Introduction: Championship Manager 2010


Championship Manager 2010 (abbreviated to Championship Manager 10 or CM 2010) is a Football Manager simulation video game. It is developed by Beautiful Game Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. It was released on PC on September 11, 2009 making it the first Championship Manager game to be released before Football Manager since Championship Manager 2007.

The Mac OS X version of the game shipped from Virtual Programming on November 23, 2009.


Developers Beautiful Game Studios have implemented several new features, never seen before for both the Championship Manager series as well as other football management games. This is due to the 2 year development time for the game.

The match engine has undergone a radical overhaul with the result, a fully animated match engine with over 500 individual player animations. There are seven different camera angles, replays and the ability to record and re-watch matches.

Created entirely from scratch at CM headquarters and designed specifically to bring the management experience to life, the Manager can now see how their decisions and instructions manifest themselves on the playing field in 3D.

This brand new feature enables managers to create Set Pieces. You can call upon all the individual strengths of your squad members to produce the perfectly executed free kick. The creator splits the set piece into a number of stages so managers can fine tune every crucial step from passing direction, cross/chips and runs to coordinating your defence when a corner is taken against you.

Scouting for new players is now a much more accessible feature and attractive prospect in Championship Manager 2010. Managers are given a world map view of their knowledge of different countries and expenditure allocation. Scouts report back the up-and-coming star players from around the world allowing you to dedicate more of your time to other areas.

Managers can now set up drills to see how their players match up against each other Ė shooting, crossing, practice matches and much more all shown in the spectacular three-dimensional match engine.

A first in the football management genre, CM Season Live is a monthly downloadable update which brings you all the latest events from the world of football, dropping you into the action at key defining moments in the season.

Itís nearing the end of the football season and your team is hovering around the bottom of the table, struggling to avoid relegation. Can you take over management, turn your teamís fortune around and prevent the drop?

A huge range of messaging in the game enables you to have far greater access to information and news from within the game's world of football. Broadcasting real media references, the latest CM news system delivers in a wide variety of ways. The user gets all the information and news that's relevant to their game in order to maximise their potential as a manager.

A dynamically updated display window brings a real world likeness to the user. Managers will be able to look out on the latest league tables, fixtures, top goal scorers and more from their in-game football world. Coverage from every part of the globe will appear throughout the game on every screen. It's the complete picture.

An exclusive feature to the CM series, ProZone continues to evolve to enable users to access highly detailed, post-match analysis on their players. With full stats on their own team and the opposition, the manager has the complete picture of personal and team performances to aid their decisions. Providing data on every pass, run, shot and more, ProZone is the analysis tool, putting CM in the real football world. Professional managers use ProZone on a daily basis. It doesn't get any more real than this.