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Thread: October 2017 Data Update Preview Save Game

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    October 2017 Data Update Preview Save Game

    October 2017 Data Update Preview Save

    Click the link below to Download the October 2017 Data Update Preview Save

    Simply extract the files from the zip folder and add them to your Championship Manager 01-02 folder. This won't work with saturn's 2.21.1+ v3 patch

    We are in the home straight for getting the October 2017 data update out but we need your help too This a great community and hopefully we will get the great response we got here, here, here, here and here

    What we want from you:

    - Missing players
    - - Clubs are limited to 50 players so we can't every youngster to the database. There is no need to fill out each club with 50 players either
    - Missed transfers
    - Missed loans (we don't add loans that last less than 3 months unless they are to the end of the season. So month loan long/emergency aren't added)
    - Incorrect positions
    - - 2 games in one position in 2 years for a regular doesn't warrant that position showing
    - - - this site is great to help out too even 433 is misrepresented on it
    - Incorrect staff - managers, coaches, scouts, physio's, chairmen
    - Leagues without anyone dedicated to updating them - Argentina, Croatia, Denmark, Japan, N. Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, South Korea
    - Duplicate players - there are a lot in the database at the minute. We'll reveal more when the full database is out

    What is still outstanding or not in the preview save:

    - Player and Club Competition Histories
    - Future transfers from reserve teams
    - International caps
    - Testing the database
    - Correcting line-ups
    - Correcting positions
    - Adjusting players Current Ability (overated/underated)

    This save was loaded on a just the 3.9.68 patch with no Tapani patch so it starts in 2001/02 and without the additions of a Tapani patch. Nor with the renaming or saturn's patches. We really just want data from you guys are we'll be doing plenty of testing ourselves over the next few weeks. If you are unsure what a data update actually changes

    Preview Save thread closes: 11/10/17

    Full Data Update release date: 22/10/17
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    Will have a scout at Swansea, rest of Prem league and anything else over next few days but for now a few thoughts on Liverpool.........

    This one needs to go first – Ben Woodburn – REMOVE ENGLISH Now fully fledged Welsh International I know you have to update Int’l caps etc but just wanted to shout this one out Would say he can play anyone where in front 3 so make a R as well – so F (LRC). But to be honest I think we’re going to get him playing deeper (which he already is now in U23’s) so I reckon in next update he may even be a AM/F. Decisions up a couple as doesn’t waste the ball

    Joe Gomez – got an injury in the game? Assume that will be removed? Remove Gambian from Nationality as he’s Engalnd U21 Captain? Influence up a few. Would suggest his defensive att’s up a couple as well. Klavan seems better than him in game which is probably the other way around now. Long shots of 17 can come down! Teamwork of 6 seems a little harsh

    Andrew Robertson – is he both footed? Thought he was a proper lefty?! Crossing needs to go up by quite a few points. If he carries on like he has done in the few games he’s had, I’ll be suggesting an upgrade next year but certainly fair the way he looks now over his career.

    Ragnar Klavan – General defensive att’s down a couple (would suggest to swap them with Gomez). Influence can go up though as he’s Estonia captain and experience. Pace/Acceleration/Creativity down a bit

    Joel Matip – Strength and Aggression down a bit.

    Jordan Williams – he’s on loan to Rochdale for the first half of the 2017-18 season to build up more senior experience.

    Trent Alexander-Arnold. Wouldn’t say he’s a D/DM (R), I’d say D/M (R) as he’s never played DM but has always (until first team) been a right midfielder. Also – nudge his set pieces up a bit as if Coutinho not playing he has been given responsibility in first team. He’s still raw but will be the real deal so good to see his att’s have had an improvement Influence of “1” is a bit low  as I reckon he does have leadership skills in him

    Jon Flanagan – good work on reducing him down as he’s not particularly near first team, did bugger all at Burnley and when given a chance not impressed and showed his limitations.

    And while I’m praising you, good work on giving Albie Moreno a slight nudge back up. Been very good since pre season and so far this season. Does take wedge of set pieces so nudge up a few there

    Emre Can – I’m not hot on him playing for Germany, but if he still plays RB/defence for them (if/when he does play) then D/DM sounds good. Otherwise would suggest to get rid of the “D” as even though as shite as our defence is, it’s very very rare he plays there now. Heading and Jumping up at least 1 as he’s very good at winning majority of high balls in middle of parl

    Degsy Lovren – Passing down a couple as loves kicking straight out to touch.

