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Thread: A 41221 (451) tactic: META-MORPH (Non-wibwob)

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    A 41221 (451) tactic: META-MORPH (Non-wibwob)

    Hi all

    I've used overpowered tactics in the past and won everything with Bosmans and it got to the stage where the game became not so fun, and ultimately made me lose interest.

    I've decided to work on my own tactic without touching the wibwob screen.

    This is a 41221 or 451 tactic.

    The idea is rather simple. Your base shape is 451 which should be defensively pretty solid with a DMC sitting just in front of defense. Upon attacking your shape morphs into to 4231 with wingers moving into the box to join the attack.

    What I like about this tactic is the realism of how the game plans out. A good striker gets plenty of goals (roughly ~20 goals per 30 games) but not to the point of being totally unrealistic. The rest of the goals and assists come midfielders and wingers. Sometimes you get 1 or 2 from defenders..

    This tactic is effective. As Stuttgart I was able to displace Dortmund as the No.2 team of Germany and got to the Champions League Semis losing to Chelsea on Penalties. Won the German Cup 2x in a row, both against Bayern so got that going for the tactic which is nice. You won't be expecting to win everything every time as with other super-tactics but you can rest be assured that you'll be competitive. I prefer to play on the cheap (i.e don't buy expensive players, signing BOSMANs etc) so I'd imagine that with better players you can pretty much dominate the game without much issue.



    I think selecting the right players in cm0102 can really be a matter of preference. My first requirement is good Determination (13+) because I want my team to be able to turn the tide of the game when things aren't going as well as it should.

    Striker: I have three very difference Strikers in my team and they can all score goals consistently: Emeghara is the speedster and super-sub of of team. Nagai is the decent all rounder who can score and help the team out. Shawn Parker is the Germany Wonderkid who is destined for great things.

    I prefer an all-rounder in the position but Off the ball is the key stat for your striker to score goals/

    Wingers: Off the ball, Pace, Decision, Passing & Finishing

    Midfielders: LCM occupies the Hole during attack so he needs to be a creative player. Passing, Off the Ball, Creativity, Teamwork and Decision. The RCM, although not Box-to-box, should be a good all-rounder and a grafter. Stamina, Work-rate and Teamwork plus all other desirable stats.

    Defensive Midfielder: Marking, Tackling, Positioning, Passing. Good other stats will also mean he'll bag few goals here and there.

    Full-backs: I have more success (rating-wise) with full-backs that has an attacking side to their play. So Centreback + pace, crossing, stamina and work-rate.

    Centrebacks: This is quite a tough one because I don't know the secret to sign a good CB. Some strange reason. Rolando who is ~17 for most stats always perform better than Badstuber who is a monster stats-wise. It's a bit unpredictable but I guess high positioning, marking and tackling can't do you any harm.

    Goalkeeper: Handling.


    I have also included another variant designed to kill the game (use in last 10 minutes) or to shuffle up the game a little when you're not doing so well against a certain component for whatever the reason.


    Got a man sent off?:

    When I have a man sent off, I take off one of the wingers and push the fullback on that side up to the DML or DMR position with no forward arrow. I find this can work from time to time in remaining competitive in the match. If you have 2 or more men sent off, just act on your own instinct.

    .....Hope you'll enjoy my tactic and have a nice one!
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    Hi @cption,
    Could you reupload your tactics?

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