We have today created a new game world at www.soccermanager.com which we have made available for all members of champman0102.co.uk to join.

It consists of five leagues of twenty teams and each team has been hand-picked according to national status in the FIFA Rankings as it stands today. For example, Argentina is currently number 1 in the FIFA rankings so a team has been selected from this nation. To determine which team, we've used http://www.clubworldranking.com/ to select the team with the highest ranking from that nation to be included in the competition. That means the leagues are full of teams from all over the world.

A number of rules have been put into place to keep the game world competitive and also to avoid situations of hoarding the best players which may deter members from joining the competition in the future:

1) You will be starting with a blank squad regardless of who you select as your team. If you are joining the league later on down the line, you may find that the CPU has filled the squad out.
2) You will only have 20,000,000 to spend.
3) You must not have any more than 25 players in your squad. That includes youth players and players out on loan.
4) You can only start with any team that is available in the lowest division possible. You must work your way up!

To find out more and take over a team, please head over to the Soccer Manager area here.