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Thread: Unconventional Hybrid Tactic

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    Lightbulb Unconventional Hybrid Tactic

    I've always admired real life tactics that are setup differently in the attacking phase from the defensive phase. In particular, I was very interested in Zidane's tactics for Real Madrid when Bale was not available. I mean the so called Diamond formation with Isco behind the strikers. In my opinion, the BBC 433 is more of a marketing-driven tactic just to shoe-horn Bale in the starting XI (controversial and probably unpopular opinion I know).

    Inspired by this, I wanted to make a successful CM tactic that has different tactical setups in the WiB (attacking phase) and the WoB (defensive phase) screens. An important aspect was to create positions for different player roles for forwards and midfielders. I wanted to have 2 forwards in attacking but one of them to drop back when defending (so, in CM terms, an FC and an SC). Also wanted to have 2 central midfielders with 1 of them having more attacking duties than the other.

    Here is the final product, the "RM Hybrid Diamond":

    And here's how the central WiB/WoB screens look like:

    I've been play-testing this tactic against the harder AI tactics pack using mid table teams (Liverpool, Atalanta, Sevilla) and it has given solid results so far (winning the league within 2 seasons).

    Thought I'd share it with the community here and may be get some feedback.

    Note: The CTRL instructions (Crossing, Through ball, Run with ball, Long shots) are all set to none, as I believe these instructions are player specific and depend on each player's attributes.

    Finally here's the download link:

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    This is how to introduce a new tactic, explanation/thoughts and some screenshots. Not just a link.

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