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Thread: The [9CF***] thread

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    The [9CF***] thread

    I'll keep this thread for the 9CF*** values.... post what you find in the normal offsets thread and I'll put the lists here for reference

    Leagues and Cups

    [9CF684] ASCII "RESERVE"
    [9CF728] ASCII "US_OPEN_CUP"
    [9CF790] ASCII "ASIAN_CUP"
    [9CF7E4] ASCII "the FINNISH_CUP"
    [9CF814] ASCII "the IRISH_GROUP_A"
    [9CF818] ASCII "the IRISH_GROUP_B"
    [9CF81C] ASCII "the IRISH_GROUP_C"
    [9CF820] ASCII "the IRISH_GROUP_D"
    [9CF824] ASCII "the IRISH_GROUP_E"
    [9CF844] ASCII "the IRISH_SUPER_CUP"
    [9CF864] ASCII "the POLISH_FA_CUP"
    [9CF878] ASCII "the GREEK_CUP"
    [9CF898] ASCII "the CROATIAN_CUP"
    [9CF8F8] ASCII "the TURKISH_CUP"
    [9CF934] ASCII "the RUSSIAN_CUP"
    edit, these were missing:
    [9CF938] - Italian C1 Super Cup
    [9CF93C] - Greek Super Cup
    [9CF940] - Croatian Super Cup
    [9CF944] - Polish Super Cup
    [9CF948] - Irish Presidents Cup
    [9CF94C] - Welsh Premier Division
    [9CF950] - Welsh League Cup
    [9CF954] - Welsh Cup
    [9CF958] - Welsh Premier Cup
    [9CF95C] - The Inter-American Cup
    [9CF960] - Welsh Lower Division
    [9CF9F8] - Korean Super Cup
    [9CF9FC] - Korean League Cup
    [9CFA00] - Korean League
    [9CFA04] - Korean FA Cup
    [9CF9B0] - Brazilian Santa Catarina State Championship
    [9CF9B4] - Brazilian Goiás State Championship
    [9CF9B8] - Brazilian Champions Cup
    [9CF9BC] - Brazilian Pernambuco State Championship
    [9CF9C0] - Brazilian Bahia State Championship
    [9CF9C4] - Brazilian Northeast Regional Cup
    [9CF9C8] - Brazilian Gaúcho Championship
    [9CF9CC] - Brazilian South-Minas Regional Cup
    [9CF9D0] - Brazilian Paraná State Championship
    [9CF9D4] - Brazilian Minas Gerais State Championship
    [9CF9D8] - Brazilian Rio-São Paulo Tournement
    [9CF9DC] - Brazilian Rio de Janeiro State Championship
    [9CF9E0] - Brazilian National Second Division
    [9CF9E4] - Brazilian São Paulo State Championship
    [9CF9E8] - Brazilian Cup
    [9CF9EC] - Brazilian National First Division
    [9CF9F0] - Irish Munster Senior Cup
    [9CF9F4] - Irish Leinster Senior Cup
    [9CF964] - confederations cup
    [9CF968] - Brazilian Bahia Lower Division
    [9CF96C] - Brazilian Central Lower Division
    [9CF970] - Brazilian Santa Catarina Lower Division
    [9CF974] - Brazilian Pernambuco Lower Division
    [9CF978] - Brazilian North Lower Division
    [9CF97C] - Brazilian Rio de Janeiro Lower Division
    [9CF980] - Brazilian Northeast Lower Division
    [9CF984] - Brazilian Goiás Lower Division
    [9CF988] - Brazilian Minas Gerais Lower Division
    [9CF98C] - Brazilian Paraná Lower Division
    [9CF990] - Brazilian Gaúcho Lower Division
    [9CF994] - Brazilian North State Championship
    [9CF998] - Brazilian Central State Championship
    [9CF99C] - Brazilian São Paulo Lower Division
    [9CF9A0] - Brazilian Central Regional Cup
    [9CF9A4] - Brazilian Northeast State Championship
    [9CF9A8] - Brazilian North Regional Cup
    [9CF9AC] - Brazilian National Third Division
    [9CF8FC] - turkish football writers' association cup
    [9CF8D0] - never set?
    [9CF8D4] - never set?
    [9CF828] - never set?
    [9CF82C] - Northern Irish Group A
    [9CF830] - Northern Irish Group B
    [9CF834] - Northern Irish Group C
    [9CF838] - Northern Irish Group D
    [9CF83C] - Irish League Cup
    [9CF270] - never set?
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    The [9CF***] thread