    Marko Grujic – Teamwork up a bit. I like this kid whenever I see him but he’s a fecking hothead and loves a booking. Looks good for now

    Phillipe Coutinho – Long Shots and Set Pieces up – score more outside box than anyone else in Prem League. Influence up? He’s Brazil’s Captain and has captained Liverpool before.

    Adam Lallana – Influence up a bit – used to be Southampton captain and still a leader in his own right with how he plays on the pitch. Teamwork up a couple. Can’t think of anyone who works harder for us. Out injured for another couple of weeks at least though

    Gini Wijnaldum. Jumping and Heading down. Flair down a bit. He’s a really tough one to attribute whereby he does a lot that is not obvious to the eye but then just completely goes missing in some games (usually away from home)

    Ryan Kent – signed a new 4-5 year deal but in game his contract runs out in 6 months! He’s also on loan at Frieburg in Germany. He has very good close control skills so whatever they are in CM a nudge up on then!

    Dominic Solanke
    – Does his Nationality need to be just English given he just won U20 World Cup with them? (not sure if he can still switch after that?!). Heading and Jumping up. Not seen him take a set piece so down a few? He’s a bit like Defoe/Studge whereby he seems a natural striker that always knows where the goal is with regards to having a quick pop and not messing about. Does a rather good job holding it up and bringing others into play as well so to contradict myself he reminds me of Crouchie as well where for a relatively big lads he has good feet. Christ - think I've made im sound like the original Ronaldo now

    Daniel Sturridge – Pace/Acceleration/Agility can all come down a couple – think he’s lost that now. Would suggest creativity/flair up a bit as still capable of producing something from nothing. Infleuence up a bit in regards to he is seen as mentor to younger players in academy and in first XI. So not, captain material but it’s a different level of influence

    It should be MATT Konopinski and not Mike

    Liverpool Reserves
    Not sure if you need some of these “culling” if they cannot go into Liverpool club and don’t want loads of them in the “reserves” club which has all different youth players from different teams? If so, i'm sure a few of us could advise

    Shamal George – he signed a new contract an then joined Carlisle on loan until January

    From the 4 ‘keepers in the reserves, Kamil Grabara is the best prospect and playing the U23 games and doing decent. Kelleher looks better than him in update so I’d flip ‘em.

    Brookes Lennon - rejoined Real Salt Lake City on loan in a deal that will run until December 31 2017.

    Toni Gomes is at Forest Green Rovers on a season long loan

    Allan is on season long loan to Apollon Limassol ...

    Sam Hart made a permanent move to Blackburn Rovers

    Harry Wilson could do with an upgrade. Since last season in U23 he has 34 goals and 17 assists in 43 games. For some reason he’s not close to getting in first team but I think we may loan him in Jan

    Ovie Ejaria and Yan Dhanda maybe a slight increase as well and maybe Cameron Brannagan down a bit as has been curtailed by injury for a while now (but now back and playing)

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  3. Mexico - Chiapas FC no longer exists. Replace them with Tuxtla FC. Same city, same stadium..... but in the 3rd division now

    Toronto FC - Vazquez needs better passing and teamwork... every game I saw him play his passes were spot on and key to unlocking defences.... there's a reason TFC finished first in the league this year..... between him, Bradley guarding the defence, and Altidore and Giovinco socring almost at will, it was a ridiculous year. They broke records

    Osorio is turning into more of a box-to-box midfielder, rather than a straight up AMC

    Giovinco's finishing and long shots should go up a few notches

    Bono should be equal rep to Irwin..... Irwin began the year as a starter, but got hurt..... Bono replaced him and then didn't give up his spot when Irwin came back

