1. Firstly open your data folder in the CM area and find ‘game.mbr’ and ‘match.mbr’

2. Select properties on both of these and un-tick the ‘read only’ box

3. Open your Champ Man folder and create a new folder called ‘menubars’

4. Select the menubar you wish to use in your game and save this as a .bmp in the menubar folder.

4b. The menubars you can download here on site are in PNG format. After you save them to your hard disk you'll have to convert them to 24bit bitmap files for use in the game. MS Paint can do this as can a number of other free photo editing programs.

5. Open up the picture editor (under start/championshipmanager0102/picture editor/

6. Now select ‘load menubar bitmap’ and type ‘menubars’ in the folder directory section

7. Load your selected menubar and select save menubar bitmap.

8. You get two options, ‘game’ [normal gameplay] and ‘match’ [matches only] so save to both or one as you want.

9. And job done, load up CM and enjoy your new menubar!

By Rainham End Regular