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Thread: Turkey - Latest Transfers and Loans

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    1095 - Done

    1097 - Done
    @Sahan, few points on this post:

    - Names being incorrect on TFM website, aware of that and yes it is annoying (same with players) we have to keep the long names as per TFM as it's needed for the data imports we do and the histories otherwise we end up with duplicates.

    - Bugsas, can't find that club in the DB, do you mean Bugsasspor?

    - Not entirely sure what all the licence information is about? May be where I am not familiar with the Turkish league, but I've adjusted the finances accordingly as per your recommendations, great spot with that club that had £19m in the bank incorrectly! The licences don't appear to have a direct influence on anything in-game unless i'm mistaken, right?

    1098 - Done

    1099 - Done

    , few points on this post:

    1920 Marasspor changed its name back to Kahramanmaras Büyükşehir Belediyespor (long) K. Maras BB (short). Colours red/blue/white, new chairman Ali Köfte (year of birth 1979) delete Cemal Tanriverdi.

    We have 1920 Marasspor and K. Marasspor in the DB as two seperate teams - is one a duplicate? Do I need to delete 1920 Marasspor? What about the 10 players in their squad? Remember re the long name, has to match TFM.

    - Manisa BB had too many coaches. I removed those not on your update below, let me know if any need adding. They have space for 2 more or can add them as scouts.

    I need a beer now...
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    Make sure you do change Karaköprü Belediyespor correctly, I get the big picture behind it. Name corrections can probably done best after most transfers are done (e.g. September), but it should be added to the the-do-list of the Update Team prior to new Data release. Check archibalduk's Duplicate Detector, can be helpful! John Locke had also some tools in Flex (2), if I am not mistaken.

    Yes I mean Bugsasspor.

    License information is just a helpful tool about the liquidity of clubs for better understanding of their financial status. In-game it could mean that adjustment of club reputation for example could be an option. License info does not provide exact figures though, more a rule of thumb I use, since the majority of clubs are not a PLC. For examle I do not use the currency inflation option of patches if I play with a Turkish club, because it does not work well, small clubs having big spendings and all are far from realistic imo. Actually I expected alay to have the final say about the finances of Turkish clubs, he should have full access to adjust the database as coach. End June/begin July more details will be made public by the TFF and clubs. So any other adjustments can be made also later on .

    No you do not have to delete 1920 Marasspor. After changes there should be a Kahramanmarasspor/ K. Marasspor (short) (which has some kind of a PLC status, though not exactly the same) and a Kahramanmaras Büyüksehir Belediyespor / K. Maras BB (short), which is the municipality club.

    As for Manisa BB you did fine!

    Enjoy your weekend! I am off
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    Czech international footballer Josef Sural, playing for Turkey's top tier Aytemiz Alanyaspor, has been killed after a minibus carrying players from the club crashed while returning from an away match, the club said on Monday.

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    Bülent Demirkanli manager Hekimoglu Trabzon, also in 2019-2020 season after winning the title in TFF 3. Lig Group 1. Create: ass. manager Behçet Lokumcu (dob unknown/fav. club Artvin Hopaspor), Fitnesstrainer Aslan Toklu (dob May 1,1975), GK Coach Murat Aslan (dob April 23,1982) & Scout Nebil Tekinarslan (dob June 18, 1981) all employed at Hekimoglu Trabzon.
    Brazil born Mert Nobre retirement from football at the end of the season (suggest to keep him as scout for time being in database, because he's willing to have a coaching role in Turkish football).
    Bucak Belediyesi Oğuzhanspor cash status: -/- €50.000
    Ferhat Yazgan (Sakaryaspor) & Serhat Yazgan (Bayrampasa) each other's fav. staff

    Şarkışla Belediyespor cash status: -/- €50.000

    Referee Update

    (Part of Top 24 Referees Turkey):

    ̶M̶u̶t̶l̶u̶ ̶Ç̶e̶l̶i̶k̶ Ali Sansalan (Çanakkale)
    ̶A̶k̶i̶f̶ ̶U̶ğ̶u̶r̶d̶u̶r̶ Arda Kardesler (Bursa)
    ̶B̶a̶r̶ı̶ş̶ ̶Ş̶i̶m̶ş̶e̶k̶ Bahattin Simsek (Aydin)
    ̶S̶e̶r̶d̶a̶r̶ ̶S̶ü̶s̶l̶ü̶ Tugay Kaan Numanoglu (Istanbul)
    ̶G̶i̶o̶r̶g̶o̶s̶ ̶Y̶ü̶k̶s̶e̶l̶ ̶ Zorbay Küçük (Adana) (Some person(s) apparently do find it hilarious to put Greek names into Turkish related database, this is not the first, see Irfan Can Kahveci called Irfan Can Ritsos)

    2nd Category Referees::