    00605144  |> 393D 00F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF200],EDI = "AFGHANISTAN"
    00605159  |> 393D 04F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF204],EDI = "ALBANIA"
    0060516E  |> 393D 08F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF208],EDI = "ALGERIA"
    00605183  |> 393D 0CF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF20C],EDI = "ANDORRA"
    00605198  |> 393D 10F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF210],EDI = "ANGOLA"
    006051AD  |> 393D 14F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF214],EDI = "ANTIGUA___BARBUDA"
    006051C2  |> 393D 18F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF218],EDI = "ARGENTINA"
    006051D7  |> 393D 1CF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF21C],EDI = "ARMENIA"
    006051EC  |> 393D 20F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF220],EDI = "ARUBA"
    00605201  |> 393D 24F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF224],EDI = "AUSTRALIA"
    00605216  |> 393D 28F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF228],EDI = "AUSTRIA"
    0060522B  |> 393D 2CF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF22C],EDI = "AZERBAIJAN"
    00605240  |> 393D 30F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF230],EDI = "THE_BAHAMAS"
    00605255  |> 393D 34F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF234],EDI = "BAHRAIN"
    0060526A  |> 393D 38F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF238],EDI = "BANGLADESH"
    0060527F  |> 393D 3CF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF23C],EDI = "BARBADOS"
    00605294  |> 393D 40F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF240],EDI = "BELARUS"
    006052A9  |> 393D 44F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF244],EDI = "BELGIUM"
    006052BE  |> 393D 48F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF248],EDI = "BELIZE"
    006052D3  |> 393D 4CF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF24C],EDI = "BENIN"
    006052E8  |> 393D 50F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF250],EDI = "BERMUDA"
    006052FD  |> 393D 54F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF254],EDI = "BOLIVIA"
    00605312  |> 393D 58F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF258],EDI = "BOSNIA_HERZEGOVINA"
    00605327  |> 393D 5CF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF25C],EDI = "BOTSWANA"
    0060533C  |> 393D 60F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF260],EDI = "BRAZIL"
    00605351  |> 393D 64F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF264],EDI = "BRUNEI_DARUSSALAM"
    00605366  |> 393D 68F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF268],EDI = "BULGARIA"
    0060537B  |> 393D 6CF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF26C],EDI = "BURKINO_FASO"
    00605390  |> 393D 74F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF274],EDI = "BURUNDI"
    006053BA  |> 393D 7CF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF27C],EDI = "CAMEROON"
    006053CF  |> 393D 80F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF280],EDI = "CANADA"
    006053E4  |> 393D 84F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF284],EDI = "CAPE_VERDE_ISLANDS"
    006053F9  |> 393D 88F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF288],EDI = "CAYMAN_ISLANDS"
    00605423  |> 393D 90F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF290],EDI = "CHAD"
    00605438  |> 393D 94F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF294],EDI = "CHILE"
    0060544D  |> 393D 98F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF298],EDI = "CHINA"
    00605462  |> 393D 9CF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF29C],EDI = "COLOMBIA"
    00605477  |> 393D A0F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2A0],EDI = "THE_CONGO"
    0060548C  |> 393D A4F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2A4],EDI = "COOK_ISLANDS"
    006054A1  |> 393D A8F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2A8],EDI = "COSTA_RICA"
    006054B6  |> 393D ACF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2AC],EDI = "CROATIA"
    006054CB  |> 393D B0F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2B0],EDI = "CUBA"
    006054E0  |> 393D B4F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2B4],EDI = "CYPRUS"
    006054F5  |> 393D B8F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2B8],EDI = "CZECH_REPUBLIC"
    0060550A  |> 393D BCF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2BC],EDI = "CZECHOSLOVAKIA"
    0060551F  |> 393D C0F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2C0],EDI = "DENMARK"
    00605534  |> 393D C4F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2C4],EDI = "DJIBOUTI"
    00605549  |> 393D C8F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2C8],EDI = "DOMINICA"
    00605573  |> 393D D0F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2D0],EDI = "EAST_GERMANY"
    00605588  |> 393D D4F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2D4],EDI = "ECUADOR"
    0060559D  |> 393D D8F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2D8],EDI = "EGYPT"
    006055C7  |> 393D E0F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2E0],EDI = "EL_SALVADOR"
    006055DC  |> 393D E4F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2E4],EDI = "ENGLAND",
    006055F1  |> 393D E8F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2E8],EDI = "EQUATORIAL_GUINEA"
    00605606  |> 393D ECF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2EC],EDI = "ESTONIA"
    0060561B  |> 393D F0F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2F0],EDI = "ETHIOPIA"
    00605630  |> 393D F4F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2F4],EDI = "FAROE_ISLANDS"
    00605645  |> 393D F8F29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2F8],EDI = "FIJI"
    0060565A  |> 393D FCF29C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2FC],EDI = "FINLAND"
    0060566F  |> 393D 00F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF300],EDI = "FRANCE"
    00605684  |> 393D 04F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF304],EDI = "FYR_OF_MACEDONIA"
    00605699  |> 393D 08F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF308],EDI = "GABON"
    006056AE  |> 393D 0CF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF30C],EDI = "THE_GAMBIA"
    006056C3  |> 393D 10F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF310],EDI = "GEORGIA"
    006056D8  |> 393D 14F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF314],EDI = "GERMANY"
    006056ED  |> 393D 18F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF318],EDI = "GHANA"
    00605702  |> 393D 1CF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF31C],EDI = "GREECE"
    00605717  |> 393D 20F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF320],EDI = "GRENADA"
    0060572C  |> 393D 24F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF324],EDI = "GUATEMALA"
    00605741  |> 393D 28F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF328],EDI = "GUINEA"
    00605756  |> 393D 2CF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF32C],EDI = "GUINEA_BISSAU"
    0060576B  |> 393D 30F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF330],EDI = "GUYANA"
    00605780  |> 393D 34F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF334],EDI = "HAITI"
    00605795  |> 393D 38F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF338],EDI = "HOLLAND"
    006057AA  |> 393D 3CF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF33C],EDI = "HONDURAS"
    006057BF  |> 393D 40F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF340],EDI = "HONG_KONG"
    006057D4  |> 393D 44F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF344],EDI = "HUNGARY"
    006057E9  |> 393D 48F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF348],EDI = "ICELAND"
    006057FE  |> 393D 4CF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF34C],EDI = "INDIA"
    00605813  |> 393D 50F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF350],EDI = "INDONESIA"
    00605828  |> 393D 54F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF354],EDI = "IRAN"
    0060583D  |> 393D 58F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF358],EDI = "IRAQ"
    00605852  |> 393D 5CF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF35C],EDI = "ISRAEL"
    00605867  |> 393D 60F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF360],EDI = "ITALY"
    0060587C  |> 393D 64F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF364],EDI = "IVORY_COAST"
    00605891  |> 393D 68F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF368],EDI = "JAMAICA"
    006058A6  |> 393D 6CF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF36C],EDI = "JAPAN"
    006058BB  |> 393D 70F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF370],EDI = "JORDAN"
    006058D0  |> 393D 74F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF374],EDI = "KAMPUCHEA"
    006058E5  |> 393D 78F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF378],EDI = "KAZAKHSTAN"
    006058FA  |> 393D 7CF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF37C],EDI = "KENYA"
    0060590F  |> 393D 80F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF380],EDI = "KUWAIT"
    00605924  |> 393D 84F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF384],EDI = "KYRGYZSTAN"
    00605939  |> 393D 88F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF388],EDI = "LAOS"
    0060594E  |> 393D 8CF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF38C],EDI = "LATVIA"
    00605963  |> 393D 90F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF390],EDI = "LEBANON"
    00605978  |> 393D 94F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF394],EDI = "LESOTHO"
    0060598D  |> 393D 98F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF398],EDI = "LIBERIA"
    006059A2  |> 393D 9CF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF39C],EDI = "LIBYA"
    006059B7  |> 393D A0F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3A0],EDI = "LIECHTENSTEIN"
    006059CC  |> 393D A4F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3A4],EDI = "LITHUANIA"
    006059E1  |> 393D A8F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3A8],EDI = "LUXEMBOURG"
    006059F6  |> 393D ACF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3AC],EDI = "MACAU"
    00605A0B  |> 393D B0F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3B0],EDI = "MADAGASCAR"
    00605A20  |> 393D B4F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3B4],EDI = "MALAWI"
    00605A35  |> 393D B8F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3B8],EDI = "MALAYSIA"
    00605A4A  |> 393D BCF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3BC],EDI = "MALDIVES"
    00605A5F  |> 393D C0F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3C0],EDI = "MALI"
    00605A74  |> 393D C4F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3C4],EDI = "MALTA"
    00605A89  |> 393D C8F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3C8],EDI = "MAURITANIA"
    00605A9E  |> 393D CCF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3CC],EDI = "MAURITIUS"
    00605AB3  |> 393D D0F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3D0],EDI = "MEXICO"
    00605AC8  |> 393D D4F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3D4],EDI = "MOLDOVA"
    00605ADD  |> 393D D8F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3D8],EDI = "MOROCCO"
    00605AF2  |> 393D DCF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3DC],EDI = "MOZAMBIQUE"
    00605B07  |> 393D E0F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3E0],EDI = "MYANMAR"
    00605B1C  |> 393D E4F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3E4],EDI = "NORTHERN_IRELAND"
    00605B31  |> 393D E8F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3E8],EDI = "NAMIBIA"
    00605B46  |> 393D ECF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3EC],EDI = "NEPAL"
    00605B70  |> 393D F4F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3F4],EDI = "NEW_ZEALAND"
    00605B85  |> 393D F8F39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3F8],EDI = "NICARAGUA"
    00605B9A  |> 393D FCF39C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF3FC],EDI = "NIGER"
    00605BAF  |> 393D 00F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF400],EDI = "NIGERIA"
    00605BC4  |> 393D 04F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF404],EDI = "NORTH_KOREA"
    00605BD9  |> 393D 08F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF408],EDI = "NORWAY"
    00605BEE  |> 393D 0CF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF40C],EDI = "OMAN"
    00605C03  |> 393D 10F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF410],EDI = "PAKISTAN"
    00605C18  |> 393D 14F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF414],EDI = "PALESTINE"
    00605C2D  |> 393D 18F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF418],EDI = "PANAMA"
    00605C42  |> 393D 1CF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF41C],EDI = "PAPUA_NEW_GUINEA"
    00605C57  |> 393D 20F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF420],EDI = "PARAGUAY"
    00605C6C  |> 393D 24F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF424],EDI = "PAYS_BASQUE"
    00605C81  |> 393D 28F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF428],EDI = "PERU"
    00605C96  |> 393D 2CF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF42C],EDI = "THE_PHILIPPINES"
    00605CAB  |> 393D 30F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF430],EDI = "POLAND"
    00605CC0  |> 393D 34F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF434],EDI = "PORTUGAL"
    00605CD5  |> 393D 38F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF438],EDI = "PUERTO_RICO"
    00605CEA  |> 393D 3CF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF43C],EDI = "QATAR"
    00605D14  |> 393D 44F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF444],EDI = "ROMANIA"
    00605D29  |> 393D 48F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF448],EDI = "RUSSIA"
    00605D3E  |> 393D 4CF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF44C],EDI = "RWANDA"
    00605D53  |> 393D 50F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF450],EDI = "SAN_MARINO"
    00605D68  |> 393D 54F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF454],EDI = "SAO_TOME___PRINCIPE"
    00605D7D  |> 393D 58F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF458],EDI = "SAUDI_ARABIA"
    00605D92  |> 393D 5CF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF45C],EDI = "SCOTLAND"
    00605DA7  |> 393D 60F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF460],EDI = "SENEGAL"
    00605DBC  |> 393D 64F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF464],EDI = "SEYCHELLES"
    00605DD1  |> 393D 68F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF468],EDI = "SIERRA_LEONE"
    00605DE6  |> 393D 6CF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF46C],EDI = "SINGAPORE"
    00605DFB  |> 393D 70F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF470],EDI = "SLOVAKIA"
    00605E10  |> 393D 74F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF474],EDI = "SLOVENIA"
    00605E25  |> 393D 78F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF478],EDI = "SOLOMON_ISLANDS"
    00605E3A  |> 393D 7CF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF47C],EDI = "SOMALIA"
    00605E4F  |> 393D 80F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF480],EDI = "SOUTH_AFRICA"
    00605E64  |> 393D 84F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF484],EDI = "SOUTH_KOREA"
    00605E79  |> 393D 88F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF488],EDI = "SPAIN"
    00605E8E  |> 393D 8CF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF48C],EDI = "SRI_LANKA"
    00605EA3  |> 393D 90F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF490],EDI = "ST_KITTS___NEVIS"
    00605EB8  |> 393D 94F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF494],EDI = "SAINT_LUCIA"
    00605ECD  |> 393D 98F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF498],EDI = "ST_VINCENT___THE_GRENADINES"
    00605EE2  |> 393D 9CF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF49C],EDI = "SUDAN"
    00605EF7  |> 393D A0F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4A0],EDI = "SURINAM"
    00605F0C  |> 393D A4F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4A4],EDI = "SWAZILAND"
    00605F21  |> 393D A8F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4A8],EDI = "SWEDEN"
    00605F36  |> 393D ACF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4AC],EDI = "SWITZERLAND"
    00605F4B  |> 393D B0F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4B0],EDI = "SYRIA"
    00605F60  |> 393D B4F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4B4],EDI = "TAHITI"
    00605F75  |> 393D B8F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4B8],EDI = "TAIWAN"
    00605F8A  |> 393D BCF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4BC],EDI = "TAJIKISTAN"
    00605F9F  |> 393D C0F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4C0],EDI = "TANZANIA"
    00605FB4  |> 393D C4F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4C4],EDI = "THAILAND"
    00605FC9  |> 393D C8F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4C8],EDI = "TIMOR"
    00605FDE  |> 393D CCF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4CC],EDI = "TOGO"
    00605FF3  |> 393D D0F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4D0],EDI = "TONGA"
    00606008  |> 393D D4F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4D4],EDI = "TRINIDAD___TOBAGO"
    0060601D  |> 393D D8F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4D8],EDI = "TUNISIA"
    00606032  |> 393D DCF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4DC],EDI = "TURKEY"
    00606047  |> 393D E0F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4E0],EDI = "TURKMENISTAN"
    0060605C  |> 393D E4F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4E4],EDI = "UNITED_ARAB_EMIRATES"
    00606071  |> 393D E8F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4E8],EDI = "SOVIET_UNION"
    00606086  |> 393D ECF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4EC],EDI = "UGANDA"
    0060609B  |> 393D F0F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4F0],EDI = "UKRAINE"
    006060B0  |> 393D F4F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4F4],EDI = "URUGUAY"
    006060C5  |> 393D F8F49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4F8],EDI = "UNITED_STATES"
    006060DA  |> 393D FCF49C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF4FC],EDI = "UZBEKISTAN"
    006060EF  |> 393D 00F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF500],EDI = "VANUATU"
    00606104  |> 393D 04F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF504],EDI = "VENEZUELA"
    00606119  |> 393D 08F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF508],EDI = "VIETNAM"
    0060612E  |> 393D 0CF59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF50C],EDI = "WEST_GERMANY"
    00606143  |> 393D 10F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF510],EDI = "WALES"
    00606158  |> 393D 14F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF514],EDI = "WESTERN_SAMOA"
    0060616D  |> 393D 18F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF518],EDI = "YEMEN"
    00606182  |> 393D 1CF59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF51C],EDI = "YUGOSLAVIA"
    00606197  |> 393D 20F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF520],EDI = "ZAIRE"
    006061AC  |> 393D 24F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF524],EDI = "ZAMBIA"
    006061C1  |> 393D 28F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF528],EDI = "ZIMBABWE"
    006061D6  |> 393D 2CF59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF52C],EDI = "AMERICAN_SAMOA"
    006061EB  |> 393D 30F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF530],EDI = "NEW_CALEDONIA"
    00606200  |> 393D 34F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF534],EDI = "BRITISH_VIRGIN_ISLANDS"
    00606215  |> 393D 38F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF538],EDI = "TURKS_AND_CAICOS_ISLANDS"
    0060622A  |> 393D 3CF59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF53C],EDI = "US_VIRGIN_ISLANDS"
    0060623F  |> 393D 40F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF540],EDI = "ANGUILLA"
    00606254  |> 393D 44F59C00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[9CF544],EDI = "MONTSERRAT"

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    Can someone move this to the [9CF***] thread? Thanks

    [9CFA1C] = South America (0x9d9420)
    [9CFA18] = Oceania (0x9d9430)
    [9CFA14] = North America (0x9d9438)
    [9CFA10] = Europe (0x9d9448)
    [9CFA0C] = Asia (0x9d9450)
    [9CFA08] = Africa (0x9d9458)

    2nd offset it the address where the name is stored - you could use that to rename the continents, although you would need to edit the data to match.

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    All the 'hard-coded' clubs I can find. Value at the end of each line is the location where the name is stored.

    Some clubs have two names, the exe checks for both - I assume this was to allow the exe to work with different data, e.g. 00/01 data and 01/02 data.

