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Thread: New signing

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    New signing

    Hi all,

    Great forum here for a great game.

    Long-time 00-01 player here, usually League of Ireland, highlight probably a 15 year run that brought two European cup titles to shamrock rovers (2008 and 20015).

    Just moved on a year (!); 01-02 seems just as good and has fewer major bugs - like the extra league plague and the repeating message about Ahmeti being injured even if I hadn't even signed him.

    Early observations, the masked criteria means a bit more scouting work and is a good improvement that prevents easy scouring of leagues for suitable players. Some of the extras like player comparison might on occasion be handy. Some of the messages appear improved too, had 2 dodgy penos given in a game and complained to that FA who agreed it was poor, not that this has any effect presumably.

    I'm working of the official download now, I started with the original disc I had bought years ago and this had loads of go-to youth players that I always tried to pick up ( I always viewed it as being like a coach moving into management, of course I'd know loads of players and have contacts. Getting good players to the LoI was / is difficult so guys like ex liverpool keeper Tony Warner and cardiff striker Leo Fortune West were great as they tended to be looking for first team football in 00-01. Anyway the point is that the data is changed for the better in the download: 4-5 go-to youth cash cows have disappeared so thanks to the owners for allowing the game to be on a free license.

    Finally, good to read about wibwob, If I get it correctly this allows utter domination and makes a joke of the game, so if you want a challenge don't use it!
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    The Netherlands

    You're right about WibWob. It makes the game boring, but:

    I use WibWob because I installed the strongest possible AI Tactics

    That makes it a real huge challenge, even when you use WibWob!

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    Welcome to the site!

    Fair play for giving 01/02 a crack - Hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as you did 00/01
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    I always use wib wob and love the game more than ever

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    Enjoy the game and the site mate

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    Welcome along mate

    Your feedback can actually get refs sacked and replaced from adjudicating matches in your division, although it's quite rare, I've seen it once in 15 years

    The ref must already have to be doing poorly in the league table (yes there's a referee league table) and I think by that point in the game I had top reputation as well.
    Usua;;y the FA will view the ref's matches in the future with interest and that's the end of it.

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