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    Club Selection

    Ok dunno how popular this is going to be but heres the doozy, if you had to pick a team from each playable nations in the game (Does not have to be a top team), who would it be and why

    Playable Leagues

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    Here's a starter for ten

    Argentina: Independiente (As the won the Metropolitano & finished 2nd in the Nacional in my year of birth 1983)

    Australia: This would be St. George Saints as they won the league in 1983, but as the club is not in the top league anymore it will have to be Newcastle United Jets (as I like planes and they have a plane on their crest)

    Belgium: Standard Liege (as they won the league in 1983)

    Brazil: Flamengo (as they won the league in 1983)

    Croatia: Hajduk Split (Highest placed Croatian team in 1983, finished 2nd behind Serbian club Partizan)

    Denmark: Lyngby (as they won the league in 1983)

    England: Chelsea (as they are the team I support)

    Finland: Ilves (as they won the league in 1983)

    France: Nantes (as they won the league in 1983)

    Germany: Hamburger SV (as they won the league in 1983)

    Greece: Olympiacos (as they won the league in 1983)

    Italy: Roma (as they won the league in 1983)

    Japan: Tokyo Verdy (as they won the league in 1983)

    Netherlands: Ajax (as they won the league in 1983)

    Northern Ireland: Glentoran (As they used to have a player called Chris Walker, which is my real name)

    Norway: Vålerenga (As they won the league in 1983)

    Poland: Lech Poznań (As they won the league in 1983)

    Portugal: Benfica (As they won the league in 1983)

    Republic of Ireland: Athlone Town (As they won the league in 1983)

    Russia: Spartak Moscow (As they were highest placed Russian team in the league in 1983)

    Scotland: Inverness CT (Dunno why, but I have always followed them)

    South Korea: Chunnam Dragons (As I have a fascination with myths & magic, Dragons being my favorite mythical creature)

    Spain: Athletic Bilbao (As they won the league in 1983)

    Sweden: IFK Göteborg (As they won the league in 1983)

    Turkey: Fenerbahçe (As they won the league in 1983)

    United States: Sporting KC (Dunno why they used to be called Kansas City Wizards & I have a fascination with myths &

    Wales: Airbus UK Broughton (As they have a plane on their crest)

    Sorry my reasons are not more inventive but it the way I chose team from other countries, apart for a few (e.g. Inverness CT, Chunnam Dragons, Glentoran & Sporting KC)
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    My entry. You will see that I generally go for teams with funny names or well known clubs.

    Argentina: Argentinos Juniors (Maradona's first club)

    Australia: Newcastle Jets (see England for reason)

    Belgium: Royal Antwerp (probably the first Belgian team I had heard of)

    Brazil: Santos (For Pele)

    Croatia: Hadjuk (couldn't name many others)

    Denmark: Brondby

    England: Newcastle United - the team I support and quite frankly the best team in the world

    Finland: Blackbird (Funny name)

    France: St Etienne ((quite like the romance of them doing well in the 80's on a budget!)

    Germany: Dortmund (I like their colours!)

    Greece: Olympiacos

    Italy: Inter Milan

    Japan: Nagoya Grampus 8 (don't even know if they are in game? Never managed in Japan!)

    Netherlands: Ajax (for the youth policy/success)

    Northern Ireland: Chimney Corner (Think it was probably an old update or an old FM where I played with them!)

    Norway: Molde (pronounced Mouldy in my mind!)

    Poland: GKS Katowice (from Are You the Next 4!)

    Portugal: Farense (had a decent holiday in Faro once!)

    Republic of Ireland: Cobh Ramblers (always thought that was a brilliant name since Keane came over)

    Russia: Tom (great name!)

    Scotland: Either of the Queens (Queens Park or Queen of the South. Funny names imo)

    South Korea: Could have been anyone as they are all sponsored by big corporations but I'm going for Suwon Samsung Bluewings purely for incorporating Samsumg AND Bluewings!

    Spain: Barcelona

    Sweden: Hammarby

    Turkey: Fenebache

    United States: New York Cosmos first or Vancouver Whitecaps as Peter Beardsley played for them.

