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Thread: UEFA European Championship CM Network Tournament

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    I'm not trying to be ignorant au

    I reckon it may well have been why you had problems though. When you connect to a game, you are accessing the data from the host's computer. If they have an 800x600 Pictures folder/setup, and your interface is different, it will certainly cause problems.

    Don't get me wrong the graphics do definitely give the game a facelift and make it look like a somewhat newer game, they are a great idea and adding the options to the new patches makes it easy for everyone to use. When playing against the computer why wouldn't you do this?

    I believe that if everyone chose the same resolution there would be no problem in using the higher resolutions for network games, but I also think that with networking it's best to just keep everything as basic as possible to avoid any little conflicts like this that will stop people connecting with each other.

    Do the rest of the guys just stick with 800x600?
    Has anyone tested the higher resolutions in a network game?

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    I always play network game in window format regardless so it's easy to access Hamachi chat. Although I use 1024/768 res, its alot of hassle when going onto the desktop to send/receive messages, especially if someone has been booted for whatever reason, therefore making the CM Chat not an option

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    My fault really, should have thought about the resolution before as I've changed it quite a few times depending on which laptop I'm using. Will just have to make sure that in future I check beforehand what resolution the host is using, and use the same.

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    Hey guys..I want to play with there any chance ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by andreoli View Post
    Hey guys..I want to play with there any chance ?
    Just PM'ed you mate.

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