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Thread: Offsets

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    No, 01-02, I guess the developers must have just updated the code they already had from 00-01 and not bothered renaming the files.

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    a are right...when i was trying to edit nation names in 00-01 season i had to change the cm0001.exe in to cm0102.exe...but if you start that renamed file game seeks CD to be present...but when you get back original name cm0001.exe game does not require CD to be present...crazy but that it is...

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    008354FB - Italian Serie A
    00835550 - Italian Serie B
    008355A3 - Italian Serie C1A
    008355F6 - Italian Serie C1B
    008356AF - Italian Serie C2B
    00835702 - Italian Serie C2C
    0083580A - Italian Super Cup
    00835862 - Italian Serie C1 Super Cup
    0064160C - Italian Serie A Prize Money
    0064687C - Italian Serie B Prize Money
    0063EE80 - Italian Cup Prize Money
    0063EF15 - Italian Cup Prize Money
    0063EFBA - Italian Cup Prize Money
    0063F05B - Italian Cup Prize Money
    0063F106 - Italian Cup Prize Money
    0063F3C2 - Italian Cup Prize Money - Winner
    006416D6 - Italian Serie A subs named
    006416DA - Italian Serie A subs allowed
    00646938 - Italian Serie B subs named
    0064693C - Italian Serie B subs allowed
    0064B803 - Italian Serie C1A subs named
    0064F9CA - Italian Serie C1B subs named
    00653C23 - Italian Serie C2A subs named
    006580E3 - Italian Serie C2B subs named
    0065C271 - Italian Serie C2C subs named
    0063E955 - Italian Cup subs named
    0063E951 - Italian Cup subs allowed
    0065F6DD - Italian Super Cup subs named
    0065F6D9 - Italian Super Cup subs allowed
    0063CC95 - Italian Serie C Cup subs named
    0063CC91 - Italian Serie C Cup subs allowed
    0063C64D - Italian Serie C1 Super Cup subs named
    0063C649 - Italian Serie C1 Super Cup subs allowed

    00646792 MOV WORD PTR DS:[ESI+3E],16 - Number of Teams in Italian Serie B (16 is 22 in decimal)
    0064678B PUSH 512 (number of clubs *59)
    00645B2D MOV WORD PTR DS:[EAX],2A - Number of Fixtures in Italian Serie B (2A is 42 in decimal)
    006468B2 MOV WORD PTR DS:[ESI+3C],CX - Number of Rounds in Italian Serie B

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    00835ABE - Japanese J League
    00835B13 - Japanese J2
    00835B66 - Japanese Emporers Cup
    00835BB9 - Japanese J Cup
    00835C0C - Japanese Super Cup
    006635E5 - J-League 1 Prize or TV Money
    006635F3 - J-League 1 Prize or TV Money
    00662E6D - Number of Fixtures in J-League 1
    006634F2 - Number of Teams in J-League 1
    006636BB - Japanese J1 subs named
    006651CD - Japanese J2 subs named
    006653E9 - Japanese J Cup subs named
    006653ED - Japanese J Cup subs allowed
    00661D99 - Japanese Emporer's Cup subs named
    00661D9D - Japanese Emporer's Cup subs allowed

    00835B66 JE SHORT 00835B8C change it to JMP SHORT 00835B8C - Disabling Japan Emperors Cup
    00835BB9 JE SHORT 00835BDF change it to JMP SHORT 00835BDF - Disabling Japan Cup
    00835C0C JE SHORT 00835C32 change it to JMP SHORT 00835C32 - Disabling Japan Super Cup
    006670A3 - Japanese Foreign Player Restriction
    00665042 MOV WORD PTR DS:[EDI+3E],0C - Teams Japan J-League 2
    00665149 MOV WORD PTR DS:[ESI+3C],4 - Rounds in Japan J-League 2
    006651CD MOV BYTE PTR DS:[ESI+49],5 - Subs in Japan J-League 2
    006647BA MOV WORD PTR DS:[EAX],2C - Fixtures in Japan J-League 2
    0066503B PUSH 2C4 (*59)
    006647B5 PUSH 0B2C (*65)

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    Can someone give me some advice or help with this? I've been looking through the .exe to find as many offsets for substitutes as I can as part of my Flex tool.

