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Thread: A good sport "The story of Boa Esporte" from Brazil

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    A good sport "The story of Boa Esporte" from Brazil

    Boa Esporte formally called Ituiutaba Esporte

    I got bored looking at the women's beach volleyball in the Olympics. So after few typos, before I knew it I ended up looking up a place called "Varginha".

    Varginha is in the southwest of a state called Minas Gerais, which is a state in the Southeastern Brazil.

    Mina Gerais State in Brazil Map:

    When I first typed in “Varginha Brazil” into the search engine lots stories about UFO sightings appeared.

    Boa Esporte

    I wonder do they have a football stadium says I to meself. So I typed "Varginha football stadium" into the search engine
    It turned out they do they are called Boa Esporte. Which literally translates as "Good sport".

    They were formally known as Ituiutaba Esporte.
    Boa recently relocated from a place called Ituiutaba in the state of Mina Gerais which is in the North Western part of the state.

    Ituiutaba in Mina Gerais Map

    Boa now rent a place callled Estádio Municipal Prefeito Dilson Luiz de Melo (Melão) Estádio Municipal Prefeito Dilson Luiz de Melo, usually known as Melão. It is a Brazilian multi-use stadium in Varginha, Minas Gerais. It is currently used mostly for football and rugby matches. It was built in 1988. The stadium is owned by the Town Hall of Varginha, and its formal name honors Dilson Luiz de Melo, who was Varginha's mayor during the stadium construction.

    Estádio Municipal Prefeito Dilson Luiz de Melo

    The team Nickname is “as corujas” the owls

    Viviane Araújo:

    So I found the club website and ended up chatting regularly to a very friendly girl called Vvivane (Vivi for short) she seemed very impressed with my championship manger credentials. And she said she thought I would make a great manager. I bet you say that to all the guys says I to meself...

    Vivi the famous fan of Boa Esporte:

    Apparently, Vivi knows the Chairman and directors very well and suggested that I go over sometime soon to see the club and visit.
    I later found out that she is a famous “TV personality” and “Actress” in Brazil.

    Says I “Sure that's grand Vivi I will go over for the craic anyway”. And I threw in my best pair of Y fronts, a few bags of Tayto crisps and Lyons tea in my bag. I made sure to bring a good few Damien Dempsey CDs along with me as well.

    Meet the board

    The club is owned by the Moraes Costa family.

    The Boa Board consists of three brothers:

    So anyway I first met Vivi and a giant Owl in Varginha, Brazil.

    I also met Director of football Rildo Moraes Costa

    and his brother Presidente Rone Moraes Costa seen here with Vivi:

    I was told the Managing Director Roberto Moraes was back at the club feverishly working on financial plans and financial reports.

    Managing Director Roberto Moraes:

    Big Plans

    Rildo said he was delighted Boa got to stay in the stadium. It is fairly cheap and he had big plans for he was putting down roots in the area:
    Rildo more importantly said that “The team does not come out of Varginha. He said the Boa is investing in the city. "We built a physiology center, packed Flamengo Field stadium. My daughter and nephew came to live in Varginha. My brothers and Roberto Rone brought the family. Are rumors, people loose rumors. Recently they said that another team would return to Varginha, but it do not listen them ".
    He insisted that I call him Rildo. Which was fine by me, Moraes Costa is a bit harder to say.
    Rone was more formal and said I should address him as Presidente Moares.
    Roberto was grand with being called Rob apparently.

    Rildo’s Repercussions

    However, the next day I was informed by Vivi that there is now a shock managerial vacancy at Boa
    Little did I know she was serious about me going for the manager's job.
    I was handed a paper:
    “What does this say? ya mad thing I can't read Portuguese!” I said

    Vivi read the following translation for me:

    "Director of Boa Esporte is beaten after spitting in Macaé member The technical director of the Boa Esporte, Rildo Moraes, was attack by a member of the technical committee of the Macaé. Attack happen at the end of the match between the team, Tuesday at Melão in Varginha. Confuse happen after director of Boa Esporte has given a spit in José Carlos Macedo of Macae, José Carlos hit to the face of the director of Boa Esporte. report was filed, with no go Delegacia de polícia. "

    It was all over the media:

    (The good bit is at about 00.40)

    "So let me get this right last season Rilido spat at a fella and other guy threw him a box?" I said while doing my best Rocky impression. “And there was no need to bring them to the Police?”

