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Thread: UEFA Women's Champions League

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    UEFA Women's Champions League

    This needs a thread!

    The draw for the Qualifying Round groups has taken place, and the matches start on 9 August.

    The qualifying round groups are:

    Group 1 (Hosted in Riga, Latvia):
    FC Zürich Frauen (SUI)
    Konak Belediyespor (TUR)
    FC Minsk (BLR)
    Rīgas FS (LAT)

    Group 2 (hosted in Cluj, Romania):
    CFF Olimpia Cluj (ROM)
    FC NSA Sofia (BUL)
    Raheny United FC (IRL)
    Hibernians FC (MLT)

    Group 3 (Hosted in Niksic and Petrovac, Montenegro):
    MTK Hungária FC (HUN)
    WFC Pomurje (SVN)
    Pärnu Jalgpalliklubi (EST)
    WFC Ekonomist (MNE)

    Group 4 (Hosted in Glasgow, Airdrie and Falkirk, UK):
    Glasgow City FC (SCO)
    WFC Kharkiv (UKR)
    FC Union Nové Zámky (SVK)
    Glentoran Belfast United FC (NIR)

    Group 5 (Hosted in Osijek and Vinkovci, Croatia):
    ŽFK Spartak (SRB)
    ŽNK Osijek (CRO)
    Amazones Dramas AS (GRE)
    CS Goiador-SS 11-Real (MDA)

    Group 6 (Hosted in Siauliai and Pakruojis, Lithuania):
    Apollon LFC (CYP)
    Klaksvíkar Ítrottarfelag (FRO)
    Gintra Universitetas (LTU)
    KS Vllaznia (ALB)

    Group 7 (Hosted in Sarajevo, Bosnia):
    WFC SFK 2000 Sarajevo (BIH)
    Ĺland United (FIN)
    KKPK Medyk Konin (POL)
    ŽFK Kochani (MKD)

    Group 8 (Hosted in Leiria and Fatima, Porugal):
    R. Standard de Ličge (BEL)
    ASA Tel-Aviv University SC (ISR)
    Clube Atlético Ouriense (POR)
    Cardiff Met LAFC (WAL)

    If I'm to make any predictions? Zürich, Cluj, MTK, Glasgow, Spartak, Apollon, Sarajevo and Standard.

    The group winners then move on to the round of 32, along with the 24 clubs automatically qualified: Olympique Lyonnais, VfL Wolfsburg, Torres, Rosengĺrd, Fortuna Hjřrring, 1. FFC Frankfurt, Neulengbach, Brřndby, Sparta Praha, Linköping, Zvezda Perm, PSG, Barcelona, Bristol, Stabćk, Liverpool, Ryazan, Kadygurt (KAZ), Brescia, Twente, Slavia Praha, Stjarnan.

    2014 was the first year since the establishment of the Women's Champions League in 2010 that Lyon did not reach the final, and also the first time that the final wasn't a French team (Lyon) against a German team (Wolfsburg, Frankfurt or Turbine Potsdam).

    Will Wolfsburg win a third in a row? Lyon and Frankfurt will be pushing too, and I think this year PSG should have a good chance - I hope they can win. Last year's finalist Tyresö of Sweden isn't in because of financial difficulties, so they gave up their spot, which was given to Linköping.

    I'll refrain from railing at length about it, but the case of Tyresö there is frustrating, when a men's team gets 7 figures for reaching the last 32, and a women's team gets only 5 figures... and sometimes that's not even enough to cover travel, as was the case for Arsenal some years back when they got 17000 pound for qualifying for the round of 32, and they drew a Kazakh team, and the travel cost them 21000 pound.

    I understand that there is less money in women's football than men's, but this seems rather ridiculous considering the attendances that are being seen -11217 at the 2014 final in Lisbon), 10791 for a 2014 semifinal in Wolfsburg, 19278 for the 2013 final at Stamford Bridge, 21923 for a 2013 semifinal in Lyon, 50212 for the 2012 final in Munich... admittedly over 10000 is still relatively infrequent, but the numbers in general are tending upwards, so that is encouraging. But it gets frustrating at times, when it looks like FIFA and UEFA mostly just make pretty noises about promoting and supporting women's football, but not actually doing anything serious to accomplish it. The Champions League is a great thing, but if clubs can't take part because sometimes just the travel costs are more than the "bonus money" they get from UEFA, it does make me question how serious they actually are.

    Not saying that a women's club should get X million, just that UEFA (and FIFA) should do a bit more. Perhaps instead of just that 17000 for getting into the round of 32, make it 15000 plus travel expenses covered. That sum is still peanuts compared to what men's clubs get, and yet it would make a world of difference for most clubs - most especially for those from smaller countries. For Arsenal to swallow that 4000 pound loss in travelling to Kazakhstan is one thing; for Vllaznia Shkoder to do the same is rather different entirely.

    I don't want to sound like I'm complaining too much, because women's football has progressed immensely over the past 15 years... even so, this sort of thing where one of last year's finalists had to give up their spot because of financial issues is frustrating...

    But that all said, I'm excited even so!

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    No Arsenal in the Women's Champions League just looks weird after all their success.

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    On the one hand it does look weird, but on the other, I think it's encouraging, indicative of actual competitiveness in the league.