    ̶A̶h̶m̶e̶t̶ ̶K̶u̶t̶l̶u̶ Alper Çetin (Kocaeli)
    ̶Z̶e̶k̶i̶ ̶Ö̶z̶d̶e̶m̶i̶r̶ Atilla Karaoglan (Sakarya)
    ̶A̶l̶i̶ ̶K̶o̶r̶a̶s̶ Burak Seker (Antalya)
    ̶H̶a̶k̶a̶n̶ ̶Z̶a̶l̶ Çagdas Altay (Istanbul)
    ̶H̶ü̶s̶e̶y̶i̶n̶ ̶O̶t̶r̶u̶ Emre Malok (Istanbul)
    ̶D̶i̶l̶a̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶Y̶a̶r̶ Kadir Saglam (Ankara)
    ̶B̶i̶n̶a̶l̶i̶ ̶K̶a̶r̶t̶a̶l̶ Mert Güzenge (Istanbul)
    ̶A̶l̶i̶ ̶U̶l̶u̶y̶o̶l̶ Murat Erdogan (Antalya)
    ̶H̶ü̶s̶e̶y̶i̶n̶ ̶I̶l̶b̶a̶s̶a̶n̶ Mustafa Aydin (Konya)
    ̶O̶r̶h̶a̶n̶ ̶K̶o̶v̶a̶n̶k̶ Onur Özütoprak (Istanbul)
    ̶A̶l̶i̶ ̶G̶ö̶l̶ Ramazan Keles (Trabzon)
    ̶S̶e̶r̶d̶a̶r̶ ̶O̶n̶a̶r̶ Sinan Dereci (Rize)
    ̶E̶n̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶H̶e̶n̶c̶a̶n̶ Yasin Kol (Trabzon)
    ̶T̶u̶f̶a̶n̶ ̶A̶k̶ç̶a̶y̶ Yigit Arslan (Izmir)
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    Emre Akbaba suffers a horrible leg break, he’ll be out for a very long time > 12 months
    Kasimpasa manager Mustafa Denizli resigns.
    Manager Ümit Özat signed a new contract till June 2020 with Adana Demirspor
    Menemen Belediyespor manager Suat Kaya resigned after promoting his team to TFF 1. Lig.
    Ricardo Faty left Ankaragücü
    Sinan Kurumuş signs new two-year contract with Manisa Büyükşehir Belediyespor
    Harun Budakli new chairman of Sivas Belediyespor, Mehmet Fatih Arkan new DoF (dob unknown)

    Kayserispor rivals are Sivasspor (not Sivas Bld.)
    C. Rizespor chairman Hasan Kartal sportsmanship 1 pressure 6 temperament very high
    Bursaspor rivals Caykur Rize instead of Diyarbekirspor
    Yilmaz Vural fav. club Fenerbahce
    Cebrail Karayel fav. staff Gökhan Gönül
    Remove Olcay Sahan from disliked staff status of Trabzonspor
    Besiktas fav. staff Sergen Yalcin instead of Senol Günes
    Manager Ali Tandogan disliked staff Erkan Zengin (fav. club Eskisehir) and vice versa
    Ömer Kahveci disliked staff Ali Tandogan
    Sinan Gümüs disliked staff Mbaye Diagne and vice versa
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    Tayfun Türkmen manager Heartland
    Ümit Karan manager FC Shkupi
    Bernard Mensah Atletico Madrid > Kayserispor three-year contract
    Jean Armel Kana Biyik (Kayserispor) > unattached
    Mattias Bjarsmyr will be leaving Sivasspor because of end of contract
    Tahir Şahin (dob 1959) new chairman Menemen Belediyespor (Business 12)
    Cengiz Günaydın (dob unknown) new chairman Bayrampasa (fav clubs: Bayrampasa & Karagümrük & Yeni Malatyaspor/Professionalism 15/Business 15) CA CR 75
    David Braz Sivasspor > Gremio 2,5-year contract
    Naci Ünüvar extended his contract with Ajax till July 2022
    Kocaelispor extended the contract of Volkan Mert Korkmaz till June 2020 (Handling 11 Anticipation 11 Reflexes 12 Passing 12 Agility 14). Upgrade his PA to 100, also of Burak Süleyman & Ali Keten.
    Create Gor Mahia (Kenia) champion 2018-19 manager Hasan Oktay Minci (1973) Turkey/Cyprus CA 50
    Serkan Balcı (Sariyer) retired from football
    Mathieu Valbuena Fenerbahce > unattached
    Serdar Akkus new Ankara Demirspor DoF (dob Feb 8,1979)
    Create new Sivas Belediyespor manager Namik Altunsoy (dob March 1, 1965) fav. club Tokatspor
    Sinan Özkan (Altay) > unattached
    Murat Uluç (Altay) retired from football, he’ll be having a coaching position at the club
    Antalyaspor manager Bülent Korkmaz extended his contact till June 2020
    Mahatma Otoo, Steve Beleck, Mehmet Boztepe & Cüneyt Köz (Balıkesirspor Baltok) > unattached
    Yusuf Emre Gültekin (Boluspor) > unattached
    Create Fatih Özcan (dob unknown) chairman of newly TFF 2. Lig promoted Yeni Corumspor
    Atakan Karazor Holstein Kiel > VfB Stuttgart 4-year contract
    Olcay Sahan & Luis Ibanez (Trabzonspor) > unattached
    Senol Günes only manager of Turkey NT (leaves Besiktas JK eos)

