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Thread: TOURNAMENT #80 - Helicopter2

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    TOURNAMENT #80 - Helicopter2

    As the winner of Tournament #79, trunky has opted to add an existing game to the Classic Arcade for our next tournament.

    Please register to participate in this tournament here.

    Eight players are required and you will have three attempts to get the highest score.

    The winner will then be able to select a game for the next tournament whether it be one of the existing games within the Arcade or a new one that will be added to our collection from this website:

    The winner will also win 100 vCash added to their current stash for 0102Bet.
    The Alphabet Game #3
    Try your luck at winning any trophy in your game but you must go in order from A-Z in the alphabet!
    Click here to find out more and join in!

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