    006146CC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00A4],EDI "MLS All Stars East" 009E1F08
    006146E9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00A8],EDI "MLS All Stars West" 009E1EF4
    00614706 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00AC],EDI "River Plate" 009E1EE8
    00614723 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00B0],EDI "Vélez Sarsfield" 009E1ED8
    00614740 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00B4],EDI "Independiente" 009E1EC8
    0061475D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00B8],EDI "Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza" 009E1EA4
    0061477A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00BC],EDI "Racing de Córdoba" 009E1E90
    00614797 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00C0],EDI "Villa Mitre de Bahía Blanca" 009E1E74
    006147B4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00C4],EDI "Argentino de Rosario" 009E1E5C
    006147D1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00C8],EDI "Temperley" 009E1E50
    006147EE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00CC],EDI "Lanús" 009E1E48
    0061480B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00D0],EDI "Boca Juniors" 009E1E38
    00614828 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00D4],EDI "Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata" 009E1E18
    00614845 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00D8],EDI "San Lorenzo de Almagro" 009E1E00
    00614862 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00DC],EDI "Argentinos Juniors" 009E1DEC
    0061487F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00E0],EDI "Rosario Central" 009E1DDC
    0061489C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00E4],EDI "Newell's Old Boys" 009E1DC8
    006148B9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00E8],EDI "Racing Club" 009E1DBC
    006148D6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00EC],EDI "Colón" 009E1DA8
    006148F3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00F0],EDI "Platense" 009E1D9C
    00614910 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00F4],EDI "Ferro Carril Oeste" 009E1D88
    0061492D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00F8],EDI "Estudiantes de La Plata" 009E1D70
    0061494A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00FC],EDI "Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy" 009E1D54
    00614967 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0100],EDI "Unión de Santa Fé" 009E1D40
    00614984 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0104],EDI "Huracán" 009E1D38
    006149A1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0108],EDI "Talleres de Córdoba" 009E1D24
    006149BE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D010C],EDI "Belgrano de Córdoba" 009E1D10
    006149DB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0110],EDI "Arsenal" 009E1D08
    006149F8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0114],EDI "Crystal Palace" 009E1CF8
    00614A15 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0118],EDI "Glasgow Celtic" 009E1CE8
    00614A32 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D011C],EDI "Glasgow Rangers" 009E1CD8
    00614A4F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0120],EDI "Athletic Club de Bilbao" 0098E568
    00614A6C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0124],EDI "C.D. Alavés" 0098E58C
    00614A89 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0128],EDI "Real Sociedad C.F." 0098E3C8
    00614AA6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D012C],EDI "Atlético de Madrid" 0098E2C4
    00614AC3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0130],EDI "Atlético de Madrid B" 009E1CC0
    00614AE0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0134],EDI "Athletic Club de Bilbao B" 009E1CA4
    00614AFD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0138],EDI "F.C. Barcelona" 0098E540
    00614B1A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D013C],EDI "F.C. Barcelona B" 009E1C90
    00614B37 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0140],EDI "Real Valladolid" 0098E34C
    00614B54 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0144],EDI "Real Valladolid B" 009E1C7C
    00614B71 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0148],EDI "Málaga C.F." 0098E47C
    00614B8E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D014C],EDI "Málaga C.F. B" 009E1C6C
    00614BAB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0150],EDI "Real Betis Balompié" 0098E520
    00614BC8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0154],EDI "Real Betis Balompié B" 009E1C54
    00614BE5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0158],EDI "Real Club Celta de Vigo" 0098E4FC
    00614C02 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D015C],EDI "Real Club Celta de Vigo B" 009E1C38
    00614C1F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0160],EDI "Deportivo de La Coruña" 0098E4D8
    00614C3C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0164],EDI "Deportivo de La Coruña B" 009E1C1C
    00614C59 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0168],EDI "R.C.D. Espanyol" 0098E4B8
    00614C76 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D016C],EDI "R.C.D. Espanyol B" 009E1C08
    00614C93 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0170],EDI "C.D. Logroñés" 009E1BF8
    00614CB0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0174],EDI "C.D. Logroñés B" 009E1BE8
    00614CCD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0178],EDI "R.C.D. Mallorca" 0098E460
    00614CEA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D017C],EDI "R.C.D. Mallorca B" 009E1BD4
    00614D07 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0180],EDI "Club Atlético Osasuna" 0098E438
    00614D24 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0184],EDI "Club Atlético Osasuna B" 009E1BBC
    00614D41 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0188],EDI "Real Oviedo C.F." 0098E0FC
    00614D5E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D018C],EDI "Real Oviedo C.F. B" 009E1BA8
    00614D7B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0190],EDI "Real Madrid C.F." 0098E3EC
    00614D98 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0194],EDI "Real Madrid C.F. B" 009E1B94
    00614DB5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0198],EDI "Sevilla C.F." 0098E3A8
    00614DD2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D019C],EDI "Sevilla C.F. B" 009E1B84
    00614DEF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01A0],EDI "Real Sociedad C.F. B" 009E1B6C
    00614E0C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01A4],EDI "Instituto de Córdoba" 009E1B54
    00614E29 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01A8],EDI "San Martín de San Juan" 009E1B3C
    00614E46 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01AC],EDI "Gimnasia y Tiro de Salta" 009E1B20
    00614E63 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01B0],EDI "Atlético Rafaela" 009E1B0C
    00614E80 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01B4],EDI "San Martín de Tucumán" 009E1AF4
    00614E9D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01B8],EDI "Almirante Brown de Arrecifes" 009E1AD4
    00614EBA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01BC],EDI "Atlético Tucumán" 009E1AC0
    00614ED7 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01C0],EDI "Olimpo de Bahía Blanca" 009E1AA8
    00614EF4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01C4],EDI "Huracán de Corrientes" 009E1A90
    00614F11 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01C8],EDI "Aldosivi" 009E1A84
    00614F2E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01CC],EDI "Cipolletti de Río Negro" 009E1A6C
    00614F4B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01D0],EDI "San Martín de Mendoza" 009E1A54
    00614F68 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01D4],EDI "Douglas Haig" 009E1A44
    00614F85 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01D8],EDI "Gimnasia y Esgrima de Concepción del Uruguay" 009E1A14
    00614FA2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01DC],EDI "Juventud Antoniana de Salta" 009E19F8
     006152B1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01E0],EDI "Godoy Cruz de Mendoza" 009E19E0
    * also: "Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba" 009E19C4
    00614FEB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01E4],EDI "Banfield" 009E19B8
    00615008 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01E8],EDI "Los Andes" 009E19AC
    00615025 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01EC],EDI "Quilmes" 009E19A4
    00615042 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01F0],EDI "Central Córdoba de Rosario" 009E1988
    0061505F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01F4],EDI "Chacarita Juniors" 009E1974
    0061507C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01F8],EDI "All Boys" 009E1968
    00615099 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D01FC],EDI "San Miguel" 009E195C
    006150B6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0200],EDI "Nueva Chicago" 009E194C
    006150D3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0204],EDI "Defensa y Justicia" 009E1938
    006150F0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0208],EDI "Arsenal de Sarandí" 009E1924
    0061510D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D020C],EDI "Huracán de Tres Arroyos" 009E190C
    0061512A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0210],EDI "Defensores de Belgrano" 009E18F4
    00615147 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0214],EDI "Deportivo Morón" 009E18E4
    00615164 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0218],EDI "Estudiantes de Buenos Aires" 009E18C8
    00615181 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D021C],EDI "Almagro" 009E18C0
    0061519E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0220],EDI "Atlanta" 009E18B8
    006151BB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0224],EDI "Deportivo Español" 009E18A4
    006151D8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0228],EDI "El Porvenir" 009E1898
    006151F5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D022C],EDI "Tigre" 009E1890
    00615212 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0230],EDI "Middlesbrough" 009E1880
    006152A9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0234],EDI "Newcastle United" 009E186C
    *also "Newcastle" 009E1860
    00615253 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0238],EDI "Sunderland" 009E1854
    0061526D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D023C],EDI "Aston Villa" 009E1848
    00615287 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0240],EDI "Manchester United" 009E1834
    006152A1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0244],EDI "Liverpool" 009E1828
    006152C9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0248],EDI "Everton" 009E1820
    006152E6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D024C],EDI "Tottenham Hotspur" 009E180C
    00615303 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0250],EDI "Chelsea" 009E1804
    00615320 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0254],EDI "Valencia C.F." 0098E36C
    0061533D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0258],EDI ASCII "Valencia C.F. B" 009E17F4
    0061535A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0260],EDI ASCII "Southampton" 009E17E8
    00615377 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D025C],EDI "Brighton and Hove Albion" 009E17CC
    00615394 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0264],EDI "AS Monaco" 009E17C0
    006153B1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0268],EDI "FC Metz" 009E17B8
    006153CE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D026C],EDI "Cruzeiro Esporte Clube" 009E17A0
    006153EB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0270],EDI "São Paulo Futebol Clube" 0098A46C
    00615408 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0274],EDI "Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras" 0098A4F0
    00615425 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0278],EDI "Sport Club Corinthians Paulista" 0098A2A8
    006157BA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D027C],EDI "Gremio Foot Ball Porto Alegre" 009E1780
    *also "Grêmio Foot Ball Porto-Alegrense" 009E175C
    *also "Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto-Alegrense" 0098A304
    00615484 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0354],EDI "Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama" 009E173C
    006154A1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0280],EDI "Club Social y Deportivo Colo Colo" 009E1718
    006157B2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0284],EDI " Chile" 009E1708
    *also "Univ. de Chile" 009E16F8
    *also "Corporación de Fútbol de la Universidad de Chile" 009E16C4
    *also "Club de Fútbol de la Universidad de Chile" 009E1698
    006157AA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0288],EDI "Univ.Catolica" 009E1688
    *also "Universidad Catolica" 009E1670
    *also "Club Deportivo Universidad Católica" 009E164C
    006157A2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D028C],EDI "Club Nacional de Fútbol" 009E1634
    *also "Nacional Montevideo" 009E1620
    0061579A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0290],EDI "Olimpia" 009E1618
    *also "Club Olimpia" 009E1608
    00615792 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0294],EDI "Cerro Porteño" 009E15F8
    *also "Club Cerro Porteño" 009E15E4
    0061578A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0358],EDI "Clube de Regatas Flamengo" 009E15C8
    *also "Clube de Regatas do Flamengo" 0098A2E4
    00615782 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0298],EDI "Club Atlético Peñarol" 009E15B0
    *also "Penarol" 009E15A8
    00615634 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D029C],EDI "Elgin City" 009E159C
    00615651 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02A0],EDI "Peterhead" 009E1590
    0061566E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CDC],EDI "1.FC Kaiserslautern" 009E157C
    0061577A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63C9C],EDI "1.FC Kaiserslautern Amateure" 009E155C
    *also "1.FC Kaiserslautern (A)" 009E1544
    006156B7 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CBC],EDI "Bayer 04 Leverkusen" 009E1530
    00615772 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CA0],EDI "Bayer Leverkusen Amateure" 009E1514
    *also "Bayer Leverkusen (A)" 009E14FC
    "Bayer 04 Leverkusen U21" 009E14E4
    0061576A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CE8],EDI "Borussia Dortmund" 009E14D0
    *also "BV Borussia Dortmund" 009E14B8
    00615762 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CAC],EDI "Borussia Dortmund Amateure" 009E149C
    *also "Borussia Dortmund (A)" 009E1484
    0061575A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CD8],EDI "FC Bayern München" 009E1470
    0061683D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CD0],EDI "Bayern München Amateure" 009E1458
    *also "FC Bayern München Amateure" 009E143C
    006157FE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CB4],EDI "FC St. Pauli" 009E142C
    00616835 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CB0],EDI "FC St. Pauli Amateure" 009E1414
    *also "FC St. Pauli (A)" 009E1400
    00615847 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CD4],EDI "Hamburger SV" 009E13F0
    0061682D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CA8],EDI "Hamburger SV Amateure" 009E13D8
    *also "Hamburger SV (A)" 009E13C4
    00615890 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CE4],EDI "Hertha BSC Berlin" 009E13B0
    00616825 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CEC],EDI "Hertha BSC Amateure" 009E139C
    *also "Hertha BSC (A)" 009E138C
    006158D9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CF0],EDI "Karlsruher SC" 009E137C
    0061681D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CF8],EDI "Karlsruher SC Amateure" 009E1364
    *also ASCII "Karlsruher SC (A)" 009E1350
    *also "Karlsruher SC II" 009E133C
    00615938 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CC0],EDI "SV Werder Bremen" 009E1328
    00616815 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63D00],EDI "SV Werder Bremen Amateure" 009E130C
    *also "SV Werder Bremen (A)" 009E12F4
    0061680D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CC8],EDI "TSV München 1860" 009E12E0
    *also "TSV 1860 München"  009E12CC
    00616805 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CCC],EDI "TSV München 1860 Amateure" 009E12B0
    *also "TSV 1860 München Amateure" 009E1294
    006159D9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CE0],EDI "Tennis Borussia Berlin" 009E127C
    006167FD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CB8],EDI "Tennis Borussia Amateure" 009E1260
    *also "Tennis Borussia (A)" 009E124C
    *also "Tennis Borussia Berlin II" 009E1230
    00615A38 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CC4],EDI "VfB Stuttgart" 009E1220
    006167F5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CF4],EDI "VfB Stuttgart Amateure" 009E1208
    *also "VfB Stuttgart (A)" 009E11F4
    00615A81 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CFC],EDI "VfL Bochum" 009E11E8
    006167ED MOV DWORD PTR DS:[0B63CA4],EDI "VfL Bochum Amateure" 009E11D4
    *also "VfL Bochum (A)" 009E11C4
    00615ACA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02A4],EDI "Eintracht Frankfurt" 009E11B0
    006167E5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02A8],EDI "Eintracht Frankfurt Amateure" 009E1190