    Bursaspor manager Mesut Bakkal resigns

    Marwane Saadane (Çaykur Rizespor) > Al-Fateh Sports Club 2-year contract
    Mathieu Valbuena Fenerbahce > Olympiakos Piraeus one-year deal
    Muhammet Demir & Delvin N'Dinga (Sivasspor) > unattached
    Manager Taner Taşkın leaves Manisa BB.
    Tayfur Bingöl (Göztepe) > unattached
    Jose Marafona (Braga) > Alanyaspor 2-year contract
    Abdullah Avci disliked staff: Fatih Terim/Hasan Sas
    Orhan Ak disliked staff: Fatih Terim
    Semih Özsoy disliked staff: Fatih Terim/Abdurrahim Albayrak vice versa
    Göksel Gümüşdağ disliked staff: Abdurrahim Albayrak. His fav. staff Emre Belözoğlu
    Mustafa Cengiz disliked staff: Semih Özsoy
    Fenerbahce disliked staff: Volkan Demirel (long time disciplinary punished)
    Ali Koc disliked staff: Ümit Özat vice versa (
    Naci Ünüvar has won the Talent van de Toekomst/Best talent of the Ajax Academy price. Adjust CA/CR/PA accordingly.

    Adem Ljajic (Torino) > permanent move to Besiktas 3-year contract
    Aziz Behich (PSV) > Basaksehir 3-year contract
    Manager Okan Buruk leaves Çaykur Rizespor
    Osman Özköylü disliked staff: Caner Arıcı (the player has also high temperament) vice versa.
    Gökay Güney signed a new 5-year contract with Galatasaray
    Tarık Çamdal extended his contract with Antalyaspor till June 2020.
    Chico's contract with Antalyaspor is automatically extended till June 2020, because of his 20+ games.
    Paul Papp (Sivasspor) > CFR Cluj
    Sakıb Aytaç & Özgür İleri fav. club: Çanakkale Dardanel SK
    Hürriyet Gücer coach at Karagümrük (retired from football)
    Barış Özbek player/coach at Karagümrük
    Erkan Zengin MVP at Karagümrük, was underrated in previous Updates. CA 115-120
    Mehmet Akyüz fav. club Sakaryaspor
    Remove Mehmet Topal of fav staff of Fenerbahce.
    Fenerbahce disliked staff: Fatih Terim, remove Aatif Chahechouhe & Nabil Dirar
    Kerem Can Akyüz extended his contract with Denizlispor
    Ilker Yüksel (Greuther Fürth II) PA underrated, he's a Turkey U21 international suggest PA 125 (would make him max. a midtable regular in Süperlig)
    Upgrade PA of GK Altay Bayindir to 150, raise his CA to 120. He's a Turkey U21 international and had an excellent season at Ankaragücü. Regarded as a high potential.
    Irfan Can Egribayat underrated, he's a Turkey U21 international suggest PA 116 and upgrade his CA to 97.
    Alpay Celebi PA is overrated 161 > 141 He has no cap for the U21's and has not played a single game for Besiktas senior squad.
    Güven Yalcin (Besiktas) CA 114 > 124, PA 155 > 160 Promising season with 8 goals and 4 assists.
    Muhayer Oktay (Besiktas) PA 124 > 129
    Hüseyin Türkmen PA 142 > 147 played nearly 30 games for Trabzonspor, also Turkey U21 international. According to Opta Hüseyin Türkmen has the best ball recovery percentage in TSL > Tackling 18
    Kadir Kaan Özdemir (Konyaspor), Turkey U21 international, PA 120 > 130 CA 90 > 105 Had a good season at satelite club Konya Anadolu Selcukspor.
    Mehmet Özcan (Eskisehirspor) PA 122 > 127 Had a good season.

    Manager Hamza Hamzaoğlu leaves BB Erzurumspor.
    Sofiane Feghouli very underrated CA 136 > 151, PA 157. Arguably best player of the Süper Lig together with Edin Visca. Had an immense role in Galatasaray's championship. Important matches 14.
    Alexandru Epureanu CA 137 > 142, PA 145 > 150. Without him Basaksehir lost the championship race, while they were miles ahead. Leadership 14. Together with Atiba Hutchinson (Passing 16 > 17) best completed passes percentage in TSL > Passing 17. Gary Medel Passing 20 > 17. Martin Skrtel Passing 14 > 16.
    Jose Sosa (Trabzonspor) underrated, one of the best midfielders in TSL. CA 134 > 144, PA 136 > 151
    Marcão (Galatasaray) CA 131 > 136 (Regular starter)
    Anthony Nwakaeme (Trabzonspor) CA 127 > 132, PA 134 > 142. Natural fitnes 15, Technique 13, Longshots 14, Stamina 16, Strength 16. AMRC > AM 20 A 15 L 20 C 15 (FLC).