    5EAE94: MOV DL,3

    The first line sets the register DL to 3, the last is the number of allowed substitutes in the Greek Premier League. The other two uses of DL are for the number of points for win and, I think, the number of non-eu players.

    So is it possible to have these three values changed independently? Could the two middle lines be re-written as:

    The fourth line doesn't have enough space, so that could be left as it is, so DL would only be used once.

    I'm not an expert in Olly, can someone advice me if this would be possible? And if so, how exactly do I do it?

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    12.Change number of subs in leagues:

    1.Go again to the number of rounds block
    2.Search the line:"MOV BYTE PTR DS:[ESI+49],value" - this line determines how many players you can register as subs
    3.Change it as you like

    Attention:If the line doesn't have numeric value but use a variant like in the rounds line,than you will have to do the same trick again and move all the following lines one step down.
    But make sure you don't overwrite the next block.

    this is the one line from the replacement guide...i think that is same situation with your post...this situations are very hard for editing,reqiures lot of patience,care and on the end often changes simply don't work...

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    00835E4F - Northern Irish Premier
    00835EA4 - Northern Irish First
    00835EF7 - Northern Irish Cup
    00835F4A - Northern Irish League Cup
    00835F9D - Northern Irish Charity Shield
    0078ED5C - Northern Ireland Premier Division Prize Money
    0078AA2E - Northern Ireland Cup Prize Money
    0078AAD9 - Northern Ireland Cup Prize Money
    0078ABB9 - Northern Ireland Cup Prize Money
    0078AC5F - Northern Ireland Cup Prize Money WINNER
    0078AC69 - Northern Ireland Cup Prize Money RUNNER UP
    0078C7D5 - Northern Irish League Cup subs named
    0078C7D1 - Northern Irish League Cup subs allowed
    005E1354 - Northern Irish Gold Cup subs named

    009CF8B0 - Northern Ireland Premier Division
    009CF8B4 - Northern Ireland First Division
    009CF8B8 - Northern Ireland Lower Division
    009CF8BC - Northern Ireland Charity Shield
    009CF8C0 - Northern Ireland Cup
    009CF8C4 - Northern Ireland Gold Cup
    009CF8C8 - Northern Ireland League Cup

    0078A174 - Month of Northern Ireland Charity Shield
    0078A176 - Day of Northern Ireland Charity Shield
    00789E5B - Number of Subs in Northern Ireland Charity Shield

    0078BBD2 - Month of Northern Ireland Second Division Play-Off
    0078BBD4 - Day of Northern Ireland Second Division Play-Off

    0078A932 - Month of Northern Ireland Cup Draw
    0078A934 - Day of Northern Ireland Cup Draw

    0078A934 - Date of Northern Ireland Cup (JANUARY - 5 TURN)
    0078A9C3 - Date of Northern Ireland Cup (FEBRUARY - 6 TURN)
    0078AA5C - Date of Northern Ireland Cup (MARCH - QUARTERS)
    0078AB03 - Date of Northern Ireland Cup (APRIL - SEMI-FINAL)
    0078ABE4 - Date of Northern Ireland Cup (MAY - FINAL)

    0078AA2E - Northern Ireland Cup
    0078AAD9 - Northern Ireland Cup
    0078ABB9 - Northern Ireland Cup
    0078AC5F - Northern Ireland Cup WINNER
    0078AC69 - Northern Ireland Cup RUNNER UP

    007937B2 - Opening Month of Transfer Window in Northern Ireland
    007937B6 - Opening Day of Transfer Window in Northern Ireland
    007937CD - Closing Month of Transfer Window in Northern Ireland
    007937C9 - Clsoing Day of Transfer Window in Northern Ireland

    0078A19B MOV WORD PTR DS: [ESI + D] .200-----> changes to 83 - Inserting extra time by eventual golden goal and penalties
    0078A1B6 MOV BYTE PTR DS: [ESI + 21].----2--> change to 1 - Inserting extra time by eventual golden goal and penalties

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    I have just written a short tool to scan the .exe file for all the substitute offsets, here is the definitive list of values that can be edited via Olly (excluding hard-coded values).

