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Thread: New Legends Database

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    New Legends Database

    Hi to everyone

    I'm trying to do a new Legends and old players database with all players that they have played in their national team and, after, Bandiera's or one club man players for his Club team without caps with your own country.

    The work still proceeds but I have problems with inserting new National team.

    My process for filling DB is using The Uber Tool for players profile, roles and preference.
    With Tri Wasano editor i'm creating some old defunct club and no problem.

    But when I try to create a new National Team with the official editor all National index go mad and it doesn't work well.

    Application used:
    -The Uber Tool
    -Tri Wasano editor
    -The official editor (but with the problem above)

    Obviously I using them in "Run As Administrator"

    Can someone help me with national team trouble?

    Some screenshot of the DB

    In this screenshot the players have only a generic CA and rating so they appear a little weak

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    worst font ever

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    Nah, that's the SWOS font.

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    For a legend DB, a legendary font...
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    New Legends Database

    Hello everybody.

    I'm working on a new database that includes football legends and more.

    The project is divided into 4 (long) parts, plus 3 more:
    1 - Creation of all the players who have at least one A international cap (~ 70,000 players).
    2 - Winning or representative coaches of their clubs
    3 - Representative players without national presence to fill more clubs as possible and / or with experiences in the U21 / U20.
    4 - Historical referees (only international club or national tournaments)
    5 - If possible, restore the USSR league (instead of Russia) leaving in the other countries only clubs without players or redundancies
    6 - Various tricks, restoration of historical but extinct clubs, stadiums, etc.
    7 - Every year, update of the values for players still active and addition of new players with caps.

    For now I have created about 4000 players divided between SPA-ENG-ITA-GER-USSR (with second nationalities) and +500 Argentines entered with the generalities, the club and the role but not the CA / PA.

    Each player is registered in the most representative club of his career. Once a club is full, about 45 players, the next player will be placed in his second most representative club and so on.

    Today I am writing only to introduce the project and for the following questions.

    In tests I noticed that only five players per club can exceed the value of 150 in CA. Is there a patch or anything that can remove this limit?

    Or set that when a regen is created this can have at most a PA of 150?

    Thanks in advance, I will shortly post some screenshots of the created players

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