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Thread: Project El Jaish SC

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    So having dropped to 3rd after two draws and a loss I had all but given up on automatic promotion. Al Ain had turned on the style. We went into tonight's game looking to solidify 3rd. Keeping an eye on the match cast Al Ain scored early doors away to Barracuda. Garcia converted a penalty to put us up 1 nil. But the unthinkable happened... Al Ain conceded. A draw might be enough...

    That tie wasn't over though as Barracuda scored again. If that result stayed the same and we could see out our side of things we'd be golden. Our tie wasn't over though... Another goal... El jaish scored it... Minutes ticking down... Final whistle. We'd done it promotion from league 4.

    Back to back promotions seemed like an impossibility when I took over this bunch of misfits...

    Now decision time. Stay and see how far I can go. Drop back to 5 and see can I repeat the feat. Or take over my old side Legia Warsaw who have sunk to division 3...
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    Congrats! Well deserved!

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    Sold a few, bought a few. No cash injection apart from my prize money which was half gone as we had drifted in to the red. It was a gamble that I could cover by selling players. I was hoping the chairman might throw a few quid our way.

    Currently have 23 players worth 85.8m with 16.6m in the bank. One transfer incoming while pondering on downgrading my expensive aging DCs, not my shoes...My stalwarts Dante and Garcia. Both 88 rated but on 36k wage each.

    Our wage bill currently sits at 550k which is the most it's ever been. We did splash the cash on record signing Centiz Under for 14m. 89 rated, 49k. It was an investment in the hope he'll hit 90 in the summer. At the very least we can sell him on in July at no loss and he should be a staple in the first team. Our other 89 rated player is Roman Burki. When I purchased him Dortmund were looking unstoppable, hoping he can justify a +1 come the end of the season.

    A mix of youth with Dwight McNeil a bright talent for Burnley, Skipp from spurs on the fringes IRL. Was hoping some of the higher ups would take a punt on Ryan Fraser but I may as well hold on to him now.

    Hoping for a Ukraine update if only to sell on Junior Moraes. Stuani is our highest rated at 90 with 65k in the bank. Banging them in real life but his team are on the verge of relegation. Sell or keep?

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    Funnily the first league game is against my, once all conquering, Legia Warsaw. They are from the team I built, unrecognisable. The talent that was spread across the top 2 tiers of the league is consolidating in the top tier. Congealing... Solidifying... the top tier. Unbreakable. A long term project to win Division 1 would take years.

    The team building, the assembly of the squad not that nonsense that's sold like the emperors new clothes to multinational conglomerates, is a nice aspect to the game. A bit of research can unearth "the next Messi" or at least a young Argentine player who can dribble.

    Sell him on for a profit, invest that profit, and sell that investment and maybe buy the initial player again before he gets his next rise. Rinse and repeat. The advantage in the lower leagues is you can buy a 75 rated player and expect to have him on the fringes of you starring XI... This is one that I'm torn between as I get dragged into competitive mode.

    When I started this project it was to turn around the club's finances and fortunes. Achieved more than I set out to... Retaking legia would be a folly. A shedload of cash but no one to buy. Could we even compete in division 2?
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    Squad worth 102.5m with 2.4m in the bank. Wages at 617k. Average age 25. Average rating 85. Quietly confident that we'll be competitive this year. I feel we have reached peak in that we'll challenge for promotion to division 1 over the next 2-4 seasons but the squad rating won't improve much.

    The average rating for my top 15 players is 88 with an average age of 28. 3 older 88 players will need replacing.

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    Threw my financial template out the window in a bid the get promoted in the playoffs... 9x 90 rated players. Wages just short of 1m...

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    Hahaha Danny Rose making his 2nd appearance for us gets injured for 4 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erkifino View Post
    Threw my financial template out the window in a bid the get promoted in the playoffs... 9x 90 rated players. Wages just short of 1m...
    Fell in the playoffs straight off the bat. Definitely more deserving tacticians in the league.

    Now to rebuild or jumpship.all but our goalie is rated 90, but our two DCs are definitely dropping soon...

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