    Opta's Best XI players in Süper Lig:

    Abdullah Avci new manager Besiktas 3-year contract
    Osman Taş (dob unknown) new chairman Eskisehirspor (Business 12 Resources 10)
    Ismail Kartal new manager Çaykur Rizespor
    Edirnespor colours: Foreground: Red1/White Background: White/Red1
    Kazim Birkan (Gaziosmanpasa) > Edirnespor
    Filip Novak (Trabzonspor) PA 142 > 147. Flair 13, Bravery 15, Consistency 18
    Ugurcan Cakir (Trabzonspor) CA 124 > 129 Earned his 1st Turkey NT cap
    Gökhan Akkan (Çaykur Rizespor) CA 117 > 122, PA 124 > 134
    "Douglas" Pereira dos Santos (Barcelona B, was on loan at Sivasspor) CA 127 > 132, PA 133 > 138.
    Martin Linnes (Galatasaray) Professionalism 20
    Umut Meras CA 114 > 119, PA 125 > 135 Earned his 1st Turkey NT cap

    Ibrahim Üzülmez NOT the new manager of Kasimpasa
    Coach Jose Maria Gutierrez Hernandez "Guti" left Besiktas
    Furkan Soyalp (Bursaspor) > unattached
    Tayfur Bingöl (Göztepe) > Alanyaspor 3-year contract
    Adem Büyük (Evkur Yeni Malatyaspor) > unattached
    Korcan Çelikay (Ankaragücü) extended his contract with two years
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    Create Mustafa Aztopal DoF Samsunspor CA 90 CR 80 PA 100 (dob 1978) Turkish/German fav. staff Isitan Gün delete DoF Metin Ates
    Manager Ismet Taşdemir leaves Samsunspor
    Manager Sergen Yalcin leaves Alanyaspor
    Nermin Hodzic (NK Domzale) > Adana Demirspor 3-year contract
    Dogukan Sinik fav. staff Samuel Eto’o & Hami Mandirali
    Create Turkey U17 starlet Tunahan Taşçı (NEC) > (Jong) Ajax 3-year contract
    Bayram Toysal new manager Tuzlaspor
    Eren Derdiyok & Mugdat Celik (Galatasaray) > unattached
    Emre Belözoglu, Serdar Tasci & Fedor Kudryashov (Basaksehir) > unattached
    Mustafa Pektemek, Tolga Zengin, Gökhan Töre & Adriano (Besiktas) > unattached
    Hugo Rodallega (Trabzonspor) > unattached
    Murat Akca, Ömer Sismanoglu & Ertac Özbir (Yeni Malatyaspor) > unattached
    Roberto Soldado, Erten Ersu, Volkan Demirel, Tolga Cigerci, Martin Skrtel, Sener Özbayrakli, Roman Neustädter & Ismail Köybasi (Fenerbahce) > unattached
    Yekta Kurtulus, Salih Dursun (Antalyaspor) > unattached
    Glynor Plet (Alanyaspor) > unattached
    Famoussa Koné (Göztepe) > unattached
    Recep Karabacak (Genclerbirligi) > unattached
    Alessio Cerci, Alihan Kubalas, Aydin Karabulut, Mahmut Akan, Wilfred Moke, Yalcin Ayhan, Sedat Agcay, Óscar Scarione, Ilhan Parlak & Mehmet Sak (Ankaragücü) > unattached
    Burak Koyuncu (March 6th) also Turkish nationality otherwise not eligible (Kayserispor) > unattached
    Adem Dogan (Kayserispor) CR is set to 200, clearly a mistake > CR 50
    Delete Diyarbakir (stadium) (is same as Yeni Diyarbakir Stadyumu (remove the Stadyumu part)
    Delete 13 Subat Sehir (stadium) replace with Mustakil Atletizm Pisti capacity: 1750 all seater City: Erzincan. Homeground of Anagold 24 Erzincanspor.
    Delete Erzincan (stadium)
    Mert Tuncay DoF Karagümrük > unattached (Actually works at Turkish Football Federation)
    Create Cenk Özeker General Manager Karagümrük (Business 15) CA 90 CR 80 PA 100
    Fatih Ceylan (Kayserispor scout) > scout at Karagümrük
    Ufuk Akyol (Karagümrük) upgrade needed (!) CA 95 CR 80 PA 135

    Iasmin Latovlevici (Bursaspor) > unattached
    Jirès Kembo-Ekoko (Bursaspor) > unattached
    Bora Körk (Akhisarspor) > retired
    Hayrullah Akyüz (Adanaspor) > unattached
    Veysel Sapan (Karagümrük) > unattached
    Hüseyin Türkmen fav. staff Sergio Ramos
    Riza Calimbay fav. club Sivasspor
    Leo Schwechlen Consistency 19
    Dorukhan Toköz fav. staff Samet Aybaba + Steven Gerrard + Xabi Alonso /fav. club Eskisehirspor /Natural fitness 17 Stamina 18
    Ugurcan Cakir fav. club Yomraspor + Antalyaspor + Trabzonspor/ fav. staff: David de Gea + Tolga Zengin + Onur Kivrak. Reflexes 15 Anticipation 15 Passing 10
    Abdulkadir Parmak CA 133 PA 146 Determination 17 Workrate 17 Natural fitness 17 Stamina 19 Tackling 15 Leadership 13 Bravery 15 (Outstanding season) fav. club Trabzonspor
    Ebrar Cumur (Trabzonspor) injury: Torn knee ligament + injury prone
    Ünal Karaman Youngsters 14
    Samet Aybaba Youngsters 17
    Emre Kilinc (Sivasspor) fav. club Sakaryaspor/ Sportmanship 18 fav. staff: Ziya Erdal
    Mert Hakan Yandas Decisions 14 Vision 13 Technique 14
    Efecan Karaca fav. clubs: Galatasaray + Sariyer/ Dribbling 14 Sportmanship 15/ fav. staff Suat Kaya + Emre Belözoglu + Okan Buruk
    Leandrinho (Ümraniyespor) fav. staff Mehmet Altiparmak + Robinho (Basaksehir)
    Hakan Özmert fav. clubs: Sakaryaspor + FC Nantes/ fav. staff: Abdullah Avci
    Duhan Aksu fav. club: Beykozspor/ fav. staff: Yalcin Kosukavak + Caner Erkin + David Alaba / Workrate 15 Professionalism 15
    Syam Ben Youssef fav. clubs: Olympique Marseille + Esperance Tunis + SC Bastia/ Determination 15
    Olcay Sahan fav. clubs: Kayserispor