    I can understand a case like Bosnia or Bulgaria, where every year it's SFK 2000 or NSA Sofia in the WCL, but in countries like that women's football gets absolutely zero attention, and for whatever reasons, you end up with one club that is basically the national team. Where this gets a bit discouraging is a case like France or Germany or even Austria, where every year it's the same clubs (Lyon, PSG, Wolfsburg, Frankfurt, Neulengbach)... though I suppose the men's La Liga is a similar case to those leagues, where Real and Barca dominate and everyone else is just along for the ride. Still it would be nice to see more teams get competitive enough to qualify. I'm no fan of the Bayern men but they seem to be working hard to get their women's team to the top, so hopefully they'll succeed with their efforts. With Potsdam also a strong side, the Bundesliga could be a 4 or 5 horse race within a few years.

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    It's only because they fielded an unregistered player that they were docked three points.
    They would have finished second and qualified otherwise. Think they've only lost 1 league game in two seasons!

    England seems to go in phases. It was Doncaster Belles way back when. Then there was a bit of competition with Arsenal, Croydon/Charlton, and now it seems it is Sunderland, Liverpool even Bristol.

    It's good for the game here that there is a bit of competition. The only opposition Arsenal had for a good while was losing players to US football as oppose to losing to rival clubs!

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    Well a warm-up tournament is happening shortly, the Valais Cup, August 7 and 9, with Anderlecht, Barcelona, Lyon and PSG. Should be some great matches here... wish I could go!

    I suppose it'll come down to Lyon or PSG... but enough of Lyon already! Go Paris!

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    I might go to Liverpool's CL home game once the draw has been made. Back working now so I can afford to go the games now, just finding the time.

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    Hey, do it! I'd love to go alas it's a bit far away!

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    And actually I'm going to adjust my prediction for group 2 and say Raheny United will qualify, given the brilliant performance of the Irish girls at the U19s and Clare Shine and Katie McCabe being from Raheny...

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    Liverpool play in my town so its a short 10 minute walk to the stadium for me.

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    Well only a couple more days till the start of the Qualifying stage group matches, and meanwhile the Valais Cup kicked off today, with Lyon steamrolling Anderlecht 7:1, and PSG beating Barcelona on penalties after 1:1 at time.

    Olympique Lyonnais - Anderlecht 7:1
    1:0 Élodie Thomis 18'
    1:1 Pauline Crammer 29'
    2:1 Ada Hegerberg 42'
    3:1 Amel Majri 50'
    4:1 Eugénie Le Sommer 75'
    5:1 Corine Petit 80'
    6:1 Lotta Schelin 84'
    7:1 Lara Dickenmann 90'

    Barcelona - Paris SG 1:1 (1:3 pens)

    1:0 Jennifer Hermoso 2'
    1:1 Sabrina Delannoy 22'


    G - Sabrina Delannoy 0:1
    X - Marta Unzue 0:1
    X - Jessica Houara 0:1
    X - Ana María Romero 0:1
    G - Ghoutia Karchouni 0:2
    X - Virginia Torrecilla 0:2
    X - Josephine Henning 0:2
    G - Gema Gili 1:2
    G - Marie-Laure Delie 1:3

    Final will be on Saturday, Lyon vs PSG.

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    Ladies penalty taking needs work.

    5 missed out of 9!!

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    Not any worse than in the men's World Cup, what match was that, Brazil v Chile?

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    Day 1 of the Qualifying Stage is done! Some surprises, and at this preliminary stage of things, naturally a few rather painful-looking blowouts that very starkly highlight the significant disparity between various national leagues in women's football in Europe. Although such do happen in the men's side of things, I'm thinking especially in earlier CL rounds if you get an English team drawn against one from Malta...

    I will admit I'm not very knowledgeable about a lot of these "smaller" nation teams apart from what I've seen on reports from previous CL play, but there were a few results that surprised me - notably, both matches in Group 8 and Glasgow's stomping of Nove Zamky.

    So the results:

    GROUP 1
    Konak Belediyespor (TUR) 1g 3p
    FK Minsk (BLR) 1g 1p
    FC Zürich Frauen (SUI) 1g 1p
    Rigas Futbola skola (LVA) 1g 0p

    Zürich - Minsk 1:1
    1:0 Fabienne Humm 26'
    1:1 Esther Sunday 45'+3'

    Konak - Rigas FS 11:0
    1:0 Cosmina Dusa 6'
    2:0 Yagmur Uraz 16'
    3:0 Cosmina Dusa 23'
    4:0 Yagmur Uraz 35'
    5:0 Cansu Yag 37'
    6:0 Raluca Sârghe 38'
    7:0 Ebru Topçu 39'
    8:0 Cosmina Dusa 42'
    9:0 Cosmina Dusa 43'
    10:0 Cosmina Dusa 49'
    11:0 Yagmur Uraz 50'

    Wow... six goals in the last ten minutes of the first half!

    GROUP 2
    FK NSA Sofia (BUL) 1g 3p
    Raheny United FC (IRE) 1g 3p
    CFF Olimpia Cluj (ROM) 1g 0p
    Hibernians FC (MAL) 1g 0p

    NSA Sofia - Hibernians 5:0
    1:0 Valentina Asenova 43'
    2:0 Velina Koshuleva 60'
    3:0 Valentina Asenova (2) 62'
    4:0 Mariyana Gagova 81'
    5:0 Shona Zammit 90' (o.g.)