    Yes "this is what happen, Niguel" Vivi said forlornly.

    Says I "Jayus what the f**k?" I say even more forlornly!

    Why? says I . "Rildo gets very jealous" Vivi whispered.

    I decided not inquire further.

    Now there was a further problem the Town Hall of Varginha have now taken retrospective action and banned Boa from the Melão stadium. The good news was that the previous Boa manager Ney da Matta has resigned along with his assistant manager. They were disgusted with Rildo's behaviour and the rehashing of the furore and the resulting consequences was the final straw for him.

    "Ney da Matta is gone" Vivi said sadly. "Your spot on Vivi it does not matter I am here now" I said reassuringly.

    Nigel Fallon Appointed as Manager of Boa Esporte

    Vivi told me that she will have a word with Rone, Rildo and Roberto so she could secure the managers post for me.

    Rildo announced my appointment in the paper with great urgency according to the press:

    "Those who do have goals set can go through all winning in football and in life, "concluded the director boveta. We in good moment with Niguel Fallon at Boa.”
    While Presidente Rone spoke about at length about his plans for the future of the club:

    I had one question for him away from the cameras. “Presidente Moraes, what stadium are we playing in now?"

    "Old stadium" Presidente Moraes barked.

    Stadio Fazendinha - Ituiutaba

    When Boa were known as Ituiutaba Boa they played in Estádio da Fazendinha. Back to Ituiutaba for
    "as corujas" ("the owls") seemed the only option.

    Stadio Fazendinha Pitch View

    I panicked and said “But Presidente Moraes, Boa to me used to mean Boa constrictors."

    "We have Boa constrictor he play with the children" he said casually.

    "I feel like I am a battered Rocky Balboa" I stuttered.

    Rildo interrupted "You must fight like Rocky and save as corujas" roared Rildo doing his best Rocky coach impression.

    Then I remembered he can be annoying:

    So I played it cool….in the hope that he would not spit at me, I quickly changed subject....

    Scenic Route

    I asked him how far away is this old Fazendinha stadium from Varginha?

    Rildo simply shrugged "long drive, Niguel".

    "How long?" I asked. "If fast drive 8 hours" Rildo said
    A quick check on google maps showed me he was not lying it is 695km!!!

    It said 8 and a half hours!!
    And I thought Dublin to cork was a long spin!

    New Assistant Manager Appointment: Xavi Tamarit

    Vivi was also extremely insistent that I appoint a guy called Xavi Tamarit as my assistant manager, she gave me an article in English about him.

    Xavi Tamarit is 33 years old. He was born in a village in Valencia and wanted to be a football player. Disenchanted with his coaches, the 22 decided to change the boots for books. He went to study in Portugal. That trip was a turning point in his life. He met Vitor Frade, his mentor. He learned "tactical periodisation" training methodology applied in Estudiantes and Independiente by Mauricio Pellegrino. "It 's a way to anticipate what will happen. To experience the intended contexts leads us, through constant repetition, to be able to acquire certain reactions of game that we intend and transform them into habits."

    Me: ”How did you find this guy Vivi?”

    Vivi: "He was holiday and he stay in Varginha, and we friends"

    Me: "Good girl yourself"

    Meeting with Xavi in Valencia

    Vivi brought me to a presentation Xavi gave in Valencia-Spain on "tactical periodisation". (She told me Xavi will pay for our flights)

    Xavi Tamarit talk:

    It was a full 90 minutes and I was tiring by injury time….

    He seemed very impressed by Vivi's sales pitch. "Come to Boa you will enjoy" she said.

    So he accepted the job as my assistant no questions asked. He did not even quibble about the small wages that were offered him by Rildo when he signed the contract back in Brazil.

    Xavi said to me "I love Varginha". As Vivi threw her arms around him, and screeched like a young girl watching One direction.

    Says I "Jayus Xavi, did you not know it is stadio Fazendinha in Ituiutaba, where you will be where you will going?"

    I said "I hope you like driving".
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    Nice start. Good to see a story about Boa Esporte/Ituiutaba as it brings back memories of the second pass the parcel adventure.

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    One hell of an update/ All I can say is thank god for that H in your google search. Without it, this story might have taken a very different direction.