    //Subs named
    401b2e - African Nations Cup
    405708 - Argentinian Premier
    407ee5 - Argentinian Second
    40ab69 - Asia Club Championship
    40cc69 - Asia Cup Winners Cup
    40f53c - Asia Nations Cup
    4106b9 - Asian Super Cup
    411d70 - Australian NSL
    41dd91 - Begian First
    41f081 - Belgian Second
    422794 - Belgian Third
    4259f5 - Brazilian Champions Cup
    427501 - Brazilian Cup *
    427ed3 - Brazilian Cup *
    42a625 - Brazilian First
    42cbf9 - Brazilian Second
    42ded5 - Brazilian Third
    43107e - Brazilian Central State Championship
    43234f - Brazilian Gaúcho State Championship
    4336cf - Brazilian Goiás State Championship
    43803f - Brazilian Paraná State Championship
    4394af - Brazilian Pernambucco State Championship
    43a67e - Brazilian Rio State Championship
    43bcf2 - Brazilian Santa Catarina State Championship
    51497a - Croatian A1
    515e7c - Croatian A2A
    516f9a - Croatian A2B
    5174e9 - Croatian Cup
    550a8c - Danish Cup *
    5516d3 - Danish Cup *
    552437 - Danish First
    553a89 - Danish Premier
    56aab5 - Englsih Auto Cup
    56c317 - English Conference Cup
    56d3e9 - English Charity Shield
    56ee5a - English Conference
    572e0d - English First (now Championship)
    574c03 - English Premier
    5767fe - English Second (now First)
    578159 - English Third (now Second)
    57a16e - European Super Cup
    57b6b5 - European Championships
    57e976 - European Champions League Qualifiers
    58383f - European Champiosn League
    58be1b - Fifa Confederations Cup
    5922b9 - Finnish Cup
    593c06 - Finnish First
    595cfa - Finnish Premier
    5bc489 - French First
    5bf134 - French Second
    5d8c89 - German Cup
    5db489 - German First
    5dc1aa - German League Cup
    5dcba3 - German Regional
    5df477 - German Second
    5e1354 - Gold Cup
    5e88f5 - Greek Cup
    5eaf26 - Greek Premier
    5ebe74 - Greek Second
    5ec0a9 - Greek Super Cup
    5f34ab - Dutch Cup
    5f63d2 - Dutch First
    5f85f2 - Dutch Premier
    6320ed - Inter American Cup
    63301e - Intertoto Cup
    634109 - Irish Challenge Cup
    635b1d - Irish First
    636509 - Irish Leinster Cup
    636e25 - Irish League Cup
    638809 - Irish Munster Cup
    63a98b - Irish Premier
    63ad21 - Irish Super Cup
    63c64d - Italian C1 Super
    63cc95 - Italian Serie C Cup
    63e955 - Italian Cup
    6416d6 - Italian Serie A
    646938 - Italian Serie B
    64b803 - Italian Serie C1A
    64f9ca - Italian Serie C1B
    653c23 - Italian Serie C2A
    6580e3 - Italian Serie C2B
    65c271 - Italian Serie C2C
    65f6dd - Italian Super Cup
    661d99 - Japanese Emporer's Cup
    6636bb - Japanese J1
    6651cd - Japanese J2
    6653e9 - Japanese J Cup
    66bd46 - Korean League
    66bf55 - Korean League Cup
    66d885 - Korean Super Cup
    78c7d5 - Northern Irish League Cup
    78f089 - Norwegain Cup
    790b7e - Norwegian First
    79278c - Norwegian Premier
    79970e - Oceania Nations Cup
    7a02ae - Olympic Games
    7c7de9 - Polish Cup
    7c9716 - Polish First
    7ca5bc - Polish League Cup *
    7cb1b3 - Polish League Cup *