    *also "Eintracht Frankfurt (A)" 009E1178
    00615B13 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02AC],EDI "FC Hansa Rostock" 009E1164
    006167DD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02B0],EDI "FC Hansa Rostock Amateure" 009E1148
    *also "FC Hansa Rostock (A)" 009E1130
    00615B5C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02B4],EDI "FC Schalke 04" 009E1120
    006167D5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02B8],EDI "FC Schalke 04 Amateure" 009E1108
    *also "FC Schalke 04 Amateure" 009E1108
    00615BA5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02BC],EDI "SG Wattenscheid 09" 009E10E0
    006167CD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02C0],EDI "SG Wattenscheid 09 Amateure" 009E10C4
    *also "SG Wattenscheid 09 (A)" 009E10AC
    *also "SG Wattenscheid 09 II" 009E1094
    00615C04 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02C4],EDI "Sport Lisboa e Benfica" 009E107C
    00615C21 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02C8],EDI "Sport Lisboa e Benfica B" 009E1060
    00615C3E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02CC],EDI "Sporting Clube de Braga" 009E1048
    00615C5B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02D0],EDI "Sporting Clube de Braga B" 009E102C
    00615C78 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02D4],EDI "Clube Sport Marítimo" 009E1014
    00615C95 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02D8],EDI "Clube Sport Marítimo B" 009E0FFC
    00615CB2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02DC],EDI "Futebol Clube do Porto" 009E0FE4
    00615CCF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02E0],EDI "Futebol Clube do Porto B" 009E0FC8
    00615CEC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02E4],EDI "S.D. Éibar" 0098E250
    00615D09 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02E8],EDI "Amurrio C.F." 009E0FB8
    00615D26 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02EC],EDI "C.D. Aurrerá Vitoria" 009E0FA0
    00615D43 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02F0],EDI "Barakaldo C.F." 009E0F90
    00615D60 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02F4],EDI "S.D. Beasaín" 009E0F80
    00615D7D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02F8],EDI "Bermeo Club" 009E0F74
    00615D9A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D02FC],EDI "Gernika Club" 009E0F64
    00615DB7 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0304],EDI "S.D. Lemona" 009E0F58
    00615DD4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0308],EDI "Elgoibar C.D." 009E0F48
    006167C5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D030C],EDI "Hernani C.D." 009E0F38
    *also "C.D. Hernani" 009E0F28
    00615E1D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0310],EDI "Zalla U.C." 009E0F1C
    00615E3A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0314],EDI "Cultural Durango" 009E0F08
    00615E57 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0318],EDI "S.D. Amorebieta" 009E0EF8
    00615E74 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D031C],EDI "Arenas Getxo Bilbao" 009E0EE4
    00615E91 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0320],EDI "Aurrerá Ondarroa C.D." 009E0ECC
    00615EAE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0324],EDI "Baskonia C.D." 009E0EBC
    00615ECB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0328],EDI "S.D. Éibar B" 009E0EAC
    006167BD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D032C],EDI "U.D. San Pedro" 009E0E9C
    *also "San Pedro U.D." 009E0E8C
    00615F14 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0330],EDI "Santurtzi C.D." 009E0E7C
    00615F31 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0334],EDI "Sestao River Club" 009E0E68
    00615F4E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0338],EDI "Tolosa C.F." 009E0E5C
    00615F6B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D033C],EDI "Coritiba Football Club" 0098A664
    00615F88 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0340],EDI "Santos Futebol Clube" 0098A4BC
    00615FA5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0344],EDI "Sport Club do Recife" 0098A4A4
    006167B2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0348],EDI "Associação Portugesa de Desportos" 009E0E38
    *also Associação Portuguesa de Desportos 009E0E14
    00615FEE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0350],EDI "Clube Atlético Mineiro" 0098A70C
    0061600B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0354],EDI "Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama" 009E173C
    00616028 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0358],EDI "Clube de Regatas Flamengo" 009E15C8
    00616045 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D035C],EDI "Sport Club Internacional" 0098A7C0
    00616062 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0360],EDI "Esporte Clube Vitória" 0098A800
    006167A7 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0364],EDI "Botafogo Futebol Clube" 009E0DFC
    *also "Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas" 0098A58C
    006160AB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0368],EDI "Clube Atlético Paranaense" 0098A2C8
    006160C8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D036C],EDI "Associação Atlética Ponte Preta" 0098A484
    006160E5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0370],EDI "Esporte Clube Juventude" 0098A7A8
    00616102 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0374],EDI "Guarani Futebol Clube" 009E0DE4
    0061611F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0378],EDI "Paraná Clube" 0098A6A4
    0061613C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D037C],EDI "Chicago Fire" 009E0DD4
    00616159 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0380],EDI "Miami Fusion FC" 009E0DC4
    00616176 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0384],EDI "Washington DC United" 009E0DAC
    00616193 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0388],EDI "Tampa Bay Mutiny" 009E0D98
    0061679C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D038C],EDI "San Jose Earthquakes" 009E0D80
    *also "San Jose Clash" 009E0D70
    006161DC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0390],EDI "New England Revolution" 009E0D58
    00616791 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0394],EDI "NY/NJ Metrostars" 009E0D44
    *also "NY-NJ Metrostars" 009E0D30
    *also "NYNJ Metrostars" 009E0D20
    0061623B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0398],EDI "Los Angeles Galaxy" 009E0D0C
    00616258 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D039C],EDI "Kansas City Wizards" 009E0CF8
    00616275 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03A0],EDI "Dallas Burn" 009E0CEC
    00616292 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03A4],EDI "Columbus Crew" 009E0CDC
    006162AF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03A8],EDI "Colorado Rapids" 009E0CCC
    006162CC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03AC],EDI "Albacete Balompié" 0098E2E8
    006162E9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03B0],EDI "Albacete Balompié B" 009E0CB8
    00616306 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03B4],EDI "C.D. Badajoz" 0098E29C
    00616323 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03B8],EDI "C.D. Badajoz B" 009E0CA8
    00616340 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03BC],EDI "C.D. Leganés" 0098E19C
    0061635D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03C0],EDI "C.D. Leganés B" 009E0C98
    0061637A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03C4],EDI "C.D. Tenerife" 0098E38C
    00616397 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03C8],EDI "C.D. Tenerife B" 009E0C88
    006163B4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03CC],EDI "C.P. Mérida" 009E0C7C
    00616786 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03D0],EDI "C.P. Mérida B" 009E0C6C
    *also "C.P. Mérida Promesas" 009E0C54
    006163FD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03D4],EDI "Deportivo Alavés B" 009E0C40
    0061641A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03D8],EDI "Extremadura C.F." 0098E1F8
    00616437 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03DC],EDI "Extremadura C.F. B" 009E0C2C
    00616454 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03E0],EDI "Racing Club de Santander" 0098E0D4
    00616471 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03E4],EDI "Racing Club de Santander B" 009E0C10
    0061648E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03E8],EDI "Rayo Vallecano de Madrid" 0098E410
    006164AB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03EC],EDI "Rayo Vallecano de Madrid B" 009E0BF4
    006164C8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03F0],EDI "Real Murcia C.F." 0098E160
    006164E5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03F4],EDI "Real Murcia C.F. B" 009E0BE0
    00616502 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03F8],EDI "Real Sporting de Gijón" 0098E064
    0061651F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D03FC],EDI "Real Sporting de Gijón B" 009E0BC4
    0061653C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0400],EDI "Real Zaragoza" 0098E30C
    00616559 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0404],EDI "Real Zaragoza B" 009E0BB4
    00616576 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0408],EDI "S.D. Compostela" 009E0BA4
    00616593 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D040C],EDI "S.D. Compostela B" 009E0B90
    006165B0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0410],EDI "U.D. Las Palmas" 0098E498
    006165CD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0414],EDI "U.D. Las Palmas B" 009E0B7C
    006165EA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0418],EDI "U.D. Salamanca" 0098E08C
    00616607 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D041C],EDI "U.D. Salamanca B" 009E0B68
    0061677B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0420],EDI "Galatasaray" 009E0B5C
    *also "Galatasaray SK" 009E0B4C
    00616770 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0424],EDI "BJK Besiktas" 009E0B3C
    *also "Besiktas JK" 009E0B30
    00616765 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0428],EDI "Fenerbaçhe" 009E0B24
    *also "Fenerbaçhe SK" 009E0B14
    006166A8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D042C],EDI "General Paz Juniors de Córdoba" 009E0AF4
    006166C5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0430],EDI "Swansea City" 009E0AE4
    006166E2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0434],EDI "Cardiff City" 009E0AD4
    006166FF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0438],EDI "Merthyr Tydfil" 009E0AC4
    0061671C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D043C],EDI "Wrexham" 009E0ABC
    00616739 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0440],EDI "Sporting Clube De Portugal" 009E0AA0
    0061675A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0444],EDI "Sporting Clube De Portugal B" 009E0A80
    00616855 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0448],EDI "Arminia Bielefeld" 009E0A6C
    00616F0C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D044C],EDI "Arminia Bielefeld Amateure" 009E0A50
    *also "Arminia Bielefeld II" 009E0A38
    0061689C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0450],EDI "FC Energie Cottbus" 009E0A24
    00616F03 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0454],EDI "FC Energie Cottbus Amateure" 009E0A08
    *also "FC Energie Cottbus II" 009E09F0
    006168E3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0458],EDI "MSV Duisburg" 009E09E0
    006168FE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D045C],EDI "MSV Duisburg Amateure" 009E09C8
    00616919 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0460],EDI "Hannover 96" 009E09BC
    00616934 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0464],EDI "Hannover 96 Amateure" 009E09A4
    0061694F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0468],EDI "1.FC Köln" 009E0998
    00616EFA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D046C],EDI "1.FC Köln Amateure" 009E0984
    *also "1.FC Köln U23" 009E0974
    00616EF1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0470],EDI "Borussia M'gladbach" 009E0960
    *also "Borussia Mgladbach" 009E094C
    006169C2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0474],EDI "Bor. M'gladbach Amateure" 009E0930
    006169DD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0478],EDI "1.FC Nürnberg" 009E0920
    006169F8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D047C],EDI "1.FC Nürnberg Amateure" 009E0908
    00616EE8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0480],EDI "Rot-Weiss Oberhausen" 009E08F0
    *also "Rot-Weiß Oberhausen" 009E08DC
    00616A3F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0484],EDI "RW Oberhausen Amateure" 009E08C4
    00616A5A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0488],EDI "SC Freiburg" 009E08B8
    00616A75 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D048C],EDI "SC Freiburg Amateure" 009E08A0
    00616A90 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0490],EDI "1.FC Saarbrücken" 009E088C
    00616EDF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0494],EDI "1.FC Saarbrücken Amaeteure" 009E0870
    *also "1.FC Saarbrücken II" 009E085C
    00616AD7 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0498],EDI "SSV Ulm 1846" 009E084C
    00616ED6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D049C],EDI "SSV Ulm 1846 Amateure" 009E0834
    *also "SSV Ulm 1846 II" 009E0824
    00616B1E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04A0],EDI "SpVgg Unterhaching" 009E0810
    00616ECD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04A4],EDI "SpVgg Unterhaching Amateure" 009E07F4
    *also "SpVgg Unterhaching II" 009E07DC
    00616B65 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04A8],EDI "VfB Leipzig" 009E07D0
    00616EC4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04AC],EDI "VfB Leipzig Amateure" 009E07B8
    *also "VfB Leipzig II" 009E07A8
    00616BAC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04B0],EDI "VfL Wolfsburg" 009E0798
    00616BC7 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04B4],EDI "VfL Wolfsburg Amateure" 009E0780
    00616BE2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04B8],EDI "C.D. Castellón" 009E0770
    00616BFD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04BC],EDI "C.D. Castellón B" 009E075C
    00616C18 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04C0],EDI "C.D. Badajoz" 0098E29C
    00616C33 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04C4],EDI "C.D. Badajoz B" 009E0CA8
    00616C4E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04C8],EDI "C.D. Logroñés" 009E1BF8 *********duplicate
    00616C69 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04CC],EDI "C.D. Logroñés B" 009E1BE8 *********duplicate
    00616C84 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04D0],EDI "C.D. Ourense" 009E074C
    00616C9F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04D4],EDI "C.D. Ourense B" 009E073C
    00616CBA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04D8],EDI "Córdoba C.F." 0098E268
    00616CD5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04DC],EDI "Córdoba C.F. B" 009E072C
    00616CF0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04E0],EDI "Cultural Leonesa" 009E0718
    00616D0B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04E4],EDI "Cultural Leonesa B" 009E0704
    00616D26 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04E8],EDI "Elche C.F." 0098E218
    00616D41 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04EC],EDI "Elche C.F. B" 009E06F4
    00616D5C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04F0],EDI "Levante U.D." 0098E180
    00616D77 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04F4],EDI "Levante U.D. B" 009E06E4
    00616D92 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04F8],EDI "Real Uniòn de Irún" 009E06D0
    00616DAD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D04FC],EDI "Real Uniòn de Irún B" 009E06B8
    00616DC8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0500],EDI "Recreativo de Huelva" 0098E0AC
    00616DE3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0504],EDI "Recreativo de Huelva B" 009E06A0
    00616DFE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0508],EDI "Fortuna Düsseldorf" 009E068C
    00616E19 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D050C],EDI "Fortuna Düsseldorf ii" 009E0674
    00616E34 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0510],EDI "sg hoechst" 009E0668
    00616E4F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0514],EDI "sg hoechst ii" 009E0658
    00616E6A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0518],EDI "fsv mainz 05" 009E0648
    00616E85 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D051C],EDI "fsv mainz 05 ii" 009E0638
    00616EA0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0520],EDI "stuttgarter kickers" 009E0624
    00616EBB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0524],EDI "stuttgarter kickers ii" 009E060C
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    [0AE235C] - I think this location is used to store the total number of domestic clubs in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnLocke View Post
    [0AE235C] - I think this location is used to store the total number of domestic clubs in the game.
    It is.
    ae2350 is number of nations.
    I think national clubs are stored in a funny way, at the end of the club array (past the domestic club indices).