    Erol Bulut new manager Alanyaspor
    Riza Calimbay new manager Sivasspor one year contract
    Ünal Karaman signs new two-year contract with Trabzonspor fav. club Trabzonspor
    Ertugrul Ersoy decrease Passing 15>12, increase Tackling 13>15, Heading 15>18, Jumping 14>17, Corners 8>13, Consistency 18 (Aerial strength amongst the best of Europe, imo perfect player for Serie A)

    Caner Cavlan (Emmen) > Austria Wien 3-year contract
    Yonathan Del Valle (Gazisehir) > unattached
    Salih Ucan (Empoli) > unattached
    Ozan Kabak (Stuttgart) Rookie of the Year in Bundesliga (to keep in mind when re-evaluating CA's + CR's)
    Abdullah Ercan new manager Menemen Bld.

    Kadir Dagli new chairman Balikesirspor Baltok (Business 11 Resources 9)
    Manager Mehmet Altıparmak leaves newly Süper Lig promoted Gazisehir Gaziantep

    Irfan Buz new manager Samsunspor
    Ismail Aydogdu (coach Y. Malatyaspor in DB) > ass. man. Samsunspor
    create Samsunspor coach Mehmet Yildiz (dob 14/9/1981 4 caps for Turkey NT) CA 70
    Erol Bulut new manager Alanyaspor
    Sergen Yalcin new manager Yeni Malatyaspor
    Okan Buruk new manager Basaksehir
    Ayhan Akman (unattached) > new DoF Gazisehir Gaziatep FK
    Hasan Cetinkaya (unattached) > new Managing Director Westerlo
    Caner Osmanpasa (Akhisarspor) > unattached
    create Yakup Ates DoF Sancaktepe Bld. judging potential 14, CA 60 PA 80 (dob unknown)
    Ajdin Hasic underrated CA 60 > 90 PA 70 > -1 also adjust CR and HR captain of Bosnia H. U19 Leadership 12 (currently reserve player at Dinamo Zagreb II), but very likely to make the move to Besiktas JK in October (not officially confirmed), so fav. club: Besiktas.

    Kemal Özdeş once again Kasimpasa manager & Emre Zengilli (dob unknown) DoF, delete Nursal Bilgin
    Create BB Erzurumspor manager Muzaffer Bilazer (dob June 20, 1977) fav. clubs Trabzonspor/A. Sebatspor, Attacking 14 CA 80
    Marius Sumudica (Al-Shabab Riyadh) new manager Gazisehir Gaziantep FK
    Mustafa Denizli new manager Tractor Sazi FC (Iran) fav. club Altay
    Adam Stachowiak signed a new contract with Denizlispor till June 2020.
    Mickael Pote leaves Adana Demirspor
    Batuhan Süer (Keçiörengücü) > Yeni Orduspor one year deal
    Create promising youngster Bugra Çagliyan (rightwinger/midfielder) who signed his professional contract with Eskisehirspor, 3-year deal (dob April 13, 2004). Turkey youth international.CA 60 PA -1 Leadership 10
    Hasan Özer (Coach Kayserispor in db) > new manager NK Celik Zenica
    create chairman Olgun Aydın Peker (Turkish nationality/dob January 22, 1973) of NK Celik Zenica fav. club Giresunspor.

    Riad Bajic (Udinese) > Konyaspor loan
    Jorge Fernandes (FC Porto) > Kasimpasa loan
    Mamadou Samassa (Troyes) > Sivasspor 2-year contract
    Anastasios Bakasetas (AEK Athens) > Alanyaspor 3-year contract
    Murat Saglam (Wolfsburg II/ Reserven IV in DB) > Fenerbahce 3+1 year contract
    Cengiz Ünder & Çağlar Söyüncü each others fav. staff
    Manager Abdullah Ercan left Menemen Bld
    Mecnun Otyakmaz Business 15
    İbrahim Halil Öner signed a new two year deal with Eskisehirspor
    Manager Fuat Capa will be at Eskisehirspor for another year
    Namik Altunsoy new manager Sivas Bld 1+1 year contract
    Enes Bayir & Sener Özcan signed new deals with Inegölspor (likely one year)
    Assign Tugberk Tanrivermis (scout at Galatasaray in DB) to AS Roma, became champions with AS Roma U15
    Vato Arveladze fav. staff Shota Arveladze and vice versa (instead of Altay Nazif Dagdelen)
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    Umut Bozok (Nimes) > Lorient 3+1 year contract
    Firatcan Üzüm (Eskisehirspor) > Trabzonspor 3+1-year contract (adjust PA to 127)
    Yusuf Sari (O. Marseille) > Trabzonspor 3-year contract (adjust PA to 137)
    Tiago Lopes (Kayserispor) > Denizlispor 2 year deal
    Cristian Sapunaru(Kayserispor) > Denizlispor 1+1 year deal
    Sinan Osmanoğlu signs new two year deal with Altinordu
    Berkay Samanci signs new 1+1-year deal with Altinordu
    Fatih Öztürk (Akhisarspor) > Kasimpasa
    Aatif Chahechouhe (C. Rizespor) > Antalyaspor
    Gabriel Torje & Sergio Rochet (Sivasspor) > unattached
    Ercüment Coşkundere new manager Kirsehir Bld.
    Mehmet Altiparmak new manager Akhisarspor 1+1-year contract
    Mustafa Kaplan new manager Genclerbirligi 1-year contract (fav. clubs: Genclerbirligi, Ankaragücü & Hacettepe)

