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Thread: Offsets

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    i didn't understood quite:

    004CDC56 is 5037142
    8cdc56 is 9231446

    8cdc56 is nowhere to be found in exe through olly.

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    copy and paste the file offset 004CDC56 into my patcher -> tools -> offset calculator. The olly offset it gives you in hex go to in Olly (Ctrl+G to go there direct). Should be pretty obvious what's being changed by doing that.
    8cdc56 is nowhere to be found in exe through olly
    The whole pressing Ctrl+G in Olly, typing in 8cdc56 and pressing enter. You did that right? Or maybe even just scrolled down? Scroll to the bottom to find 00966FFF....

    Admittedly the line actually starts at 8cdc55, but once you go to 8cdc56 just scrolling a bit will with the mouse wheel will correct the disassembly:

    The line you are looking for is:
    008CDC55 B8 01000000 MOV EAX,1

    Which is setting the return value of the function to 1. Setting that to 0 means the offer won't be rejected by the board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick+Co View Post
    Retirement has always felt a little young to me - basically from 30 onwards your players could retire. There's lots of other factors at play, but there is a first check here:
    007A5A8B  |.  3C 1E                     |CMP AL,1E
    007A5A8D  |.  7D 30                     |JGE SHORT 007A5ABF
    So the patch:
    003A5A8C: 1E 23
    Will raise that to 35, which might be more palatable for some. (I picked 35 from here: - although that might a bit high to set as that's the average. So change to whatever you want )
    Thanks Nick,
    will this solve also not retiring problem? Some players dont retire even after 40 years old

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    @xeno: No this just raises the age at which players might retire. And even this could do with some more testing! Not come across the issue where players do not retire at all - so hard for me to fix.

    EDIT: Ahhh, this patch needs looking into - I think it could possibly cause what you're stating (i.e. players never retiring). Will look into it and come up with another patch.

    EDIT2: Erased

    This has been waaaay trickier than I thought it would be - this is a little bit of a hack, but does work and forces the earliest retirement age that can occur to be 34 (that's the 0x22 at offset 003A65C9 if you want to change to a different number). But at least this patch for it works!
    003A6585: 88 EB
    003A6586: 08 3F
    003A65C6: 90 80
    003A65C7: 90 7F
    003A65C8: 90 FE
    003A65C9: 90 22
    003A65CA: 90 7C
    003A65CB: 90 BB
    003A65CC: 90 88
    003A65CD: 90 08
    003A65CE: 90 EB
    003A65CF: 90 B7
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    Guys where do I find the offset to limit loan in Northern Ireland? It is not very realistic to make loans outside the transfer market....thanks for help

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    The Great White North
    Hey my genius friends, give your Canuck buddy a hand

    I want to load the Brazilian Champions Cup instead of the CONCACAF CL.
    I change the call function for the CONCACAF CL (00831821) to 004259A0 so it calls the Brazilian Champions Cup instead

    But it doesn't. I load USA, and in the North American comps it just shows the normal 2. CONCACAF CL and Merconorte.... except the CONCACAF never schedules or draws

    Is it because the Brazilian Champions Cup is a competition tied to Brazil and I'm tryin to force it to load in a continental competition's spot?

    Any help?

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    Has anyone found the offset for removing European squad ineligibility? It's annoying not having a player available all season because he played a first round match before signing.

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