    With all these Costas at the club, I assume that the coffee is good.
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingsley View Post
    One hell of an update/ All I can say is thank god for that H in your google search. Without it, this story might have taken a very different direction.

    With all these Costas at the club, I assume that the coffee is good.
    All that coffee makes the players hyper I think!

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    Constraints and New Signings

    Finances: Presidente Rone Moraes informed me there are no funds to buy players.

    To add further constraints there is only a two foreigner rule in any match day squad in Brazilian football.


    However, I hope to be able to exploit the loan system in Brazil and youth players.

    I signed Tommy O’Neill aged 61 as my experienced scout for youth players, he used to work with both Rangers and Celtic in youth coaching roles.

    Seen here in his younger days at Celtic:


    The tactics I hope to employ are a hard pressing counter attacking style reliant on dribbling, pace and shots from distance.
    All outfield attackers except my three defenders and striker are expected to take long shots. The three defenders are exempt from running with the ball.
    There are no through balls or free roles in this formation and 2 of the centre backs will be set to man mark.

    The formation I will use is as follows:

    A normal mentality will be used when playing weaker teams and a defensive mentality when playing stronger teams. Attacking mentality, push and counter attack off when behind in games and running out of time.

    Me: “Xavi are you writing all this down? Stop talking to Vivi and concentrate.”

    Xavi: “lo siento jefe” (Sorry boss)

    New Signings

    I signed four players on frees and got four more on loan.

    Transfers In

    Prieto - Free (GK) –CHI

    Dutra – Free -(FRLC) – BRA

    Mouritala Ogunbiyi Free – (AMC) – BEN

    Davi – Free – (AMLC) - BRA

    Loans in:

    Henrique – Cruzerio (DMC) – BRA

    Uillieton – Cruzerio (DMC) – BRA

    Diego Lugano – Sao Paulo (DC) – URU

    Gabriel Rybar Blos – Grêmio (DC) – BRA

    Why a club would need that many strikers in a squad I don't know?

    There is one striker who does not start but he can fit in as an emergency attacking centre half if required.
    Kaka not the Real Madrid one…


    Kaka attributes:

    I am alternating between two players Marques and Bambam for the main striker position. Both have good dribbling skills and pace for this level. Marques in particular.


    Marques Attributes


    Bambam attributes:

    Bambam is only on €825 per week and wants a new contract I am stalling him for as long as possible.
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    So basically you were searching some vagina pics at the internet and ended as a football manager in Brasil? Some bar story here!

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    Financial State of club following Transfer activity and Managing Director Roberto Moraes’ Reports


    Excluding player sales and TV Revenue the income per week is approximately €150,000 per month

    Transfers Out

    There is a problem with player values in Brazil the domestic teams nearly always underbid for players. I had to restort to a lot of 0 valued players so they could be signed on a free and I would not have to pay the contract, If I simply released them on frees.


    There has been no player purchases so it is clear that the expenditure is approximately €250,000 per month.
    This means that the club is losing approximately €200,000 per month excluding TV revenue and player sales.
    However TV Revenue will hopefully offset this deficit long term as I noticed that the TV revenue is more then I expected since these accounts.
    After all the incomings and outgoings the finances are now reasonably healthy.

    I would like to lower the wage Bill further if possible but as I said earlier it is getting harder to clear the dead wood approximately €30,000 per week in wages are going to waste. Some are earning 5000 per week!

    Me: is that right Rob?

    Roberto: Nodded in approval

    First team wages: 60k
    Total Squad Wages: Now changed to 85k since I sold another player since these accounts were published

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMCZ View Post
    So basically you were searching some vagina pics at the internet and ended as a football manager in Brasil? Some bar story here!
    Haha get's better believe me this story wrote itself and took on a life of it's own.

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    Accommodation - Facilities

    In case you are wondering whether I had to do the round trip of 1400km from Varginha and Ituiutaba. After much debate the Costa Moraes family reluctantly let me rent a place near the stadium.

    Presidente Moraes: “Niguel you will have seats for the sit”

    Me: Pardon???

    Me: ”Is there no toilet facilities in the camper van?”

    Vivi: No like this - she said pointing to the yellow bucket seat in the room.

    Presidente Moares:”Si for the estadio”

    Me: “Oh bucket seats!!!”

    Apparently the capacity is under 4000 in the stadium but the use of bucket seats will bring it to 5000.
    So it is still by far one of the smallest in the league.

