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Thread: The Offsets Index

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    The Offsets Index

    As the Offsets thread is so long it is difficult to find things, so I thought I'd start an index to make finding things easier.

    I have locked the thread to avoid people posting question.

    This is very much a work in progress...

    .cpp values, list of:

    Basque restriction -
    Apply to everyone -

    Danish Premier, increase number of team -

    Reject any bid -
    Player & Staff Search, find every player! -


    English League Cup dates -,

    English Vans Trophy - dates -

    FA Cup subs -

    Promotion & Relegation, 3rd div & conference:

    FIFA Club World Cup:
    Start year -

    Regional divisions, relegation from:

    Dutch Cup & Dutch Super Cup, how to disable:

    J-League 2 offsets:

    Making the game harder:
    Apply for job option, removed -
    Trials, removing -
    Free transfers, releasing on, removing -

    Northern Ireland:
    Charity Shield -
    Charity Shield, inviting -
    Second Division play-offs
    Northern Ireland Cup -
    Transfer Windon dates -

    Player Restrictions:
    Croatia -

    Promotion & relegation -

    Athletic Bilbao, disable Basque restriction:
    Real Sociedad, disable Spanish restriction:

    Splash screens, how to disable:

    European Super Cup stadium - (see the [9CF***] thread for list of hard-coded clubs).
    English cup finals -

    Start Year, how to change:

    Substitutes, all competitions -

    TV & Prize Money:
    Croatia -
    All -

    UEFA Champions League:
    Dates -

    Unprotected Contracts - how to disable:

    British Passports -
    Show star players -
    Take Control of any club (non playable leagues, b-teams, nations & U21s) -
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