    Olimpia Cluj - Raheny Utd 1:2
    0:1 Noelle Murray 23'
    1:1 Andrea Voicu 62'
    1:2 Clare Shine 81'

    Here we go! Six months ago Clare Shine broke her leg, last month she scored Ireland's first goal in a major international competition - a game-winner against Spain at the U19 Euros - and now she scores the winner here. I like this girl, I think she's going places, I would not at all be surprised to see her in the WSL, or even the Bundesliga or NWSL, within a few years.

    Raheny are actually the number 3 seed after NSA Sofia and Cluj. Monday they play Sofia, which will probably be the match that decides who advances to the round of 32 (unless Sofia really drop the ball in their tie against Cluj).

    GROUP 3
    ZNK Pomurje (SVN) 1g 3p
    MTK Hungária FC (HUN) 1g 3p
    Pärnu JK (EST) 1g 0p
    Ekonomist Niksic (MNE) 1g 0p

    MTK - Pärnu 3:0
    1:0 Dóra Papp 45'+4'
    2:0 Zsanett Kaján 67'
    3:0 Zsanett Kaján 73'

    Pomurje - Ekonomist 4:0
    1:0 Tanja Vrabel 13'
    2:0 Mateja Zver 25'
    3:0 Mateja Zver 43'
    4:0 Tanja Vrabel 58'

    Nothing very surprising here.

    There is an off chance we might not see MTK here next year. Apparently some of the bright bulbs at the Hungarian FA decided that it doesn't look good for MTK to be winning the NB.1 and thus qualifying to the CL year in year out. And so instead of, y'know, investing in making other teams get better, they changed the season setup. So now you have a regular season, and then a playoff, at the end of which is (if I understood right) a single-game final to determine the champion.

    This strikes me as ridiculous. MTK are strong enough that they generally hold their own in the preliminary round, and I think they've even made it to the round of 32 a few times. But, to give the illusion of progress and increasing competitiveness in the domestic league, they set up a ridiculous system that *might* result in another team winning and qualifying for the CL... which team, by virtue of being some miles behind MTK in quality (regardless of who that team might be), are likely to become victims of some rather lopsided steamrollings.

    So, rather than having to be "embarrassed" by MTK's dominance, the Hun FA would rather be embarrassed by 0:12 losses, just so long as it's another team and not MTK. I don't get it. But I'm also thinking there may well be some politics at play here that I am not aware of...

    GROUP 4
    ZhFK Kharkiv (UKR) 1g 3p
    Glasgow City (SCO) 1g 3p
    Glentoran Belfast United (NIR) 1g 0p
    FC Union Nove Zamky (SVK) 1g 0p

    Kharkiv - Glentoran 5:0
    1:0 Hanna Voronina 15'
    2:0 Hanna Mozolska 31'
    3:0 Hanna Mozolska 36'
    4:0 Jessica Foy 57' (o.g.)
    5:0 Taisiya Nesterenko 81'

    Glasgow City - Nove Zamky 5:0
    1:0 Cheryl McCulloch 26'
    2:0 Eilish McSorley 28'
    3:0 Suzanne Lappin 32'
    4:0 Denise O'Sullivan 61'
    5:0 Eilish McSorley 90'+4'

    GROUP 5
    ZNK Osijek (CRO) 1g 3p
    Spartak Subotica (SRB) 1g 3p
    Amazones Dramas (GRE) 1g 0p
    CS SS-11 Goliador Chisinau (MOL) 1g 0p

    Spartak - Amazones Dramas 3:0
    1:0 Jelena Marenic 32'
    2:0 Milena Nikolic 34'
    3:0 Violeta Slovic 90'+5' (pen)

    Penalty was awarded after the Amazones keeper Roxana Oprea was sent off.

    Osijek - Goliador 12:0
    1:0 Izabela Lojna 1'
    2:0 Mateja Andrlic 7'
    3:0 Martina Salek 8'
    4:0 Iva Culek 25'
    5:0 Izabela Lojna 43'
    6:0 Martina Salek 45'
    7:0 Mateja Andrlic 45'+2'
    8:0 Lorena Balic 54'
    9:0 Martina Salek 62'
    10:0 Lorena Balic 69'
    11:0 Mateja Andrlic 74'
    12:0 Izabela Lojna 78'


    GROUP 6
    KS Vllaznia Shkodër (ALB) 1g 3p
    Apollon Limassol (CYP) 1g 3p
    Gintra Universitetas (LTU) 1g 0p
    Klaksvíkar ÍF (FRO) 1g 0p

    Klaksvík - Vllaznia 1:2
    1:0 Eydvřr Klakstein 31'
    1:1 Suada Jashari 39'
    1:2 Megi Doci 48'

    Apollon - Gintra 3:1
    1:0 Hanna Gilmore 23'
    1:1 Sonata Vanagaite 49'
    2:1 Hanna Gilmore 62'
    3:1 Rachel Cuschieri 64'

    Nothing surprising here, either. I find myself hoping that Vllaznia manage to upset Limassol (although I doubt it will happen).

