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Thread: Twenty Questions - Part 2 (Episode 90 - SteveHarle)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Forrest View Post
    Another Flyers fan!?!?!??!?

    I'm a die-hard supporter and have been since I started watching hockey. My gf is too. We go to Philly every year to catch a game. Going April 6th this year for the final home game of the season
    Love it. Everyone hates the Flyers so it's nice to see i'm not completely alone haha. NHL game is massively on my to-do list, speed of it compared to the UK game is out of this world, it's like in football watching a Sunday League game vs Lionel Messi doing bits against Betis the other night.

    Was hoping to catch a game when I was out in New York a few years back but in true "me" style - both the Rangers and the Islanders got knocked out in the first rounds of the playoffs... Desperately wanted to see some American sport though, so I ended up watching a "Soccer" game, which wasn't too bad as it actually turned out to be quite a lot like Football. Thierry Henry scored a couple of peaches.

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    Well, Ottawa (where I live) is not the best place to watch a game. Fans are lifeless..... but Philly, Montreal, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, etc.... are all crazy fun times

    Philly is especially fun because everyone is a Flyers fan.... and they are crazy passionate

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    Q4 - your job sounds similar to me!

    Q5 -

    Q10 - Mila

    BRILLIANT insight to the update team as well for those of us that do not know all of the great work you guys do

    Superb interview - well in Steve

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