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    Raspberry Pi

    Hey all,

    Just wondered if anyone has ported CM01/02 onto a Pi yet? - Or is this something that would be a good idea do you think??

    Concept is simple really.

    1. Boot up Pi. Auto loads CM01/02 (at Start/resume game screen). play CM.
    2. Exit CM. Pi (can optionally) auto shutdown.

    Anyone done this, or interested in having this done?? Please let me know & based on feedback i'll add it my IT pet-project list of things to do.



    PS: Would be Pi3 only due to Pi2 limitations.

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    You could shift a few of them o. EBay lads, ill be the first investor.

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    Could be worth a whirl - Would it be too much of a pain to update on a regular basis?

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    That could be looked at from the point of view that id cheap enough people might buy one every season

    These are the PCs that are the size of a USB stick right?

    I'm not clued up on this but I think the poster was saying it would be modified to only function as a "cm machine"

    If it is these things I'm thinking of they look like a wee micro machines size device, I would say that if you could design some sort of cover with the theme of the game printed on it that could be updated each season as well. You know there's gonna be champ Pi collectors out there that have every season's edition!
    (btw, my uncle does sublimation printing which prints on to anything )

    Let's go SmartDOG! I'm in

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    They are effectively a little motherboard with a few connections on it, and they have a row of pins which can be used to send electrical currents, from what I've heard. I saw one in college where a guy had used it to created a mobile controlled toy car, basically you push a button in the app which sends a current through one of the pins to a motor, which turns the wheels! They are clever little machines, I'm sure there are guides out there to show you how to start a specific program automatically.

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