    GROUP 7
    Ĺland United (FIN) 1g 3p
    Medyk Konin (POL) 1g 3p
    SFK 2000 Sarajevo (BIH) 1g 0p
    ZFK Kocani (MKD) 1g 0p

    Sarajevo - Medyk Konyn 0:3
    0:1 Ewa Pajor 6'
    0:2 Anna Gawronska 14'
    0:3 Natalia Pakulska 53'

    Ĺland United - ŽFK Kocani 4:0
    1:0 Sarah Robbins 18'
    2:0 Tiina Saario 41'
    3:0 Monica Dolinsky 68'
    4:0 Cynthia Uwak 88'

    GROUP 8
    ASA Tel Aviv (ISR) 1g 3p
    C.A. Ouriense (POR) 1g 3p
    Standard Fémina de Ličge (BEL) 1g 0p
    Cardiff Met LFC (WAL) 1g 0p

    Standard - Ouriense 0:1
    0:1 Diana Silva 83'

    ASA Tel Aviv - Cardiff Met 2:0
    1:0 Moran Lavi 34' (pen)
    2:0 Sarit Shenar 85'

    Both of these results surprised me, more so the second. Either the Israelis have improved, or Cardiff dropped the ball... I'd expected Standard to advance from this group, but at this point I think that will only happen with outside help.

    The second batch of matches goes Monday the 11th, and the last matches go Thursday the 14th.

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    GROUP 1
    Konak Belediyespor 2g 6p 13:1
    FC Zürich Frauen 2g 4p
    FK Minsk 2g 1p
    Rigas FS 2g 0p

    Minsk - Konak 1:2
    1:0 Anastasya Kharlanova 45'+2'
    1:1 Ebru Topçu 53'
    1:2 Ebru Topçu 67'

    Zürich - Rigas FS 2:0
    1:0 Barla Deplazes 44'
    2:0 Riana Fischer 47'

    And this win seals Konak's place in the Round of 32. A minor surprise for me, Zürich were a slight favourite but the draw on Saturday against Minsk was somewhat unexpected and is what did them in.

    GROUP 2
    Raheny United 2g 6p 4:1
    Olimpia Cluj 2g 3p 6:2
    NSA Sofia 2g 3p 5:2
    Hibernians FC 2g 0p 0:10

    Olimpia Cluj - Hibernians 5:0
    1:0 Andreea Voicu 7'
    2:0 Fanni Vágó 45'+1'
    3:0 Fanni Vágó 49'
    4:0 Mara Batea 71'
    5:0 Fanni Vágó 80'

    Raheny - NSA Sofia 2:0
    1:0 Clare Shine 45'+2'
    2:0 Clare Shine 50'

    And Clare Shine keeps at it! 3 goals in 2 games now, and all 6 possible points secured for Raheny - with the 'easiest' of the three opponents being Raheny's last fixture, they are in very good position to qualify for the Round of 32! Just play smart and you're onwards!!

    GROUP 3
    ZNK Pomurje 2g 6p 8:0
    MTK Hungária 2g 6p 4:0
    Ekonomist Niksic 2g 0p 0:5
    Pärnu JK 2g 0p 0:7

    MTK - Ekonomist 1:0
    1:0 Lilla Nagy 58'

    Pärnu - Pomurje 0:4
    1:0 Tanja Vrabel 17'
    2:0 Tanja Vrabel 70'
    3:0 Spela Kolbl 79'
    4:0 Manja Rogan 83'

    GROUP 4
    ZhFK Kharkiv 2g 6p 8:1
    Glasgow City 2g 6p 6:0
    Glentoran Belfast United 2g 0p 0:6
    Union Nove Zamky 2g 0p 1:8

    Nove Zamky - Kharkiv 1:3
    0:1 Yelizaveta Kostyuchenko 12'
    0:2 Hanna Voronina 70'
    0:3 Oksana Znaidenova 74'
    1:3 Gold Tochi Orji 90'+1'

    Glasgow City - Glentoran 1:0
    1:0 Courtney White 41'

    GROUP 5
    ZFK Spartak Subotica 2g 6p 22:0
    ZNK Osijek 2g 6p 15:1
    Amazones Dramas 2g 0p 1:6
    SS-11 Goliador Chisinau 2g 0p 0:31

    Spartak - Goliador 19:0
    1:0 Milena Nikolic 11'
    2:0 Jelena Marenic 13'
    3:0 Milena Nikolic 15'
    4:0 Milena Nikolic 21'
    5:0 Milena Nikolic 25'
    6:0 Milena Nikolic 34'
    7:0 Milena Nikolic 40'
    8:0 Jelena Cankovic 41'
    9:0 Marija Ilic 45'
    10:0 Milena Nikolic 47'
    11:0 Milena Nikolic 48'
    12:0 Zeljka Radanovic 50'
    13:0 Violeta Slovic 57'
    14:0 Liuba Dragomir 63' (o.g.)
    15:0 Violeta Slovic 67' (pen)
    16:0 Violeta Slovic 70'
    17:0 Tia N'Réhy 80'
    18:0 Tia N'Réhy 83'
    19:0 Tia N'Réhy 90'+1'

    Dot dot dot.

    Dunno what else to say. But wow, /eight/ goals from Milena Nikolic. Don't see that every day. Though I have to wonder how it must feel to score the own goal that makes it 14:0? I suppose if it were me, I'd be kinda like, "yeah, well, whatever"...