    Wales: Airbus (there 's a runway behind their ground. What can be cooler than that?)

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    Argentina: Boca (Maradona's 2nd, favourite and last club)
    Australia: Sydney FC ("Il Pinturicchio" plays there ffs, why would anyone ever manage another club)
    Belgium: Club Brugge (Tom Høgli is there. Former Tromsø-player and the captain of Norway vs Scotland recently. Brilliant guy, has never put a foot wrong on a football pitch)
    Brazil: A. Mineiro (Been my fav club in Brazil for at least a decade. I cant remember why. They recently won Libertatores, with Ronaldinho. And i hate Cruzeiro)
    Croatia: --
    Denmark: --
    England: Leeds United (been a fan since they played in 2nd div. in the 80s)
    Finland: Is there a club in Jokkmokk?
    France: PSG (Used to be PSG on CM before they got stupidly wealthy, because a great city like Paris deserves a top club)
    Germany: Hamburger SV (The only city in Germany ive ever visited. Nice place! The biggest city in the EU (measured by inhabitants) that is not a capital, at least thats what im told)
    Greece: Panathinaikos (The norwegian midfielder maestro Erik 'Myggen' Mykland played there 3 yrs. The norwegian Pirlo. What a player he was..)
    Italy: Juventus (WC94. Roberto Baggio. What a player. Whats his club? Juventus? I like that club.)
    Japan: --
    Netherlands: Ajax (Amsterdam is one hell of a city!)
    Northern Ireland: --
    Norway: Tromsø (my home town)
    Poland: --
    Portugal: Porto (Cant explain why, or dont remember why, but ive always been them when playing in Portugal)
    Republic of Ireland: Bohemians (Cool name)
    Russia: Zenit (I would love to visit St. Petersburg)
    Scotland: Rangers (I like them because i hate Celtic)
    South Korea: --
    Spain: Atletico Madrid (They had a young striker named Fernando Torres once. He was almost impossible to get for some reason, so i started managing his club instead. Liked them ever since)
    Sweden: Djurgården (Høgmo)
    Turkey: -- (i hate everything about this country. Everyone who follows LUFC knows why)
    United States: --
    Wales: --

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    I don't have that many preferences..

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    Kraków, Poland
    Argentina: Boca Juniors ( Palermo & Riquelme of course )

    Australia: Wellington Phoenix (not exactly Australia but plays there so )

    Belgium: RFC La Calamine ( one of my clubs in CM longest career)

    Brazil: Vasco da Gama (Romario FTW!)

    Croatia: Hajduk Split (Played there in FM sometime ago )

    Denmark: FC Copenhagen (played there in CM sometime ago too )

    England: Arsenal (ODB Team was my first memory of english footall)

    Finland: FC Haka

    France: Paris FC

    Germany: Nope

    Greece: Ethnikos Asteras (Alexandros Papadopoulos )

    Italy: Juventus (Forza JUVE!)

    Japan: Nope

    Netherlands: VVV Venlo (also my longest career club)

    Northern Ireland: Glentoran Belfast

    Norway: Nope

    Poland: Cracovia Kraków, my hometown club

    Portugal: Sporting Lisbon

    Republic of Ireland: Shamrock Rovers

    Russia: Nope

    Scotland: Celtic

    South Korea: Nope

    Spain: FC Andorra

    Sweden: Nope

    Turkey: Nope

    United States: DC United

    Wales: Afan Lido

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    What an interesting question!
    Please bear in mind I have almost zero knowledge of football outside the game, I hope none of my choices are assosciated with any kind of Ultras.

    Argentina: Never played here, so no preference.

    Australia: Never played here, so no preference.

    Belgium: Never played here, but I would pick a team from the Luxembourg region, and sign loads of players from the Luxembourg country

    Brazil: Played here once, there is the national league and the regionals, I would find the least attended region and pick a team from there. THe only time I managed here I picked Bahia (I think) so small they let people watch for free.

    Croatia: Managed Vukovar, I think IRL they no longer exist.

    Denmark: Managed some lower league team here once, cant even remember who, if I do so again I will try to get as many Faroes as possible into the team.