    Xavi: Jeffe! I bucket?

    Me: Yeah Presidente, can you throw in two buckets as well for the camper van? I have seen the amount Xavi eats
    Presidente: No problem will take out of your wages Niguel.

    Me: Xavi’s wages?

    Presidente: No problem….

    Xavi: Ce?
    Xavi: Jeffe, Jeffe I no need bucket.

    Me: For f**ks sake Xavi yes you do!

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    Arrival in Ituiutaba

    I arrived here with Xavi, two buckets and a few Damien Dempsey CD’s.

    Match preparation two days before kick off of the new season proper

    Me: Right lads we need to get that bucket seating up before the game.if you divide it up it is only about 50 seats per squad member it is called "tactical periodisation" repetition of movements that will it will help us win the game. Xavi, Rob and Vivi break them into groups.

    Me: Don’t worry lads I think Brian Clough used this form of training for players.....

    After about 6 hours the seats were up which the players seemed slightly perplexed about, Xavi gave them a power point and presentation on the way we want to play.

    He even looked deep into the physics of the game and how we can control time and space with or without the ball.

    Xavi’s speech was peppered with the mention of Jose Mourinho the players were very fired up.

    Me: Fair play to ya Xavi

    Xavi: Garcias Jeffe (Thank you boss).

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    First competitive game of Season in the Mina Gerais State Championship - February Season 1

    First game of season against Villa Nova at home the players were understandably a bit nervous given the magnitude of the occasion wanting to make an impression, despite all the behind the scenes difficulties.

    [Vivi pre-match team talk v Villa Nova (H) :

    Vivi: I have question to you Niguel.
    Me: What now Vivi?
    Vivi: Can I help with talk of team?
    Me: Ok it couldn’t do any harm

    Vivi said to the team:

    “This a time next year we Millonarios”

    Me: Don’t you mean playing Millonarios?

    Vivi: Yes Niguel, in Copa Libertadores in Colombia

    The players were amazed at Vivi’s confidence and sincerity, to the extent that only a few of them laughed….

    Unfortunately the team were trailing Villa Nova on the half hour. We threw everything at them but were somehow still losing.

    I decided I needed to keep the lads in a positive frame of at half time.

    Me: We have pride, We have passion…..

    Xavi: We have Vivi!!!!

    Radamés : Everyone has Vivi…

    Me: Eh…. Exactly…. she represents Boa! Now youse all go out and fight for Boa, and give Vivi something to shout about!!!!

    We won the game 2-1 with an 89th minute winner from the bench by Filipinho.

    Press conference

    Press: Happy with win?


    I am happy with the amounts of shots on target we had against Villa Nova, but less so about the number of shots conceded.

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    Radamés man of the match against Tricordinano

    Mina Gerais State Championship Match 2 - (H)

    We managed to make this a comfortable 2-0 win as you would ever see.

    Tricordinano had only 2 shots on goal and none of them were on target!

    Radamés played a star role as one of the two advancing DMC’s


    He is an important player for the club and a good all round player.

    Radamés attributes:

    Radamés said told me had family business to attend to on Monday in Varginha and Vivi went away on some chatshow in Varginha she had to go to.

    When Radamés and Vivi returned to Ituiutaba, Vivi had a confession to make:

    Vivi: I make party in Varginha with Ramares

    Vivi: It was fault of Damien Dempsey!

    Me: No way!!! Is Damo here???

    Vivi: Eh is no here. Radamés sing me song of Damien Dempsey, of name “your pretty smile”

    Me: Ah Jayus Vivi you’re not getting any of my CDs in future if they cause that much trouble to my players!

    Me: Ah sure I suppose that’s grand didn’t he perform well and get man of match.

    Vivi: Yes he man of match.

    Tommy: Aye was a great party nae question aboot that……

    Me: Tommy what the f**k? Where you there?

    Tommy: Aye we played a drinking game

    Me: What drinking game?

    Tommy: Aye. Everytime I could no say Varrrrrgiiiina and Irrrttuuuuba we would take a wee drink

    Me: Tommy but you can’t say them anyway!

    Tommy: Och I know that’s the point boss!
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    Match 3 Mina Gerais Championship v Caldense (H) Wednesday Midweek game

    We peppered the opponents goal with shot after shot and won deservedly 2-0.