    But here's the thing. Spartak aren't even close to being a strong team in the greater picture, so this is just a blatant example of the enormous discrepancies that still exist between the various countries in women's football.

    Amazones - Osijek 1:3
    0:1 Violeta Baban 34' (pen)
    0:2 Martina Salek 45'+3'
    0:3 Maja Joscak 57'
    1:3 Aline Birtoiu 74'

    So this sets up the deciding match on Thursday, Spartak v Osijek. I don't imagine there will be as much off-pitch 'entertainment' as one might see at Dinamo-Red Star over on the men's side of things, but I expect there will be some fight in both teams here.

    GROUP 6
    Apollon Limassol 2g 4p 3:1
    Vllaznia Shkoder 2g 4p 2:1
    Gintra Universitetas 2g 3p 3:3
    Klaksvíkar ÍF 2g 0p 1:4

    Apollon - Vllaznia 0:0

    Gintra - KÍ 2:0
    1:0 Ana Alekperova 55'
    2:0 Randi Wardum 84' (o.g.)

    Well this group is certainly proving more interesting than expected! Vllaznia's win on Saturday was the first win for an Albanian team in WCL play, and today's draw against the favourites Apollon means that Vllaznia has an outside chance to qualify for the Round of 32, which would be quite an achievement! Though for that to happen they'll need a little help from Klaksvík - if their keeper keeps on putting the ball into her own net instead of keeping it out, it won't happen...

    GROUP 7
    Medyk Konyn 2g 6p 10:0
    SFK 200 Sarajevo 2g 3p 7:3
    Ĺland United 2g 3p 4:7
    ZFK Kocani 2g 0p 0:11

    Sarajevo - Kocani 7:0
    1:0 Armisa Kuc 10'
    2:0 Jelena Hrsum 15'
    3:0 Jasna Djokovic 21'
    4:0 Andjela Seslija 36'
    5:0 Alisa Spahic 45'
    6:0 Alma Jasarevic 49'
    7:0 Azra Numanovic 86'

    Medyk Konin - Ĺland Utd 7:0
    1:0 Ewa Pajor 22'
    2:0 Anna Gawronska 44'
    3:0 Ewa Pajor 48'
    4:0 Aleksandra Sikora 53'
    5:0 Ewelina Kamczyk 79'
    6:0 Ewa Pajor 84'
    7:0 Ewa Pajor 90'+1'

    Ĺland's Kim Sundlöv was sent off in the 55th minute, though obvs that wasn't the reason for the loss and it was already a trouncing at that point. Since the first criterion for tiebreaking is head-to-head result, even if something absurd happens and they lose to Kocani on Thursday, Medyk will advance to the round of 32 in their CL debut.

    GROUP 8
    CA Ouriense 2g 6p 3:1
    Standard de Ličge 2g 3p 10:1
    ASA Tel-Aviv 2g 3p 3:2
    Cardiff Met LFC 2g 0p 0:12

    Ouriense - ASA Tel-Aviv 2:1
    1:0 Mariana Coelho 69'
    1:1 Danielle Paz 79'
    2:1 Pisco 89'

    Standard - Cardiff 10:0
    1:0 Aline Zeler 23' (pen)
    2:0 Vanity Lewerissa 25'
    3:0 Maud Coutereels 33'
    4:0 Aline Zeler 45'+1'
    5:0 Aline Zeler 54'
    6:0 Aline Zeler 56'
    7:0 Aline Zeler 58'
    8:0 Vanity Lewerissa 61'
    9:0 Cécile de Gernier 74'
    10:0 Maud Coutereels 83'

    What a steamrolling... and Aline Zeler scored 5 goals, of those five, three came inside a 4-minute span! That's pretty remarkable, male or female! Alas it is for naught, as Ouriense's late win today secured their place in the Round of 32 by virtue of Saturday's win over Standard.

    So some intriguing results today, and I'm sure Thursday will prove just as interesting.

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    1. FFC Frankfurt have signed Welsh international Jess Fishlock for the season. Strong team gets stronger.

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    GROUP 1
    FC Zürich Frauen 3g 7p 7:1
    Konak Belediyespor 3g 6p 13:5
    FK Minsk 3g 4p 9:3
    Rigas FS 3g 0p 0:20

    Konak - Zürich 0:4
    0:1 Selina Kuster 16' (pen)
    0:2 Fabienne Humm 63'
    0:3 Julia Stierli 67'
    0:4 Meriame Terchoun 76'

    Rigas FS - Minsk 0:7
    0:1 Tawa Ishola 20'
    0:2 Liana Miroshnichenko 29'
    0:3 Gift Otuwe 33'
    0:4 Tatiana Kenda 52'
    0:5 Mariya Buzunova 53'
    0:6 Mariya Buzunova 55'
    0:7 Esther Sunday 59'

    GROUP 2
    Raheny United FC 3g 9p 6:2
    CFF Olimpia Cluj-Napoca 3g 6p 10:3
    FK NSA Sofia 3g 3p 6:6
    Hibernians FC 3g 0p 1:12

    [b]NSA Sofia - Olimpia Cluj 1:4
    0:1 Fanni Vágó 41'
    0:2 Stefania Vatafu 69'
    0:3 Fanni Vágó 69'
    1:3 Evdokiya Popadiynova 81'
    1:4 Alexandra Iusan 83'

    Hibernians - Raheny 1:2
    1:0 Dionne Tonna 15'
    1:1 Catherine Cronin 38'
    1:2 Clare Shine 79'

    And once again Clare Shine comes up winning, scoring another goal to clinch the win and Raheny's spot in the Round of 32!