    7cbfe4 - Polish Second
    7cc985 - Polish Super
    7cf9c0 - Portuguese Premier
    7d1742 - Portuguese Second
    7d268b - Portuguese Second B
    7e9279 - Russian Cup
    7ea89e - Russian First
    7eb7da - Russian Premier
    7ec9e9 - Scottish Challenge Cup
    7ed379 - Scottish FA Cup
    7eeee9 - Scottish First
    7efa49 - Scottish League Cup
    7f2a43 - Scottish Premier
    7f4014 - Scottish Second
    7f4f9c - Scottish Third
    84cfb9 - Spanish Cup
    84fe8f - Spanish First
    853811 - Spanish Lower
    855d66 - Spanish Second
    856f74 - Spanish Second B
    858719 - Spanish Super Cup
    88cc1d - Swedish Cup
    88f136 - Swedish First
    8905dc - Swedish Premier
    8bf3b1 - nothing
    8fc419 - Turkish Cup
    8fe020 - Turkish First
    8ff312 - Turkish Second
    9004df - Tukish Second B
    90234e - Uefa Cup
    90f292 - World Cup African League
    911c61 - World Cup Asian League
    919265 - World Cup European League
    91ed6c - World Cup Oceania Group
    9210fc - World Cup South American Group
    925cd1 - Conference North / Welsh Premier
    925ee5 - Welsh League Cup
    927845 - Welsh Premier Cup
    929c1c - World Club Championships
    92b51e - World Club Cup
    92d28c - World Cup
    //Subs allowed
    40ab6d - Asian Club Championship
    40cc6d - Asian Cup Winners Cup
    4106bd - Asian Super Cup
    41d0be - Belgian FA Cup
    41dd95 - Belgian First
    41f085 - Belgian Second
    4259f1 - Brazilian Champions Cup
    427505 - Brazilian Cup
    427ed7 - Brazilian Cup
    5174ed - Croatian Cup
    550a90 - Danish Cup
    5516d7 - Danish Cup
    56aab9 - English Auto Cup
    56d3ed - English Charity Shield
    5922bd - Finnish Cup
    5d8c8d - German Cup
    5dc1ae - German League Cup
    5dcba7 - German Regional
    5e88f1 - Greek Cup
    5ec0ad - Greek Super Cup
    5f34a7 - Dutch Cup
    6320f1 - Inter American Cup
    63410d - Irish Challenge Cup
    63650d - Irish Leinster Cup
    636e21 - Irish League Cup
    63880d - Irish Munster Cup
    63ad25 - Irish Super Cup
    63c649 - Italian Serie C1 Super Cup
    63cc91 - Italian Serie C Cup
    63e951 - Italian Cup
    6416da - Italian Serie A
    64693c - Italian Serie B
    65f6d9 - Italian Super Cup
    661d9d - Japanese Emporer's Cup
    6653ed - Japanese J Cup
    66bf51 - Korean League Cup
    66d889 - Korean Super Cup
    78c7d1 - Northern Irish League Cup
    78f08d - Norwegian Cup
    7c7ded - Polish Cup
    7c971a - Polish First
    7ca5c0 - Polish League Cup *
    7cb1b7 - Polish League Cup *
    7cc989 - Polish Super Cup
    7d268f - Portuguese Second B
    7e927d - Russian Cup
    7ec9ed - Scottish Challenge Cup
    7ed37d - Scottish FA Cup
    7efa4d - Scottish League Cup
    84cfbd - Spanish Cup
    85871d - Spanish Super Cup
    88cc21 - Swedish Cup
    8fc41d - Turkish Cup
    90f296 - World Cup African Group
    911c65 - World Cup Asian Group
    914a72 - World Cup CONCACAF Group
    925ee1 - Welsh League Cup
    927841 - Welsh Premier Cup
    Those marked with a * indicate they appear twice but I don't know why. Possibly because the competition has two stages which can be edited independently?