    Serkan Demirol (Sivas Bld) > Fethiyespor 2-year contract
    Create Atakan Gündüz Turkey U18 Starlet playing for Altinordu transfered to Trabzonspor, 3-year contract. CA 80 PA 140 Natural fitness 15 Strength 13 Stamina 14 Heading 13 Jumping 12 Passing 12 Corners 12 fav. clubs: Lüleburgazspor & Kirklarelispor
    Create Salih Kavrazli Turkey U17 Starlet playing for Altinordu transfered to Trabzonspor, 3-year contract. CA 75 PA-1 Decisions 9 Pace 12 Acceleration 14 Determination 15 Finishing 12 Longshots 10 Technique 13 Dribbling 13 Sportmanship 15 fav. clubs: Görelespor & Giresunspor
    Suggest also to create a club called Elit U19 Ligi (Nation: Turkey) to put all promising youth internationals in since there is a limit of 50 players at each club. Beside the known three big clubs of Istanbul, Basaksehir,Trabzonspor, Altinordu & Bursaspor deliver lots of youth internationals who otherwise will be omitted in the game.

    Tolgahan Acar (Sivasspor) > unattached
    Tolga Dogantez new manager Utas Usakspor
    Create Kadir Kar new manager Pazarspor (dob May 5, 1981/fav. club C. Rizespor) CA 40 PA 50
    Create Erdogan Sariusak new manager TKİ Tavsanlı Linyitspor (dob Dec 5, 1969/fav. club s: Inegölspor & Bursaspor) CA 30 PA 40
    Baris Özbek signed new contract with Fatih Karagümrük
    Murat Yildirim signed new 2-year contract with Yeni Malatyaspor
    Özgür Zengin ass. manager Alanyaspor fav. staf Erol Bulut
    Mehmet Yozgatli coach Alanyaspor fav. staf Erol Bulut
    Pantelis Pantelopoulos fitnesscoach Alanyaspor fav. staf Erol Bulut vice versa
    Murat Ismet Erdeger GK coach Alanyaspor fav. staf Erol Bulut vice versa
    Create Murat Yüksel coach Alanyaspor fav. staf Erol Bulut, CA 90 PA 100 dob unknown
    Create Zeki Coskuner fitnesscoach Alanyaspor fav. staf Erol Bulut fav. club Aksaray Bld. (dob Jan 11, 1976) CA 100 PA 110
    Ibrahim Kemal Menderes scout Alanyaspor fav. staf Erol Bulut vice versa
    Coaches Cagdas Atan, Murat Kaytaz & Sedat Bayrak (Alanyaspor) > unattached
    Güray Kula (Silivrispor) > Aliaga
    Sami Can Özkan (Trabzonspor) > Ofspor loan

    Emmanuel Adebayor (Basaksehir) > unattached
    Moryke Fofana (Konyaspor) > Evkur Yeni Malatyaspor 2-year contract
    Murat Paluli (Hatayspor) > Göztepe 2+1-year contract
    Ramazan Kursunlu new manager Menemen Bld. 1+1 year contract
    Create Serkan Görgeç new manager Kizilcabölükspor dob 1/1/1976 fav. club Aydinspor 1923 CA 30 PA 40
    Batuhan Calap (1461 Trabzon) > Ofspor loan
    Seyit Mehmet Özkan disliked club Trabzonspor disliked staff Ahmet Ali Agaoglu
    Ahmet Ali Agaoglu disliked staff Seyit Mehmet Özkan
    Retired player Márcio Ferreira Nobre aka Mert Nobre (professionalism 20 adabtability 20) will be part of coaching staff of Mehmet Altiparmak at Akhisarspor
    Metin Ilhan (Gümüshanespor) new manager of Bayburt
    Ziya Inday (Gebzespor) > Maltepespor
    create Cihan Duman (FC Ederbergland) > Fethiyespor 3-year contract (Nationality:Turkey/Germany) CA 75 PA 95 Dribbling 12 Pace 11 Acceleration 12 Crossing 10
    Umut Meraş (Bursaspor) > Besiktas 4-year contract
    Cem Ekinci (Bodrumspor) > Keciörengücü
    Create Hakan Demirkan new manager Altindag Bld. (dob 9/9/1973) fav. clubs: Sivasspor & Sivas Bld. CA 30 PA 40
    Upgrade Kubilay Kanatsizkus CA 98 > 108
    Aykut Özer (Fortuna Sittard) > Fatih Karagümrük 2+1 year contract
    Hakan Çalhanoğlu fav. staff: Yasin Öztekin and vice versa