    GROUP 3
    MTK Hungária FC 3g 9p 6:1
    ZNK Pomurje 3g 6p 9:2
    Pärnu JK 3g 3p 2:8
    Ekonomist Niksic 3g 0p 1:7

    Pomurje - MTK 1:2
    1:0 Dóra Papp 23' (o.g.)
    1:1 Tímea Gál 29'
    1:2 Anita Pádár 87' (pen)

    Ekonomist - Pärnu 1:2
    0:1 Ave Pajo 26'
    1:1 Ivana Krivokapic 77'
    1:2 Anastassia Morkovkina 86'

    GROUP 4
    Glasgow City FC 3g 9p 10:0
    ZhFK Kharkiv 3g 6p 8:5
    Glentoran Belfast United 3g 3p 5:8
    FC Union Nové Zámky 3g 0p 3:13

    Kharkiv - Glasgow City 0:4
    0:1 Denise O'Sullivan 10'
    0:2 Joanne Love 18'
    0:3 Fiona Brown 57'
    0:4 Denise O'Sullivan 63'

    Glentoran - Nové Zámky 5:2
    0:1 Nikola Rybanska 23'
    1:1 Katrina Montgomery 56'
    2:1 Lauren Wade 62'
    3:1 Suzanne Baxter 67'
    4:1 Demi Vance 76'
    4:2 Denisa Brenkova 81'
    5:2 Lauren Wade 89'

    GROUP 5
    ZNK Osijek 3g 9p 16:1
    ZFK Spartak Subotica 3g 6p 22:1
    Amazones Dramas AS 3g 3p 12:6
    SS-11 Goliador Chisinau 3g 0p 0:42

    Osijek - Spartak 1:0
    1:0 Dragica Cepernic 7'

    Goliador - Amazones 0:11
    0:1 Valia Chatzioglou 13'
    0:2 Anastasia Papadopoulou 24'
    0:3 Valia Chatzioglou 34'
    0:4 Anastasia Papadopoulou 36' (pen)
    0:5 Maria Mitkou 44'
    0:6 Maria Mitkou 67'
    0:7 Maria Mitkou 68'
    0:8 Maria Mitkou 74'
    0:9 Anastasia Papadopoulou 77'
    0:10 Maria Mitkou 80'
    0:11 Valia Chatzioglou 87'

    GROUP 6
    Apollon Limassol 3g 7p 6:2
    Gintra Universitetas 3g 6p 8:3
    KS Vllaznia Shkoder 3g 4p 2:6
    Klaksvikar IF 3g 0p 2:7

    KI - Apollon 1:3
    0:1 Antri Violari 15'
    1:1 Maria Ioannou 19' (o.g.)
    1:2 Danai-Eleni Sidira 26'
    1:3 Elisa Brito 60'

    Vllaznia - Gintra 0:5
    20' Lavdije Begolli red card
    0:1 Sonata Vanagaite 55'
    0:2 Simona Velickaite 63'
    0:3 Simona Velickaite 79'
    0:4 Rasa Imanalijeva 85'
    0:5 Viktorija Budryte 90'+4'

    GROUP 7
    Medyk Konin 3g 9p 21:1
    SFK 2000 Sarajevo 3g 6p 8:3
    Ĺland United 3g 3p 4:8
    ZFK Kocani 3g 0p 1:22

    Ĺland - SFK 2000 0:1
    0:1 Jelena Hrsum 41'

    Attempts on goal 22:5 in favour of Ĺland...

    Kocani - Medyk Konin 1:11
    0:1 Natalia Pakulska 4'
    0:2 Anna Gawronska 7'
    0:3 Ewelina Kamczyk 9'
    0:4 Ewa Pajor 35'
    0:5 Paulina Dudek 49'
    0:6 Anna Gawronska 56'
    0:7 Ewa Pajor 58'
    1:7 Eli Jakovska 60'
    1:8 Natalia Pakulska 71'
    1:9 Anna Gawronska 78'
    1:10 Sandra Zigic 81'
    1:11 Paulina Zawislak 86' (pen)

    GROUP 8
    CA Ouriense 3g 6p 4:3
    Standard Ličge 3g 6p
    ASA Tel-Aviv 3g 3p 3:3
    Cardiff Met LFC 3g 3p 2:13

    ASA Tel-Aviv - Standard 0:1
    0:1 Sanne Schoenmakers 17'

    Cardiff - Ouriense 2:1
    0:1 Mariana Coelho 14'
    1:1 Emily Allen 35'
    1:2 Eleanor Sargent 90'+1'

    So this concludes the qualifying round - the 8 group winners and the 2 best second place teams advance to the round of 32: Zürich, Raheny Utd, MTK, Pomurje, Glasgow City, Osijek, Apollon, Gintra, Medyk Konin and CA Ouriense.