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    John,about .cpp offsets,can you explain it more closer what are they represent exactly...some of the offsets Olly does not recognize,at least for me...

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    If you open Olly,
    Go to the box the in the bottom left quarter of the screen,
    Press Ctrl+G
    Enter the offset and press Enter

    The first thing in the bottom left should begin E:\dev\CM3\ etc.
    Click on the 'E'
    Press Ctrl+R

    A new box should appear which lists all the times this .cpp file referenced through the code (in Olly these are labeled - ASCII "E:\dev\CM3\etc\whatever.cpp")
    Double click one of the lines and Olly will take you to the code relating to that .cpp file.

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    0x41b93d - John,i'v found this offset in one of the old Tapani's threads...this is for changing starting date but Olly does not recognize this offset?

    there is a great amount of info in this thread,specially ideas about changing CL and Uefa cup structure...

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    *plays with Olly*

    0x41b93d is the literal offset (where it actually is in the .exe file) + 0x400000 to get the Olly offset gives 0x81b93d

    Which is: PUSH 7D1 (7D1 = 2001)

    BTW - start is stored in lots of places, in some places it is even stored relatively, e.g. 0x7e6819 is start year minus 3 (no idea why).

    Let me know if you want me to post all the offsets for that (courtesy of Tapani's patch where I stole them from).

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    a ha ha...well...we have stolen lot's of info from Tapani...(let him sue us :-))
    i think that minus 3 is because of the first release of CM 3 which was in season 98-99...maybe some old stuff left behind SI programmers...
    please,post the offsets...

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    00836214 - Norwegian Premier
    0083626A - Norwegian First
    008362C1 - Norwegian Cup
    007926DC - Norwegian Premier League Prize Money
    0079278C - Norwegian Premier subs named
    00790B7E - Norwegian First subs named
    0078F089 - Norwegain Cup subs named
    0078F08D - Norwegian Cup subs allowed

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    These are literal offsets (add 0x400000 for Olly offsets)

    Start Year:
    0x13386, 0x140e5, 0x224f0, 0x44270, 0x44297, 0x5f4ee, 0x5f97c, 0x5f981, 0x16fc63, 0x18b387, 0x1aee53, 0x1bab86, 0x1bac32, 0x1bb6ab, 0x1bc8b2, 0x1c3068, 0x1db242, 0x2673c3, 0x267495, 0x267582, 0x26766d, 0x26775a, 0x267829, 0x2678f8, 0x2679c6, 0x267aa1, 0x267b81, 0x267c6d, 0x267d5a, 0x267e55, 0x267f50, 0x268043, 0x268149, 0x268236, 0x268324, 0x268411, 0x2684ff, 0x2685ed, 0x2686bc, 0x2687ac, 0x268899, 0x268987, 0x268a77, 0x268b65, 0x268c54, 0x268d40, 0x268e2f, 0x268f1d, 0x26900b, 0x2690da, 0x37d858, 0x3d2410, 0x41b93d, 0x430591, 0x430598, 0x4305dc, 0x430a64, 0x430f8e, 0x430fb4, 0x43129a, 0x4312b4, 0x431608, 0x431622, 0x4318ad, 0x4318c6, 0x431b54, 0x431b6d, 0x431e66, 0x431e80, 0x4320b3, 0x4320cd, 0x432324, 0x432577, 0x43290d, 0x433055, 0x43339d, 0x4336eb, 0x433c84, 0x433f8e, 0x434382, 0x43475d, 0x434aad, 0x434dfd, 0x435297, 0x435c39, 0x435fca, 0x43668e, 0x436a55, 0x436d68, 0x4371a5, 0x4371d5, 0x4374e9, 0x43805d, 0x438357, 0x43869f, 0x456ce0, 0x4fddd2, 0x5041f3

    Start Year - 3 0x3e6819

    Start Year - 1 0x55fd1, 0xdc02c, 0x12d2e2, 0x3e68fe, 0x3e691f, 0x45e98f

    Start Year + 1 0xdc135

    Start Year + 2 0x29e84e, 0x45b841, 0x45b898, 0x45c40c

    Start Year + 3 0xdc113, 0x19ba24

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    I've just been looking in the .exe file at the section that, I believe, checks that certain clubs exist. I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to disable all the checks - this would allow allow the clubs to be renamed without generating an error when the game loads.

    0x6146B6: PUSH OFFSET 009E1F08 - "MLS All Stars East"
    0x616EA9: PUSH OFFSET 009E060C - "stuttgarter kickers ii"

    I'm not an expert at actually editing the code but could these checks be disabled with an appropriately placed JMP command to skip this section of code?

    Last edited by JohnLocke; 05-02-2011 at 02:48 PM.