    Emre Akdag (Catalcaspor) > TKI Tavsanli Linyitspor
    Kemal Akbaba (Vefa) > TKI Tavsanli Linyitspor (Leadership 14)
    create Belgium youth international Adnan Uğur (Club Brugge U21) > Fortuna Sittard 3+2 year contract CA 73 PA -1 Also Turkish nationality
    Efe Halil Özarslan retires from football and will pursue a coaching career
    Tahir Babaoglu (Ankara Demir) > Inegölspor
    create Semih Tokatli (dob Jun 27, 1959/ 4-2-3-1) new manager Karadeniz Eregli Belediyespor CA 30 PA 30
    Create Mehmet Derya Mazlum (dob June 22, 1974) new manager Maltepespor fav. clubs: Hekimoglu Trabzon & Trabzonspor CA 40 PA 50
    Hakan Soylu > Maltepespor
    Birkan Tetik (Kastamonu) > Keçiörengücü 2-year contract
    Tolgahan Acar (Sivasspor) > Denizlispor 1 year deal

    Kubilay Yilmaz CA 96 PA 116
    Leandro Kappel CA 99 PA 104
    Berkay Degirmencioglu PA 113
    Isa Güler CA 71 PA 111
    Metehan Mimaroglu CA 79 PA 104
    Berk Yildiz CA 109 PA 124
    Recep Burak Yilmaz CA 102 PA 132
    Mustafa Asan CA 90 PA 95 Leadership 15 Natural Fitness 17 Stamina 17
    Ridvan Türker CA 81 PA 101 also wingback 15 consistency 18
    Nurullah Aslan CA 72 PA 105 Strength 14 Natural Fitness 15 Stamina 14 Reflexes 13 Anticipation 11
    Ferit Erisci CA 85 PA 86 Defender 15 Wingback 20 AM 15 Pace 14 Acceleration 12 Dribbling 12 Tackling 12 Crossing 12
    Semih Güler CA 106 PA 126 Leadership 13 Strength 14 fav. club Samsunspor
    Dogukan Inci CA 80 PA 120 Passing 12 Decisions 13 Vision 13 Finishing 12 Flair 12
    Ali Keten CA 84 PA 114
    Furkan Kopuz CA 65 PA 95
    Oguz Basaran CA 75 PA 85
    Canberk Özdemir CA 89 PA 119 also wingback 15 fav. club Sakaryaspor
    Fatih Aydin (Y. Malatyasspor was on loan at Sariyer) CA 100 PA 125 Pressure 17 Technique 13 Passing 14
    Berke Biyik CA 85 PA 115 Versatility 14 Passing 14 Flair 14 Finishing 13 Movement 13 AM 15 A 20 R 20 L 17 C 15 (so FRLC)
    Burak Süleyman CA 106 PA 136 Decisions 14 Vision 14 Positioning 15 Passing 13 Leadership 14 Pressure 15 Technique 14 Natural fitness 15 Balance 13 Midfield 15 AM 20 Free role 18 fav. club Kocaelispor

    Hugo Rodallega (Trabzonspor) > Denizlispor 2-year contract
    Adis Jahovic (Konyaspor) > Y. Malatyaspor
    Selçuk Şahin, Hakan Arıkan, Ahmet İlhan Özek & Bekir Yılmaz (all Gençlerbirliği) > unattached
    Sadio Diallo (Hatayspor) > Gençlerbirliği 2-year contract
    Michal Pazdan (Ankaragücü) > Gençlerbirliği
    Thiam Mame Baba (Ajman Club/UAE) > Kasimpasa 2+1-year contract
    Karim Hafez (Wadi Degla) > Kasimpasa loan (once again)
    Mesut Mestan (year of birth 1967) new chairman of Bursaspor (Judging ability & potential both 12)
    Ferhat Görgülü (Giresunspor) > Emmen 2-year contract
    İlker Püren new manager Manisa BB (Osmanlispor ass. manager in DB)
    Okan Baydemir (Menemen Bld) > Manisa BB
    Andrija Vukovic Sportmanship 15 fav. clubs: Hajduk & Balikesirspor, his fav. staff of Mustafa Bahceci
    Marcelo Goiano (SC Braga) > Sivasspor 2-year contract
    Aaron Appindangoye (Ümraniyespor ) > Sivasspor 2-year contract
    Create Turkey U17 international Murat Akşit (Pendikspor) > Y. Malatyaspor 3-year contract fav. club: Pendikspor CA 69 PA -1 Anticipation 11 Reflexes 11 Handling 11
    Veli Çetin (Menemen Bld) > Göztepe 2+1-year contract CA 110 PA 125, GK Beto is underrated excellent GK and member of Portugal NT CA at least 131 PA 134 (Star player)
    Atalay Babacan fav. club: Denizlispor fav staff: Alperen Babacan & Ozan Kabak (and vice versa)
    Alperen Babacan fav. club: Denizlispor fav staff: Atalay Babacan
    Vedat Muriqi fav. staff Erkan Sözeri
    Ugurcan Yazgili & Kerem Atakan Kesgin fav. staff vice versa
    Manager İlhan Palut extended his contract with Hatayspor

