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    When starting in 2019, Confederations Cup always get played that year and then 2023 etc. Did the changes in this thread with having it every four year and so on, but is it possible to have it 2021, 2025 and so on? Or disable it totally as its not played anymore.

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    Saturn made a patch for turning it off in v8 (and in v6 for changing what years it runs). Using my patcher, go into Tools -> Misc Patches -> Saturn Patches v8 and you'll see Confederations Cup disable.patch

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    Some interesting offsets regarding work permits:

    008C7BE4  |.  66:817E 0D 3421         CMP WORD PTR DS:[ESI+0D],2134                        <---- Check World Reputation to see if over 8500
    008C7BEA  |.^ 0F8F 1DFEFFFF           JG 008C7A0D
    008C7BF0  |>  8B4424 30               MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ARG.3]
    008C7BF4  |.  85C0                    TEST EAX,EAX
    008C7BF6  |.  74 0D                   JZ SHORT 008C7C05
    008C7BF8  |.  8178 0C B7880000        CMP DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+0C],88B7                  <----- Check if the wage is over 34,999
    008C7BFF  |.^ 0F8F 08FEFFFF           JG 008C7A0D
    ^ This code checks if the wage is 35,000 or more (of if World Rep is over 8500). If it is, then the work permit will go through.

    008C31C4  |.  6A 07                     PUSH 7                                   ; |/Arg1 = 7                <---- Argument for Random function (i.e. pick a number between 0-6)
    008C31C6  |.  C647 2C 0A                MOV BYTE PTR DS:[EDI+2C],0A              ; ||
    008C31CA  |.  E8 F19D0400               CALL 0090CFC0                            ; |\cm0102.0090CFC0      <------- This is the Random function. Called each time CM0102 wants a random number
    008C31CF  |.  83C4 04                   ADD ESP,4                                ; |
    008C31D2  |.  04 12                     ADD AL,12                                ; |                 <------- Add 0x12 (18) to the random number received. This is the total number of days.
    ^ This code calculates the number of days until you hear if the work permit went through or not

    Was thinking about changing this to keep work permits in, but make them less annoying. Like maybe make it take a fortnight each time and have a 50/50 chance of going through regardless of wage. Not sure yet.

    EDIT: D'oh - Saturn + JL had already worked out most of this at:
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    I seem to remember the .68 patch 'hard coding' the qualifiers and group stage fixtures for the 2002 world cup in. Is it possible to do this for another tournament in the same way, and if so, how would I go about it?

    Ideally i'd like to replay Euro 96 on the 95/96 season update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick+Co View Post
    0090CFC0 <------- This is the Random function. Called each time CM0102 wants a random number
    Nice finding.

    THat gave me an idea for a side project> remove randomness from the game (like, if you go holiday mode for several seasons you would get identical results as if you repeat the same test again and again). Thats most for fun but would be helpful for doing some experiments so would remove the random factor from the experiments.

    So I noticed the 0090CFC0 random function relies on two things: it uses the C lib rand() function, but it also reads some random memory addresses that are filled with garbage that is used in the randomness.

    So I found the C lib srand (009469FA) and rand (00946A04) functions. I changed it to use a fixed random seed, instead of using the current local time. And I also removed the logic for using those garbage memory addresses.

    That worked, I holidayed a month in the future, then closed the game, then holidayed again 1 month, and all the match results, transfers, injuries, etc, everything was identical.

    However there was a bug, after a month it enters an infinite loop, because there are some silly functions which do basically:
    while (getRandomNumber(10) != 5)
    As the random number will always be the same from the same input, it stays in infinite loop

    When I find all the places which does this silly thing I can get a stable version.

    Actually a better way to remove randomness from the game would be if I could store the garbage memory address and random seed in the savegame file and then load it again when savegame loaded, this way the random number would be different from the same inputs but still would cause all repetitions of holidays to be identical (I tested it with in memory hacks and it worked, but i dont know how to save/read to savegame file)

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    Hey guys,

    Couple of questions:

    1- With the bidding to host either the Euros or the WC and the bidding is dual is it possible to make it just a single country to bid? Let's say for example Scotland/Wales and make it just Scotland? And what about the the other way: Scotland to Wales/Scotland?

    2- Regarding the Champions League and Uefa Cup venues for the finals. Can we set them for the years to come? Or is it completely random? Because the game always seems to pick the same places so I assume this is coded somewhere. I'm having lots of fun editing the 1989 update and would like to add this to the exe.

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    @jukilo1888: For question 1 - yes it is possible. My notes on this are rubbish and based on when I was doing it for the '93 00/01 version. But as far as I can tell from my notes, there's a flag that gets set while setting the host and it can be 0xFD or 0xFE and that states whether it is dual host or not. Not much use I know! But hopefully might give you a clue while stepping through the code. I might try it out today and write some notes up here on how to do it.