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    Through the exe you often see code like this:

    The bold text can be useful in determining what is being accessed.

    All values are hexadecimal

    +4 :, club.longname, nation.longname, clubcomp.longname,
    +6 :
    +8 : nonPlayer.homeRep
    +a : nonPlayer.currentRep
    +c : nonPlayer.worldRep
    +e : nonPlayer.attacking
    +f :
    +10: nonPlayer.coaching
    +11: nonPlayer.coachingGK
    +12: nonPlayer.coachingTechnique
    +13: nonPlayer.directness
    +14: nonPlayer.discipline
    +15: nonPlayer.freeRoles
    +16: nonPlayer.interference
    +17: nonPlayer.judgingCA
    +18: nonPlayer.judgingPA
    +19: nonPlayer.manManagement
    +1a: person.nationality, nonPlayer.marking
    +1b: nonPlayer.motivating
    +1c: league.promoteToDivision, nonPlayer.offside
    +1d: nonPlayer.patience
    +1e: person.2ndNationality,
    +1f : city.nation, nonPlayer.pressing
    +20: league.relegateToDivision, nonPlayer.resources
    +21: nonPlayer.tactics
    +22: person.caps, nonPlayer.youngsters
    +23: city.latitude, person.goals
    +24: person.nationEmployedBy
    +28: person.jobWithNation
    +2b: city.longitude
    +33: city.attraction
    +38: club.shortname, nation.longname, clubcomp.shortname
    +3c: league.numberOfRounds
    +3d: person.job
    +3e: league.numerOfTeams
    +49: league.numberOfSubsNamed
    +4a: league.numberOfSubsUsed
    +4e: person.wage
    +52: person.value
    +53: club.nation, clubcomp.abbreviation
    +56: person.adaptability
    +57: club.division, person.ambition, clubcomp.scope
    +58: person.determination, clubcomp.selected
    +59: person.loyalty, clubcomp.continent
    +5a: person.pressure
    +5b: club.lastdivision, person.professionalism
    +5c: person.sportsmanship
    +5d: person.temperament, clubcomp.nation
    +5e: person.squad
    +5f : club.lastposition
    +60: club.reservedivision
    +61: person.playerId, clubcomp.foregroundColour
    +64: club.prostatus
    +65: club.bankbalance, person.preferencesId, clubcomp.backgroundColour
    +69: club.stadium, person.nonPlayerId, clubcomp.reputation
    +6d: club.ownsstadium
    +6e: club.reservestadium
    +71: nation.continent
    +75: nation.region
    +77: nation.languages
    +7e: nation.developedState
    +7f : club.trainingfacilities, nation.eecMember
    +80: club.reputation, nation.stadium
    +84: nation.gameImportance
    +85: nation.leagueStandard
    +86: nation.clubCount
    +88: nation.staffCount
    +8e: nation.reputation
    +bf : club.chairman
    +11c: nation.selected
    [work in progress]
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    006115FC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA20],EDI "FIFA World Player of the Year" 009E05EC
    00611619 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA24],EDI "World Footballer of the Year" 009E05CC
    00611636 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA28],EDI "European Footballer of the Year" 009E05AC
    00611653 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA2C],EDI "South American Footballer of the Year" 009E0584
    00611670 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA30],EDI "African Footballer of the Year" 009E0564
    0061168D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA34],EDI English Players Player of the Year 009E0540
    006116AA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA38],EDI English Players Young Player of the Year 009E0514
    006116C7 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA3C],EDI English Players Premier Division Select 009E04EC
    006116E4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA40],EDI English Players First Division Select 009E04C4
    00611701 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA44],EDI English Players Second Division Select 009E049C
    0061171E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA48],EDI English Players Third Division Select 009E0474
    0061173B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA4C],EDI English Premier Division Player of the Month 009E0444
    00611758 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA50],EDI English First Division Player of the Month 009E0418
    00611775 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA54],EDI English Second Division Player of the Month 009E03EC
    00611792 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA58],EDI English Third Division Player of the Month 009E03C0
    006117AF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA5C],EDI English Premier Division Young Player of the Month 009E038C
    006117CC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA60],EDI English First Division Young Player of the Month 009E0358
    006117E9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA64],EDI English Second Division Young Player of the Month 009E0324
    00611806 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA68],EDI English Third Division Young Player of the Month 009E02F0
    00611823 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA6C],EDI English Premier Division Team of the Week 009E02C4
    00611840 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA70],EDI English First Division Team of the Week 009E029C
    0061185D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA74],EDI English Second Division Team of the Week 009E0270
    0061187A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA78],EDI English Third Division Team of the Week 009E0248
    00611897 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA7C],EDI Scottish Player of the Year 009E022C
    006118B4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA80],EDI Scottish Young Player of the Year 009E0208
    006118D1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA84],EDI Scottish Premier Division Player of the Month 009E01D8
    006118EE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA88],EDI Scottish First Division Player of the Month 009E01AC
    0061190B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA8C],EDI Scottish Second Division Player of the Month 009E017C
    00611928 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA90],EDI Scottish Third Division Player of the Month 009E0150
    00611945 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA94],EDI Scottish Premier Division Team of the Week 009E0124
    00611962 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA98],EDI Scottish First Division Team of the Week 009E00F8
    0061197F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFA9C],EDI Scottish Second Division Team of the Week 009E00CC
    0061199C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAA0],EDI Scottish Third Division Team of the Week 009E00A0
    006119B9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAA4],EDI Belgian Golden Boot 009E008C
    006119D6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAA8],EDI Belgian First Division Player of the Year 009E0060
    006119F3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAAC],EDI Belgian First Division Goalkeeper of the Year 009E0030
    00611A10 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAB0],EDI Belgian Second Division Player of the Year 009E0004
    00611A2D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAB4],EDI Danish Player of the Year 009DFFE8
    00611A4A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAB8],EDI Danish Premier Division Player of the Year 009DFFBC
    00611A67 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFABC],EDI Danish Premier Division Young Player of the Year 009DFF88
    00611A84 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAC0],EDI Danish First Division Player of the Year 009DFF5C
    00611AA1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAC4],EDI Danish First Division Young Player of the Year 009DFF2C
    00611ABE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAC8],EDI Danish Kvalifikationsrækken Player of the Year 009DFEFC
    00611ADB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFACC],EDI Danish Second Division Player of the Year 009DFED0
    00611AF8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAD0],EDI Danish Kvalifikationsrækken Young Player of Year 009DFE9C
    00611B15 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAD4],EDI Danish Second Division Young Player of Year 009DFE70
    00611B32 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAD8],EDI French Player of the Year 009DFE54
    00611B4F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFADC],EDI French Foreign Player of the Year 009DFE30
    00611B6C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAE0],EDI French Under-23 Player of the Year 009DFE0C
    00611B89 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAE4],EDI French Most Popular Player of the Year 009DFDE4
    00611BA6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAE8],EDI French Most Unpopular Player of the Year 009DFDB8
    00611BC3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAEC],EDI French Players First Division Player of the Year 009DFD84
    00611BE0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAF0],EDI French First Division Player of the Year 009DFD58
    00611BFD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAF4],EDI French First Division Goalkeeper of the Year 009DFD28
    00611C1A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAF8],EDI French Players Second Division Player of the Year 009DFCF4
    00611C37 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFAFC],EDI French Second Division Player of the Year 009DFCC8
    00611C54 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB00],EDI French Second Division Goalkeeper of the Year 009DFC98
    00611C71 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB04],EDI German Player of the Year 009DFC7C
    00611C8E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB08],EDI German First Division Player of the Month 009DFC50
    00611CAB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB0C],EDI German Second Division Player of the Month 009DFC24
    00611CC8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB10],EDI Dutch Goalkeeper of the Year 009DFC04
    00611CE5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB14],EDI Dutch Young Player of the Year 009DFBE4
    00611D02 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB18],EDI Dutch Premier Division Player of the Year 009DFBB8
    00611D1F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB1C],EDI Dutch Premier Division Top Goalscorer 009DFB90
    00611D3C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB20],EDI Dutch Premier Division Golden Boot 009DFB6C
    00611D59 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB24],EDI Dutch First Division Player of the Year 009DFB44
    00611D76 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB28],EDI Dutch First Division Top Goalscorer 009DFB20
    00611D93 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB2C],EDI Dutch First Division Golden Boot 009DFAFC
    00611DB0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB30],EDI Italian Serie A Young Player of the Year 009DFAD0
    00611DCD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB34],EDI Italian Serie A Player of the Year 009DFAAC
    00611DEA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB38],EDI Italian Serie A Italian Player of the Year 009DFA80
    00611E07 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB3C],EDI Italian Serie A Foreign Player of the Year 009DFA54
    00611E24 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB40],EDI Italian Serie A Defender of the Year 009DFA2C
    00611E41 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB44],EDI Italian Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year 009DFA04
    00611E5E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB48],EDI Italian Serie B Player of the Year 009DF9E0
    00611E7B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB4C],EDI Italian Serie C1/A Player of the Year 009DF9B8
    00611E98 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB50],EDI Italian Serie C1/B Player of the Year 009DF990
    00611EB5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB54],EDI Norwegian Player of the Year 009DF970
    00611ED2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB58],EDI Norwegian Goalkeeper of the Year 009DF94C
    00611EEF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB5C],EDI Norwegian Defender of the Year 009DF92C
    00611F0C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB60],EDI Norwegian Midfielder of the Year 009DF908
    00611F29 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB64],EDI Norwegian Attacker of the Year 009DF8E8
    00611F46 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB68],EDI Norwegian Premier Division Team of the Week 009DF8BC
    00611F63 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB6C],EDI Norwegian First Division Team of the Week 009DF890
    006123EA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB70],EDI Portuguese Premier Division Most Man of the Match
    006123E2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB74],EDI Portuguese Premier Division Top Goalscorer
    006123DA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB78],EDI Portuguese Second Division Player of the Year
    00612004 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB7C],EDI Spanish First Division Goalkeeper of the Year 009DF748
    00612021 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB80],EDI Spanish Player of the Year 009DF72C
    0061203E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB84],EDI Spanish First Division Top Goalscorer 009DF704
    0061205B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB88],EDI Swedish Player of the Year 009DF6E8
    00612078 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB8C],EDI Swedish Premier Division Top Goalscorer 009DF6C0
    00612095 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB90],EDI Swedish Fans Player of the Year 009DF6A0
    006120B2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB94],EDI MLS Goalkeeper of the Year 009DF684
    006120CF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB98],EDI MLS Defender of the Year 009DF668
    006120EC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFB9C],EDI MLS Rookie of the Year 009DF650
    00612109 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBA0],EDI MLS Scoring Champion 009DF638
    00612126 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBA4],EDI MLS All-Pro Team 009DF624
    00612143 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBA8],EDI MLS Player of the Month 009DF60C
    00612160 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBAC],EDI Scottish Premier Division Team of the Year 009DF5E0
    0061217D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBB0],EDI Scottish First Division Team of the Year 009DF5B4
    0061219A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBB4],EDI Scottish Second Division Team of the Year 009DF588
    006121B7 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBB8],EDI Scottish Third Division Team of the Year 009DF55C
    006121D4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBBC],EDI Scottish Top Goalscorer 009DF544
    006121F1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBC0],EDI Scottish Premier Division Young Player of Month 009DF514
    0061220E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBC4],EDI Scottish First Division Young Player of Month 009DF4E4
    0061222B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBC8],EDI Scottish Second Division Young Player of Month 009DF4B4
    00612248 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBCC],EDI Scottish Third Division Young Player of Month 009DF484
    00612265 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBD0],EDI Belgian Manager of the Year 009DF468
    00612282 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBD4],EDI English Premier Division Manager of the Year 009DF438
    0061229F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBD8],EDI English Premier Division Manager of the Month 009DF408
    006122BC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBDC],EDI English First Division Manager of the Year 009DF3DC
    006122D9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBE0],EDI English First Division Manager of the Month 009DF3B0
    006122F6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBE4],EDI English Second Division Manager of the Year 009DF384
    00612313 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBE8],EDI English Second Division Manager of the Month 009DF354
    00612330 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBEC],EDI English Third Division Manager of the Year 009DF328
    0061234D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBF0],EDI English Third Division Manager of the Month 009DF2FC
    0061236A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBF4],EDI French Manager of the Year 009DF2E0
    00612384 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBF8],EDI German First Division Manager of the Year 009DF2B4
    0061239E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFBFC],EDI German Second Division Manager of the Year 009DF288
    006123B8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC00],EDI Dutch Manager of the Year 009DF26C
    006123D2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC04],EDI Italian Serie A Manager of the Year 009DF248
    00612402 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC08],EDI Italian Serie B Manager of the Year 009DF224
    0061241F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC0C],EDI Italian Serie C1/A Manager of the Year 009DF1FC
    0061243C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC10],EDI Italian Serie C1/B Manager of the Year 009DF1D4