    These 10 will join the 22 automatically-qualified teams: Barcelona, BIIK-Kazygurt (KAZ), Brescia, Bristol Academy, Brřndby, Fortuna Hjřrring, 1. FFC Frankfurt, Linköping, Liverpool, Olympique Lyon, Neulengbach (AUT), Paris SG, Rosengĺrd, Ryazan-VDV, Slavia Prague, Sparta Prague, Stabćk, Stjarnan, Torres Calcio, Twente, Wolfsburg, Zvezda Perm

    The draw will be made on 22 August.

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    Your Mother
    Love the spread of nations included in this competition,, hasnt been scourged by greed just yet it seems. Great to see Raheny in it

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    I agree, I'm delighted Raheny are in, too - I've pretty quickly become a fan of Clare Shine since the Euro U19s. She's got a future ahead of her!

    Also I really did think Vllaznia could do it and advance, alas that red card killed it for them.

    On the one side I agree with you, I do love the fact that the women's game isn't pure greed like the men's is. It's similar to why I enjoy junior hockey (U20, basically) - there's still passion there, before the money dulls it.

    On the other side, though, I wish there was a bit more money involved, for the reasons I mentioned in my earlier post...

    And though the spread of nations is nice - and has grown since the tournament started, which is encouraging - I look forward to the day when there's teams from every UEFA member taking part. But there's a lot of politics involved, too, in why things the way they are... if you look at countries like Greece or Bulgaria or Bosnia here... that the Bosnian men made it to the big World Cup is a great thing, super progress has been made over the past 20 years, but a fair bit of money has been put into building that progress. Whereas the successes that say SFK 2000 has had in the tournament in the past is a huge "against the odds" credit to the girls, since they receive practically no support at all at home, no media attention and very little money... but without getting too far into the politics of women in those countries, I think that the situation is quite reflective on how women are positioned in those societies.

    And that's also part of why there's such a huge disparity when you get into the later rounds, the countries which are the closest to having gender equality for the most part also happen to be the ones that have the most consistent success in women's football. But again I don't want to get into the politics too much, so I'll just look at the positives for now - if you look along the history of this tournament, the progress that has been made from the first to now is huge and self-evident.

    And that a little bit more greed would be nice! (Hey, all you owner dudes? We make up half the world... we've got money too, and we like football too... give us reason to, and we'll /spend/ our money, too!)

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    Well the draws for the Round of 32 and the Round of 16 have happened and OMG probably Paris-Lyon meeting already in the 16!

    But, the round of 32:

    KKPK Medyk Konin (POL) v Glasgow City LFC (SCO)
    Ryazan-VDV (RUS) v FC Rosengĺrd (SWE)
    ACF Brescia (ITA) v Olympique Lyonnais (FRA)
    Clube Atlético Ouriense (POR) v Fortuna Hjřrring (DEN)
    SK Slavia Praha (CZE) v FC Barcelona (ESP)
    Raheny United (IRL) v Bristol Academy WFC (ENG)
    FC BIIK-Kazygurt (KAZ) v 1. FFC Frankfurt (GER)
    Gintra Universitetas (LTU) v AC Sparta Praha (CZE)
    ŽNK Pomurje (SVN) v ASD Torres Calcio (ITA)
    Stabćk FK (NOR) v VfL Wolfsburg (GER, holders)
    Apollon LFC (CYP) v Brřndby IF (DEN)
    MTK Hungária FC (HUN) v SV Neulengbach (AUT)
    ŽNK Osijek (CRO) v FC Zürich Frauen (SUI)
    Liverpool LFC (ENG) v Linköpings FC (SWE)
    FC Twente (NED) v Paris Saint-Germain FC (FRA)
    Stjarnan (ISL) v WFC Zvezda-2005 Perm (RUS)

    And the Round of 16:

    Osijek/Zürich v Medyk Konin/Glasgow
    Ryazan-VDV/Rosengĺrd v Atlético Ouriense/Fortuna
    Twente/Paris v Brescia/Lyon
    Stabćk/Wolfsburg v MTK/Neulengbach
    Liverpool/Linköping v Stjarnan/Zvezda-2005
    Slavia/Barcelona v Raheny/Bristol
    BIIK/Frankfurt v Pomurje/Torres
    Apollon/Brřndby v Gintra/Sparta

    Also interesting is that since the winner of Osijek/Zürich was drawn to play the winner of Medyk Konin/Glasgow in the 16, there will definitely be at least one quarter finalist who entered through the qualification round.

    Round of 32 goes on 8th and 16th of October, Round of 16 on 8th and 12th of September.

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    Now it gets exciting... quarter finals first legs go this weekend. Bristol v Frankfurt today, and on Sunday PSG v Glasgow City, Wolfsburg v Rosengard and Linkoping v Brondby.

    So stoked that PSG beat Lyon. I'm confident they'll beat Glasgow. After that they'll face the winner of Wolfsburg-Rosengard (so, Wolfsburg, probably)...

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    Bristol Academy - Frankfurt 0:5 (Vero 36, Schmidt 45, Marozsan 66, Islacker 78, Garefrekes 81)

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    Wolfsburg - Rosengard 1:1 (Faißt 66; Marta 56)
    Glasgow City - PSG 0:2 (Lahmari 19, Hamraoui 53) (yay!)
    Linkoping - Brondby 0:1 (Rohlin 14 o.g.)

