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Thread: CM 93 Screenshots

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    Quote Originally Posted by niilampteyFMlegend33 View Post
    . This is what I get when trying to load it.

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    Hey, noticed your having trouble with DOSBOX, try using this wiki site, i found it really good and it helped me to get my game working through DSBOX!! I'm now into my 8th season with Man Utd winning the league every season, love this game spend countless hours on it when i was a wee kid, back in the early 1990's on my old Atari 500 ST FM, games used to take a hell of a lot longer than they do thesedays on my PC, always love coming back to this game every couple of yearsfor nostalgic purposes, although i'm too good thesedays, i can take any team on the game and win the prem inside 4 years!! hahaha

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    All you need to do is drag the CMSTART.BAT file/icon and drop it on the dosbox.exe, the game should load automatically

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