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    @Nick: When I was setting Italy to be the single organizer of the 1990, using what JL wrote in his thread, I wrote something you did in your 93 exe. As this was a co-host (Japan and South Korea) I changed the South Korea value to put the Italy one and with Japan I wrote MOV ECX, -1 and it worked that way.

    But when I tried to do the same for the 1996 Euros for the co-host bidding, Olly simply said "no room for this command" and I had to leave it with Scotland and England. And set the other 2 bids as England. Maybe this is because the hosts aren't set yet in this case and the game still needs to go through the bidding process.

    So that's why I was wondering if it would be possible to put a single bid instead of a dual.

    This is just a small detail as the exe is perfect for me as it is but I think it would be nice to know if folk would like to do other retro DB.
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    @jukilo1888: Ahh I understand the bit you are trying to change. From your '89 exe:
    005F9CE5  |.  8B0E                           MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI]
    005F9CE7  |.  8B15 5CF49C00                  MOV EDX,DWORD PTR DS:[9CF45C]             <---- Scotland (as per the original)
    005F9CED  |.  8991 5A010000                  MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ECX+15A],EDX
    005F9CF3  |.  8B06                           MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI]
    005F9CF5  |.  8B0D E4F29C00                  MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2E4]              <---- You've changed this to England now
    005F9CFB  |.  8988 5E010000                  MOV DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+15E],ECX
    005F9D01  |.  8B16                           MOV EDX,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI]
    005F9D03  |.  A1 E4F29C00                    MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2E4]                 <---- You've changed this to England now 
    005F9D08  |.  8982 62010000                  MOV DWORD PTR DS:[EDX+162],EAX
    005F9D0E  |.  8B0E                           MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI]
    005F9D10  |.  89B9 66010000                  MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ECX+166],EDI
    005F9D16  |.  8B16                           MOV EDX,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI]
    005F9D18  |.  A1 E4F29C00                    MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[9CF2E4]                <---- You've changed this to England now
    005F9D1D  |.  8982 6A010000                  MOV DWORD PTR DS:[EDX+16A],EAX
    005F9D23  |.  8B0E                           MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI]
    005F9D25  |.  89B9 6E010000                  MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ECX+16E],EDI
    005F9D2B  |.  8B16                           MOV EDX,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI]
    005F9D2D  |.  889A 72010000                  MOV BYTE PTR DS:[EDX+172],BL
    The patch I just tried was:
    005F9CE7      C781 5A010000 3D000000         MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ECX+15A],3D       <---- 3D is the number that's held at [9CF2E4] and is the ID for England (done this way to save byte space)
    005F9CF1      B3 FD                          MOV BL,0FD                     <---- BL is currently, 0xFE, needs to be changed to 0xFD for single host
    005F9CF3      C781 5E010000 FFFFFFFF         MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ECX+15E],-1        <---- Move -1 into this rather than Scotland
    005F9CFD      90                             NOP
    005F9CFE      90                             NOP
    005F9CFF      90                             NOP
    005F9D00      90                             NOP
    Should do what you need.

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    @Nick: thank you so much!! I'll put it in Olly and apply it to exe. I feel like a kid in a candy shop, discovering all this amazing new things and learning how much the exe can be modified. Lots of trials and errors but that's the fun of it.

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    Does anybody know how i can make greek national A division matches to be separated in Saturday and Sunday and NOT only Sunday?

    For example,i want 3 matches to be played in Saturday and for matches to be played in Sunday

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    Anyone have the offset for the Turkish Premier Division prize money? I can only find the tv money at :008FDF5F


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    Hi guys just a couple of questions is there any way to re activate the cup winners cup competition?

    Thank you

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    Nick, is there a way to set at zero, I mean: no relegations at all in the bottom of Italian serie c1? and making Serie c2 a level WITHOUT promotions and relegations?
    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick+Co View Post
    Been wanting to do this one for ages. Anyone else get annoyed by this when you want to compare two players?:

    This patch gets rid of this screen so you don't get asked if you really want to set a player for comparison.

    004F4210: 81 C3
    004F4211: EC 90
    004F4212: 9C 90
    004F4213: 01 90
    004F4214: 00 90
    004F4215: 00 90
    004F4598: 75 EB
    004F45AF: 6A 53
    004F45B0: 01 90
    004F45D1: 66 50
    004F45D2: 83 6A
    004F45D3: FE 01
    004F45D4: FF B9
    004F45D5: 74 50
    004F45D6: 25 44
    004F45D7: 0F B7
    004F45D8: BF 00
    004F45D9: C2 E8
    004F45DA: 0F 32
    004F45DB: BF AA
    004F45DC: CE F0
    004F45DD: 8D FF
    004F45DE: 14 89
    004F45DF: 40 C3
    004F45E0: 8B 58
    004F45E1: C1 EB
    004F45E2: C1 B7
    004F45E3: E0 90
    004F45E4: 05 90

    Can you do something similar for adding/removing some from the shortlist? And sending a scout to watch the player? And the confirmation screen to confirm trial invites?