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    Radko Mutafchiyski to Vitosha
    Khaled Ayari from Orleans to Lokomotiv Plovdiv
    Martin Stankev from Etar to Lokomotiv Sofia
    Emil Gargorov to CSKA 1948
    Bozhidar Vasev from H. Acra to Dunav 2010
    Hussein Sulimani from Al Nassr (KSA) to Vereya - 1 year contract
    Ulysse Ndong to Slavia Sofia
    Mihail Minkov from Etar to Litex
    Georgi Stavrev to Vihren
    Efthymios Gamagas from AOK Kerkyra to Lokomotiv Sofia
    Ivan Kirev from Botev Plovdiv to Bansko
    Viktor Shishkov Player/Ass. manager to Pirin GD
    Georgi Chilikov - Ass.manager to Levski
    Angel Granchov from Neftohimik to Stal Mielec
    Hristiyan Vasilev from Vitosha to Kariana
    Daniel Pehlivanov from Ruch Chorzуw to Vihren
    Samir Ayass from Dunav Rousse to Al Ahed
    Iliyan Iliev from Cherno more to Academica
    Steven Petkov from Montana to Botev Plovdiv
    Petar Kazakov from Dobrudzha to Lokomotiv GO
    Dimitar Nikolov from Neftohimik to Lokomotiv GO
    Mariyan Ivanov from Botev Vratsa to Lokomotiv GO
    Hristo Spasov from Botev Vratsa to Spartak Pleven
    Anatoli Todorov from Oborishte to Spartak Pleven
    Ivelin Iliev from Beroe to Botev Vratsa
    Ruslan Ivanov from Kariana to Bansko
    Svetoslav Chitakov from Litex to Maritsa
    Milcho Angelov from CSKA-Sofia on loan to Slavia Sofia
    Eray Karadayi from Nesebar to Oborishte
    Tsvetomir Tsonkov from Nesebar to Oborishte
    Kiril Lichev from Beroe on loan to Oborishte
    Georgi Stefanov from Oborishte to Arda
    Dimitar Iliev from Pomorie to Dobrudzha
    Zhivko Iliev from Pomorie to Neftohimik
    Lyubomir Iliev from Sozopol to Minyor
    Erik Pochanski from Beroe to Etar
    Tihomir Todorov from Spartak Pleven to Litex
    Radoy Bozhilov from Tsarsko selo to Litex
    Borislav Baldzhiyski from Cherno more to Montana
    Ivan Kokonov to Montana
    Lyubomir Genchev from Lokomotiv GO to free
    simeon Mechev from Lokomotiv GO to free
    Nebojsa Ivancevic from Montana to free
    Nemanja Scekic from Montana to free
    Yulian Chapaev from Montana to free
    Nikolay Parnarov from Montana to free
    Svilen Shterev from Montana to free
    Hristo Stamov from Maritsa to free
    Mario Kirev from Slavia Sofia to free
    Antonio Tsankov from Oborishte to free
    Danill Maykov from Slavia Sofia to free
    Martin Vasilev from Pomorie to free
    Vladimir Zafirov - free
    Jean Patrick from Septemvri rename Jean Patric Lima dos Reis - Jean Patric

    Henrik Ojamaa - free
    Blazo Igumanovic to Buducnost
    Anestis Chatziliadis to Agrotikos Asteras
    Ross Jenkins to Viking
    Sergiu Homei to Pandurii
    Nikola Trujic to Tosno
    Nuriddin Davronov to Istiklol

    Mario Petkov from Dunav Ruse is DRC, not а MC.
    Orlin Starokin is DMLC, not AML
    Тhe colors of CSKA 1948 Sofia are red/white - white/red

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    AFC Wimbledon

    Andy Barcham is primarily a left winger but can also play up front in a 3. I would change his position to AM/FLC.
    Neset Bellikli has only made one appearance for the senior side which was an EFL trophy match. Not sure if that justifies his inclusion in the database?
    Darius Charles is a CB but is occasionally thrown up front as a target man late in the game. I would change his position to CB.
    Dan Gallagher has left the club and now plays for Leatherhead.
    Anthony Hartigan is probably one to add. He has played half a dozen times in League One this season. He is a MC. His date of birth is 27.1.2000.
    Kaja has been duplicated so delete Egil. Change position of Egli Kaja to AM/FC.
    Paul Kalambayi has only made one appearance for the senior side which was an EFL trophy match. Not sure if that justifies his inclusion in the database?
    Meades has been duplicated so delete Jonathan (the MC).
    Change position of Will Nightingale to DC. He is highly rated.
    Tzanev has been duplicated so delete Nik.

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    Stevie may from Preston plays for Aberdeen after moving for 300k.