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    00836513 - Polish First
    00836568 - Polish Second
    008365BB - Polish Cup
    0083660E - Polish League Cup
    00836661 - Polish Super Cup
    007C966E - Poland Premier Division Prize Money
    007C9716 - Polish First subs named
    007C971A - Polish First subs allowed
    007CBFE4 - Polish Second subs named
    007C7DE9 - Polish Cup subs named
    007C7DED - Polish Cup subs allowed
    007CA5BC - Polish League Cup subs named *
    007CB1B3 - Polish League Cup subs named *
    007CA5C0 - Polish League Cup *
    007CB1B7 - Polish League Cup *
    007CC985 - Polish Super Cup subs named
    007CC989 - Polish Super Cup subs allowed

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    offset 0083660E (JE SHORT 00836634 change to JMP SHORT 00836634)

    John,this is the offset for disable/enable Polish league cup,and i have some more similar offsets for disabling Irish Cups for example...can you scan .exe file and provide a list with all competition offsets just as u did for subs?

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    Slight problem, what I'm searching for are the values in the second column in Olly (0x74 0x24 in this case). That combination appears in the exe 5013 times!

    Will all the lines be followed by: MOV EDX,DWORD PTR DS:[9CF860] ? If so I can include this to see if that reduces the number of matches.

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    008368BE - Portuguese Premier
    00836913 - Portuguese Second
    007CF8FC - Portuguese Premier Division Prize or TV Money
    007CF90A - Portuguese Premier Division Prize or TV Money
    007CF9C0 - Portuguese Premier subs named
    007D1742 - Portuguese Second subs named
    007D268B - Portuguese Second B subs named
    007D268F - Portuguese Second B subs allowed
    007D43EA - Portuguese Premier Division Foreigners Restrictions for Squad
    007D43F1 - Portuguese Premier Division Foreigners Restrictions for Match

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    00835023 - Irish Premier
    00835078 - Irish First
    008350CB - Irish Challenge Cup
    0083511E - Irish League Cup
    00835171 - Irish Super Cup
    008351C4 - Irish Presidents Cup
    00835217 - Irish Munster Cup
    0083526A - Irish Leinster Cup
    0063A8D3 - Republic of Ireland Premier Division Prize Money
    0063A98B - Irish Premier subs named
    00635B1D - Irish First subs named
    00634109 - Irish Challenge Cup subs named
    0063410D - Irish Challenge Cup subs allowed
    00636509 - Irish Leinster Cup subs named
    0063650D - Irish Leinster Cup subs allowed
    00636E25 - Irish League Cup subs named
    00636E21 - Irish League Cup subs allowed
    00638809 - Irish Munster Cup subs named
    0063880D - Irish Munster Cup subs allowed
    0063AD21 - Irish Super Cup subs named
    0063AD25 - Irish Super Cup subs allowed

    0063A74F MOV WORD PTR DS:[ESI+3E],BP - Number of Teams in Republic of Ireland Premier
    0063591F MOV WORD PTR DS:[ESI+3E],BP - Number of Teams in Republic of Ireland First Division

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    00836C8F - Russian Premier
    00836CE4 - Russian First
    007EB71A - Russian Premier Division Prize Money
    007EB622 - Teams in Russian Premier Division
    007EAD8D - Fixtures in Russian Premier Division
    007EB7DA - Russian Premier subs named
    007EA89E - Russian First subs named
    007EA875 - Russian First subs allowed
    007E9279 - Russian Cup subs named
    007E927D - Russian Cup subs allowed

    007EC978 : MOV BYTE PTR DS:[EDX+2], 3 - Player Restrictions (unknown division)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patinoz View Post
    as i can remember all lines with disable/enable competition are in format

