General Posting/Duplicate Threads guidelines

As with all forums throughout the site, admins would like to avoid duplicate postings, therefore General Chat thread is for arranging games/times/Hamachi groups etc.

Once you have a new game up and running then start a new thread to show off your game and to have a laugh with other members of the game between game sessions! New threads started that aren't active will be deleted.

Hamachi Group Guidelines

Hamachi Groups that are set up for the clan games will be cleared periodically of unused accounts.
Don't worry if you are removed and want to join back in, this doesn't stop you from doing that.

Don't just jump into people's games without asking, have a chat in the hamachi group by right clicking either the group name or the person you want to talk to

Clan Game guidelines

Most games that are organised online through the forum will be non wib/wob. This means not setting up the with ball/without ball setings in the tactics of your team. If you're unsure about this ask before the game starts, or before you join the game.