    The board reactions to results

    After 3 games we had a 100% win rate and conceded only one goals.

    Vivi was happy.

    It was harder to gauge the Moraes brother’s reaction though:

    Presidente Rone Moares

    Director of football Rildo

    General Manager Roberto

    Tommy O’Neill’s view on the board

    I asked Tommy what he made of the brothers.

    Tommy: “Och they nae know thing aboot football no question aboot that and neer good businessmen neither……. club income will neer increase and that Chairman Roooone seems to expect instant riiisoolits”

    Tommy then proceeded to throw away his chewing gum.

    Me: “Jayus Tommy pick that up we are on a f**king tight budget remember!”

    Tommy: “Aye sorry boss”.
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    Match 4 S1 - MG State Championship First Boa Defeat - America MG (A)

    America MG brought me down to earth with a crash beating us 4-1. They played an unusual defensive 5-3-2 formation that my players could not handle.

    When I say my players I am being too kind to Prieto it was his fault. Keeper Prieto was awful he kept fixing his Pony tail in the Sun.

    I gave him an official warning he said nothing and stared blankly at me, fixing his ponytail

    At the press conference I told the press:

    “I was disappointed how the player’s heads dropped after the concession of an early penalty 4-1 and allowed themselves to go 3-0 after 24minutes.
    I expect all the players to improve as the squad gels going forward.”

    At a team meeting I told the players:

    “We need more Defensive tactics early in games. I realise now I need to show more respect to teams and play a defensive counter attacking formation early on in games and wait to see how it pans out.”
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    New Scout appointed at Boa

    Vivi had more news for me:

    Vivi: Can you make my friend a Scout?

    Me: Who?

    Vivi: Cobalsky Correa

    Me: I never heard of him!

    Vivi: He work at Salgueiro Samba School

    Me: How does that give him qualifications as a scout?

    Vivi: He very brilliant at Championship Manager 01/02

    Me: Well I am not sure…. I am not sure about this at all.

    Me: Is he a regular poster on the CM01/02 site?

    Vivi started losing her temper:

    Vivi: Niguel, he no regular poster on site same like you!!!!

    Me: OK I will appoint him so calm down.

    Me: Why didn’t he enter the CM0102 fantasy football league? There is no post limit on that as far as I know.

    Vivi: He think Jawain Wonders are too good

    Cobalsky Correa

    Correa’s Experience:

    Salgueiro Samba School (Willow Tree Samba school)

    Friend of Vivi who enjoys her bit of occasional Samba dancing with the Salgueiro school:

    Said to be “very brilliant” at CM01/02
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    Good read to catch up. Your rag tail bunch have started the season pretty well.
    The artist formally known as The Eejit

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    Good start to the season, barring the result against America. Better not have too many more like that, as your chairman seems very trigger happy.

    Certainly an entertaining read, keep it up!

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    As corujas” arrive in the Brazilian Cup

    S1 Brazilian Cup Round 1 Leg 1 v Atetico Goieniese (A)

    At the Press Conference

    It was a close game which could of gone either way unfortunately we were on the wrong end of the result and it could of gone either way.

    I am confident that we can turn the tie around in the second leg
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    A narrow win for the Boa

    Match 5 S1 MG State Championship Uberlandia (h)

    It was a man of the match performance by on loan defender Gabriel.

    But the key turning point was moving Davi from the wings into a more central role,
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    Boa Esporte Board Meeting Team Review March 1st s1

    The board of directors were still only satisfied with my performance apparently

    Me: I am very pleased with the team performance so far we sit second in the league and are still in the mix in the Brazilian Cup

    Presidente Moraes had another view:

    Presidente Moares: Is OK

    Roberto and Rildo nodded in agreement

    Me: I think the team is clicking into gear and performances will show will this.

    Presidente Moares: We hope so

    Player performance Staff Meeting with Xavi

    March 1st S1 – player performances at the Boa so far

    However two players in particular started to have indifferent performances recently:

    Dutra {FRLC) and Mouritala Ogunbiyi (AMC) , Dutra in particular.

    Dutra {FRLC)

    Mouritala Ogunbiyi (AMC)

    Davi (AMLC) will also move to a more central position


    Mouritala Ogunbiyi (AMC) will be dropped out of the squad entirely.