    JE PUSH ******** than JE must be replaced with JMP in order to disable it...
    8322a2 - Argentinian Premier
    8322f7 - Argentinian Second
    832792 - Belgian First
    8327e7 - Belgian Second
    83283a - Belgian Third
    83288d - Belgian FA Cup
    8328e0 - Belgian Super Cup
    832c0f - Brazilian Reg Bahia
    832cb0 - Brazilian Reg Gaucho
    832e44 - Brazilian Reg Parana
    832e94 - Brazilian Reg Pern
    832f35 - Brazilian Reg Santa
    833027 - Brazilian Champions Cup
    833275 - Croatian A1
    8332ca - Croatian A2A
    83331d - Croatian A2B
    833370 - Croatian Cup
    8335c3 - Danish Premier
    833618 - Danish First
    83366b - Danish Second
    8336be - Danish Cup
    83392c - English Premier
    833981 - English First (Championship)
    8339d4 - English Second (League One)
    833a27 - English Third (League Two)
    833b37 - English CC Cup (Conference Cup I think)
    833b8f - English Auto Windscreens Cup
    833eb3 - Finnish Premier
    833f09 - Finnish First
    833f60 - Finnish Cup
    8341b4 - French First
    834209 - French Second
    83425c - French Third
    8342af - French Cup
    834302 - French League Cup
    834355 - French Super Cup
    8345c9 - German First
    83461e - German Second
    834985 - Greek Premier
    8349da - Greek Second
    834a2d - Greek Cup
    834a80 - Greek Super Cup
    834cd5 - Dutch Premier
    834d2a - Dutch First
    834d7d - Dutch Cup
    834dd0 - Dutch Super Cup
    835023 - Irish Premier
    835078 - Irish First
    8350cb - Irish Challenge Cup
    83511e - Irish League Cup
    835171 - Irish Super Cup
    8351c4 - Irish Presidents Cup
    835217 - Irish Munster Cup
    83526a - Irish Leinster Cup
    8354fb - Italian Serie A
    835550 - Italian Serie B
    8355a3 - Italian Serie C1A
    8355f6 - Italian Serie C1B
    8356af - Italian Serie C2B
    835702 - Italian Serie C2C
    83580a - Italian Super Cup
    835862 - Italian Serie C1 Super Cup
    835abe - Japanese J League
    835b13 - Japanese J2
    835b66 - Japanese Emporers Cup
    835bb9 - Japanese J Cup
    835c0c - Japanese Super Cup
    835e4f - Northern Irish Premier
    835ea4 - Northern Irish First
    835ef7 - Northern Irish Cup
    835f4a - Northern Irish League Cup
    835f9d - Northern Irish Charity Shield
    836214 - Norwegian Premier
    83626a - Norwegian First
    8362c1 - Norwegian Cup
    836513 - Polish First
    836568 - Polish Second
    8365bb - Polish Cup
    83660e - Polish League Cup
    836661 - Polish Super Cup
    8368be - Portuguese Premier
    836913 - Portuguese Second
    836c8f - Russian Premier
    836ce4 - Russian First
    836f84 - Scottish Premier
    836fd9 - Scottish First
    83702c - Scottish Second
    83707f - Scottish Third
    8370d2 - Scottish FA Cup
    837125 - Scottish League Cup
    837178 - Scottish Challenge Cup
    8373c1 - South Korean K League
    837416 - South Korean FA Cup
    837469 - South Korean League Cup
    8374bc - South Korean Super Cup
    83773b - Spanish First
    837790 - Spanish Second
    8377f3 - Spanish Second Division B
    837846 - Spanish Cup *
    8378fd - Spanish Cup *
    837950 - Spanish Super Cup
    837bd5 - Swedish Premier
    837c2a - Swedish First
    837f35 - Turkish First (Super Lig)
    837f8a - Turkish Second
    837fdd - Turkish Second B
    838030 - Turkish Cup
    838282 - USA MLS
    8382d7 - USA Open Cup
    83832a - USA MLS All Stars
    838577 - English Northern Premier / Welsh Premier
    8385cc - Welsh Cup
    83861f - Welsh League Cup
    838672 - Welsh Premier Cup

    * Not sure why its there twice.

    I searched for: 0x74 0x24 0x8b 0x15, which found 127 matches, the 114 are the only ones that related to a competition.

    92C077 CALL 0092DA40
    92C07E CALL 0092D200

    These are, I believe, the calls to create the World Cup. These are within a block starting at: 0092C047 JNE 0092C190. Wikiepedia tells me that JNE is jump on inequality, so if it was changed to JE (jump on equality) would the World Cup be disabled?

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    In answer to my own question, YES! Changing the JNE to JE disables the World Cup! Not had any errors after 1 season - although the World Cup still appears on the menu in the game and if you select it the game crashes.

    Anyone know how to remove a competition from the menu? Would I have to delete the competition in the editor?

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    John,when i disable competition i only change command JE PUSH to JMP PUSH,after that when starting game,that disabled competition does not appear in the menu.
    i'v tried to disable WC long ago when i was creating league with only national teams participating in it...i remember i'v change around 50,i get it,my idea was to disable all nation competitions,WC,Euro Championship,Copa America...that why i changed so many lines.In the end that worked but with many error messages,but game didn't crashed...

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