    Speaking of trial invites, could they default to 1 week in duration rather than 2 weeks?

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    006A88BB 75 1A JNZ SHORT cm0102.006A88D7
    006A88BD 80FB 05 CMP BL,5
    006A88C0 74 15 JE SHORT cm0102.006A88D7
    006A88C2 6A 0C PUSH 0C

    006A88BB 90 NOP
    006A88BC 90 NOP
    006A88BD |. 80FB 05 CMP BL,5
    006A88C0 90 NOP
    006A88C1 90 NOP
    006A88C2 6A 00 PUSH 0

    Result: the club agreed with my request to expand the stadium which they were otherwise refusing.

    I don't know exactly how it works. The NOPs are needed to ensure the PUSH instruction happens.


    Edit: or not, the stadium expansion never happened when I holidayed the game.
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    Free transfers after the summer window is closed are posiible only in Italy....

    Why doesn't it work in other European leagues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnLocke View Post


    00401B2E - African Nations Cup
    00405708 - Argentinian Premier
    00407EE5 - Argentinian Second
    0040ABB9 - Asia Club Championship
    0040CC69 - Asia Cup Winners Cup
    0040F53C - Asia Nations Cup
    004106B9 - Asian Super Cup
    00411D70 - Australian NSL
    0041DD91 - Begian First
    0041F081 - Belgian Second
    00422794 - Belgian Third
    004259F5 - Brazilian Champions Cup
    00427501 - Brazilian Cup *
    00427ED3 - Brazilian Cup *
    0042A625 - Brazilian First
    0042CBF9 - Brazilian Second
    0042DED5 - Brazilian Third
    0043107E - Brazilian Central State Championship
    0043234F - Brazilian Gaúcho State Championship
    004336CF - Brazilian Goiás State Championship
    0043803F - Brazilian Paraná State Championship
    004394AF - Brazilian Pernambucco State Championship
    0043A67E - Brazilian Rio State Championship
    0043BCF2 - Brazilian Santa Catarina State Championship
    0051497A - Croatian A1
    00515E7C - Croatian A2A
    00516F9A - Croatian A2B
    005174E9 - Croatian Cup
    00550A8C - Danish Cup *
    005516D3 - Danish Cup *
    00552437 - Danish First
    00553A89 - Danish Premier
    0056AAB5 - Englsih Auto Cup
    0056C317 - English Conference Cup
    0056D3E9 - English Charity Shield
    0056EE5A - English Conference
    00572E0D - English First (now Championship)
    00574C03 - English Premier
    005767FE - English Second (now First)
    00578159 - English Third (now Second)
    0057A16E - European Super Cup
    0057B6B5 - European Championships
    0057E976 - European Champions League Qualifiers
    0058383F - European Champiosn League
    0058BE1B - Fifa Confederations Cup
    005922B9 - Finnish Cup
    00593C06 - Finnish First
    00595CFA - Finnish Premier
    005BC489 - French First
    005BF134 - French Second
    005D8C89 - German Cup
    005DB489 - German First
    005DC1AA - German League Cup
    005DCBA3 - German Regional
    005DF477 - German Second
    005E1354 - Gold Cup
    005E88F5 - Greek Cup
    005EAF26 - Greek Premier
    005EBE74 - Greek Second
    005EC0A9 - Greek Super Cup
    005F34AB - Dutch Cup
    005F63D2 - Dutch First
    005F85F2 - Dutch Premier
    006320ED - Inter American Cup
    0063301E - Intertoto Cup
    00634109 - Irish Challenge Cup
    00635B1D - Irish First
    00636509 - Irish Leinster Cup
    00636E25 - Irish League Cup
    00638809 - Irish Munster Cup
    0063A98B - Irish Premier
    0063AD21 - Irish Super Cup
    0063C64D - Italian C1 Super
    0063CC95 - Italian Serie C Cup
    0063E955 - Italian Cup
    006416D6 - Italian Serie A
    00646938 - Italian Serie B
    0064B803 - Italian Serie C1A
    0064F9CA - Italian Serie C1B
    00653C23 - Italian Serie C2A
    006580E3 - Italian Serie C2B
    0065C271 - Italian Serie C2C
    0065F6DD - Italian Super Cup
    00661D99 - Japanese Emporer's Cup
    006636BB - Japanese J1
    006651CD - Japanese J2
    006653E9 - Japanese J Cup
    0066BD46 - Korean League
    0066BF55 - Korean League Cup
    0066D885 - Korean Super Cup
    0078C7D5 - Northern Irish League Cup
    0078F089 - Norwegain Cup
    00790B7E - Norwegian First
    0079278C - Norwegian Premier
    0079970E - Oceania Nations Cup
    007A02AE - Olympic Games
    007C7DE9 - Polish Cup
    007C9716 - Polish First
    007CA5BC - Polish League Cup *
    007CB1B3 - Polish League Cup *
    007CBFE4 - Polish Second
    007CC985 - Polish Super
    007CF9C0 - Portuguese Premier
    007D1742 - Portuguese Second
    007D268B - Portuguese Second B
    007E9279 - Russian Cup
    007EA89E - Russian First
    007EB7DA - Russian Premier
    007EC9E9 - Scottish Challenge Cup
    007ED379 - Scottish FA Cup
    007EEEE9 - Scottish First
    007EFA49 - Scottish League Cup
    007F2A43 - Scottish Premier
    007F4014 - Scottish Second
    007F4F9C - Scottish Third
    0084CBF9 - Spanish Cup
    0084FE8F - Spanish First
    00853811 - Spanish Lower
    00855D66 - Spanish Second
    00856F74 - Spanish Second B
    00858719 - Spanish Super Cup
    0088CC1D - Swedish Cup
    0088F136 - Swedish First
    008905DC - Swedish Premier
    008BF3B1 - nothing
    008FC419 - Turkish Cup
    008FE020 - Turkish First
    008FF312 - Turkish Second
    009004DF - Tukish Second B
    0090234E - Uefa Cup
    0090F292 - World Cup African League
    00911C61 - World Cup Asian League
    00919265 - World Cup European League
    0091ED6C - World Cup Oceania Group
    009210FC - World Cup South American Group
    00925CD1 - Conference North / Welsh Premier
    00925EE5 - Welsh League Cup
    00927845 - Welsh Premier Cup
    00929C1C - World Club Championships
    0092B51E - World Club Cup
    0092D28C - World Cup


