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    4 4 2 Defensive

    Hello everybody!
    Since I'm on this site, I only use the 4-1-3-2 default tactic, and each time I can when I play a challenge.
    I'm doing the challenge 17-part 2 with Milan AC, the one with the 4 4 2 with defensive mentality and I have a problem.
    I've done a tactic, tested with the Degraabchat(!) test, and It was acceptable, like my other 4 4 2...
    But the result is catastrophic, finishing 6th of the Calcio and winning the UEFA cup with ones of the best players of the world.
    I began the second season with only ones of the best old players of the world (Batistuta etc...) but I'm 14th in january an I will be sacked soon, for sure.
    I love football tactic, but creating a CM tactic is not the good part of the game for me...
    Someone can help me to reorganise my non wib-wob tactic to make it playable? Thanks!!!

    My tactic sucks, but it the best clean sheet machine I have never created!!!
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