    00612459 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC14],EDI Scottish Premier Division Manager of the Year 009DF1A4
    00612476 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC18],EDI Scottish Premier Division Manager of the Month 009DF174
    00612493 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC1C],EDI Scottish First Division Manager of the Year 009DF148
    006124B0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC20],EDI Scottish First Division Manager of the Month 009DF118
    006124CD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC24],EDI Scottish Second Division Manager of the Year 009DF0E8
    006124EA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC28],EDI Scottish Second Division Manager of the Month 009DF0B8
    00612507 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC2C],EDI Scottish Third Division Manager of the Year 009DF08C
    00612524 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC30],EDI Scottish Third Division Manager of the Month 009DF05C
    00612541 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC34],EDI Spanish Manager of the Year 009DF040
    0061255E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC38],EDI Swedish Manager of the Year 009DF024
    0061257B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC3C],EDI MLS Manager of the Year 009DF00C
    00612598 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC40],EDI Belgian Young Player of the Year 009DEFE8
    006125B5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC44],EDI Argentinian Premier Division Team of the Week 009DEFB8
    006125D2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC48],EDI Argentinian Second Division Team of the Week 009DEF88
    006125EF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC4C],EDI Japanese Player of the Year 009DEF6C
    0061260C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC50],EDI Japanese Top Goalscorer 009DEF54
    00612629 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC54],EDI Japanese Young Player of the Year 009DEF30
    00612646 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC58],EDI Japanese Manager of the Year 009DEF10
    00612FB6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC5C],EDI Japanese J-League 1 Team of the Year 9DEEE8
    0061268F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC60],EDI World Cup Golden Boot 009DEEAC
    006126AC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC64],EDI World Cup Dream Team 009DEE94
    006126C9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC68],EDI German Goalkeeper of the Year 009DEE74
    006126E6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC6C],EDI German Sweeper of the Year 009DEE58
    00612703 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC70],EDI German Defender of the Year 009DEE3C
    00612720 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC74],EDI German Midfielder of the Year 009DEE1C
    0061273D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC78],EDI German Striker of the Year 009DEE00
    0061275A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC7C],EDI German First Division Top Goalscorer 009DEDD8
    00612777 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC80],EDI English Footballer of the Year 009DEDB8
    00612794 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC84],EDI English Conference Manager of the Month 009DED90
    006127B1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC88],EDI English Players Conference Select 009DED6C
    006127CE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC8C],EDI English Conference Manager of the Year 009DED44
    006127EB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC90],EDI English Conference Player of the Month 009DED1C
    00612808 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC94],EDI English Conference Team of the Week 009DECF8
    00612825 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC98],EDI English Conference Young Player of the Month 009DECC8
    00612FAE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFC9C],EDI Portuguese Premier Division Team of the Year 009DEC98
    00612FA6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCA0],EDI Portuguese Second Division Team of the Year 009DEC40
    00612F9E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCA4],EDI Portuguese Premier Division Team of the Week
    00612F96 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCA8],EDI Portuguese Second Division Team of the Week 009DEB8C
    00612F8E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCAC],EDI Japanese J-League 1 Team of the Week"
    00612F86 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCB0],EDI Japanese J-League 2 Team of the Week 009DEAEC
    0061294A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCB4],EDI Swedish Premier Division Team of the Week 009DEA9C
    00612F7E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCB8],EDI Swedish First Division Team of the Week 009DEA74
    00612993 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCBC],EDI Spanish First Division Team of the Week 009DEA1C
    006129B0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCC0],EDI Spanish Second Division Team of the Week 009DE9F0
    006129CD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCC4],EDI Italian Serie A Team of the Week 009DE9CC
    006129EA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCC8],EDI Italian Serie B Team of the Week 009DE9A8
    00612A07 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCCC],EDI Italian Serie C1/A Team of the Week 009DE984
    00612A24 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCD0],EDI Italian Serie C1/B Team of the Week 009DE960
    00612A41 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCD4],EDI Dutch Premier Division Team of the Week 009DE938
    00612A5E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCD8],EDI Dutch First Division Team of the Week 009DE910
    00612A7B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCDC],EDI German First Division Team of the Week 009DE8E8
    00612A98 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCE0],EDI German Second Division Team of the Week 009DE8C0
    00612AB5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCE4],EDI French First Division Team of the Week 009DE898 | French First Team of the Week 009DE878
    00612AEF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCE8],EDI French Second Division Team of the Week 009DE850
    00612B0C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCEC],EDI Danish Premier Division Team of the Week 009DE824
    00612B29 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCF0],EDI Danish First Division Team of the Week 009DE7FC
    00612B46 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCF4],EDI Danish Second Division Team of the Week 009DE7D4
    00612B63 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCF8],EDI Belgian First Division Team of the Week 009DE7AC
    00612B80 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFCFC],EDI Belgian Second Division Team of the Week 009DE780
    00612F76 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD00],EDI Portuguese Premier Division Player of the Year 009DE750
    00612F6E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD04],EDI Portuguese Second Division Most Man of the Match 009DE6EC
    00612F66 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD08],EDI Portuguese Second Division Top Goalscorer 009DE690
    00612C21 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD0C],EDI German Second Division Top Goalscorer 009DE640
    00612C3E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD10],EDI Swedish Goalkeeper of the Year 009DE620
    00612C5B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD14],EDI Swedish Defender of the Year 009DE600
    00612C78 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD18],EDI Swedish Forward of the Year 009DE5E4
    00612C95 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD1C],EDI Swedish Rookie of the Year 009DE5C8
    00612CB2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD20],EDI Swedish Midfielder of the Year 009DE5A8
    00612CCF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD24],EDI Italian Serie C2/A Manager of the Year 009DE580
    00612CEC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD28],EDI Italian Serie C2/A Player of the Year 009DE558
    00612D09 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD2C],EDI Italian Serie C2/A Team of the Week 009DE534
    00612D26 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD30],EDI Italian Serie C2/B Manager of the Year 009DE50C
    00612D43 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD34],EDI Italian Serie C2/B Player of the Year 009DE4E4
    00612F5E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD38],EDI Japanese J-League 2 Team of the Year 009DE4BC
    00612D8C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD3C],EDI Spanish Second Division Goalkeeper of the Year 009DE468
    00612DA9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD40],EDI Spanish Second Division Top Goalscorer 009DE440
    00612DC6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD44],EDI Italian Serie C2/B Team of the Week 009DE41C
    00612DE3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD48],EDI Italian Serie C2/C Manager of the Year 009DE3F4
    00612E00 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD4C],EDI Italian Serie C2/C Player of the Year 009DE3CC
    00612E1D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD50],EDI Italian Serie C2/C Team of the Week 009DE3A8
    00612E3A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD54],EDI Belgian First Division Top Goalscorer 009DE380
    00612F56 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD58],EDI Belgian First Division Young Player of the Year 009DE350 | Belgian First Division Revelation of the Year 009DE320
    00612E83 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD5C],EDI Belgian Second Division Top Goalscorer 009DE2F8
    00612EA0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD60],EDI Belgian Third Division Team of the Week 009DE2D0
    00612EBD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD64],EDI Belgian Third Division Player of the Year 009DE2A4
    00612EDA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD68],EDI Belgian Third Division Top Goalscorer 009DE27C
    00612EF7 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD6C],EDI European Goalkeeper of the Year 009DE25C
    00612F14 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD70],EDI European Defender of the Year 009DE23C
    00612F31 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD74],EDI European Midfielder of the Year 009DE21C
    00612F4E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD78],EDI European Striker of the Year 009DE1FC
    00612FCE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD7C],EDI Italian Serie A Team of the Year 009DE1D8
    00612FEB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD80],EDI Italian Serie B Team of the Year 009DE1B4
    00613008 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD84],EDI Italian Serie C1/A Team of the Year 009DE190
    00613025 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD88],EDI Italian Serie C1/B Team of the Year 009DE16C
    00613042 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD8C],EDI Italian Serie C2/A Team of the Year 009DE148
    0061305C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD90],EDI Italian Serie C2/B Team of the Year 009DE124
    00613076 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD94],EDI Italian Serie C2/C Team of the Year 009DE100
    00613090 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD98],EDI Italian Serie A Top Goalscorer 009DE0E0
    006130AA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFD9C],EDI Italian Serie B Top Goalscorer 009DE0C0
    006130C2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDA0],EDI Italian Serie C1/A Top Goalscorer 009DE09C
    006130DF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDA4],EDI Italian Serie C1/B Top Goalscorer 009DE078
    006130FC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDA8],EDI Italian Serie C2/A Top Goalscorer 009DE054
    00613119 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDAC],EDI Italian Serie C2/B Top Goalscorer 009DE030
    00613136 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDB0],EDI Italian Serie C2/C Top Goalscorer 009DE00C
    00613153 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDB4],EDI Norwegian Premier Division Manager of the Month 009DDFDC
    00613170 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDB8],EDI Norwegian Premier Division Player of the Month 009DDFAC
    0061318D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDBC],EDI Norwegian First Division Manager of the Month 009DDF7C
    006131AA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDC0],EDI Norwegian First Division Player of the Month 009DDF4C
    006131C7 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDC4],EDI Portuguese Premier League Manager of the Year 009DDF1C
    006131E4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDC8],EDI Portuguese Second League Manager of the Year 009DDEEC
    00613201 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDCC],EDI Finnish Player of the Year 009DDED0
    0061321E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDD0],EDI Finnish Young Player of the Year 009DDEAC
    0061323B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDD4],EDI Finnish Goalkeeper of the Year 009DDE8C
    00613258 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDD8],EDI Finnish Manager of the Year 009DDE70
    00613275 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDDC],EDI Finnish Premier Division Top Goalscorer 009DDE48
    00613292 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDE0],EDI Finnish Premier Division Player of the Month 009DDE18
    006132AF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDE4],EDI Finnish Premier Division Team of the Year 009DDDEC
    006132CC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDE8],EDI Finnish Premier Division Team of the Week 009DDDC0
    006132E9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDEC],EDI Finnish First Division Top Goalscorer 009DDD98
    00613306 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDF0],EDI Finnish First Division Team of the Year 009DDD70
    00613323 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDF4],EDI Finnish First Division Team of the Week 009DDD48
    00613340 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDF8],EDI Irish Player Of The Year 009DDD2C
    0061335D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFDFC],EDI Irish Young Player Of The Year 009DDD0C
    0061337A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE00],EDI Irish Premier Division Team Of The Week 009DDCE4
    00613397 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE04],EDI Irish Premier Division Player Of The Year 009DDCB8
    006133B4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE08],EDI Irish Premier Division Young Player Of The Year 009DDC88
    006133D1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE0C],EDI Irish Premier Division Team Of The Year 009DDC60
    006133EE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE10],EDI Irish First Division Team Of The Week 009DDC38
    0061340B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE14],EDI Irish First Division Player Of The Year 009DDC10
    00613428 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE18],EDI Irish First Division Young Player Of The Year 009DDBE0
    00613445 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE1C],EDI Irish First Division Team Of The Year 009DDBB8
    00613462 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE20],EDI Irish Premier Division Manager of the Year 009DDB8C
    0061347F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE24],EDI Irish Premier Division Manager of the Month 009DDB60
    0061349C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE28],EDI Irish First Division Manager of the Year 009DDB34
    006134B9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE2C],EDI Irish First Division Manager of the Month 009DDB08
    006134D6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE30],EDI polish first division team of the week 009DDAE0
    006134F3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE34],EDI polish first division player of the year 009DDAB4
    00613510 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE38],EDI polish first division young player of the YEAR 009DDA84
    0061352D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE3C],EDI polish first division manager of the year 009DDA58
    0061354A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE40],EDI polish first division manager of the month 009DDA2C
    00613567 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE44],EDI polish second division team of the week 009DDA04
    00613584 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE48],EDI polish second division player of the year 009DD9D8
    006135A1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE4C],EDI polish second division young player of the year 009DD9A8
    006135BE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE50],EDI polish second division manager of the year 009DD97C
    006135DB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE54],EDI polish second division manager of the month 009DD950
    006135F8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE58],EDI Croatian first division player of the year 009DD924
    00613615 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE5C],EDI croatian first division team of the week 009DD8F8