    I have also decided to drop Dutra for Filipinho as Dutra’s low morale is affecting his performance

    The other player who I will now start on the left of midfield after a impressive
    performance in the previous match v Uberlandia (h) is -

    Pirão (AMLC)

    Pirão attributes

    With Mouritala Ogunbiyi out of the squad this enables me to play the other foreigner form my squad

    Diego Lugano

    Defender Max Ferraz finds himself unfortunate to be left out for lugano.

    Max Ferraz

    The new lineup will now be as follows:

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    Poor performance v Cruzeiro

    S1 –Match 6 – MG state championship (A)

    The changes did not work and the previous man of the match Gabriel had a terrible game!
    Even though I started with a defensive counter attacking system we were 2-0 down after x minutes the second goal we conceded was a penalty.

    We only had 5 shots with only three of them on target

    I switched to a 3-4-3 attacking in the second half and it did not seem to make much of a difference.

    Although on the plus side Kaka did score a goal when I threw him on as a sub in the 3-4-3 formation.

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    Can the Boa keep cup hopes alive?

    S1 Brazilian Cup Round 1 Leg 2 v Atetico Goieniese (h)

    Mouritala Ogunbiyi proved me wrong with a 9/10 performance and has forced his way back into the first team.

    Mouritala Ogunbiyi

    This is despite Mahatma Gandhi scoring against us:

    It was not this guy

    But a Brazilian version…

    I played Hora as the midfield playmaker in the centre of the three deep lying DMC’s

    Everton Hora

    and I think that he will keep on loan uellieton out of the side.


    An injury to Davi before the game was the only reason that I started Ogunbiyi.

    Kaka seems to be able to play as a creative centre back very well and has also cemented his place as a starter/ He gives more in an attacking sense then Lugano.

    Board reaction to cup win against Golaniese

    Presidente Morares

    The board of directors can neither confirm nor deny that Presidente Rone Morares managed to raise a smile following the victory.

    What they could say however is that President Morares said “Board is Please”

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    New Loan signing and set piece specialist – Fred

    I badly needed a free taker of a decent standard I also needed a creative centre back.

    Both criteria were covered when I loaned Gremio's dc/dmc


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    Good form continues

    S1 Match 7 – MG State Championship Mineiro (A)

    Comfortable enough win opposition a man down after about half hour

    Marques man of match seems to suit counter attacking formation with his dribbling skills.


    S1 Match 8 MG State Championship Tupi (H)

    Comfortable win 25 shots with 20 on target.

    On loan Henrique scored his first goal for the club Marques kept up his good goal scoring form.



    Ferraz got the owls third goal when he came on as sub for Kaka in central defence.

    Max Ferraz

    Boardroom finally taking notice of the good performances of the team

    Presidente Moraes

    Presidente Moraes: The is a very please with the last three victories in a row

    Me: Presidente myself and Xavi have decided to be more flexible in the mentality of the team during a game. But at the same time we remain cautious in the early stages and to remain solid.

    However the difficulty with this formation we have chosen is that it is difficult to chase games when you are behind in a game.

    On behalf of the rest of the staff I would like to thank you for your continued support.”

    Salgueiro Samba Band’s influence

    Me: I am particularly pleased with the increased atmosphere that the home games as a result of the Salgueiro Samba Band

    Vivi with Samba Band at the Estadio Fazeneda:

    Cobalsky: Obrigado chefe (Thank you boss)

    Me: That is the bonus of hiring a scout with Samba band connections I suppose!
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    New Youth Signings

    The following have been signed by the Boa it is hoped that their enthusiasm and versatility will be assets to the club for years to come.

    Most importantly, most of their original names are really long and/or similar it is no wonder that Brazilian’s use nicknames!

    (GK) Everson Costa – Now Known as Everson!

    Everson (GK)

    (DLC) Peterson Fernandes Pinto – Now known as Peterson!

    Peterson (DLC)

    (AMRL) Antonio Augusto Pinto – Now known as Antonio!

    Antonio (AMRL)

    (AM/FLC) Adilson Diniz – Now known as Adilson

    Adilson (AM/FLC)

    (FRLC) Marcos Dias – I can type this so he can keep his name

    Marcos Dias (FRLC)

    (AML) Ivan Costa Pinto - Now known as Ivan because there are too many Pinto’s!

    Ivan (AML)

    I have no qualms about giving young players a chance if they are good enough they are old enough.
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