    England: Portsmouth maybe, Havant & Waterlooville also.

    Finland: Never managed here

    France: Never managed here

    Germany: Never managed here

    Greece: Any team not on the mainland I suppose, and I could sign loads of Cypriots

    Italy: SAN MARINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Japan: Never managed here, often wanted to but the domestic league is very short

    Netherlands: Never managed here

    Northern Ireland: Linfield and Glentoran. Happy to manage any Belfast club to get better attendance, have managed Carrick, Glenovan, H&W, Cliftonville, Crusaders and Institute previously and happy to do so again.

    Norway: Never managed here, maybe a team as far north as possible

    Poland: Love Crakow so any team from there

    Portugal: My first ever CM2 game I picked the Scottish, Portuguese and Nederlands leagues. Picked Porto, got sacked after about a month, never been back.

    Republic of Ireland: Never managed here.

    Russia: Never managed here. Maybe a team as far east as possible, is there a Vladivostock Utd?

    Scotland: Queens park, to use the Glasgow attendance once in the top league

    South Korea: Never managed here, the team on that island with no attendance maybe, Jeju is it?

    Spain: Andorra! Also managed Barcelona C (previously) and Real Madrid C now Gijon, but actually I HATE SPAIN. I can't stand always having a team with no B team. Never managed a Basque team.

    Sweden: Never managed here

    Turkey: Never managed here, are there any Kurdish or Armenian teams?

    United States: did the florida team once. Seem to have gone bust.

    Wales: in the closed league I was Afan Lido and Port Talbot to boost each others attendance, also llanelli who have the best attendance overall and have been TNS and Cefn Druids too. Now using t3 is an open league and am UWIC Inter Cardiff with Bala and one other new team having the best gates, been to bala lake in real life too.

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    Argentina: Boca Juniors (Best team when i started watching football)

    Australia: Melbourne Victory

    Belgium: RSC Anderlecht

    Brazil: Corinthians

    Croatia: Diname Zagreb

    Denmark: Brondby

    England: Chelsea (Had a long save with them on ODB)

    Finland: Helsinki

    France: Lyon (Long save on ODB)

    Germany: FC Bayern (Favorite team)

    Greece: AEK Athens

    Italy: Juventus (Since ODB)

    Japan: Tokyo Verdy (Hulk played there)

    Netherlands: Ajax (Amazing youth)

    Northern Ireland: Glentoran

    Norway: Molde

    Poland: GKS Katowice (AYTN4)

    Portugal: Porto (Since CM 03/04)

    Republic of Ireland: Cork City

    Russia: CSKA Moscow

    Scotland: Celtic

    South Korea: Pohang Steelers

    Spain: FC Barcelona (For fun)

    Sweden: Malmö FF (Ibra)

    Turkey: Galatasaray

    United States: NY/NJ Metrostars

    Wales: Bangor City

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    Argentina: River Plate (don't know why, always liked them)

    Australia: Sydney FC (they got del Piero)

    Belgium: Standard Liege

    Brazil: Gremio

    Croatia: Dinamo Zagreb (played with them on cm)

    Denmark: Brondby

    England: Arsenal (always liked them for some reason)

    Finland: FC Haka (cool name)

    France: Lyon

    Germany: Gladbach (always liked them)

    Greece: Chania FC (SKALIDIS)

    Italy: Napoli (dunno why)

    Japan: Urawa Red Diamonds (cool name)

    Netherlands: Ajax (youth system, nice football)

    Northern Ireland: Don't have one, i tend to ignore NI

    Norway: Brann (flakes)

    Poland: Lech Poznan (they seemed to like the irish in poznan during the euros)

    Portugal: Sporting CP

    Republic of Ireland: Athlone Town (local team)

    Russia: Lokomotiv Moscow (cool name)

    Scotland: Celtic (everyone irish likes celtic)

    South Korea: Suwon Samsung Bluewings (awesome name)

    Spain: FC Barcelona (favourite team)

    Sweden: Malmo (zlatan!!!)

    Turkey: Trabzonspor (sister club of drogheda utd )

    United States: Real Salt Lake

    Wales: Can I have Swansea?