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    Gutted that Rohlin scored an own goal

  26. The Following User Says Thank You to Fods For This Useful Post:

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    28 March:

    Brondby - Linkoping 1:1 (Madsen 6; Knudsen 44')
    (Brondby 2:1 agg)

    Rosengard - Wolfsburg 3:3 (Marta 24, Mittag 42', Gunnarsdottir 90+3; Popp 4', 81', Peter 55')
    (4:4, Wolfsburg on aways)

    PSG - Glasgow City 5:0 (Lappin 26' o.g., Delie 54', 68', Delannoy 65' pen, Dali 87' pen)
    (PSG 7:0 agg)

    29 March:

    Frankfurt - Bristol 7:0 (Ando 8', Marozsan 38', Islacker 58', 68', 75', Stoerzel 87', Loeber 90'+3' pen)

    So the semifinals will be PSG v Wolfsburg and Frankfurt v Brondby. Pretty disappointed Rosengard couldn't come through to beat Wolfsburg, though they gave it their all. Not surprised (and very happy) PSG beat Glasgow, but poor discipline on the part of the Scots girls made the score uglier than it really needed to be.

    First leg of the semis go on the 18th. As ever, go Paris! And crossing fingers Brondby can get past Frankfurt. Would be kinda nice to see a final without a German team in finally!

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    Well getting close to the start of the 2017-18 Women's Champions League, and if I'm back around the forums again then I'll get back on to inundating yous all with women's football until you all care about it!

    The groups have been drawn for the Qualifying round, first matches go on 22 August:

    GROUP 1 (in Georgia)
    Gintra Universitetas (LIT)
    Konak Belediyespor (TUR)
    Partizan Bardejov (SVK)
    Martve (GEO)

    GROUP 2 (in Cluj, Romania)
    Olimpia Cluj (ROM)
    Hibernian (SCO)
    Zhytlobud-2 Kharkiv (UKR)
    Swansea City (WAL)

    GROUP 3 (in Parnu, Estonia)
    Standard Liege (BEL)
    Ajax (NED)
    Parnu (EST)
    Rigas FS (LAT)

    GROUP 4 (in Belfast, Northern Ireland)
    Medyk Konin (POL)
    PK-35 Vantaa (FIN)
    Shelbourne (IRL)
    Linfield (NIR)

    GROUP 5 (in Limassol, Cyprus)
    Apollon Limassol (CYP)
    Sturm Graz (AUT)
    NSA Sofia (BUL)
    Noroc Nimoreni (MLD)

    GROUP 6 (in Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    FC Zurich (SUI)
    FK Minsk (BLR)
    Olimpija Ljubljana (SVN)
    Birkirkara (MLT)

    GROUP 7 (in Osijek, Croatia)
    Stjarnan (ISL)
    ZNK Osijek (CRO)
    KI Klaksvik (FRO)
    ZFK Istatov (MKD)

    GROUP 8 (in Budapest, Hungary)
    BIIK Kazygurt (KAZ)
    MTK Hungaria (HUN)
    Sporting CP (POR)
    Hajvalija (KOS)

    GROUP 9 (in Pljevlja, Montenegro)
    Spartak Subotica (SRB)
    Avaldsnes (NOR)
    FC Kiryat Gat (ISR)
    Breznica Pljevlja (MNE)

    GROUP 10 (in Sarajevo, Bosnia)
    Sarajevo FK 2000 (BIH)
    PAOK (GRE)
    Vllaznia Shkoder (ALB)
    Bettembourg (LUX)

    Each group winner plus the best second-placed team (based on their matches against the 1st and 3rd place teams in their group) will advance to the Round of 32.

    Automatically in the Round of 32 are Olympique Lyonnais (FRA), Montpellier (FRA), Wolfsburg (GER), Bayern Munich (GER), Rosengard (SWE), Linkoping (SWE), Barcelona (ESP), Atletico Madrid (ESP), Fortuna Hjorring (DEN), Brondby (DEN), Rossiyanka Khimki (RUS), Zvezda Perm (RUS), Manchester City (ENG), Chelsea (ENG), Brescia (ITA), Fiorentina (ITA), Slavia Prague (CZE), Sparta Prague (CZE), Glasgow City (SCO), Lillestrom (NOR), St. Polten (AUT).

    The final will be on 24 May in Kiev. I'm gonna expect a disappointingly low turnout there. Based on the finals attendances since 2010 choosing Dynamo Stadium makes sense (17,000 seats)... but somehow I get this feeling that they're not really going to be doing much local promotion of the game there, plus it's eastern Europe (I'm sure the Ukrainian FA would've loved to take the men's final without having to take the women's one, but)... and I can't see 10,000 people travelling to Kiev... but hopefully I'll be proven wrong on this.

    Here's the attendances over the past few years:

    2017: Cardiff, 22,433 (Lyon - PSG 0:0, 7:6)
    2016: Reggio Emilia, 15,117 (Wolfsburg - Lyon 1:1, 3:4)
    2015: Berlin, 17,147 (Frankfurt - PSG 2:1)
    2014: Lisbon, 11,217 (Tyreso - Wolfsburg 3:4)
    2013: London, 19,278 (Wolfsburg - Lyon 1:0)
    2012: Munich, 50,212 (Lyon - 1.FFC Frankfurt 2:0)
    2011: London, 14,303 (Lyon - Turbine Potsdam 2:0)
    2010: Getafe, 10,372 (Lyon - Turbine Potsdam 0:0 6:7)

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