    00613632 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE60],EDI croatian first division top goalscorer 009DD8D0
    0061364F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE64],EDI croatian second division a player of the year 009DD8A0
    0061366C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE68],EDI croatian second division a team of the week 009DD874
    00613689 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE6C],EDI croatian second division a top goalscorer 009DD848
    006136A6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE70],EDI croatian second division b player of the year 009DD818
    006136C3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE74],EDI croatian second division b team of the week 009DD7EC
    006136E0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE78],EDI croatian second division b top goalscorer 009DD7C0
    006136FD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE7C],EDI australian nsl team of the week 009DD7A0
    00613F46 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE80],EDI australian manager of the month 009DD780 & australian nsl manager of the month 009DD75C
    00613F3E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE84],EDI australian player of the month 009DD73C & australian nsl player of the month 009DD718
    00613F36 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE88],EDI australian nsl young player of the month 009DD6EC & australian young player of the month 009DD6C4
    00613F2E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE8C],EDI australian player of the year 009DD6A4 & australian nsl player of the year 009DD680
    00613F26 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE90],EDI australian nsl u21 player of the year 009DD658 & australian nsl young player of the year 009DD630
    00613F1E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE94],EDI australian goalkeeper of the year 009DD60C & australian nsl goalkeeper of the year 009DD5E4
    00613F16 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE98],EDI australian top goalscorer 009DD5C8 & australian nsl leading goalscorer 009DD5A4
    00613F0E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFE9C],EDI australian manager of the year 009DD584 & australian nsl manager of the year 009DD560
    0061387A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEA0],EDI greek player of the year 009DD544
    00613897 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEA4],EDI greek foreign player of the year 009DD520
    006138B4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEA8],EDI greek premier division team of the week 009DD4F8
    006138D1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEAC],EDI greek premier division player of the year 009DD4CC
    006138EE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEB0],EDI greek premier division manager of the year 009DD4A0
    0061390B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEB4],EDI greek premier division top goalscorer 009DD478
    00613928 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEB8],EDI greek second division team of the week 009DD450
    00613945 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEBC],EDI greek second division player of the year 009DD424
    00613962 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEC0],EDI greek second division manager of the year 009DD3F8
    0061397F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEC4],EDI greek second division top goalscorer 009DD3D0
    0061399C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEC8],EDI turkish player of the year 009DD3B4
    006139B9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFECC],EDI turkish manager of the year 009DD398
    006139D6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFED0],EDI turkish premier division team of the week 009DD36C
    006139F3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFED4],EDI turkish premier division team of the year 009DD340
    00613A10 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFED8],EDI turkish first division team of the week 009DD318
    00613A2D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEDC],EDI turkish first division team of the year 009DD2F0
    00613A4A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEE0],EDI russian player of the year 009DD2D4
    00613A67 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEE4],EDI russian premier division team of the week 009DD2A8
    00613A84 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEE8],EDI russian premier division team of the year 009DD27C
    00613AA1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEEC],EDI russian premier division player of the month 009DD24C
    00613ABE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEF0],EDI russian first division team of the week 009DD224
    00613ADB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEF4],EDI russian first division team of the year 009DD1FC
    00613AF8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEF8],EDI russian first division player of the month 009DD1D0
    00613B15 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFEFC],EDI Irish Personality of the Year 009DD1B0
    00613B32 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF00],EDI n. irish player of the year 009DD194
    00613B4F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF04],EDI n. irish premier division team of the week 009DD168
    00613B6C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF08],EDI n. irish premier division player of the year 009DD138
    00613B89 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF0C],EDI n. irish premier division young player of the year 009DD104
    00613BA6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF10],EDI n. irish premier division top goalscorer 009DD0D8
    00613BC3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF14],EDI n. irish premier division manager of the year 009DD0A8
    00613BE0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF18],EDI n. irish premier division manager of the month 009DD078
    00613BFD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF1C],EDI n. irish first division team of the week 009DD04C
    00613C1A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF20],EDI n. irish first division player of the year 009DD020
    00613C37 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF24],EDI n. irish first division young player of the year 009DCFEC
    00613C54 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF28],EDI n. irish first division top goalscorer 009DCFC4
    00613C71 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF2C],EDI n. irish first division manager of the year 009DCF98
    00613C8E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF30],EDI n. irish first division manager of the month 009DCF68
    00613CAB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF34],EDI irish league golden boot 009DCF4C
    00613CC8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF38],EDI irish league bronze boot 009DCF30
    00613CE5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF3C],EDI belgian second division revelation of the year 009DCF00
    00613D02 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF40],EDI welsh team of the week 009DCEE8
    00613D1F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF44],EDI welsh player of the year 009DCECC
    00613D3C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF48],EDI welsh young player of the year 009DCEAC
    00613D59 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF4C],EDI welsh top goalscorer 009DCE94
    00613D76 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF50],EDI welsh manager of the year 009DCE78
    00613D93 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF54],EDI welsh manager of the month 009DCE5C
    00613DB0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF58],EDI french first division team of the year 009DCE34
    00613DCD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF5C],EDI french second division team of the year 009DCE0C
    00613DEA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF60],EDI french national player of the year 009DCDE8
    00613E07 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF64],EDI french national goalkeeper of the year 009DCDC0
    00613E24 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF68],EDI french national team of the week 009DCD9C
    00613E41 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF6C],EDI french national team of the year 009DCD78
    00613E5E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF70],EDI irish player of the month 009DCD5C
    00613E7B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF74],EDI french players national player of the year 009DCD30
    00613E98 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF78],EDI oceania player of the year 009DCD14
    00613EB5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF7C],EDI finnish first division player of the month 009DCCE8
    00613ED2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF80],EDI finnish premier division manager of the month 009DCCB8
    00613EEC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF84],EDI finnish first division manager of the month 009DCC8C
    00613F06 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF88],EDI Brazilian 1st Division Player of the Year 009DCC60
    00613F5E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF8C],EDI Brazilian 1st Division Team of the Week 009DCC38
    00613F79 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF90],EDI Brazilian 1st Division Team of the Year 009DCC10
    00613F94 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF94],EDI Brazilian 1st Division Top Goalscorer 009DCBE8
    00613FAF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF98],EDI Brazilian 1st Division Young Player of the Year 009DCBB8
    00613FCA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFF9C],EDI Brazilian 2nd Division Player of the Year 009DCB8C
    00613FE5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFA0],EDI Brazilian 2nd Division Team of the Week 009DCB64
    00614000 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFA4],EDI Brazilian 2nd Division Team of the Year 009DCB3C
    0061401B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFA8],EDI Brazilian 2nd Division Top Goalscorer 009DCB14
    00614036 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFAC],EDI Brazilian 2nd Division Young Player of the Year 009DCAE4
    00614051 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFB0],EDI Brazilian 3rd Division Player of the Year 009DCAB8
    0061406C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFB4],EDI Brazilian 3rd Division Team of the Week 009DCA90
    00614087 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFB8],EDI Brazilian 3rd Division Team of the Year 009DCA68
    006140A2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFBC],EDI Brazilian 3rd Division Top Goalscorer 009DCA40
    006140BD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFC0],EDI Brazilian 3rd Division Young Player of the Year 009DCA10
    006140D8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFC4],EDI Brazilian Bahia Best Goalkeeper 009DC9F0
    006140F3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFC8],EDI Brazilian Bahia Best Player 009DC9D4
    0061410E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFCC],EDI Brazilian Bahia Team of the Week 009DC9B0
    00614129 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFD0],EDI Brazilian Bahia Top Goalscorer 009DC990
    00614144 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFD4],EDI Brazilian Central Best Goalkeeper 009DC96C
    0061415F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFD8],EDI Brazilian Central Best Player 009DC94C
    0061417A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFDC],EDI Brazilian Central Team of the Week 009DC928
    00614195 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFE0],EDI Brazilian Central Top Goalscorer 009DC904
    006141B0 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFE4],EDI Brazilian Gaúcho Best Goalkeeper 009DC8E0
    006141CB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFE8],EDI Brazilian Gaúcho Best Player 009DC8C0
    006141E6 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFEC],EDI Brazilian Gaúcho Team of the Week 009DC89C
    00614201 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFF0],EDI Brazilian Gaúcho Top Goalscorer 009DC87C
    0061421C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFF4],EDI Brazilian Goiás Best Goalkeeper 009DC85C
    00614237 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFF8],EDI Brazilian Goiás Best Player 009DC840
    00614252 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9CFFFC],EDI Brazilian Goiás Team of the Week 009DC81C
    0061426D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0000],EDI Brazilian Goiás Top Goalscorer 009DC7FC
    00614288 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0004],EDI Brazilian Minas Gerais Best Goalkeeper 009DC7D4
    006142A3 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0008],EDI Brazilian Minas Gerais Best Player 009DC7B0
    006142BE MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D000C],EDI Brazilian Minas Gerais Team of the Week 009DC788
    006142D9 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0010],EDI Brazilian Minas Gerais Top Goalscorer 009DC760
    006142F4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0014],EDI Brazilian North Best Goalkeeper 009DC740
    0061430F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0018],EDI Brazilian North Best Player 009DC724
    0061432A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D001C],EDI Brazilian North Team of the Week 009DC700
    00614345 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0020],EDI Brazilian North Top Goalscorer 009DC6E0
    00614360 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0024],EDI Brazilian Northeast Best Goalkeeper 009DC6BC
    0061437B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0028],EDI Brazilian Northeast Best Player 009DC69C
    00614396 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D002C],EDI Brazilian Northeast Team of the Week 009DC674
    006143B1 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0030],EDI Brazilian Northeast Top Goalscorer 009DC650
    006143CC MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0034],EDI Brazilian Paraná Best Goalkeeper 009DC62C
    006143E7 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0038],EDI Brazilian Paraná Best Player 009DC60C
    00614402 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D003C],EDI Brazilian Paraná Team of the Week 009DC5E8
    0061441D MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0040],EDI Brazilian Paraná Top Goalscorer 009DC5C8
    00614438 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0044],EDI Brazilian Pernambuco Best Goalkeeper 009DC5A0
    00614453 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0048],EDI Brazilian Pernambuco Best Player 009DC57C
    0061446E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D004C],EDI Brazilian Pernambuco Team of the Week 009DC554
    00614489 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0050],EDI Brazilian Pernambuco Top Goalscorer 009DC530
    006144A4 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0054],EDI Brazilian Rio de Janeiro Best Goalkeeper 009DC504
    006144BF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0058],EDI Brazilian Rio de Janeiro Best Player 009DC4DC
    006144DA MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D005C],EDI Brazilian Rio de Janeiro Team of the Week 009DC4B0
    006144F5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0060],EDI Brazilian Rio de Janeiro Top Goalscorer 009DC488
    00614510 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0064],EDI Brazilian Santa Catarina Best Goalkeeper 009DC45C
    0061452B MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0068],EDI Brazilian Santa Catarina Best Player 009DC434
    00614546 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D006C],EDI Brazilian Santa Catarina Team of the Week 009DC408
    00614561 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0070],EDI Brazilian Santa Catarina Top Goalscorer 009DC3E0
    0061457C MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0074],EDI Brazilian São Paulo Best Goalkeeper 009DC3BC
    00614597 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0078],EDI Brazilian São Paulo Best Player 009DC39C
    006145B2 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D007C],EDI Brazilian São Paulo Team of the Week 009DC374
    006145CD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0080],EDI Brazilian São Paulo Top Goalscorer 009DC350
    006145E8 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0084],EDI South Korean Best 11 Of The Year 009DC32C
    00614603 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0088],EDI South Korean Goalkeeper Of The Month 009DC304
    0061461E MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D008C],EDI South Korean Manager Of The Year 009DC2E0
    00614639 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0090],EDI South Korean Most Assisted Player Of The Year 009DC2B0
    00614654 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0094],EDI South Korean Player Of The Month 009DC28C
    0061466F MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D0098],EDI South Korean Player Of The Year 009DC26C
    0061468A MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D009C],EDI South Korean Top Goal Scorer Of The Year 009DC240
    006146A5 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[9D00A0],EDI South Korean Young Player Of The Year 009DC218

