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    Thank you for your answer. You helped a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leo37 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by M.C.F.C View Post
    I recently employed a system where I will go Normal if the opponent is Attacking and Attacking if the opponent is using Normal or Defensive. So far it's worked quite nicely with team's who are attacking me getting caught out by the normal mentality. I also find that my team tends to be a bit more clinical whilst on Normal mentality.
    generally if you can counteract the oppositions mentality you will win the football match

    If you are defensive and the opposition is not attacking you in the right areas or just running into dead ends where you have a parked dmc and 2 incredible centre backs chances are you will win the game

    likewise if you attacking and they defensive but you are overloading them so much and out pressing them you will camp them in so much they will be no threat so you can defend high up the pitch just as well
    I think this might be where I've been going wrong. I've always just used Attacking regardless of what my opponent's strategy was - I vaguely recall in my youth, I tried to counter an Attacking side by going Defensive, and got hammered, and now I avoid going Defensive like the plague. But I'm getting hammered by Attacking sides anyway, so maybe this is the way to go.

    I'm gonna try switching to a Normal mentality against Attacking sides, see how it goes, and report back. If anyone has any suggestions about which other tactics you should use to counter Attacking sides (Men Behind Ball, Counter Attack etc.), please let me know.

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