazio (5m euros)
    Etrit Berisha from Atalanta (on loan)
    Marco D'Alessandro from Atalanta (on loan)
    Gabriele Moncini from Cittadella (end of loan)
    Bartosz Salamon from Frosinone (end of loan)
    Federico Viviani from Frosinone (end of loan)
    Mattia Finotto from Cittadella (end of loan)
    Michele Cremonesi from Perugia (end of loan)
    Sauli Väisänen from Crotone (end of loan)
    Mattia Vitale from Carpi (end of loan)
    Gabriel Strefezza from Cremonese (end of loan)
    Davide Mazzocco from Padova (end of loan)
    Marco Meneghetti from Pordenone (end of loan)

    Manuel Lazzari to Lazio (10m euros)
    Kevin Bonifazi to Torino (end of loan)
    Everton Luiz to Real Salt Lake (700k euros)
    Emiliano Viviano to Sporting Club (end of loan)
    Vasco Regini to Sampdoria (end of loan)
    Andrea Fulignati to Ascoli (end of loan)
    Mirco Antenucci to Bari ()
    Filippo Costa to Napoli ()
    Mattia Vitale to Frosinone ()
    Davide Mazzocco to Pordenone (on loan)
    Salvatore Esposito to Chievo (on loan)
    Giacomo Poluzzi (free agent)

    Lyanco from Bologna (end of loan)
    Simone Edera from Bologna (end of loan)
    Kevin Bonifazi from SPAL (end of loan)
    Samuel Gustafson from Verona (end of loan)
    Lucas Boyé from AEK (end of loan)
    Vanja Milinkovic-Savic from Ascoli (end of loan)
    Andrea Zaccagno from Vibonese (end of loan)
    Tommaso Cucchietti from Alessandria (end of loan)
    Manuel De Luca from Alessandria (end of loan)
    Alessandro Fiordaliso from Teramo (end of loan)
    Alessandro Buongiorno from Carpi (end of loan)
    Jacopo Segre from Venezia (end of loan)
    Shady Oukhadda from Albissola (end of loan)
    Leonardo Candellone from Pordenone (end of loan)
    Karlo Butic from Arezzo (end of loan)

    Vitalie Damascan to Fortuna Sittard (on loan)
    Vanja Milinkovic-Savic to Standard Liège (on loan)
    Adem Ljajic to Besiktas (6.5m euros)
    M'Baye Niang to Rennes (14m euros)
    Danilo Avelar to Corinthians (1m euros)
    Emiliano Moretti (end of career)
    Carlão (free agent)
    Shady Oukhadda to Siena (on loan)
    Manuel De Luca to Virtus Entella (on loan)
    Karlo Butic to Cesena (on loan)

    Mato Jajalo (free agent)
    Rodrigo Becão from Bahia (1.5m euros)
    Cristo González from Real Madrid (1.5m euros)
    Giuseppe Pezzella from Genoa (end of loan)
    Ryder Matos from Verona (end of loan)
    Gabriele Angella from Charleroi (end of loan)
    Mamadou Coulibaly from Carpi (end of loan)
    Andrija Balic from Fortuna Sittard (end of loan)
    Stipe Perica from Kasimpasa (end of loan)
    Darwin Machís from Cádiz (end of loan)
    Riad Bajic from Basaksehir (end of loan)

    Marvin Zeegelaar to Watford (end of loan)
    Ben Wilmot to Watford (end of loan)
    Stefano Okaka to Watford (end of loan)
    Marco D'Alessandro to Atalanta (end of loan)
    Valon Behrami to Sion ()
    Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu to Verona (on loan)
    Molla Wague to Nantes ()
    Federico Ermacora to Triestina (on loan)
    Mauro Coppolaro to Virtus Entella ()

    Amir Rrahmani from Dinamo Zagreb (2.1m euros)
    Salvatore Bocchetti (free agent)
    Miguel Veloso (free agent)
    Alessandro Berardi (free agent)
    Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu from Udinese (on loan)
    Boris Radunovic from Atalanta (on loan)
    Koray Günter from Genoa (on loan)
    Daniel Bessa from Genoa (end of loan)
    Deian Boldor from Foggia (end of loan)
    Simone Calvano from Padova (end of loan)
    Karamoko Cissé from Carpi (end of loan)

    Karim Laribi to Empoli (on loan)
    Nicolò Casale to Venezia (on loan)
    Vincenzo Silvestro to Rimini (on loan)
    Rayyan Baniya to Renate (on loan)
    Joseph Ekuban to Partizani Tirana (on loan)
    Santiago Colombatto to Cagliari (end of loan)
    Samuel Gustafson to Torino (end of loan)
    Ryder Matos to Udinese (end of loan)

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    Christian Amoroso is the new manager of Real Forte Querceta
    Emanuel Cascione is the new manager of Cattolica
    Antonio Foglia Manzillo is the new manager of Nardò

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    Fabio Giusti is the new chairman of Aglianese
    Fabio Ciatti is the d.g.
    Lorenzo Vitale is the d.s. (create)

    ACR Messina
    Michele Cazzarò is the manager
    Vincenzo Murianni is the assistant manager
    Giovanni Saffioti is the athletich coach
    Raffaele Cataldi is the goalkeeper trainer (create)

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    West Ham have confirmed the departure of Pedro Obiang, who has joined Sassuolo

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    Napoli has just signed the Macedonian wonder kid, Elif Elmas!

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