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Thread: CM 99/00 - Downloads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cam F View Post
    9900 3.72 official patch -

    9900 3.73 official patch -
    I've just downloaded the game, but haven't done anything about patches.

    What do these patches add to the game?


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    That's the ''changes'' file you get after installing 9900 3.73 without the data update from 3.72

    New to version 3.73 - this version does not include any form of data update
    * Fixed a rare problem where a South American cup final may not be played.

    New to version 3.72 - this version does not include any form of data update - Save games are compatible

    * Fixed a problem reguarding non EEC players in the Spanish league.
    * Fixed a problem with players stamina dropping, we suggest starting a new game in order to fully benefit from this change
    * Fixed a problem with Norweigan reserve teams not appearing

    New to version 3.71 - this version does not include any form of data update

    * The game is now compatible with all CD rom drives
    * Fixed a Network Crash bug
    * Fixed multiple scout news item error (game should now not freeze on particular dates)
    * Fixed bug where quick player search included own squad players by default
    * Fixed J-League points problem for subsequent league stages
    * Fixed a bug where players were reported as being a bad influence when their team had won
    * Fixed J-League points problem for subsequent league stages
    * Fixed rounding bug for release fee transfer checks.
    * Fixed the Half Time Oranges news item message
    * Fixed other annoying board messages/request options
    * Fixed Belgian League Cup Final so now it has no replay and no extra time
    * Fixed rare English League Cup problem with away goals
    * Fixed a virtual staff bug with teams which do not have reserve teams
    * Fixed MLS penalty shootout bug
    * Fixed a problem where your save game became corrupt if you toggled foreground and background leagues
    * Players are now more likely to negotiate when requesting a new contract instead of telling you that you can't afford their wages
    * Stopped players who are unhappy with training from being to upset when attempting to negotiate a new contract
    * Stopped Players from saying that they want a new contract when you have already offered them one
    * Stopped players from saying they're interested in 250k a week
    * Added new error messages to help you identify problems easier
    * Improved the starting rating of substitutes so they are a little less likely not to get a 6
    * Lowered Goalkeeper average ratings slightly
    * Called up under 21 players count towards match postponements
    * When a player on loan from a B team is bought, he is now removed from the B team squad properly
    * Made it slightly easier to sell good players
    * When game is saved before confirming a national team selection, there was a bug when you load the game and try to confirm it.
    * Elgin City and Peterhead are now called up to Scottish league in second season
    * Swedish language nationality corrected on 'Choose Nationality Screen' and 'Player Profiles Screen'

    Additional Information

    This update fixes all known problems with CM 99/00 and should you encounter further problems once installed please contact us at

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