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    Swansea may be cheating a little , but if you cannot think of another one for Wales then Swansea is fine

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    Who to Manage?

    So ive decided after selling my tablet and stopped playing FMH14, ive decided to start a new game of cm and actually stick with, but im getting sick of being man united all the time, so can anyone recommend me a team to go with a little reason why like money, players etc, cheers .

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    man City, why? money and players etc

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    "Boavista Futebol Clube"

    - Start in Second Division B
    - 7 years >or< in the utter depths of spiraling bankruptcy hell
    - 30k stadium, albeit stands being constantly closed
    - absolute need to scavenge youth search and rummage through freebies
    - Challenge of re-awakening a semi-giant

    Good Luck!

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    Isn't Queens Park (Scottish team) one of the toughest jobs to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokahontas View Post
    "Boavista Futebol Clube"

    - Start in Second Division B
    - 7 years >or< in the utter depths of spiraling bankruptcy hell
    - 30k stadium, albeit stands being constantly closed
    - absolute need to scavenge youth search and rummage through freebies
    - Challenge of re-awakening a semi-giant

    Good Luck!
    + 1

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    Latest update nad... any club in Poland. For just one reason: even though Poland's in EU now it's still "only 5 non-Polish players" rule. So you'll find much easier to sell players abroad and make some money this way, BUT: will have to depend mostly on Polish players only. And they are rather... crap. No Pawel Brożek, Marcin Harasimowicz, Jaroslaw Swietochowski or any other legends among them Real challange. And also a satisfying one. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by colml View Post
    Poland: Lech Poznan (they seemed to like the irish in poznan during the euros)
    C'mon, man! who doesn't like the Irish in Poland? one of our most popular love ballad's title (and lyrics) says: "I love you as I love Ireland"

    And who the fuck knows why?

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    International management for a slight change of pace? can still manage a club at the same time to fill in the gaps between comps etc?

    Just a thought



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    Teams to manage

    Hello all, looked around on the boards and was surprised to not see this kind of post - I've played with my favorite team (Southampton) aswell as West Ham(awesome team to manage) , Liverpool (few buys and you are champions),Napoli (Seria A winners first season), Blackburn and Bournemouth (Both good for building a team to go in the prem with). Was wondering if anyone had any tips on some good teams to be on the new updated version?? I'm looking for....

    Preferred League: Any main League in Europe
    Financial information: Any, as long as it doesn't have any major debts.
    Expected position: Mid table or lower.
    Training/youth facilities: The higher, the better but I'm open for suggestions.

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    Sounds like Palace and Stoke are decent challenges in Prem

    I'm having fun with Swansea on one of my games

    for a real challenge go Queens Park in Scotland

    Maybe a French team as might be a challenge to get ahead of moneybags PSG and Monaco?

    Or maybe rebuild a Spanish team and try and topple Barca/Madrid - maybe go Valencia/Villareal?

    Dinamo Zagreb have a load of "Wonderkids"

    Wolfsburg or Schalke have good talents and can try and challenge Bayern/Dortmund

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    Cheers for the response. I think I might try this Queens Park challenge.

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    Sheffield, usually.
    Sheffield Wednesday are a good club to take over on the new update. They have a rather mediocre team but a lot of potential and a great base to start off with. I used non wibwob tactics and just missed out on the playoffs in first season...

    2002: 7th (Championship)
    2003: 2nd (Championship)
    2004: 10th (Premiership)
    2005: 5th (Premiership)
    2006: 4th (Premiership)
    2007: 1st (Premiership)
    2008: 4th (Premiership) + Champions League Winners
    2009: 1st (Premiership)

    All with realistic tactics, varying from 4141, 4411, 41311 depending on our playing squad. Macheda is doing the bizness up front for us now It's been very rewarding!

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    Newcastle are similar.

    They have a few decent players to get you started but a small squad that you can make your own in the first season.

    A nice choice in my latest game.

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    I've read that mentioned in another topic. What's the deal with them? Just low cash and an awful squad to try and improve kinda thing? Or is there something that doesn't meet the eye on first glance?

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    What team you talking about?

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