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Thread: Member of the Month/Year Awards

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    Member of the Month/Year Awards

    Dear all,

    I'm pleased to announce that Baz has very kindly agreed to run the Member of the Month and Member of the Year awards from this point forward.

    For those who are unaware, we have run the Member of the Month awards since 2009 which was created to recognise the contribution of individuals towards the community in any way for each month that has since passed. Winners have been rewarded with a 1 month VIP membership while also seeing 100 vCash added to their existing tallies.

    The procedure for the awards has followed the same format for quite some time. However, with Baz taking over in this area, we have reviewed the system and have agreed the following:

    1) The thread for the community to put forth their nominations will be created on the last day of the month. Once created, the community will receive a Private Message from Baz alerting them to the event and asking that they put forth their nominations. At the same time, we will also post details on Facebook and Twitter to reach those who follow our social media accounts.

    2) After a two (working) day period, the poll will then be created and once again, this will be kept open for the community to cast their vote. As in previous times, each member will only be able to vote for one nomination and their vote will not be divulged to the public.

    3) After the four (working) days have passed, Baz will then announce the winner who will get to enjoy VIP access for a full month from that day onwards.

    It should all be relatively straightforward and hopefully we will get more members getting involved in the process. After all, we're all here together to 'keep the game alive'!

    Many thanks to Baz for taking this on.


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