  9. #9
    [9CF178] = Black - 009D9588
    [9CF17C] = White - 009D9580
    [9CF184] = Grey 1 - 009D9578
    [9CF184] = Grey 2 - 009D9570
    [9CF188] = Grey 3 - 009D9568
    [9CF18C] = Red 1 - 009D9560
    [9CF190] = Red 2 - 009D9558
    [9CF194] = Red 3 - 009D9550
    [9CF198] = Red 4 - 009D9548
    [9CF19C] = Orange 1 - 009D953C
    [9CF1A0] = Orange 2 - 009D9530
    [9CF1A4] = Yellow 1 - 009D9524
    [9CF1A8] = Yellow 2 - 009D9518
    [9CF1AC] = Green 1 - 009D9510
    [9CF1B0] = Green 2 - 009D9508
    [9CF1B4] = Green 3 - 009D9500
    [9CF1B8] = Green 4 - 009D94F8
    [9CF1BC] = Green 5 - 009D94F0
    [9CF1C0] = Blue 1 - 009D94E8
    [9CF1C4] = Blue 2 - 009D94E0
    [9CF1C8] = Blue 3 - 009D94D8
    [9CF1CC] = Blue 4 - 009D94D0
    [9CF1D0] = Blue 5 - 009D94C8
    [9CF1D4] = Purple 1 - 009D94BC
    [9CF1D8] = Purple 2 - 009D94B0
    [9CF1DC] = Purple 3 - 009D94A4
    [9CF1E0] = Purple 4 - 009D9498
    [9CF1E4] = Brown 1 - 009D9490
    [9CF1E8] = Brown 2 - 009D9488
    [9CF1EC] = Pink - 009D9480
    [9CF1F0] = Gold - 009D9478
    [9CF1F4] = Cyan 1 - 009D9470
    [9CF1F8] = Cyan 2 - 009D9468
    [9CF1FC] = Amber - 009D9460
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