    0040AB6D - Asian Club Championship
    0040CC6D - Asian Cup Winners Cup
    004106BD - Asian Super Cup
    0041D0BE - Belgian FA Cup
    0041DD95 - Belgian First
    0041F085 - Belgian Second
    004259F1 - Brazilian Champions Cup
    00427505 - Brazilian Cup
    00427ED7 - Brazilian Cup
    005174ED - Croatian Cup
    00550A90 - Danish Cup
    005516D7 - Danish Cup
    0056AAB9 - English Auto Cup
    0056D3ED - English Charity Shield
    005922BD - Finnish Cup
    005D8C8D - German Cup
    005DC1AE - German League Cup
    005DCBA7 - German Regional
    005E88F1 - Greek Cup
    005EC0AD - Greek Super Cup
    005F34A7 - Dutch Cup
    006320F1 - Inter American Cup
    0063410D - Irish Challenge Cup
    0063650D - Irish Leinster Cup
    00636E21 - Irish League Cup
    0063880D - Irish Munster Cup
    0063AD25 - Irish Super Cup
    0063C649 - Italian Serie C1 Super Cup
    0063CC91 - Italian Serie C Cup
    0063E951 - Italian Cup
    006416DA - Italian Serie A
    0064693C - Italian Serie B
    0065F6D9 - Italian Super Cup
    00661D9D - Japanese Emporer's Cup
    006653ED - Japanese J Cup
    0066BF51 - Korean League Cup
    0066D889 - Korean Super Cup
    0078C7D1 - Northern Irish League Cup
    0078F08D - Norwegian Cup
    007C7DED - Polish Cup
    007C971A - Polish First
    007CA5C0 - Polish League Cup *
    007CB1B7 - Polish League Cup *
    007CC989 - Polish Super Cup
    007D268F - Portuguese Second B
    007E927D - Russian Cup
    007EC9ED - Scottish Challenge Cup
    007ED37D - Scottish FA Cup
    007EFA4D - Scottish League Cup
    0084CFBD - Spanish Cup
    0085871D - Spanish Super Cup
    0088CC21 - Swedish Cup
    008fC41D - Turkish Cup
    0090F296 - World Cup African Group
    00911C65 - World Cup Asian Group
    00914A72 - World Cup CONCACAF Group
    00925EE1 - Welsh League Cup
    00927841 - Welsh Premier Cup

    Those marked with a * indicate they appear twice but I don't know why. Possibly because the competition has two stages which can be edited independently?
    Did see this now, and after todays news that you can name 12 subs and use 5 for the rest of the season in CL and EL, is it possible to find the allowed code for European CL and Uefa Cup to change from 3 to 5 subs used?

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