    Pierre-Yves Polomat (Saint-Etienne) > Gençlerbirliği 2-year conract
    Mehmet Topal leaves Fenerbahce after seven years
    Fredrik Gulbrandsen Salzburg > Medipol Başakşehir 3-year contract
    William Vainqueur Antalyaspor > Toulouse loan
    Engin Korukir new manager Kocaelispor
    Serdar Bozkurt (Sariyer) new manager Bandirmaspor
    Volkan Geyik (Amed Sportif Faaliyetler) > Kastamonuspor
    İbrahim Kaş (Eyüpspor) > Kastamonuspor
    Ergün Aytekin (Erzin Bld) new manager Nevsehir Bld.
    Gökhan Meral (Keciörengücü) > Samsunspor
    Abdurrahman Baysangur extends his contract with Konya Anadolu Selcukspor for another year
    Recep Yemişci (Altinordu) > Nigde Anadolu loan
    Ahmet Sabri Fener (Elazigspor) > unattached
    manager Sinan Yücer Youngsters 13
    Mehmet Alaeddinoğlu & Erdem Koçal (both Pendikspor)> Bayrampasa 2-year contracts
    Batuhan Artarslan leaves Trabzonspor
    Aias Aosman (Dinamo Dresden) > Adana Demirspor
    Abdou Razack Traore leaves Konyaspor
    Asim Metin (Bagcilar) > ASWH
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    Samet Akaydın (Sanliurfa) > Keciörengücü 2-year contract CA 90 PA 110
    Anıl Gir (Sultanbeyli Bld) > Fethiyespor CA 75 PA 90 Finishing 12 Pace 13 Longshots 11
    Taha Tunç (Pendik) > Trabzonspor 3-year contract CA 85 PA-1
    Doğan Erdoğan (LASK Linz) > Trabzonspor 3-year contract
    Merih Demiral & Abdülkadir Ömür each other's fav. staff
    Taha Can Velioğlu (Denizlispor) > Manisa BB 3-year contract
    Onur Bilgin (Nevsehir Bld.) > Kelkit Belediye Hürriyet Spor
    Aykut Güler (Görelespor/unattached in db) > Çubukspor
    Cüneyt Biçer new manager Turgutluspor
    Cengiz Bicer double delete the one at Gümüshanespor and assign the unattached one to Gümüshanespor (because of the history files) and raise CA to 80 and PA to 90
    Murat Özkaya new chairman Eyüpspor (dob unknown)
    Stephane Badji (Bursaspor) > Ludogorets Razgrad
    Santiago Vergini (Bursaspor) > San Lorenzo (Argentina)
    Furkan Soyalp (Bursaspor) > Basaksehir 4-year contract
    Alper Uludağ (Gençlerbirliği) > Konyaspor 2-year contract
    Manager Erkan Sözeri extended his contract with Giresunspor until June 2020
    Create headscout Özhan Pulat of Gaziantep Gazişehir FK CA 115 PA 135 (dob October 30,1984 fav. club Bursaspor) Judging ability 13 & potential 14
    Max Kruse (Werder Bremen) > Fenerbahce 3-year contract
    Ryan Babel (Fulham) > Galatasaray 3-year contract
    Adem Büyük (Yeni Malatyaspor) > Galatasaray 2-year contract
    create left footed centre back Valentine Ozornwafor (Enyimba) > Galatasaray 4-year contract CA 115 PA-1 (Already taken place on bench against Egypte) Stamina 14 Strength 15 Natural fitness 15 Pace 12 Heading 13 Jumping 17 Marking 12 Tackling 11 Positioning 12 Passing 12 Pressure 14 Technique 13 Adaptability 15 Left foot 20 right foot 10
    Abdoulaye Diallo (Rennes) > Gençlerbirliği 2-year contract
    Mykola Moroziuk (Dinamo Kiev) > Caykur Rizespor 2-year contract
    Fabien Farnolle extended his contract with Yeni Malatyaspor with another year

    Feyyaz Uçar new ass. manager Denizlispor
    Denizlispor coach Tolga Sayan > Tolga Sayin (name misspelled)
    Hüseyin Deniz new chairman Gebzespor fav. club Gebzespor
    Mehmet Erdem Uğurlu signed new two year contract with Gaziantep Gazisehir FK
    Ethem Sevinç (Kozan Bld) > Fethioyespor 2-year contract
    Muhammet Bayır (Osmanlispor) > unattached
    Michael Pereira (Yeni Malatya) > CFR Cluj
    Jasmin Trtovac (Novi Pazar) > Menemen Bld. 1+1 year contract upgrade CA to 95
    Ozan Kabak (Stuttgart) > Schalke 04 5 year contract
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    Former Chelsea midfielder and free agent John Obi Mikel has joined Turkish club Trabzonspor on a two-year deal with the option of a further year.

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    Jean-Michel Seri has left Fulham to join Galatasaray on a season-long loan

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    Essex, England
    1102, 1103, 1104, 1105, 1110, 1111

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    1106, 1107, 1108, 1109

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    Daniel Candeias has left Rangers and joined Turkish side Genclerbirligi on a two-year deal.

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