    K Tierney from celtic plays on the left but has played for Scotland on the right so maybe put an R in his playing position

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    Nova Friburgo, Brazil
    Quote Originally Posted by Redknapp69 View Post

    Phillipe Coutinho – Long Shots and Set Pieces up – score more outside box than anyone else in Prem League. Influence up? He’s Brazil’s Captain and has captained Liverpool before.
    Just for you to known Red, Coutinho is not Brazil's captain. Tite make it random, so every game is a diferent one. Dani Alves, Miranda, Neymar, Renato Augusto, all where captain. Don't known about being captain at Liverpool, but you known that better than me for sure
    Agree with long shots and set pieces though. And maybe add favourite club Barcelona?

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    Vainquer (Roma) - to Antalyaspor
    Antonio Letizia (Foggia) - loan to Catanzaro
    Angelo de Almeyda (Foggia) - to Matera
    Luca Pompilio (Foggia) - for free

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    Trent Alexander-Arnold should have higher set pieces. Scored a belter in Champs League and is meant to be good at them in training.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruebous View Post
    Just for you to known Red, Coutinho is not Brazil's captain. Tite make it random, so every game is a diferent one. Dani Alves, Miranda, Neymar, Renato Augusto, all where captain. Don't known about being captain at Liverpool, but you known that better than me for sure
    Agree with long shots and set pieces though. And maybe add favourite club Barcelona?
    Cheers for the info on Brazilian captaincy - thought it was odd when I heard it
    He has captained Liverpool though and as well as that his general influence on the pitch is high

    FUUUU in Barca

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    Bristol City

    Jens Hegeler is a CB and DMC, not AMC.
    Jonny Smith is a LM and LW - not LB. Also drop the 'h' in Johnny, and he is currently on loan to Fylde 'til January.
    Tin Plavotic is a CB, not DMC.
    Nathan Battersby no longer plays for City, believe he is in non-league somewhere.
    Aden Baldwin is on loan at Weston Super-Mare 'til January.
    Jack Batten now plays for Bath City.
    Jack Challis has been released.
    Wade Elliot has retired from playing. He is now U23 manager at Southampton.
    Bobby Reid can also play as an FC. His finishing should also be higher than 11 given the start he's had this season!
    Josh Brownhill can also play at RM.
    Diego De Girolamo is on loan at Chesterfield.
    Arnold Garita is listed twice, both incorrectly. He is known as just 'Arnold Garita', and is Cameroonian/French.
    Lloyd Kelly is not on the game - promising young LB who is part of the first-team squad (
    Freddie Hinds is also not on the game - promising young FW who is currently on loan at Cheltenham.
    Joe Bryan should be listed as English, not Scottish/English.
    Wes Burns now plays for Fleetwood Town.

    Dean Holden is assistant manager, not Jamie McAlister.
    Luke Williams is on the coaching staff. He is unattached on the saved game.
    Peter Amos is no longer on the coaching staff.
    Mark Ashton is Managing Director - more here:

    Also - stadium capacity is 27,000, and I hope the away colours are Purple/Lime.


    Mohammed Eisa is listed twice.

    Keep up the great work guys!

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    October 2017 Data Update Preview Save Turkey Review [1]

    Shortname Akhisar Bld. > Akhisarspor
    Longname Kasimpasa > Kasimpasa SK
    Longname Gaziantep Futbol Kulübü > Gazisehir Gaziantep FK
    Longname Manisaspor > Grandmedical Manisaspor
    Shortname Karagümrük > F. Karagümrük
    Longname Fatih Karagümrük > Ottocool Karagümrük
    Longname Alpedo Kahramanmarasspor > Kahramanmarasspor
    Longname Amed Sportif Faliyetler > Amed Sportif Faaliyetler
    Shortname Bodrum Bld. > BB Bodrumspor
    Longname Bodrum Belediyespor > Bodrum Belediyesi Bodrumspor
    Longname Keçiörengücü > Keçiörengücü SK
    Shortname Dardanelspor > Ç. Dardanelspor
    Shortname Orhangazispor > Orhangazi Bld.
    Longname Orhangazispor > Orhangazi Belediyespor
    Longname Birlik Nakliyat Düzyurtspor > Baysal Insaat Düzyurtspor
    Longname Karaköprü Belediyesi > Sanliurfa Karaköprü Belediyespor
    Transfers of Sanliurfa Karaköprüspor are mixed up with Sanliurfaspor (needs to be sorted out, will try to take care of this)
    Longname Osmaniyespor > Osmaniyespor FK
    Longname Kahramanmaras Büyüksehir Belediyespor > 1920 Marasspor
    Shortname K. Maras BB > 1920 Marasspor
    Shortname Y.Kirikkalespor > Y. Kirikkalespor
    Longname + Shortname Carsambaspor > Çarsambaspor
    Yeni Orduspor still missing in database (as well the transfers of the scout thread) plays in the professional leagues of Turkey (≠ Orduspor). Suggest to change place with Bursa Nilüferspor (same club as Karacabey Birlikspor as mentioned in Researching thread)
    Transfers of Yeni Orduspor are mixed up with Orduspor (needs to be sorted out, will try to take care of this)

