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Thread: 3-4-1-2_BBC: 3 like bbc in the back

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    3-4-1-2_BBC: 3 like bbc in the back

    With this tactic, a 3-4-1-2 i won the Italian Serie A (3.9.68 ODB) managing Modena on the first year.
    I bought some particular player in the key position, especially on free transfer market.
    The team was:

    GK: Sebastiano Rossi (bougth from Perugia) - '18' on handling
    DC (left): Espin (free transfer) - key player, a lot of tackle almost 5 per game
    DC (center): Pavan - '20' on passing with long pass, make some assist with long pass like BONUCCI LEONARDO
    DC (right): Belotti (free transfer) - earning a lot of tackle, a lot of tackle almost 5 per game
    CL: Sono Bamuza (free trasnfer) - '18' gol on first season
    CC (left): Scoponi - key player, on this first season the PC assigned him '18' on heading, so with this tactic he scored a lot of goal (the best midfielder on this position are Ballack, Vieira or Tim Cahill)
    CC (right): David Batty - bought at very cheap
    CD Carlos Alberto Vieira Dos Santos - key player: on start he is an Offensive Midfielder Central, so i have trained him to play on the right. He has '20' on finishing and with this tactic he scores a lot of gol.
    ACC: Rubens Pasino
    AC (left): Giacomo Ferrari '19' on heading and good attribute on 'without ball' and 'positioning'
    AC (right) : Joe Kamara - key player: not a lot of goal (7-8) but a lot of tackle in a key position (more than 2 per game). I think he goes to pressing the opposing defender and steal the ball possession.

    If anyone wants to try my tactitc here is attached.
    ...give me some feedback

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    PS: This tactic is non symmetric,very related to your squad characteristic, so who wants to manage a club for long years, not very suitable. Allegri probably will change again this formation after future departures, new signings.

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    Pretty sure that isn't the same type of BBC Toppo can't get enough of

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