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Thread: Dream Team League - Season 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    Didn't win it though, did you? I believe you won more last year because you did win cups on top.
    2nd in the league and a do dah cup...

    1st in the league and a proper final...

    Lose 3m!

    Less money than being bobbins in the Premier League

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    After a promising season up until maybe January/February, that is a piss poor finish to the season. No better than I have done in the past.

    Just going to chuck in my annual complaint about the lack of prize money to keep things even. ie Janis' side is more than a world beater already so with the extra money, all he will do is move further away.

    Quote Originally Posted by trunky View Post
    Less money than being bobbins in the Premier League

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    Pretty good finish in the league for Swans - played 4, won 3 and drew 1 which really should have been a 4th win

    But - from the worst month for many a year in DTl, we have dusted ourselves down and climbed the table past couple of months and for this season - I'm pretty pleased with 2nd

    A good battle with AJ and Janis (congrats on getting the title back off me) as always and congrats to Dermo getting CL footie again!

    I guess for the rest of lads very much bucnhed up together is can they get ahead of the 3 AI teams and put in a European/CL challenge next year?

    Trunks - unlucky on the cup!

    I am DEVASTATED by our Semi Final CL loss - a 2-1 win against 10 men for majority of game in 1st lef really wanst good enough and for some reason we froze in 2nd leg and deservedly got beat - gutted with that but we'll go again next year! And bloody Villa go an win it as well

    Well done Trunks and Mark for getting back to the PL - look forward to playing you next year

    Drkshadow losing out but he'll maybe go 1 step better next year and get automatic qualification

    Easy for Pyro as he continues to build the quality in his beloved GREEN ARMY!

    A massive to Mark for this - I think everyone agress the effort and detail he puts into this every week and no wonder its one of the best threads on the site!


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