    Create Cahit Terzi manager Yeni Orduspor dob 29/3/1959 CA 30 PA 35 CR 30 fav. club Zonguldak Kömürspor
    Anadolu Üsküdar 1908 Spor (Turkey Lower) is same club as Anadolu Bagcilarspor replace with another to be created club as suggested in Researching thread
    Hikmet Sevim manager of Sancaktepe Belediyespor
    Mustafa Capanoglu manager Keciörengücü
    Create Serdar Bozkurt manager Sivas Belediyespor dob 28/04/1977 CA 40 PA 50 CR 40
    Ilker Erdem manager 1461 Trabzon
    Özgür Zengin manager Bayburt OI
    Nevzat Dincbudak manager Orhangazi Belediyespor
    Turhan Sen manager Yesil Bursa
    Bahri Kaya manager Sariyer
    Levent Devrim manager Manisa BB
    Fetih Cokkeser manager Karacabey
    Create Egemen Urhan manager Muglaspor dob 22/7/1982 CA 30 PA 40 CR 30
    Taner Öcal manager Düzcespor
    Bayram Toysal manager Diyarbekirspor

    The allocation of clubs in Turkish 2. Division Category B in the five regional groups is far from accurate. Suggest to reconsider my post in Researching thread.

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    Junior Mapuku is a SC, not DMC. Nation Democratic Republic of Congo.
    Igor Djoman from Lokomotiv GO to Gibraltar Utd
    Tsvetan Genkov and Cvetan Genkov are the same person. Delete one.

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    I am unable to find a ton of indexes and save doesn't load
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    Diadema (SP), Brazil
    Changes in Brazil

    São Paulo FC
    have 2 Brunos (Bruno and Bruno Vieira is the same guy)
    Eder Militão - Currently he is part of the initial XI playing as right back, so adds "right" in his position.
    Romário Leiria - A little mess here: he is in São Paulo from Rio Grande do Sul (São Paulo-RS)
    Rodrigo Caio - Last time he played in right side was in 2012. Maybe consider remove "right" in his position.
    Cícero >>> Grêmio
    Lucão - his loan is for Estoril, not Gil Vicente

    SC Corithians P
    Guilherme > Atlético Paranaense(Loan)
    Cristian > Grêmio(Loan)

    SE Palmeiras
    Robinho >>> Cruzeiro
    Luan(Lázaro Luan Scapolan) >>> Avaí
    Have two Tchê Tchê: delete one.

    Fluminense FC
    Osvaldo >>> Sport Recife

    Botafogo FR
    This year the Botafogo stadium officially changed its name to "Nilton Santos"

    Cruzeiro EC
    Mayke > Palmeiras(2 years Loan)
    Have two Fábio: delete one.

    C Atlético Mineiro
    Rómulo Otero (free agent) to Atlético-MG
    Carlos > Internacional(Loan)

    C Atlético Paranaense
    Marcos Guilherme > São Paulo(Loan)

    A Portuguesa D
    Another mess: has a lot of Venezuelan player plus some Argentines. These players are from a club called Portuguesa, but from Venezuela.

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    No Cavani? Am I being blind.

    Ainsley Maitland-Niles > DMC is his natural position although Wenger has played him LWB, RWB and RB.
    Theo Walcott > He's only ever played a handful of games at left wing and was poor so not a natural start position, F RC is more like it.
    Rob Holding > Never played at LB for Arsenal, not sure about Bolton but a DC only?
    Cohen Bramall > Super speedy.

