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Thread: Introduction: Tactics

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    Introduction: Tactics

    Introduction: Tactics

    Welcome to the home of tactical thinking!

    If you have developed a penchant of creating tactics in Championship Manager 2001/2002, why not share your knowledge and your tactic here with our community?

    Simply create a new thread with the name of your tactic as the title of the thread and include the following information in your thread:
    • Name of the tactic
    • Description of the tactic
    • Screenshot of the tactic
    • Download of the tactic (we recommend that you use to upload your .tct file)

    Once you have done the above and would like to add your tactic to our Downloads section, please make a request to do so in the 'Add your Tactic to our Downloads' thread. We will then respond to you on that thread to inform you when your tactic has been added to our 'Individual Tactics' area in the Downloads.

    Each time we collect 20 tactics, we will also develop a pack of tactics which will be added to the 'Tactics Pack' area in the Downloads.

    If you wish, you may also request that your tactic be submitted into the 'Revamped Tactic League' which is run by GFRay86. This is essentially a league where every tactic is tested against a benchmark and the results are provided in the form of a league table.

    Good luck with your tinkering!

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