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Thread: Returning to the game

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    Returning to the game

    So, I'm probably going to sound like a complete n00b with this post, but here goes anyway.

    I played 01/02 pretty consistently for many years. The first management game I spent a long time playing after 01/02 was FM 2012 and since then I've barely even looked at 01/02 having moved on to FM 14, 15 and 17.

    I recently decided to go back to 01/02, but I've got so used to all the features of the newer FMs that I don't know what I'm doing any more. In particular I miss the Asst Mgrs star ratings for the players' CA and PA and the squad depth screen showing who my best players are in each position. So, basically, I'm asking how I can know these things in 01/02. Do I simply compare players stats? Is the in-game comparison tool reliable?

    If someone could give me a few pointers as far as team selection and squad assessment goes I'd really appreciate it.

    Also, as far as tactics are concerned, in the newer games I've always developed a new tactic to complement the players I have at the club rather than fitting the players I have in to a set formation. Should I abandon that coming back to 01/02 and just come up with one good tactical setup?


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    And I'm the complete opposite, I can't get used to squad selection in FM 15 (the only FM I bought), so I just go with "auto select".

    There are no star ratings in 01/02. I suppose the in-game comparison tool can be used, although I never use it myself. Player attributes is the way to go, with the latest patches its mostly "look for the reds".

    Tactics > players. Always. Build a good tactic and squeeze your players in there - if you need a DMC but don't have one, play an MC with high positioning while you look for the DMC.
    Tip: having a DMC and a single striker is usually a good starting point..

    And a final word of advice; don't download tactics from here. You will just end up winning everything with everyone, and although it is fun for a while, you will get bored rather fast.

    Game on!

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