    Henry Onyekuru - played mostly through the middle so FLC?

    Adam Davies - club captain so influence has increased.
    Adam Hammill - Played several games at number 10 so AM RLC

    Real Madrid
    Has Varane ever played at sweeper, does anyone anymore?

    more to come - awesome work so far!

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    Quick one from me; Philip Wollscheid (Stoke City) was released and has signed for Metz (Germany)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR_Punk View Post
    No Cavani? Am I being blind.

    more to come - awesome work so far!
    can't find him either. Thanks, we will bring him back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMCZ View Post
    can't find him either. Thanks, we will bring him back!

    Neymar's even snuffed him out of CM

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    Mohsin is offline Hot Prospect for the Future

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    Rodrigo Bentacur for Juventus it's not some DMC and CM.

    Douglas Costa for Bayern loan for Juve, option to buy for and of season for 40mln.

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    I think Dybala needs better stats, like better creativity, finishing, set pieces and flair.

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    Paul Williams no longer a coach and Nelson Jardim is Youth Coach so remove him as well. Check official page and only 3 coaches and Makelele so no need to replace them

    Remove Jon Grey and Gary Richards as Scouts


    Alfie Mawson – this kid is the real deal. Certainly worth and increase on defensive att’s. He is very good on the ball (a la Rio Ferdinand – not that good yet tho ) so passing up a bit. However, he still is liable to the odd “brain” fart so decisions down a couple and hopefully it improves with experience.

    Mike Van Der Hoorn
    – Heading and Jumping up a bit as to be fair he’s ok at that which makes up for his other flaws

    Kyle Bartley – Bravery and Jumping up a bit. He recently signed a new 4 year deal as well. In the DB he’s out of contract after 1st season. Knee ligament injury util Novemeber though - not sure if that needs to be put into DB?

    Botti Biabi is on loan at Hamilton Academicals until January

    Jordan Ayew – Teamwork and Work Rate up a few notches – grafts very well up top and runs the channels down

    Nathan Dyer was injured until last week with a ruptured Achilles tendon. Not sure if it needs chucking in DB?

    Ki Sung - was injured until last week with a knee injury. Not sure if it needs chucking in DB?

    Luciano Narsingh – looks overrated to me and if he doesn’t start performing this season I’ll suggest a decrease for him in April update

    Tammy Abraham – Teamwork and Workrate up – doesn’t stop running all game. I think this kid has it to be a good striker – shame he’s not getting any service from Swans midfielders

    Wayne Routledge – general decrease across the board – not sure how he got a new contract when he doesn’t deliver numbers

    Keston Davies on loan to Yeovil for the season

    Connor Roberts on loan to Middlesborough for the season

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    Lucas Perez (Arsenal) should be on loan to Deportivo

    Callum Wilson (Bournemouth) has a 11 month injury - remove?

    Chris Wood (Leeds) should be at Burnley

    2 Willy Cabalerro at Chelsea - 1 is called Wilfredo

    Morata finishing up a bit at Chelsea?

    Loic Remy should be at Las Palmas on 2 year deal

    Victor Moses AML? - Shouldn't he be a bit defensive as a position as well? Not sure how you nest do a wing back position?

    Mammadou Sakho influence 3?! Should be a good 15+ I'd say

    Ashley Williams has been pretty poor at Everton. Certainly his pace has dropped big time and he's playing deeper and deeper

    Dominic Calvert Lewin - Teamwork and Work Rate up? Seems to run his guts out every game!

    Gylfi Sigurdsson - Leadership should be at least 13. Captained Swans many times and a leader on the pitch.

    Yannick Bolasie - knee injury until November needs to be put in?

    Mo Besic - has been beastly on previous DB's but been injured for about 2 years. Does look to have been reduced a bit though

    Danny Drinkwater should be at Chelsea (and maybe his injury?)

    Adrien Silva - did his transfer actually go through to Leicester? Thought it did but not until January?

    Does Paul Pogba's injury need to go in given Mourinho said it was longer term last week?

    Danny Rose been injured for ages and still no comeback date - needs to go in? Same for Erik Lamela?

    Kevin Wimmer should be at Stoke City

    Richarlison (Watford) finishing a bit higher than 10 (as Tom Cleverley is 11 for example)

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    I realise this might be too late but the Guardian have published their 2017 best young talents

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